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Back when 3D gaming was considered the final frontier these pioneers let gamers have a taste at the potential of the 3rd dimension.

Hard Mode: No Wing Commander, No Star Wars

Pic is "Echelon", explore an alien world, find artifacts, and piece together a map to a space pirate base.

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Privateer, Spelljammer

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How about "StarGlider II"?

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Or maybe "Space Rogue" if you like some RPG with your space sim?

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Moonfall on the Amiga

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mercenary 2 and 3

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Sundog: Frozen Legacy

Not for the feint of heart. You have to buy parts to repair your ship, fly through a kinda small galaxy that is fully realized with 100% mapped terrain planets you could never fully explore. Space combat, trading, muggings on foot. This is about as close to Star Citizen as the Atari ST ever got.

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walking around on your spaceship was top comfy

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Eat dat Cheeseburger! Slot that shunt.

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Master of Orion series

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This was the first game I ever got to play, on the first "real" computer my family ever bought. Packard bell 286 with a VGA card, i wanna say around 1989-ish. The Apple II version is also extremely worth checking out if you're into Apple II at all.

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So awesome.

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Played the shit out of Damocles when I was young. Had no idea what I was doing, mostly pretended to live in one of the houses.

Kids today will never understand.

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Project Nomad was a pretty good trading / exploration game from 1993 that approximately nobody ever heard of. I found an abortive attempt at a let's play with a buncha screenshots here:

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How about /ourguy/'s first adventure?

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Silmarils' Starblade
though it has very limited "3D flight" sections and the game itself is cryptic as fuck