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Are you guaranteed to lose in beat 'em ups?

I feel like there's no way to avoid damage no matter how good you are.

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Enbetter Thyself.

But seriously, any arcade Beat'em Up has, at least, a certain disregard for fair challenge. It's all a balance between actually satistfying gameplay to get you hooked and simple swindly bullshit to get your quarters

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Never played Dynamite Dekka in particular but lots of people have done 1ccs so obviously not. As a whole not at all, you just have to get good which means learning how to use your character's moves, enemy AI and their strengths/weaknesses, learn all the levels to know what kind of encounters you'll be dealing with, work out some general strategies and more specific ones like loops or whatever, ration health items/special attacks, be smart about using weapons enemies drop, etc. You also need to stay adaptable because the genre's full of rng and snowballing situations, so if you follow a rigid plan you will inevitably fail when something unexpected happens. Though adaptability is something you develop through experience too.

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The second bosses (the robots) seem like they're assurances you will burn at least one credit fighting them.

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It's usually the bosses, but there's often loops and exploits you can figure out to make them easy. It's less prominent in newer games too, for example Capcom's later beat em ups have very fair boss fights.

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Smyt fast, give gode knocks

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For the most part if you want to safely get through a beat 'em up it's crucial to get other players to fight alongside you. Your character is rarely ever equipped to deal with more than one or two enemies at a time.

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That's completely wrong though, the games are well balanced for 1 player which is why if a second player joins in they tend to spawn extra enemies and increase AI aggression to compensate

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It's generally poorly designed on purpose to get you to cash in, so you look for exploits to get you through certain situations that most of the time were probably not particularly "intended"

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>protagonists have guns on the cover
>they don't have their own guns in-game

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Just boss fights, though even that isnt true in most notable games. Talking about intended design in a genre like this is stupid though, they give you a set of moves to play around with and create AI with strengths and weaknesses, by its nature it allows and encourages creative solutions developers wouldn't have thought of. And this has remained true for beat em ups to this day.

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Work on crowd control, keep your distance except when you need to get in close, and use any bug exploits possible.

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Bring more quarters.

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>I feel like there's no way to avoid damage no matter how good you are.
In Double Dragon arcade you can just elbow every single enemy without taking damage, including all bosses.
There are usually certain tricks like that in a lot of arcade games. I saw a dude 1cc TMNT and only taking a couple of hits using just 1 technique.

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TMNT's a+b attack is really powerful so it can be spammed so probably that. It isn't like that for most notable beat em ups though.

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>Are you guaranteed to lose in beat 'em ups?
yes, it's because they're rigged quarter munchers filled with artificial difficulty like all arcade genres except skill based ones like music games and ufo catchers.

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people who don't know anything about arcade games shouldn't comment on them imo

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complete myth peddled by low iq shit players, no capcom game is bullshit if you actually think about your play and learn the system. you can easily 1cc the punisher for example in under 10 hrs.

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lmfao the fucking vr tards in full force, nothing but myths and utter shit from idiots too fucking dumb to figure out how anything works who just do the same approach over and over which never works and have no intelligence to strategise and learn from their failures.

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You're gonna need quarters for those failures you wanna learn from.

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>andore grabs you out of i-frames
>does 2/3 of your health and then some more with a single body press

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>you can easily 1cc the punisher for example in under 10 hrs.
lmao i've played it for at least 80 hours and still can't, don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

arcade beat 'em ups yes, some console games like Streets of Rage 2 are very well-designed and fair though

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>You're gonna need quarters for those failures you wanna learn from.
absolutely based
shmupg BTFO!

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there's no way you wouldnt be able to 1cc that game in 80 hours, even if you were just credit feeding through the whole game every session. you're either mistaken or exaggerating about your playtime

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SoR and plenty of those games, even in arcade, are easy to cheese.

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Bosses being able to break hitstun unpredictability defines cheese.

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beatem ups in the arcade were the original pay to win, and that mostly carried over to console beatem ups, but not always

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Nah they were just challenging. You're not winning by credit feeding either since your score gets discarded.

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dude i could beat mortal kombat on one quarter, but i could never get close to beating any beatem up arcade game without dying, id love to see a video of it if some autist can pull it off

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the only ones i could maybe see would be bad dudes or maybe double dragon, but stuff like tmnt, golden ax, etc. there's no way

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This guy's youtube channel has a whole bunch of great replays
It takes practice but it's doable. Try Punisher, that one's great and very easy as has been mentioned. Golden Axe too but that one's TOO easy

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golden axe in the arcade on one quarter? yeah right i gotta see it to believe it

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TMNT games are hard as fuck (and bad) but Golden Axe? C'mon, play it for more than an hour.

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how about altered beast? you always get spammed by enemies from both sides eventually

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Just look it up, there's 1cc's, no damage runs and speedruns including streams

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yeah im looking at a youtube channel of one credit runs, they even have tmnt, impressive. i always felt like those games were designed to cost a certain amount to win like 4 bucks or something, but i guess i just wasnt autistic enough, then again i was a little kid playing those and a teenager playing mortal kombat, so maybe my memory is warped

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TMNT games are full of annoying bullshit and are seemingly hostile to anyone who wants to 1cc them with shit like timer bombs, though they are still doable with enough practice. It's not the best example of the genre, but if you check Capcom beat 'em ups they are very well designed and balanced around a 1cc with only some occasional instances of bullshit cropping up.

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are you for real? has to be sarcasm, golden azxe is one of the easiest arcade games of all time.

and there it is, is too dumb and fucking shit to figure it out so lets bring out the buzzwords HURR LE AUTISM!! to try painting the able in a negative light and feel better about yourself, just come to terms with you're stupidty and low i.q and admit you don't have the fortitude nor sense to best a single bmup and they aren't even fucking hard ffs for the most part, dumb shit. I mean fuck you didn't even have the intuition to look up plays on youtube, you're a literal waterskull.

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if andore is EVER grabbing you it's because you're playing wrong, stupidly and like a retard. Theres no reason ever for him to get anywhere near your proximity if you know how to play.

yeah,no, learn on mame/ports then replicate in the arcade.

>lmao i've played it for at least 80 hours and still can't, don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

well i did it in 8 and clast did it in a day, it's not our fault you're just dumb and shite.

80 fucking hours for punisher on defaults lmfao by 80s hrs i'd done it with both chars on hardest dips no lives lost, the fuck is wrong with you?

arcade beat 'em ups yes, some console games like Streets of Rage 2 are very well-designed and fair though

lmfaooooooooo sor2 faggots everytime always complete shit at the genre on the whole.

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> I am so scared of real human beings I will practice for dozens of hours before ever performing in front of them like an actual peer

>forever will I avoid and vagina for fear that it may inform others of my incomplete technique

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Try not being a faggot zoomer, it makes the game way more enjoyable.
You're like those retards that cry over only having 3 lives in the original sonic games, and that it's hard to earn more and get continues.

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If you find yourself this angry over someones thoughts on a video game you might have a problem. Get help.

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Why is it that being awful at games makes you prone to coming up with excuses?

They're shitposters, that's why.

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Yeah and you are a narcissistic cunt that gets pretty boring on the long run.

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there's no excusing this rudeness, why are you trying to make me feel bad about myself?

what is that supposed to spell?

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>what is turning Free Play on

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Both Crime Fighters and Crime Fighters 2/Vendetta can be reasonably 1ccd once you learn all possible enemy (and boss) patterns and have some practice and decent coordination. Most arcade fighters didn't have ways to avoid damage because they tended to turn into long dodgefests (like Tough Turf, but you could tolerate that one because of the kick-ass music)

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This reminds me, OP check out Knights of the Round, it has a parry mechanic which lets you block everything as long as you're facing the right direction and time it right. Giving you absolutely no excuse for getting hit, except for your own lack of skill. Punisher also has some invincibility frames when you do side rolls.

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/shmupg/fags needs to stay in their containment thread

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is that fucking Bruce Willis on the cover?

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>yeah,no, learn on mame/ports then replicate in the arcade.
Zoomer logic.

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On a related note can we talk about factual bullshit in beat em ups?
>Konami bosses breaking out of hitstun to get in a free attack
>Staying alive in turtles in time arcade for too long results in the game killing you off with a bomb

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>guys hit you from offscreen
>punch goes right through a guy for no reason
>spin kick/clothesline makes you lose life

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yes i knew i wasnt imagining the cheap tactics beatem ups use to make you waste money

>ur just not skilled enough hurr

bmups aint a skill genre bro, people with skills spend their arcade time on mk or sf

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It's just Konami beat em ups being Konami beat em ups, play Capcom games

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>time conjure elemental wrong and the enemy is still down when it casts

>> No.5366748

>time something wrong
>it doesn't work
Though tbf D&D Tower of Doom does give enemy iframes when they should have none like with jumps, but if an enemy's down then you should expect iframes

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I do but when I play it with my normie friends who don't understand the concept of iframes they get pretty flustered

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>there's no way you wouldnt be able to 1cc that game in 80 hours, even if you were just credit feeding through the whole game every session. you're either mistaken or exaggerating about your playtime
well I guess I did slightly exaggerate, still, I don't see how that game is supposed to be easy... way too many BS parts, not different from any other beat em up. I love em but that's how it is.....

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What kills your runs the most?

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lmao I know what you mean. I played Tower of Doom with a friend of mine and despite understanding the concept of iframes he'd often get mad when his spells missed just because I attacked an enemy, it blocked and became invincible for a good second or two after blocking for some fucking reason. The jumps too, the enemies could survive the heat death of the universe if they jumped in time

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I like most of you guys but some real idiots are here. Are you really going to tell someone to kill themselves over a video game?

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Do you take everything everyone says on the internet seriously or literally?

Have we let the internet become serious business?

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there isn't though it's just your lack of skill and knowledge, punisher ironically is the fairest bmup in arcades and has NO bs moments at all unless you simply have no fucking idea what you're doing which is your fault as every solution is obvious.

not a skill genre? so why can i 1cc a bunch of capcom bmups on hardest on demand? if you go into some of the high level speedrun play in china it's a whole other level of skill, not to be confused with the low skill pleb shit at agqd.

konami games can be a lot of bullshit but violent storm and crime fighters 2 are decent with entirely workable i-frames.

no it's every single decent player logic, even the best japs in the world practice problem sections on ports or mame at home.

1. the truth 2. are you seriously so dense you can't add in the missing space and see what it says? well its obvious then why you can't see basic solutions in these games either.

narcissistic? because the facts are THAT inconvenient for you? improve yourself.

this, most people are just too dumb to figure things out and charge head first into everything whilst mashing button and spamming then blame the game for it.

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Yes,that why they put shit like this in the arcades,to rip the coins of you

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>derp e-celeb touting no skill shit head

the post

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Good joke kek

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HOT TAKE: 1CCs wouldn't have been possible when you were paying for every continue. You'd never have the kind of time to meticulously master the game like you can when everything is set to free play in your own house.

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I thought the same lol

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nintendo hard lol
more like arcade piss easy ;)

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Definitely not in dynamite cop, the saturn and dc games are two of my favorite games of all time and I've played the shit out of them, 1cc is perfectly viable

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>no it's every single decent player logic, even the best japs in the world practice problem sections on ports or mame at home
These games were made in a time when MAME wasn't a thing and when many didn't have home ports, or at least not ones which were very close copies of the arcade. Trying to argue against their status as games flat out designed to be money gobblers by referencing modern workarounds is silly.

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Practicing only in the arcade is a lot more expensive and less convenient, but 1cc-ing stuff is still possible. 1cc-ing fighting games and stuff like that is obvious. Beat-em-ups and shmups would be a lot tougher typically, but possible. The time required to 1cc something depends a whole lot on the game's difficulty and your skill with the genre. There are some games you could expect to 1cc with less total time put in than a full length modern game, so paying for each credit wouldn't make it too unrealistic. Having a game or at least similar games available to practice at home for free helps a ton obviously, but even in a world where games only exist in arcades it would be possible.

For shmups, this might be interesting:
The guy 1cc'd Mushihimesama Futari in 2007 when it was only in arcades, and talks about how he practiced/spent money on it a bit. I'm sure you could find similar stories if you looked hard enough.

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I can finally play the PS2 version after someone Reddit translated the QTE button prompts for me.

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>Each time I practiced, I would continue after dying and play through to the end.
"You should restart the game after every credit even during practice runs because credit feed culture doesn't exist in Japan"-fags unironically blown the fuck out.

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Final Fight 1, 2 and 3 are doable 1 cc.
So is the SoR series.
Some beat'em'up are very tough and require some fucking pro strats from boss to boss, the Dungeon & Dragons duology comes to mind.

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Found the time traveler! Can you tell us what the middle ages were like, sir?

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got a link?

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Lol no. This is seriously just a simple and overused case of git gud. In this day and age when all your beat em ups can be played on MAME or the new age ones that you can get that don't use credit tokens you have no excuse for not learning and getting better. Stop paying attention to dumb shit what e-celebs are saying.

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Bmups are for scrubs who are too pussy to fight real people in fighters so they retreat to games with easily exploitable AI patterns.

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>Implying real people don't have exploitable AI patterns either

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But I play both fighters and bmups, theyre completely different games on a fundamental level and you must have bmup enemy AI levels of intelligence yourself to think otherwise

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D&D Tower of Doom is easier than Final Fight tho and Mystara is the easiest beat em up Capcom made because its so damn exploitable

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To the translation? It's just an image.

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What's your ELO in the FTG's you play?

>> No.5368775

Mighty Ruler

>> No.5368791

How come tons of people have done them even before accurate home ports were a thing then?

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To be fair, Mystara is only easy when you actually git gud at the game. The average player dies anywhere between War Machine and Harpy.

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You can't prove I'm wrong so I win by default.

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It's all in the mind

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Believe what you want I guess while others will have fun playing and getting gud

>> No.5368836

>git gud
Opinion disregarded

>> No.5368865

Well that's just beat em ups besides maybe ones like Golden Axe, usually noobs can last maybe 10 minutes, then they get destroyed. I mean more when you get familliar with mechanics/levels and start planning your encounter approach

>> No.5368874

ACTUAL HOT TAKE: People who actually played in arcades and aren't spouting e-celeb opinions would know that sometimes arcades would hold in lock-in timed sessions allowing unlimited play for a few hours for a fixed price allowing you to get as much game mastering time in.

>> No.5368939

It's still much less effective than using savestates to grind the same hard spots over and over.

>> No.5369457

>blah blah blah blah
jfc what a sperg

>he Dungeon & Dragons duology comes to mind.
yes, they are nearly impossible

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I agree but people did do these things a long time ago and for a cheap price before widespread internet use was a thing.

>> No.5369928

They are fun, though.

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I'm pretty sure the Capcom D&D games are impossible to 1cc.

Then again I can't care less for 1cc, I'm a firm believer these games are designed to eat money so might as well just tag along for the ride and simply have fun.
I don't have this feeling of pride in playing videogames unlike other people.

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there's videos of just about every game in the genre being 1cc'd, but you really need to know the ins and outs. While enemies have their patterns and exploits, they aren't telegraphed in a modern way like perhaps a Dark Souls game or something, they're a thing you can only figure out after it happens. Which means even a master had to feed enough quarters to the game to get good at it. hot shots like >>5365140 were the big marks back in the day, after a while you can master the game but by that point you already gave them their money.

>> No.5369957

You do have a this feeling of pride in ignorance, however.

>> No.5369965

What, did I say something that triggered you?

>> No.5369972

There are multiple videos of people 1cc'ing it with every character, taking all routes, in co-op, on hardest dips, without using items or spells and using all kinds of different strategies from safe to speedrun. There's no reason to believe this. I've personally 1cc'd Tower of Doom with Fighter and while it's quite hard it's still very doable, even consistently so despite the obscene amount of RNG in the game. Also drop the dumb "you're not having fun unless you're mindlessly credit feeding" nonsense, it's basically implying that overcoming a challenge isn't fun.

>> No.5369979

The same could be said about the "the only REAL way of playing is 1ccing, otherwise you're not a real gamer, rather a pussy" mentality. Goes both ways anon.
Unlike you I never implied credit feeding was the only fun way.

>> No.5369991

Who said this? Obviously it should be done only if you like a challenge and want to learn the ins and outs of a game instead of just mashing until you see the credits. Problem is that this playstyle is either unknown or misunderstood (often considered impossible, like you're showing with your comments about D&D) and since emulation and ports come with infinite credits removing the natural incentive to improve, it comes down to sharing knowledge word-of-mouth style and pushing the playstyle.

>> No.5369996

You're right, I just put words in your mouth, I'm sorry.
I'm just bitter because I hate this day to death and makes me hate everything and puts me in a shitty mood.

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you are dumb as fuck.

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>I'm pretty sure the Capcom D&D games are impossible to 1cc.
And you would be very highly mistaken on this. Once you know the system well you can 1cc those games. Item use, spell access, weapon access and weapon combos greatly impact on how you would determine your approach to going through the stage and the boss fight. I'm old as fuck(though probably young by /vr/ standards) and can 1cc through the Capcom D&D games.

>> No.5373189

It's been said here that Capcom beat'em-ups are the optimal ones to try to 1cc, but using that recent collection and the D&D games as a metric, which ones are the easiest and which ones are the hardest to 1cc?

>> No.5373804

Depends on the characters because the difficulty varies a lot, but Shadow Over Mystara, Punisher and King of Dragons, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (as long as you play Mustapha) and Battle Circuit are the easiest. Final Fight is the hardest

>> No.5374321

Keep in mind that even easy Capcom beat em ups are still hard compared to other easy arcade games. Mystara and Punisher aren't like Batsugun Special and other entry level shmups, where you can play without thinking and just rely on dodging reflexes. They will be much harder if you just play with intuition. You have to plan and find exploits/cheese to truly understand why they are easy. The only game that's kind of an exception is King of Dragons, which is so simple you can get by on intuition and fundamentals.

>> No.5374385

>improve yourself
caring this much about video games is the exact opposite of improving yourself

>> No.5375767

c n d is pretty hard compared to the easiest.

then be consistent and dont play any at all? the irony is i'll bet i play much less than you because when a game is a longer term thing you stick to you can play just an hr a day

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