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Is this the most playable 8 bit game?

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all jarpigs are unplayable unless you're high on soi

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Define "most playable". I think turn-based RPGs introduce a level of abstraction that makes them inherently less intuitive than many action-based titles, even if their slow pace makes them more approachable in other regards.

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Mario exists

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SMB 3 by a mile.

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Horrifically sluggish interface, which is a huge deal for RPGs, so no.

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Pokemon Red remains one of my favorite games, but there's some obnoxious stuff in it like the box system that stop it from being the most playable.

Most playable depends on how you define it, but the Super Mario Bros. games or Tetris sounds right.

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Yes if and only if you are a philistine incapable of appreciating the dozens if not hundreds of 8-bit titles superior to Pokémon red

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Pokemon fans sure do have crazy brand loyalty huh?

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At least pick GSC

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Crystal plays much better

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>you see milady I only play serious games of skill which can be mastered by serious gamers such as myse-
>w-where are you going

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The gameboy Zelda games.

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Not even close. Not even in its genre.

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You mean accessible? Probably. It's designed for 5 year old kids.

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You're an Anti-skill faggot because people being better than you offends you.

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Playability is useless in a vacuum. It just means you have fewest obstacles to knowing how to play the game the second you start. Fewest obstacles would be a button that says "press the button to win!" The only obstacle to winning in that game is being able to read.

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