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What are the best retro games with a sandbox

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GTA 3 not retro

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That are prior to 2000? GTA3 just about misses the criteria on tis board.

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I think of sandbox as basically GTA III so it's probably one of the proto-GTAs like that DOS post-apocalyptic cab driver game

the retro GTAs are top down so they aren't as much fun in the line up 20 cars and let them explode regard

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If nothing else, I think GTA3 should be the newest GTA allowed, as it was tonally consistent with the first games and it was their last game as DMA Design. After that they wanted to ape hollywood blockbusters, with 5 being the most egregious example of "I want to be hollywood but my mom won't let me".

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mercenary series

especially mercenary II: damocles

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I want to discuss it here too anon but it was released almost two years after the cut off - they made changes due to 9/11. A lot of other games from 2000 and 2001 don't get discussed here. Deus Ex is the widely approved exception.

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>mercenary II: damocles

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Ultima 6 (with Nuvie source port)
The Complete Ultima 7 (with Exult source port and music pack)

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Did the mods seriously delete the OPs picture of GTA III because GTA III 's not 'retro by their rules'? LMAO it's 18 years old. Get a grip you loser virgins.

Actually, now I think about it, GTA III can run on Windows 98. We're allowed to post about Half Life and CS on /vr/ because they run on 98 so thus, GTA III and Vice City are both retro. Suck it, mods.

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Read it and weep

To answer the OPs question GTA III and Space Station Silicon Valley on N64. I think they were made by the same dev teams too.

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Yeah, San Andreas can work on 98 too if you put in 512MB RAM

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