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I've lost my CD with Thief trilogy. Which versions are better to buy: steam ones which are cheap as a dirt right now, or do I wait for sale on GOG?

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GOG, obviously.
Why people always keep asking those retarded "Steam or GOG" questions, when the answer is always the same?

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Gog. But if you do Steam then take this.

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Either pirate the GOG versions or buy them on Steam for convenience.

The games are literally the same, disregard the contrarian retards.

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>Gaben send to your account 5 virtual cents to use in his store

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>buying inferior versions on purpose
here's 209 examples of where the GOG version is inferior to Steam

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Are there even any real differences between these versions?

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Gog versions are patched with the NewDark engine upgrade, for Steam you'd have to follow the steps in >>5358320
>>5358331 seems to just want an excuse to whine about Gog without knowing about Thief.

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Steam, as it's unmodified, unlike GOG's, which come with TFix Lite preinstalled.

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>seems to just want an excuse to whine about Gog without knowing about Thief.

>pay as much as steam-users
>get second-class support
yeah, "whine".

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Go for gog please. I bought it with on steam and I never used steam again.

>get out of game to watch cutscenes on youtube everytime i end each mission
>come back to game and all the graphics are fucked up
>restart everytime

Btw. Try to make monsters fight each other on haunted cathedral.

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Meh. When will next major sale hit on GoG then, any idea?

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I hate these /mu/ like charts.

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/mu/ charts are retarded attention whoring, begging for validation of their entry-level taste. That pic is simply instructional.

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>GOG version
>Ready to go straight of the "box"
>Steam version
>Need extra work on user side, no support
You were saying something? Or you are just here to be retarded /v/tard?

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As far as /vr/ games go, GOG sometimes (like in this case) pre-patches them with some unofficial fan fixes, Steam simply uploads the unaltered originals which you can mod yourself whichever way you want. I'd say Steam is better because more freedom of choice instead of the modding having already been done for you, but you do you.

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Nigger, GOG's Thief is better, while the Steam one requires additional tutorial to make it work, so what the fuck you are smoking?

>Hey anon, why should you buy a game that's already patched into a working condition, if you can buy unpatched one and then force Steam to accept unofficial patch!
In case of Thief, the answer is always "GOG".

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>if you're a brainlet and can't figure out how to put files in folders yourself then buy it on GOG

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>Get shit done for you
>N-no, I will do i-it myself
>M-me smart
>Buys outdated shit he has to patch himself
>While talking how his platform has superior customer service

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make sure to get both the original thief and gold.

they offer different experiences, and they both have their own virtues.

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>buy version with fan patch pre-packaged
>fan patch is by now outdated
>have to re-apply fan patch anyway

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You literally own the game after you buy it from GOG, no DRM. So install whatever the fuck patch you want to "enhance" your game or whatever.
Can't say the same about Steam.

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gog and steam are both illegitimate bullshit.

buy it from a retail store or second hand if you want to "own" it. otherwise just torrent it.
you also want full control over the patch installation process. not just the biggest "everything pack" that fills your install with bloat you didn't ask for.

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>You literally own the game after you buy it from GOG
Stop with this meme. Tell me about that time when you legally sold your GOG games, you fucking retard.

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>Fan patch have been updated
>Always gets updated few days after new release
>Not knowing that
How new exactly are you to the subject of Thief, GOG release and not being a fucking moron?

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Are you off your meds or something? Or do you actually think you don't own a game until you are able to sell someone else's intellectual property?
Also, it's not a meme. But I get it, you enjoy DRM out the ass because big corp is paranoid someone might install the game on TWO computers instead of one.

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>Gaben just delated your library, leaving you with shit
>Nothing personal, kid
Tell me about superiority of Steam when this stops happening, you fucking retard

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Tell me about that time when you were able to install the game you bought on Steam on few different computers, you fucking retard.

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>There are still people who eat Valve's cock
>While shitting on GOG
What. The. Fuck.

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Huh? That's literally one of the main features. You can even be logged into Steam on multiple machines simultaneously. I'm always logged in on both my desktop and laptop machines.

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>inb4 this thread is a false flag by GOG

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I know you're false flagging, but fucking nobody buys shit on GOG, it's only good for easy pirating because their installers are digitally signed and can't be hacked/tampered with by any third party so you 100% won't get a virus/miner by pirating a GOG game.

Steam is for actually buying games.

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>Still 9 posters ITT
Pretty sure OP is just trying to start a flame war.

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>force Steam to accept unofficial patch
>Can't say the same about Steam.
I'm not taking a side here, but are you under the impression it's difficult or discouraged to patch Steam games? Because it's not. Quake, Thief, Morrowind, Gothic, Baldur's Gate, Fallout, whatever. Just as easy to patch or mod as having downloaded the files from anywhere else.

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No, but I don't think it's a reason to go with one over the other. I meant that you can't say the same about how much freedom you get when buying from Steam instead of GOG.

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That's fair.

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>Why should I buy games without DRM
>When I can corporate dick to my ass by paying for DRM!
You were saying something about false flag?

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>Still 10 posters
>Samefagging this hard

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>dude just buy your games 200 years past their release date on this niche website, fight the power!
Oh btw you can finally buy Bioshock 1&2 on GOG now. Still no Infinite though. Maybe in another 10 years lmao.

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>there are fags here actually fucking advocating buying 20 year old games where the original devs don't get a cut of the revenue
OP, pirate the gog versions and justbe done with it.

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What does tfix or tafferpatcher do that doesnt just come with newdark anyway?
Other than useless things like visual |"enhancements"

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Steam isn't inherently DRM, btw. That's up to the developers to integrate steam's drm into their products.
I'm not even sure that Thief does.

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Most old games like Thief are DRM-free on Steam. You don't expect them to dig up the source code and integrate Steam API or w/e DRM lmao? Course not.

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>be on /vr/
>complain you can't get non-/vr/ games
Explain me something - why should I care about something that exceeds the scope of this board?
And I mean it

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dont you need steam installed at all times before running the game. then its not drm-free.

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i dont like gogs new website. its hard to find exactly what youre looking for. it was perfect before

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TFix lite and tafferpatcher with all unnecessary shit disabled: just some configuration stuff that might save someone from having to find out why their framerate is shit or it crashes on startup (although you still have to do the steps in that pic)
Full TFix: Fixes for various things like lighting errors, but also """fixes""" such as adding barriers to prevent players from climbing certain ledges, which is cancer and primarily why lite is recommended.
The resource fix pack that comes with tafferpatcher isn't bad though.

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Okay, no Doom or Duke Nukem on GOG. Better?

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I agree with the Duke Nukem games but Doom and all the early sequels are still available on GOG.
That being said, it works better on 3rd party source ports on modern computers anyway.

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you faggots better be BUILDAN tonight

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Was the last thief thread put on autosage or something? It died only twenty minutes after the last post.

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nah its right here


but for some reason everyone just replied to this shit

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not getting the latest versions of games compared to steam despite paying the same sounds fair to you? berry intredasting.

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>Oh btw you can finally buy Bioshock 1&2 on GOG now.

>got the Bioshock collector-shit with the Big Daddy
>fairly sure I can't install it with the DVD due to securom-activation-server-shit
>have to resort to piracy to play my legally purchased games

the future's so full of shit I got to wear fishing-pants.

fairly sure it hit the bumplimit

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>new good
>old bad
What the fuck are you even doing here?

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>buy from one retailer only, never do any comparison, if they don't have game X don't buy game Y from them lmao
what the fuck is going on itt

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nice non-sequitur

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Nice absolute lack of self awareness, you've been doing it since your first shitty post.

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GOG retards BTFO

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You moved the goalpost into the next city, m8.

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GOG master race, reporting in.