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The REAL Blood source port is OUT, fuck that Java shit, you no longer have to use it.


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Fuck yeah ! That's what I've been waiting for !

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finally a worthy port of this awesome game. im playing it and runs fast as hell, voxels look like they should look and there are no glitches so far. AWESOME

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>The REAL Blood source port
Fake advertising, you lying cunt.
You CANNOT have a source port if you don't have a source code to port.

Nice samefagging BTW.

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Cool. How is it different?

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- not Java shit, native Win x64 instead
- based on eduke32, the performance is WAY WAY better, no weird stutter anywhere
- includes BOTH the classic renderer (same look as DOS just in modern resolutions) as well as polymost (the one used in GDX)
- open source
- better multiplayer support

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File: 2.94 MB, 906x360, GDX vs NBlood desync.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So why is this a "REAL" source port when it's also a reverse engineer not unlike GDX? Shouldn't you be giving it the same unfair treatment you gave to the latter? Where are the >"source port" posts?

And sorry but it currently isn't as accurate as GDX in terms of gameplay. Only three demo files tried and a desync was already found with very simple gameplay (many in fact, notice the difference in the ammo drops etc too). It will be a while until it achieves this degree of accuracy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yh-HBNz_0s

Still, assuming the author continues to put work into it making it accurate, this is indeed a project with a lot of potential and I'm hoping it turns out great.

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File: 2.93 MB, 640x360, original dosbox gameplay.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>defending closed source java shit just to be a contrarian
fucking kill yourself you degenerate filth

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Reminder that NBlood is an approximation/recreation, since it's not based on the actual Blood source code.

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I already dismissed this "port" because of that.

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>ammo drops difference
I knew it, I was wondering why I was running low on ammo. I just thought it was me being shit or something.

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I'm not being contrarian, I'm simply calling a spade a spade. I want this port to be good. And I don't know why you're getting so upset.

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>fuck that Java shit
Hendricks at his usual pretentous shit again.

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Well looking at that webm nblood seems to be dropping more ammo in that particular example. When he blows up the fanatics behind the counter they drop a whole bunch of tommy guns in nblood while they don't in dos/gdx. Whatever it is the drop rate is definitely not the same.

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Duke4 appears to be filled to the brim with insufferable groupthink sycophants that have been circle jerking there for aeons.

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Wrong. It is based on the original exe's machine code.

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How to play Cryptic Passage in NBlood:

- Create a new subfolder, e.g. "Cryptic Passage"
- Copy all CP* and CRYPTIC* files there.
- Rename CPART07.AR_ and CPART15.AR_ to TILES018.ART and TILES019.ART.
- Choose the "Cryptic Passage" folder in the launcher.

How to play Death Wish:

- Simply move the "Death Wish 1.5" folder to your Blood folder.
- Rename DW.INI to BLOOD.INI
- Choose the "Death Wish 1.5" folder in the launcher.

Remember to play in the classic renderer (options -> display setup -> video mode) because it's awesome. ;)

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>Remember to play in the classic renderer (options -> display setup -> video mode) because it's awesome. ;)
Hell yes, finally. GDX blown the fuck out.

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M210 on suicide watch lmao

inb4 he deletes his whole website again

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It's a thousand times easier to play custom content in GDX due to its usermap menu. And GDX is demo-accurate.
NBlood's main advantages are software rendering (if you're into that sort of thing...) and much less laggy multiplayer.

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Literally who the fuck cares about demo accuracy? GZDoom can't play DOS Doom demos. So what?

And you can do the usual -ini modname.ini with NBlood if you don't want to create subfolders for your mods.

Software rendering is a very big deal. Everyone wanted this since forever.

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I think we're going to have a Blood renaissance; possibly even Build engine.

NBlood is going to be more like the equivalent for Chocolate Doom, BloodGDX more like GZDoom.

Maybe the lazy fucks at eduke32 will actually finish MP.

>tfw finally Caleb is getting the attention he deserves

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How can people praise this release when you have to jump through hoops to get shit working when BlooGDX makes everything simple to run?

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Demo accuracy is kind of a big indicator in general that things are being emulated accurately. Like how Dolphin used things like Mario Kart replay files straight from the console to see where things were going wrong.

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So rendering accuracy is a must but gameplay accuracy isn't. I see.

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>NBlood is going to be more like the equivalent for Chocolate Doom, BloodGDX more like GZDoom.
Uhh. Isn't eDuke32 modding capabilities are better than GDX line's already?
Or NBlood doesn't support .CON scripting for some reason?

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Is there a way to get the additional voxels to work in nblood? The autoload folder did not work

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Apparently M210 worked it's way by reconstructing the Blood 1.0 EXE and only then patching bugs and the stuff from 1.21, while Nukey started straight from 1.21, which IMO might not be the best course because usually games get big rewrites in their patches for optimization purposes, and this might make things more convoluted to understand from disassembling than 1.0 which was maybe easier to read due to its rushed "let's just make sure it works" nature.

Did you enable the checkbox?

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Yes I did.

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Try patching the actual game data with extra voxels. Here's an older voxel pack that works with DOS Blood, you can see what it patches and how.

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>Maybe the lazy fucks at eduke32 will actually finish MP.
IIRC all the MP work is being done for Ion Maiden, and will be merged into regular EDuke32 when it's done.

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No Blood port supports CON scripting because that's a Duke Nukem feature, not Build in general. However, BloodEX will allegedly have modding / scripting capabilites. So it will be the GZDoom of Blood.

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>while Nukey started straight from 1.21, which IMO might not be the best course because usually games get big rewrites in their patches for optimization purposes, and this might make things more convoluted to understand from disassembling than 1.0 which was maybe easier to read due to its rushed "let's just make sure it works" nature.
You have no idea what you're talking about.

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And ACS is Hexen feature, yet GZDoom allows it usage in Doom mods.

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>4 and more ports of blood and not a single one uses the actual source code for it
what the fuck

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You can blame Atari for sitting their fat asses on it, if they even have it.

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I think jace hall still has it, he should just man up and upload it somewhere with 7 proxies

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>People defending closed source java shit ITT

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>NBlood is going to be more like the equivalent for Chocolate Doom, BloodGDX more like GZDoom.
NBlood is has EDuke32 features that make it comparable to GZDoom, *plus* Chocolate Doom's accuracy. An open source project like NBlood will get better at modding faster than a closed source one. BloodGDX will be more like pic related.

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isn't that the guy Randy Pitchford fucks in the ass in front of kids at his Peacock Parties?

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Does it have actual fucking voxels or is it still the weird blocky shit?

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NBlood's classic renderer has the oldschool looking voxels

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What do you mean? The voxels should be blocky, no?

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Polymost renders "voxel pixels" as 3D cubes, while software renders them as rectangles like sprites.

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>when it's done

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>when it's done

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why are people so obsessed for a source port of this game? Just use dosbox

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reverse engineering is not a source port you complete mongoloid

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>playing death wish in software widescreen

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dude this webm kinda loops, kek. i make art without even trying

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So are the voxels accurate to the original game or do they look like the BloodGDX versions?

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the software render will be like the original, the hardware render will be like gdx

>> No.5367218

So this gives widescreen without stretching or cropping?

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Man, why are the Blood cutscenes so fucking terrible

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Because they were an afterthought, finished at the very end of development.

Feel free to update them, anon.

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That doesn't hide you when you're the one and only person capable of making the leak.

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cus this works just like Eduke32 mods do, you have subfolders for your addons

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found some weird (rendering?) errors in Death Wish's 2nd episode that were in the early GDX versions until they got patched up. on the plus side, nBlood doesn't seem to have any problems making the white palette look like it's supposed to

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It is when you find debug symbols.

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nope, still wrong champ
link the original source to Blood and maybe then you'd be right

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>Rename 3 files
>"Omg so haaaaaaard!"

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Can you find some mid 90's cutscenes any better?

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>Can you find some mid 90's cutscenes any better?

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There are a lot really. If they didn't know how to make nice 3D cutscenes, still images would have done a better job.
Same year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-AyqVmPqbM

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Can someone explain what this thread is about? I want to play Blood, but what is all this talk about ports etc.? What's the most true to the original way of playing Blood and where can I find instructions to set it up?

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Most 'true' way would be to get the GOG version which runs through Dosbox which is already set up when you download it. Otherwise you can put http://nukeykt.retrohost.net/ this in your Blood folder to get a close-ish port that will run on modern systems. Finally there is https://m210.duke4.net/ which you can also run by putting it in your Blood folder but you will need java installed.

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Thanks. So playing the GOG version will be completely correct in terms of gameplay and visuals? I mean, what are all the other versions and ports for then?
Sorry for being an idiot, I've just started getting into 90's shooters.

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Performance is absolute shit compared to the reimplementations. Also you won't get HD or 16:9

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I don't really care for HD or 16:9 in old games, but performance bothers me. Is FPS really low or what?

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on my shit computer a variety of fps have run fine for me through dosbox (tried doom, quake, duke, and blood), but others have said differently so i'm not certain. the main reasons i use a port/patch/etc when playing old pc games is so they don't scale the aspect ratio weirdly on my 16:9 display, and for more complete keybinding settings (i've noticed a lot of dos games don't recognize the mousewheel, which i've grown used to using for weapon switch for years)
i'd say try each way for an hour or so and just see which you prefer

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Thank you very much for your help. I'll try it.
One last thing: do the ports affect the gameplay or visuals in any significant way that makes the experience different? For example, I use TFix to play Thief in 16:9 and that's really the only thing that's different, the game stays intact. Are these ports for Doom/Quake etc. the same?
I'm planning to play all of them and have heard there are significant visual changes depending on the way you play it.

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any port i've used has plenty of settings to make it look vanilla or "improved", with defaults typically being vanilla faithful. i'm not up to date on blood stuff so i'm not sure what the state of graphics are for that
again any port i've used has settings that CAN change gameplay things, but are typically off by default except stuff like mouselook. blood is a bit of a different case since the source code isn't publicly available so making it play exactly like original is a bit trickier, but from what i've heard and tried BloodGDX does a good job at being accurate

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luckily all dos games are widescreen by default

>> No.5368192

Witchaven has better cutscenes.

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No they're not, dumbfuck. They're 4:3.

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pixel aspect ratio is not screen aspect ratio. the resulting image is 4:3.

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When does the shilling stop?

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Like anon said, they added them in the last minute...probably even because the publisher wanted them to.

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Oh yeah I remember the 90's when everyone was using a 16:10 monitor. You fucking imbecile.

>> No.5368607

well thankfully now we've left 4:3 behind

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Stop samefagging, you absolutely biased mongoloid. Also post this stuff on the BUILD thread.

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>t. m210
your shit is obsolete now, deal with it

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nblood will remain obsolete until it reaches gameplay accuracy. as of now it's just a shitty failed imitation.

>> No.5368697

Jokes on you, i always shilled NBlood myself because of its potential (although i wasn't a dick about it), and that doesn't necessarily mean that GDX it's obsolete as you claim it to be. It's stilll a fine sourceport that i'll keep on using for now, deal with it.

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Using the binary as a reference is probably closer to a real port than recompiling the source code today. With all the optimization methods introduced in compilers over the last 20 years, you'd likely get a much different result today than back then, technically speaking.

In any case it doesn't really matter. A port that takes the binary as a reference can be just as good as a port based on the source code, if the author is dedicated and persistent enough to wade through the disassembly and piece things back together correctly. So far he's done a pretty good job.

And since NBlood is open source, we don't have to worry about NukeYTK disappearing either, as anyone can pick up the torch if any bugfixes or changes need to be done to make it more accurate. This is not the case for BloodGDX, and that alone can serve as the reason why NBlood is better.

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>not demo-accurate
>can't load user content in-game
>no custom difficulties
>crashes half the time you try to connect to a multiplayer game
Yeah, I'm sticking with GDX for now

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>> No.5368756

>as anyone can pick up the torch if any bugfixes or changes need to be done to make it more accurate
well it's got a very long way to go as desyncs are found easily with simple cookie cutter gameplay, while gdx can replay the entire game without desync as shown below.


until nblood can reproduce the gameplay accuracy show-cased in the above two videos (especially the second one, a huge gameplay stress test like that is important) i'm sticking with gdx

>> No.5368784

Keep in mind that this is just the first release, and that GDX didn't get the demo sync right first try as well.

NukeYTK put this together in record time (development only took a few months iirc) and if he continues at this pace the problems will likely be ironed out soon.

>> No.5368793

based. GDX also has more customization regarding settings, which i liked a lot. Never understood why Java should be a problem, really. As long as it werks...

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i hope you're right. time will tell. sooner or later, time will tell...

>> No.5368804

also NBlood isn't letting me use the additional voxel pack, it just isn't recognizing them in the autoload folder.

>> No.5368809

It bugs me that he released this version as 1.0, which implies it's mostly done and from here on out it will have small patches and fixes, when it clearly needs a lot more work. At least call it a public release beta or something. I don't see a designated board section either where we can report bugs, inaccuracies, etc.

>> No.5368816

He also made the claim in his release notes that it plays GDX demos without desync which obviously isn't true.

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>plays GDX demos without desync
*I mean DOS Blood 1.21 demos (which GDX plays fine).

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hey zoomerfag go back to fortnite

>> No.5369174

"I was hacked"

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well fuck, i actually manage to find a Cryptic Passage CD at goodwill for $1 and it turns out Dosbox can't fuckin run the installer properly. anybody know of a workaround for this shit

>> No.5369347

Use unpackssi on CRYPTIC.SSI. https://wiki.eduke32.com/wiki/Build_tools

>> No.5369861

Glorious DOSbox masterrace. Playing games at a laggy 30fps in 640x480 with poor mouse input is the true experience.

>> No.5369863

>she doesn't have a freesync monitor

>> No.5370117

If his RR port is of any indication, I'm afraid he's not going to fix shit, only some major issues, and they sit on his ass waiting for Hendricks to megre it with EDuke.

>> No.5370121

You're full of shit, he's fixed every issue reported to him and the fastest way possible.

What 'issues' does Rednukem have exactly? Except from things which are the original game's faults of course

>> No.5370126

did you even mount c you retard

>> No.5370137

Fuck yeah. BloodGDX wasn't that bad with thw voxels and stuff but I'll check it out thanks.

>> No.5370229

Can you fuck off, crybaby ?!

>> No.5370282

But can it play mods like Death Wish and Frenh Meat?

>> No.5370289

for death wish make a shortcut and have it be
nblood.exe -ini dw.ini

>> No.5370373

You're wrong if you think this is in any way accurate to true Blood.

>> No.5370524

Fucking kys, Rednukem is already pretty much perfect compared to RedneckGDX.

>> No.5370531

What's the point in this, BloodGDX is already close enough.
Don't the rights holders have the power to shut this kind of shit down?

>> No.5370540

They probably will when BloodEX comes out.

>> No.5370547

>What's the point in this, BloodGDX is already close enough.

You mean it's closed enough.

>> No.5370558

Write your own port, you crybaby. Oh, right, you can't.

>> No.5370560

calm down mate, you're so fucking mad you don't even realize what I said or who you're talking to

>> No.5370562

also you're certainly not giving a good image to the "nblood defenders" and actually make it sound like people who call you nukeyt feetlickers are correct

and that's coming from someone who can't stand GDX

>> No.5370564

BloodGDX is closed source. When the crazy Russian dude abandons the ship it will be 100% useless to everyone. NBlood is open source and future proof. It will be eventually merged into eduke32 (according to hendricks266).

>> No.5370610

Er, if you're playing it on dosbox why not just download the gog version (you can pirate it)? all the gog version is is a packaged dosbox blood (includes CP), you're not gonna get a different experience just because you're installing CP from a CD when you're just playing it on dosbox.

>> No.5370838

>why not just download the gog version
Autism, pure and simple.

>> No.5371304

brainlet here how do i play it?

>> No.5371309

Buy Blood on Steam/GoG
Download NBlood, drop it into the game's root folder
launch NBlood.exe

>> No.5371378

The future blood remastered will be moddable? i hope yes

>> No.5371481

Yeah, the Nightdive Studios remaster seems like the only version worth playing. Guess I'll wait for it.

All this modder autism ITT is seriously off putting. Who cares about your shitty mod, I'll just play the OFFICIAL version when it's out.

>> No.5371495

>being this delusional

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File: 168 KB, 728x1112, 1430338344963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are people fighting over meaningless shit like this? Why does everyone have to "pick a side"?
I remember when I was playing this shit on Dosbox at 240p and ~30 fps average back in 2009 and there was no alternative. Still had a shitload of fun and it became my favourite shooter.
Nowadays people got not only 1 but TWO(2) different ways of playing this amazing gem on modern systems and yet they fucking COMPLAIN about it(?)
I feel really old and not in a good kind of way, like I just don't belong here anymore.
People who truly love this game should be happy about stuff like this, not throw a childish tantrum over dumb shit.

>> No.5371529

Don't need to. NBlood is open source.
>waiting for something less accurate than either BloodGDX or NBlood

>> No.5371542
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>muh accuracy meme
normal people just want to play the damn game without all the bugs which all these shitty fan made ports will never achieve

>> No.5371559

BloodGDX works perfect for that then.

>> No.5371713

I get brief lag every time I attack. Otherwise it works perfectly. This is so annoying...

>> No.5371727

what prevents people from looking into the source code for games and programs?

>> No.5371737

What prevents people from knowing as much about yourself as the NSA does?

>> No.5371747

i dont know

>> No.5371780

This is pretty cool, esp. the disassembly.

>> No.5371791

Right? Megaton Duke was so glitch-free compared to EDuke32. Oh shit, wait, you're retarded.

>> No.5371849

Programs are typically compiled from a readable language into something a computer can understand. While you can decompile the binary to get the "raw" assembly, you can't really do much in the way of extending or porting as it would require a complete rewrite, as assembly is system specific. It's much like how you can't unbake a cake. Once it's cooked and prepared that's all it's good for.

>> No.5371917

Not true. You can disassemble binaries by hand, very slowly. A skilled programmer can reverse 50KB of assembly to C each month.

The alternative are industrial industrial disassembler, hardware/software combinations(server rack sized) that brute-force their way trough a running binary. Good luck getting hold of these.

>> No.5372975

google tplfix or turbo pascal fix

>> No.5373072
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Waiting for that sweet Linux port

>> No.5373115

It works on linux.

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>the faggots at Night Dive get cucked by BloodGDX and now NBlood

I love it.

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File: 1.41 MB, 1920x2160, blud0002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which lighting do you prefer? the true software look or the polymost one?

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>Hendricks violently shills for his half-assed Duke Nukem port of Blood because he hates how M210 started a Blood Renaissance and is taking his monopoly for control over the Build engine away from him; forcing him to do work and finish his fucking source port.

>> No.5373312

Is this insufferable Hendricks faggot working on Ion Maiden?

>> No.5373337

he's one of the lead devs yeah

>> No.5373356

That's a bummer.
Game seems really promising, so not like it'll change my opinion of it, but it is a shame knowing that such a petty little faggot is a lead designer on it. You'd figure a guy like that would be humble and show gratitude and respect to people in the scene, not punch down.

>> No.5373372

My thoughts exactly, I appreciate the team behind the game is made of various talents and it really shows. But such a guy being amongst the bunch is sad.

>> No.5373381

True software. Polymost looks washed out (and too high-contrast?), but I'm not sure if there's a way to fix that in the future.

>> No.5373408

>samefagging this hard

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File: 8 KB, 361x144, {D1036B1F-5A4A-48FB-8EE4-FC09A093E0A4}.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That failed miserably.

>> No.5373547

You are absolute cancer.

>> No.5374567

Shut up Bli1zkri3g, you 13 year old pissant.

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File: 299 KB, 507x848, caleb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm totally new to Blood, just bought it on GOG. Which fan port should I use? BloodGDX or NBlood?

Can somebody bring me up to speed on their respective pros and cons?

>> No.5375596

BloodGDX is more accurate and loads custom content (such as the Cryptic Passage expansion) easily. NBlood is alright but isn't as refined as GDX yet.

>> No.5375775

GDX is the best way to play at the moment as long as you don't mind the colors being more drab than DOSBox. GDX runs in Java, which people have complained about for reasons unknown to me since it seems to run smoothly. It also has a simple process for loading user content.

NBlood causes some weird errors in vanilla Blood and user maps that have already been fixed in GDX, and if you want to load a custom campaign like Death Wish you have to start renaming files which is a pain in the ass. I guess it has the potential to advance quickly as an open source project, but it's not there yet and the number of contributors remains to be seen.

It'd be nice if everyone were working on the same open source project instead of several different ones but there's some drama around that I won't get into.

If you want the "authentic" experience, just use DOSBox with sufficient RAM the cycles cranked up. You won't have to worry about any color errors or glitches other than what was in the original game (like the difficulty setting bug). The original game had mouselook, lots of display settings, custom controls, etc. Most people don't care enough about things like color values or a few bugs to pass up a smoother, widescreen experience with easy-to-use multiplayer features among other things.

>> No.5376027

He seems pretty based to me. inb4 samefag delusion

>> No.5376043

Surprisingly balanced reply. Thanks!

>> No.5376138


>> No.5376617

What kind of weird errors are we talking about anyways?

>> No.5376992
File: 64 KB, 400x375, 1264701016787.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are people ITT that think an open source project isnt going to improve accuracy over time

>> No.5378038

Do you think Nightdive's remaster will be any good?

>> No.5378050

It won't even run on the same engine, so no.

>> No.5378113

even if it's not as good as java one at least the source is available so replay autists can tweak it as they wish

>> No.5378442
File: 2.91 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_01.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking any of this shit attempts can eclipse the might of the weapon well.

>> No.5378443
File: 2.90 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_02.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5378446

It's worthless if it's inaccurate and only approximated

>> No.5378447
File: 2.92 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_03.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5378450
File: 2.90 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_04.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5378451
File: 2.89 MB, 576x360, Blood EX Pre Alpha_05.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5378454

Kaiser, you greedy Jew. Stop shilling your pleb-tier affords here.

>> No.5378471

Everyone knows the only reason you're adding this weapon wheel is the gamepad support. Which is fucking irrelevant to everyone here. Go shill your shit elsewhere.

>> No.5378472

>they think i'm Kaiser.
I wish i was, that means i would have actual talent.

>> No.5378487

Ew, the weapon wheel just reeks of console.

>> No.5378497

I'll just wait for the Night Dive version lmao ;)

>> No.5378516

I'm still waiting for Blood EX.

>> No.5378571

looks bad, yo. why is it so huge?

>> No.5378606

buy a console for fuck's sake you fucking pansy and cry some more you bitchass nigga. holy shit.
I bet you are one of these subhumans who likes to tout how he is "PC Master Race" too.

>> No.5378679

>might of the weapon well.
What kind of a mongoloid doesn't use custom key weapon binds on PC that allow you to instantly select the weapon you want? If you scroll through weapons with mouse wheel you're a fucking retard m8. And yeah that wheel looks so damn gaudy, like Turok 2 weapon wheel on N64. Gross.

>> No.5378695

im mensa and i scroll wheel all my weapons

>> No.5378705

so mensa doesn't actually mean anything

>> No.5378714

your just not intelligent enough to focus all on the game and not on your keyboard

>> No.5378770

>your just not intelligent enough

>> No.5378997

Night Dive is at turbo shilling mode I see.

>> No.5381053

Any word on when this is coming out?

>> No.5381083

It runs like absolute ass in DOSBox.

>BloodGDX always erroring out every single time I attempt to use it
>NBlood just fucking works
I think I like playing a game better than looking at an error.

>> No.5381102

Reread OP. Carefully.

>> No.5381631

>GDX erroring out
I don't know what the problem is on your end -- I've never had this happen. If it errored so much that it was unusable for everyone it would have come up in one of these threads before.

>> No.5381686

like pottery

>> No.5383410

Is this bumping or have they not fixed the problem yet?

>> No.5383415

>Using the binary as a reference is probably closer to a real port than recompiling the source code today.
Imagine posting shit like this to get people to play your port.

>> No.5383785
File: 113 KB, 1080x1080, 1550666280342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should i play this or wait for the remaster?

>> No.5384062

GDX is a better option right now -- nBlood still needs work. being open source doesn't mean anything until people start contributing meaningful improvements. jumping through hoops to play user maps sucks, too

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