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>wire on the wrong side
What the fuck were they thinking?

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Shhh, it's thinking.

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It's because the top half of the controller is dedicated the VMU slot. There's a little clip in the back of the controller that you can put the cord in to make it face upward.

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>wire on the wrong side
What the fuck were they thinking?

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and you can strap it with duct tape or something to make sure it doesn't fall off

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You can clip the cord to the top-underside of the controller you knob.

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>promoting cable bending
fuck Sega

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>removable cable
For what purpose?

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Easier to untangle the cords.

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To affix a bluetooth adapter decades later.

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Give the cord like half an inch of slack and it won't bend jack shit.

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Stop whining.

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I owned a DC for years and never thought of doing this. Did the wire coming out from the bottom really bother people that much?

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People pretend it did. I had a blue controller that has a mark on the wire from being in the wire holder a lot. If you look at DC controllers almost no controllers have that mark because no one actually cared. OP just wanted to waste space like usual.

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There were plans to introduce modular accessories which sadly never came to fruition. See patent US7488254.

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> Sega
> thinking

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>cord on the wrong end of the controller with a groove probably added in at the last second as if realizing it was a retarded design flaw
>hard plastic thumbstick and only a single one when dualshocks were already a thing by 1998
>terrible analog triggers
>fucking awful controller to use for fightan games when it was the console that had the GOAT fightan games

I mean I still love the Dreamcast thanks to the ASCII controller saving its ass, but holy fuck did it have one of the worst controllers ever. What makes this doubly embarrassing is that this coming right after the Saturn controller, the greatest 2-D oriented controller ever made.

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>fucking awful controller to use for fightan games when it was the console that had the GOAT fightan games

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If you hold the controller vertically, is not a problem.

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That thing is fucking sick. I have pic related but it's nothing special desu. I don't like how the stick feels.

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yea. it's even better if you hold it upside down. people defending this shit really are desperate. i had the dreamcast and liked it, but it's horrible design

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DC was 98 though.
I actually enjoyed the analog stick, especially for Soulcalibur which felt perfect. The triggers and dpad were painful after a while though

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The pause button being on the fucking console is way more egregious.

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Only objectively thing wrong with the DC controller was removing 2 buttons for no reason. Everything else is just nit-picking.

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I find the 4 buttons spacing to be much bigger than it needs to be.

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Try playing Third Strike with a DC controller and you'll see who is nit-picking.

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>those kids that missed that button
>they missed the menu option on Alex Kidd

This is true. After the 6 face button controllers for the MD and Saturn it was awkward, same as that dpad.

That was painful.

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>that tiny as fuck radius
"how to kill a controller-cable in three simple steps"

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It's not flexing back and forth so it won't cause undue fatigue damage.

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>never thought of doing this
...but that's what it's for. that's how you're supposed to do it. did you play power stone with your back to the tv?

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So you could attach all kinds of crazy shit to it https://segaretro.org/index.php?title=File:Patent_US7488254.pdf&page=15

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god I love that controller

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>not playing hanging upside down from a bar with your legs like a monkey

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Splice the fucker and resolder.

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[Slips off in your path]

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to store it easier you dumb fuck

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>To lose it easier

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How does the glue taste, brainlet?

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>>fucking awful controller to use for fightan games
It's very rough on your thumb, but the DC d-pad is actually very good and precise for fighters. A lot of players at the time used it over 3rd party alternatives.

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Nothing wrong with it, just put the wire in the notch in the underside of the controller to get it facing forward.

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>posting shit before reading the thread

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What were they thinking?

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Just be glad that wire placement is the biggest complaint about the controller.

And they couldn't have put the VMU slots on the bottom of the controller because...?

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Wii Classic Controller was the fuckin' shit, shut ya whore mouth.

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Wouldn't have been better if it had a cradle to stick the Wiimote so you won't have to deal with a cable, or if it's gonna have a cable, why not just make it plug into the GC controller ports?

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Wiimote + nunchuk/expandability already conceptualized.
Wiimote has internal memory (for smash settings. and Miis. Almost never used for anything else.)
Instead of adding another wireless component, memory, and battery compartment, leach off of the wiimote instead.

Idk why so many people complain about the cable, it's such a non-issue. Put it on the floor or on the couch next to you.

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I just put the wiimote in my pocket while using the pro controller. Didn't bother me any.

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to make sure people didn't accidentally drop their VMUs

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this makes sense. the controller is connected to the Wiimote, which would be on, or near, your person. it doesn't connect to the system, so the cable points to you, not the system

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that would defeat the entire concept of being a wireless game system. it would be practical, but it ruins the image

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This never bothered me.
This either.

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My famicom controllers are like this. If anything it makes them easier to hold.

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It feels legit anon. I have one that I use regularly.

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last ninty-controller with analog triggers, innit?

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I never understood, too.
Prototype for DC have 6 face buttons.

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And strart work on the Nights-Pad.

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