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Has Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts ever made a decent game? I always stay far far away if i see this logo appear on a game

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LJN never made games. The company was a publisher and licence hoarder.

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Yes, they have

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Maximum carnage

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I just want to say the LJN jaws game sucked balls.

But I don't want to rewrite history the fact is the LJN jaws game was a huge seller even though it sucked probaly had more to do with the back to the future movie.

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This, NES Punisher and Maximum Carnage are literally their only good games.

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Wolverine is pretty decent too. If only it had an invincibility window instead of just constantly taking damage upon enemy contact, I dare say it'd be remembered as a classic of the NES.

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The Incredible Crash Dummies on the NES is the only game on that platform I've ever beat without cheating so it holds a special place in my heart (and also means I probably can't really speak of the game's quality objectively) and it was distributed by LJN, so I guess that might be one.

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Didnt AVGN find a decent game by them

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SNES Alien 3 was good

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AVGN is a character, anon. He's not real.

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Don't you dare mention that jawlet's name in one of these threads again.

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Rumor has it he's one of the former company owners, cursed to revenge-troll forever those who shat on LJN

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The LJN defender sucks even bigger dick then most LJN games.

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post reported for homophobia

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That guy is so much jaw and 5head i wouldn't think he had eyes if not for the glasses.

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Listen up you fool? Don't you know that Carnage rules?

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that's the hairline of a child rapist

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Tell you once, I won't tell you twice! Heed my warning and pay my price!

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This. It's a fun little minigamefest that uses the license well and in ways that don't just involve crashing cars. Sank a bunch of time into the GB version.

Alien 3 is decent on NES but especially good on SNES and GB, going for a nonlinear missionbased platform shooter on SNES and a top down action adventure on GB. Maximum Carnage was fun if a little long and repetitive. True Lies has a surprising amount of depth to it, as well as UNCLE FURRY'S. Seriously, that mall level. I'm no good at T&C Wood and Water Rage but I fucking love dat Tsukasa Masuko music. Megaten as fuck.

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Wtf is his problem?

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Using Laughin' Jokin' Numbnuts

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The latter part is the problem. They held onto a lot of licenses and paid bottom dollar to get them turned into games.

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Friday the 13th was actually a decent-ish game.

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