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last thread here: >>5348341

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this kills me every time

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Is that saturn shenmue?

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Are crane games /vr/?

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out fucking skilled, holy shit

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It's possible it may not be Shenmue at all. The filename could be mislabeled.

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nostalgic boner I 'member putting the controller down and fapping to her

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I love me some low poly games as much as the next /vr/ fag but that webm makes TM2 look like wet hot trash.

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if the game looks like shit on emulator the game most likely looks like shit. thats why ive come to believe over the years that mostly all ps1 games look terrible.

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looks comfy

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Almost all PS1 games DO look terrible. 5th gen console graphics have not aged well.

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>anon pulling shit out of his ass again

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That's one of those things you program when it's very late and you get lost perfecting something small and meaningless.

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Holy zoomer batman looks like the underage came crawling in. Yeah PS1 games are low poly. So? What the hell do you zoomer shits get out of mocking old games so much?

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Is that really twisted metal 2? that was one of the very first PSX games I ever saw along with Tekken 2 and it looked fucking incredible to me at the time. All I had at home was a snes and my friend showed me these games and I was stunned at the graphics. Looking at it now it looks like fucking shit, holy crap. I really don't remember it looking anywhere near so bad. It was mad fun though, we played it all weekend long.

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i said most not all. you cant help but actually look at the games visual quality. some games look great like klonoa, ridge racer 4, spyro, tekken 2/3, but they're the exception. i guess my frame of reference is nintendo 64 because the games on those consoles to their counterpart on playstation look way better., and i dont even have an n64.

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Is it possible that the webm is mislabeled and it's not actually Twisted Metal 2?

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Running hostage from Capcom's Punisher arcade game.

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After having played this game a lot, I now understand it enough to admire the skills of the person in this webm.

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Are these like a /vr/ webm thread staple now? It's like that one average woman from Fargo that's always posted in every /tv/ thread for some reason.

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I doubt that video isn't tool-assisted.

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why does every single webm of this game look so tedious?

in most of them the player just spends two minutes doing some slow and overcomplicated manuevers, and STILL die at the end. I'm surprised there was actually a victory at the end of this one.
would people put up with this game if it didn't have a cute anime girl?

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you faggots need to shut the fuck up

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>jumps right into the center of a 3 car battle without throwing up a shield
>doesn't even try to freeze anyone
He deserved it. That's a dumb move for anyone who isn't Axel or Minion. At least he was smart enough to have the rear view mirror on.

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i can hear the sounds in my head

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>found the faggot
Set Phasers to Buttplug

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Love the style

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The oldschool headshots are so much more fun.

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>would people put up with this game if it didn't have a cute anime girl?

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you're a faggot

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this looks pretty fucking rad

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epic and upvoted

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no u

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Best in the thread.

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Based Bloodposter.

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Imagine the smell.

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>this looks pretty fucking rad
Totally. Should setup some Amiga emulator up and give it a shot and the one with the owl too (Agony)

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>*just powers on his A2000*

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>>*just powers on his A2000*
Your big dick impresses me senpai.

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Face to boobs.

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This is absolutely fucking magnificent. Thanks for posting this.

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Are you fucking retarded?

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someone explain this to me

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This is sped up for reasons isn't it

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ah, when games allowed you to beat up kids.

One of my biggest disappointments on fallout new vegas was when i tried to blow up a kid and the game won't allow it.

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That's bullshit.

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And by that, I mean it sucks, not that you're making shit up.

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Imagine playing and catching a live cat

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How the fuck did it even get in there? Did the owner keep it in there on purpose?

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why would you do this

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I love it.

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What game is this?

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Hybrid heaven for N64 by Konami

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He's mad that he missed the hole

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I remember this map

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>This scene was toned down in the US release

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What is this from?

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Densha de GO! Professional (presumably, based on the filename)

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What do you mean?

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Always appreciate pinball on /vr/.

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>>5389321 is right

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Oh fuck I used to play the fuck out of the Die Hard one at my local bowling alley. Don't even know if they still have it.

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You could even get child killer as a character trait in fallout 1&2

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thats just beautiful

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that's fucking great

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You were justified in blowing their brains out though. Those little shits in Den kept stealing stuff from your inventory and you had to buy it off of them for a ridiculous price if you wished to get it back.
Getting my hard-earned energy weapon stolen from me justified any child-killing.

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I respect older games for allowing it and giving player options in how bad they want to be. i think. Are you bad enough to shoot a child? or only bad enough to rob a store? Its a strong addition to the roleplaying
Some people think it adds to endless slaughter but it really doesn't. There's just something so taboo about harming a child to me

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it's obviously glitching, im joking that it looks like some over the top anime fight gone horribly wrong.

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ah, ok

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I've been diddled again!

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This looks amazing. Is this the N64 or Dreamcast version?

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No idea.

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It's not glitching, it's hacked on purpose to be funny, I believe some youtuber/e-celeb made a video about it.

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Why the fuck is the thread on autosage?

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There were months of incidents that made the mods cut off bumping on this board after 7 days, then they relaxed it to 14 days after a couple weeks. This thread is more than 14 days old.

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Why the fuck would they do that? That doesn't make any sense. No other board does that.

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Mods being fags and autosaging shit has killed off the Tycoon Generals completely. There is literally nowhere to go to discuss new RollerCoaster Tycoon content anymore.

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>Why the fuck would they do that?

Use the links in the archive of this thread to read these posts if they're expired.

>> No.5401076

The romhacking thread was also on life support before the change, and limiting threads to a short time seems to have killed it.

>> No.5401095

I don't think it's a time limit. The mods seem to be auto-saging threads they don't like at random. This originally only happened on /vr/, but as of today it is now happening on /hc/ as well. The time limit theory doesn't add up, because some threads on /hc/ are being auto-saged while others that are as old or older are still bumping.

>> No.5401125

I'm very sure that it's a board-wide time limit on /vr/. It was 7 days for a couple weeks, and now it's 14 days. People have been watching the limit quite closely.

>> No.5401134

To prove the time limit, browse by catalog and sort by creation date. Open any threads at the very bottom that were created more than 14 days ago. Post in any of them to try to bump, and it won't work. Right now, there is only one other thread past 14 days.

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14 days proven. >>5401137