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Did the Sega Saturn even have anything to play besides pic related and Panzer Dragoon? It looks like nothing but arcade ports that get boring fast.

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Nope. It was a piece of fucking shit with no games.

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Any of the Shining games are good, but beyond that, absolutely not.

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The Sega Saturn had the best game library of it's generation...in Japan.

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Wow. Wrong much? Nights and Panzer Dragoon are arcade style, so the fun comes from replaying them for hours and hours and hours trying your best to lower your time and increase your score.
The fun comes from seeing numbers get bigger. Bigger numbers = more fun.

Go back to playing your Playstation 4 and xbox 720 if you can't appreciate the joy of playing the same level over and over. /vr/ is for real gamers.

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List 25 good made-for-Saturn games.

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It's Sega, of course it's going to be heavy on arcade ports and arcade-style games. That's sort of Sega's thing. They were primarily a developer of arcade games.

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Burning Rangers

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game sucks

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Samefag bernieposter

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Fuck you, game's awesome.

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game sucks

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post sucks

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Saturn had a weaker library, and effectively it died in 1998, while the PlayStation was strong as hell until well into 2001. Backwards capability of the PS2 lead to a few more years of life in the system.

A lot of the games aren't that good, and don't compare to PS. You see lists like >>5353352 that are absolutely filled with padding to keep them decent size. No way that Duke Nukem would ever make a best PS game list. A lot of them are mediocre, rather than bad.

The JP section is better. A lot of the shooting games, are great. Something like Deep Fear is "interseting", but kind of a mess of a game that doesn't beat Resident Evil.

Wachenroder is a cool story, premise, and atmosphere,but is ugly with okay boring gameplay. THat should get a remake.

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i loved nights & was completely blown away testing the demo at my local retailer...theres also a christmas version if you havent checked it out

i grabbed a saturn for the 2d fighting games as they are objectively the best versions usually (marvel vs capcom, street fighters etc)

something about having the "big" 3D controllers feels great & i will always love sega to death

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This pasta is getting stale

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Fuck off

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Sony drones in full damage control

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yes OP, play dragon force (best game imo), dragon force 2 (jap only), deep fear (very good survival), dark savior, bulk slash, shining the holy ark, sega rally (never gets boring), a lot of T-RPGs if you like that, and multiplats that are arguably better on the Saturn like Exhumed or Duke.

sure, the ps1 had a better library as a whole, but the saturn had many games to have a lot of fun. if it's not a bait thread, then just try them

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correction, dragon force 2 has an excellent fan translation patch.

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>No way that Duke Nukem would ever make a best PS game list
Maybe that has something to do with the PS1 port of Duke Nukem being complete garbage compared to the Saturn version

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Sony Drony detected

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Deep Fear
Radiant Silvergun
Dark Savior
Shining Force 3
Shining the Holy Ark
Burning Rangers
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Guardian Heroes
Silhouette Mirage
Dragon Force
Dragon Force 2
Tomb Raider
Thunder Force V
Blast Wind
Saturn Bomberman
Psychic Killer Taromaru
Keio Flying Squadron 2
Legend of Oasis
Magic Knight Rayearth
Shinobi X
Bulk Slash
Assault Suit Leynos 2

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>arcade ports that get boring fast.

The system may just not appeal to you depending what kinds of games you like, but I greatly enjoy my Saturn.

Legend of Oasis
Guardian Heroes
Dark Savior
Silhouette Mirage (import but jap is the only version worth playing anyways)
Dragon Force
Burning Rangers

Those are some of the non-arcade games I liked on it, but depending on your taste some or all may not appeal. Not everything is for everyone...

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Yes it had heaps of good games. If Nights and PDS are all you can name you're incredibly ignorant.

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Radiant Silvergun

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Terra Diver shits all over that overrated rubbish.

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dont you have to make a treasure hate thread somewhere else?

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I don't hate Treasure per se, just their shumps. They made some ok platformers.

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How many of thwae have English releases or translations? Just got a saturn and am looking for a good time.

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I mean the Playstation was objectively better, even when it comes to 2D games it can hold ground against the Saturn due to SotN, the beter version of DoDonPachi, etc., but that's not the point. Point is the Saturn is still good and if you like arcade games you'll like it. If you don't and you don't know moon then it has limited value.

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>even when it comes to 2D games it can hold ground against the Saturn due to SotN, the beter version of DoDonPachi, etc.
Nice work naming the only 2 2D games that perform better on PS.

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So? They're some of the best games on either system. The PS1 also has stuff like Lunar, Skullmonkeys, Suikoden, Abe's Oddysee, and more.

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Lunar remake is better on Saturn.

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if you only rented shit from blockbuster as a kid then you were lucky to have anything to play at all.

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Ports of:
Duke Nukem 3D
Megaman X3
Megaman X4
Megaman 8
Resident Evil

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To be fair the Bernard Stolar joke was pretty on the head.

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This but unironically. Kys zoomer

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Lunar remakes are trash compared to the originals in both versions.

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>Tomb Raider
The Saturn port was complete balls

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The game was developed for the Saturn, retard.

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