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Hard Mode

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>Hard Mode No JRPGs

Subtle, yet discrete way to keep the weebs out. I like your style.

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I want this game to get a remake, or for someone to steal the concept and make a new game out of it.
I can imagine all the custom maps and modes.

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No weebs? Dis gon be a gud thread.

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Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko

SaGa Frontier if weeb mode was on

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Poy poy

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monster rancher 2 and crash bandicoot 2

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My favorites are RPGs, but I'll go with Tomba for this thread. Ape Escape and Metal Gear Solid after that.

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I love Poy Poy, nice to see someone else mention it.

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You fucked up, OP. You should have made it "No JRPG fans." Then we would have better suggestions, not JRPG fans' favorite shitty platformers.

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Don't let the door blow your maga cap away on your way out son

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What's your favorite game, then?

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I have yet to play the remake.

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I love this game and even today there's still nothing quite like it.

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Silent Bomber

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t. triggered lefty

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Quick, Who is the best girl in this game?

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you mean easy mode? because the best is kind of obviously mgs

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If you're into 90s aesthetic and japanese city pop/light techno shit this game will give you an orgasm. Also, the driving model is hilariously unrealistic but fun.

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Bookworm girl best girl.

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Not that hard

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>accelerate the rush of a first class victory
that's some japanese marketing wording right there

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Hey, that's not a bad choice at all. I haven't really played survival horror games but I've heard good things about it.

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Engrish sounds enlightened.

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>Poy poy
ace combat 2 and 3, armored core, wipeout 2097 and wipeout 3 special edition, ridge racer type 4 and n-gen racing

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what's with the weeb boogeyman? a weeb dated your crush or something?
>future cop LARP
shit game

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Weebs have always been bullied on 4chan yet they somehow wrongly assume this is their safe-space.

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"weeb" is a boogeyman insecure incels use when they believe not watching anime or playing japanese games will make them get laid

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Just by solving captchas to post you're giving money to a japanese man. On top of already giving him your ISP information for him to sell.
You know that, right?

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Hiroyuki is a normie who isn't into anime so he gets a pass. Animefans deserve the rope.

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Nah, Hiroyuki is into anime. Isn't he also an Asukafag?
Anyway, I agree animefags deserve the rope, but so do video game fags, capeshit fags and "geeks" in general.

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>Nah, Hiroyuki is into anime.
I swear to god you fucking dweebs only keep getting more pathetic

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I mean, he's into making money first and foremost, but he's japanese, he doesn't even think about it, ainme is part of their everyday life, like burgers for americans. And yes, he did say he's an Asukafag, I remember that.
Anyway, I'm agreeing with you, why so mad?

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Don't worry when your time come I will tear out eyelids and put out my cigar on both of your eyes very slowly maybe rip out your fingers and make you eat them too.

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lol, you are mad.
I'm agreeing with you anyway, geeks in general are trash.

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>gay gay gay I'm so gay super gay gay gay very gay
This is how you sound on k-pop you little bitch.

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Whatever, you're mad as all fuck.

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Pedophiles are not welcome here or anywhere else. Just realize you're hated by all communities, ideologies and groups alike.

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But I'm not American!

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We can either make this quick or slowly and painful, so which is it

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>playstation thread without JRPGs
>it's just a shitposting parade by two autists arguing about nonsense shit
Sounds about right.

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>BuT I'm NOT ameRiCAN!
Pathetic attempt at banter. Kill yourself.

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Depends. Can you teleport behind me and unzip dick? Also don't forget your fedora.

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Mad burger is mad!

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Pedophile :^)

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Fuck outta here, goober.

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Bullied IRL. Bullied on 4chan. Weebfucks just can't get a break

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i judge people based on which underage anime they prefer to fuck

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When the whole thread is basically, "ur Japanese-made game is for weebs, look at my Japanese-made game, instead!" it makes no real sense.
The formula was basically invented by Westerners with Dungeons & Dragons, which is as bad as WRPGs & JRPGs alike. The interesting thing is that the only genres Japan rarely touches are FPS & RTS, the ones that constitute the least discussion on the board. Pretty much every other genre's existence was popularized by Japs, like Metroidvania, and how Hydlide was one of the 1st action-RPGs.
You should just call Resident Evil & the like, "Japanese Survival Horror", because we know they invented it & Westerners can't do anything good with the genre at all.

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Easy Mode you weeb

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winning eleven, smackdown2, tenchu

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This. Resident Evil is basically the anti-JRPG in how it wastes next to none of your time.
A game being Japanese doesn't make it bad. Being animu makes it bad, which is the case with the vast majority of JRPGs ever made.

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Metal Gear Solid

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>this thread

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sup chibi

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>Being animu makes it bad
Being cartoony in general makes it bad. Or what, you're gonna tell me you like Crash Bandicoot and general furry mascots like him? Please.

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Imagine having nostalgia for shitty murrican propaganda games.

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imagine liking western games lmao

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I mean, if you're into FPS and RTS, it's understandable.
Otherwise, yeah...

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the /shmupg/ guys say it's bad.

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My favorite game in the series aswell. No idea how I completed it and killed Nemesis on every encounter as a kid. RE2 is a close second but I like the city setting on RE3 better.

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>Don't let the door blow your maga cap away on your way out son

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No one cares what /r/incels thinks.

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I don't care dude, that game fucking jams. The music, the scenery, the spectacle, the checkpoint-based respawn... it's fucking cool. Squaresoft made some cool shit in the 90's. I also love Bushido Blade.

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How does it feel to be on the wrong end of the poopstick?

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Symphony of the Night, Syphon Filter 2 and Dino Crisis 2 are all pretty even for me. Would put Parasite Eve 2 in there but I know it would trigger some.

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westaboos are pathetic.

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>Hard Mode
Can I play on easy then?

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There a worrying lack of Tony Hawk in this thread

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The music in this game makes me feel like I've leaped 5,000 years into the future

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It sounds a lot like early 90s techno though

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>It sounds a lot like early 90s techno though
And? Early 90s techno and synth pop is something I regularly listen to, it gives me more of a futuristic feeling even though it's technically a more retro style.

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Can you recommend some techno and synpop anons?

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You probably already know them, but I tend to like a lot of Pet Shop Boys late 80s early 90s music, I also like Orbital

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They do? From my experience it's one of the few universally praised PSX-original shmups on the internets. Much better than that trash R-Type Delta, or the over-casualised Gradius Gaiden.

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Very hard for me to pick my favorite game for the PS1 and even harder not to pick a JRPG but some of the stuff I enjoyed a lot are:
>Ace Combat 2 (didn't play the third game yet)
>Ape Escape
>Castlevania SOTN
>Jumping Flash 1 - 2
>Megaman Legends (I can't wait to play the sequel)
>Ridge Racer 4
>Street Fighter Alpha 2 (R4 and this are probably the games I spend more time that aren't JRPG)
>Tekken 2

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>how it wastes next to none of your time.
>he believes he isn't wasting his time if playing "certain" video games

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>use German words
>can't write äöüßÄÖÜẞ
It hurts.

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That sounds amazing. I want to play Ridge Tracer Type 4 so bad. I'm gonna track down a rom tomorrow.

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>Being cartoony in general makes it bad.
True. I'm pretty much restricted to western videogames or mature/dark/edgy/gritty Japanese games like Castlevania, Resident Evil (survival horrors in general), and a few select JRPGs.
What's funny is that even the edgiest of Japanese titles has a better setting and writing than your usual Japanese game.

Should I bother with the Metal Gear franchise and games like Fire Emblem and Front Mission?

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>implying being alive isn't wasting time

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If no JRPGs then I guess either pic related or Klonoa.

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Strider 2 and Strider 1.

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>JRPG fan's favorite movie game
u fucked up
and damn, how has no one posted mother fuckin crash yet

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