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How often do you save in the Half-Life games?
Once every chapter? Once every loading screen? Or just whenever you feel like it?

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Before and after every encounter.

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>having half life threads
>the game that killed fps
>the halo of its time hated by hardcore fps players
(doom, quake, duke, blood, other old school fps fans etc )

kys valve drone go back to /v/ or reddit.

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>the halo of its time hated by hardcore fps players
That's totally not true.

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[citation needed]

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the list could go on

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i usually just save after i reach a first aid station or right before a particularly nigger encounter and use autosaves for the rest

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>Acquired opinions

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half life 1/expansions: incredibly frequently
half life 2/expansions: never

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Never. Autosave is fine.

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I once savescummed so hard I finished the entire game without losing any health.

(aside from that bit where you're forced to fall down the pipe and smash through the table)

I'm talking re-mapping the quicksave/quickload to z and c for convenience.

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I feel bad for your hdd

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HD is cheap.

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Learning to ignore the quick save button was one of the best things that happened to me. It made me appreciate exploration and risk management.

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The first Medal of Honor did worse to the fps scene than half life ever did as a whole. HL has varied enemies and kick ass sci fi guns. I have used my deductive reasoning to come to the conclusion that you are a tasteless retard. By hating good games and being a brainless contrarian it is you who should return to /v/

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I savescum like crazy, but only reload if I die or put myself into unwinnable situation (for all games).

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if i was low on health i'd hit quicksave after every enemy or group of enemies killed. Otherwise i just kept going with reckless abandon.

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Quicksaves were a mistake

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I just mapped save and load to my mouse's side buttons. (mouse4, mouse5)

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that just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen

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When it autosaved.

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please bind 'exit' to one of your mouse buttons.

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>not binding save/load to left and right click
>not shooting with Enter and secondary firing with Z

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