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>when you showed your Mom and your friends the sweet Simpsons eps you made

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ah good ole blue shirt. Also OP, you do realize what is going to happen to this thread right?

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I specifically remember that there was no bathroom set, yet there was a toilet prop you could use. Fun stuff, though.

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Did it include farmer characters or rural settings? Asking for a friend

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Cletus might have been in it. Then again, he mightn'tve existed yet when this was made

>Also OP, you do realize what is going to happen to this thread right?

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Cletus first showed up around 1994

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Does it have Sneed?

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The City Slicker's Choice special edition never came out

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Based sneed poster

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Based Based Sneed poster poster

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Unfunny forced meme

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I seriously hate everything about these memes

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>t. zoomer

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Well La-dee-da Mr. Fancy CRT-with-composite

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I remember getting this in a double pack with virtual springfield for clearance years after the fact. I'd rather play virtual springfield based on memory.

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Virtual Springfield was pretty cool too. I just used the teleport trick to get around town.

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From the Wikipedia page for Sneed:
>Moe's Cringe & Blue-pilled, formerly Sneed's Feed & Seed, formerly Chuck's Feed & Seed
I Lol'd,

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Based Unfunny forced meme poster

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found this game in a bargain bin for like 3 dollars back in 1999. I remember spending 45 minutes just trying to get Homer to choke bart like in the tv show. Wish it would make hentai

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There was another studio game from a long time ago and I cant remember the name. It had realistically shapped people. Anyone might know a title?

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Not even animated. This day is already full of disappointments.

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Way-ell, pardon US, Mr. Neo Geo

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I agree wojaks are unfunny and forced

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The Movies?

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Was this for IBM PC or Mac?

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what year was this released?

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Fuck, this post is so innocent. I'm so sorry this happened to your thread OP.
Unironically death to all Sneed posters, /tv/ has the uncanny ability to create a culture that can't survive anywhere else that keeps the board strong, and I love it for that, but Sneed has singlehandedly ruined discussion of one of the most oft discussed shows on the board.

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Thanks for reminding me about this game.

Anyone remember Virtual Springfield?

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Steamed hams?

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Oh, yeah. Defs better than the other Virtual one

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Never even heard of that one.

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Steamed Hams was a highlight of The Simpsons and encourages discussion of the show overall. Also the gag has produced high-effort content that is respectable.

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Steamed Hams is reddit
Sneed is 4chan

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What about Bart hitting Homer with a chair?

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It always bothers me that the artist of this gif just flipped the zoomer horizontally rather than just drawing his arms in a different position. The text on his shirt gets mirrored.

Am... am I autistic?

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>when dad gave the computer a virus by visiting sketchy porn sites and running "BIGTITTIES.EXE" and you get banned from playing games on the computer

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I had the X-Men cartoon maker.

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Not retro, but Chuck is in Hit and Run.

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It's a used Neo Geo Pocket that I bought from a hobo.

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I just had Bart vs. The World, Bart vs. The Space Mutants. Neither were that great, but I played vs. The World a ton. Also had Krusty's Fun House and the Game Gear Itchy and Scratchy game. I remember those being alright.

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I’m sorry, I believe in good scanlines.

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I think that says more about the current state of 4chan than it does about reddit.

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Takes me back. Wasn't very good. Would have been better if they went full point and click adventure in Springfield.

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