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Which of pic related was the better ninja game?

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I liked Hagane more, it's rough around the edges but it has tighter levels and a faster pace. Pic related is the true console ninja ludo though

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Does Revenge of Shinobi really feel like Sega's answer to Castlevania or that's just me.

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Wasn't impressed with the bosses but I loved everything else. I still rank it 3rd tho out of the Gen Shinobi's tho.

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i know this is unrelated but is the sega genesis console region free?

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i'm a CVfag and Revenge is my favorite Shinobi, so maybe.

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The fuck? In what way?

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Short answer no, long answer no with a but.

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I’m partial to Shinobi 3 or Shadow Dancer

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Best level design out of the 3 genesis games though. Well it's only really a contest between Revenge and Shadow Dancer, III absolutely shits the bed

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This, I've always liked both of them better than Revenge

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What's the click here link? I've been looking for a list for ages.

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Just wondering, what don’t you like about 3?

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Terrible flat level design, autoscrollers & elevators, lack of difficulty, length

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>Terrible flat level design
Meh it's alright. Probably more straight forward so your speed can play more of a factor.
>autoscrollers & elevators
Going to catch flack but I enjoy all the autoscroll sections(yes even the falling rock stage) The slow elevator sections are boring tho.
>lack of difficulty
It is pretty easy. Especially with the 6-button lay out. Not that a game needs to be difficult in order to be gud.
It seemed alright to me. Not too long not too short etc etc idk personal preference I guess

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It doesn't really know what its focus is, it's one of those awkward games that doesn't fully commit to being either arcade style or console style. You say it's meant to be more about speed yet the game removes level timers and time-based score bonuses which the previous games had while also having a ton of padding and autoscrollers, which were almost non-existent in the other games. Besides, bland level design doesn't make speed more of a factor, it just makes it easier to go fast. Hagane is an example of a game with fast movement that also still has better designed, challenging levels. Regarding length, did you try playing it like the previous games? That is restarting runs arcade-style, going for a 1 credit clear, and so on. All the padding adds up big time.

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It was a game trapped in development hell. I can't really remember how many betas and releases the game had. Even a lot of magazines back them reviewed an unifinished version of the game, and some of those unfinished versions varied between magazines. It was crazy.

Nevertheless, the game turned out to be a really good game in the final versions, although still carries some awkard decisions of its past development.

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>Best level design out of the 3 genesis games though.
SD has no bullshit filler but there's not a lot of variety in the enemies or level designs. 3 has too much empty space but when it's good it's good.

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There's not many enemies but the ones it does have are really solid and the game creates unique encounters just by smart combinations of enemy types and terrain. Each encounter requires a different strategy, especially on level 3. That's great design right there. Contrast that with III which has sparse empty levels where it repeats the same kind of enemy encounters over and over with very tiny variations that are made worse by being easily beaten by jump kicks, the jump shuriken throw or just letting you jump over them entirely.

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I really have nothing to add, but I appreciate how you guys are intellectually dissecting a game series I have massive passion for in ways better than I ever could.

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Shinobi. Hagane is cheap imo.

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Shinobi III was designed to appeal to the Mario/Sanic/scotformerfag crowd, and for this reason it is the worst retro Shinobi game.

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>it is the worst retro Shinobi game.
Guessing you haven't played Legions? Outside of the god tier cheese cut scenes it's mediocre.

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Tenchu series

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I enjoyed III simply because it improved on what Revenge did that much.
Being able to actually fucking run as a ninja and dive kick made that much of an impact for me.
But I will admit that the experience is marred by the large number of autoscrolling parts.

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Shit opinion

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>not Cyber

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