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Not have music during the gameplay, I mean

>Trevor McFur

I'm sure there's more

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Limited available sound channels
Limited cartridge space
Limited CPU cycles
Limited development

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Since the Jaguar was very short-lived, programmers hadn't figured most of the quirks to properly exploit its power.
For exemple, Doom famously used the sound processor to calcul the hit detections.

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that controller will never stop being funny

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Because most of its games were made by Europeans.

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Euro computers often give a choice of either music OR sound effects

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The only thing that I remember about the Jaguar was that some store in a mall was offloading all of their Jag merchandise (this was just after Atari did their reverse acquisition thing in 96). I could've bought a mega-deluxe box set of the Jaguar game system for $50 dollars and probably every single Jag accessory & game that they had (plus the CD drive) for $200 total.

I passed it up because I was too tired at the time and just wanted to go home.

Not my finest hour.

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So you saw the deluxe box and reddit-spaced out of there huh.

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The fact that the Jaguar port of Doom used that processing power for hit detection and stuff, is probably why overall, the port actually ran so well.

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You really didn't miss out that hard.

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At least the arcade version got two good memorable games.

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I remember the exact same thing at Kaybee Toys at the mall - a literal wall of new Jags for $50.

Still, it would have been nice to sock away a room full of that shit to sell now at big profit. Reminds me of seeing Saturn Rayearth (US ver) brand new at EB when it came out for like $50.

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