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Rest in Pieces: >>5329157

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anyone tried Death Wish in coop mode? it added a bunch of teleporter check points for when you get lit on fire by one of those dogs 20 minutes into the level

also if you start a GDX multiplayer game with only 1 person (you), it unlocks all the coop checkpoint things. instead of scumming on extra crispy you just respawn at the level start and use a teleporter to get back to where you died. can't save your game tho

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Never tried it, but i know for a fact that NBlood will be way more solid with the multiplayer aspect. I hope it'll do well with mods / usermaps too, but that's something mandatory by now, i think... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0DPAVv_y3A

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>but i know for a fact that NBlood will be way more solid with the multiplayer aspect
Why's that? BloodGDX multiplayer is pretty solid. Laggy if you're playing between continents, but that's to be expected. And M210 added a frag limit feature.

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Name one thing that each game (Duke, Blood, SW) does better than the others.

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better humor
better atmosphere
more explosions

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I wonder if I should include monster infighting in my retro FPS. It's easy enough, technically.

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Best lever design
Best gameplay
>Shadow Warrior
Best at being the worst of the three

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If the enemies are monsters, animals, etc then go for it, in-fighting is fun, funny, and a legitimate strategy. If they're humans, soldiers, and whatnot then it'd be kind of nonsensical.

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Best universe (technically shared with shadow warrior)
>Shadow Warrior
Makes you feel most like the character
Most atmospheric

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>technically shared with shadow warrior
Is there proof of this?

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>Best lever design

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I've got a present for ya.

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>Hory cow! Rooks rikea Douk Nouk Kem!

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Nah, it's still unplayable, especially if compared to NBlood, and that's saying something because it's only early videos and it already shows a lot of potential

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Duke Burger?

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Going with that logic then even Blood shares the same universe (and that's obviously impossible for plenty of different reasons).

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>that filename

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Is there really anything preventing them from being in the same universe? They all seem to take place during different time periods, and deal with different threats that can coexist.
> Blood takes place in 1920's to 1940's, fighting a dark god
> Duke takes place in modern day, fighting aliens
> Shadow Warrior takes place in cyberpunk future, fighting a megacorp summoning demons

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It could work, Duke has had many time traveling adventures. Land of the Babes takes place in the future after the aliens won and the babes make a portal into the past and grab Duke 3D Duke. There's no way the aliens could kill Duke so that begs the question: where's future Duke? Probably went back in time during some adventure (Blood) and got killed.

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Duke feels further in the future to me than SW. I'm thinking Blood > SW > Duke > Ion Maiden in terms of time periods.

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It's often hinted that Monolith and 3DRealms weren't exactly friends as if, for example, formers Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games, actually, it's the other way around... In short, i don't think Monolith could've given a damn about sharing the same universe with Doug Nugget and Chinese Doggo Nuki

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Let's try doing this with other Build games too...

Witchaven > Blood > WW2 > NAM > Redneck Rampage = or > Shadow Warrior > Duke Nukem > Shadow Warrior > Ion Maiden > TekWar

I'm not sure though

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I knew i forgot something. PowerSlave should be after Witchaven, maybe?

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Doomguy is in Duke 3D as well.

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>TFW waiting for a Chocolate Blood, Chocolate Powerslave, PRDUKE, QDUKE, and Buildspasm to become actual sourceports.

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RR, SW, Duke and powerslave take place in the 90s or after, maybe RR is set first, then PS, then Duke and finally SW

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That is a fucking fantastic voxel
Witchaven takes place in an unknown medieval-style fantasy period, Powerslave takes place in modern times

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I know that. The guy was reporting a simple easter egg just as you and i did, that doesn't mean it's the same universe though.

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Ion Maiden has some nice voxels. Can't wait to see all of them.

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>that tight as fuck spread
Feels like a stronger version of Duke's shotgun. Not to mention it's also a grenade launcher with Quake 1 bouncing sounds.

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>stronger than Duke's
I remember the Exploding Shells from 64, though...

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>from 64

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Obviously I'm talking about the base shotgun from 3D.

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When using eduke, do you guys prefer polymer or classic renderer? I tend to use classic since I don't need any of the bells and whistles of polymer, but polymer does at least fix geometry warping when looking up/down (with the downside of causing some serious weirdness with the skybox), and classic has bugs like being able to see blood splatters through half walls (pic related).

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What happened earlier? It seemed like threads just randomly stopped bumping? It looks like it killed the Doom General prematurely as well.

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I use Polymost.
>but polymer does at least fix geometry warping when looking up/down
Polymost does this as well, without adding dynamic lights or anything.
>with the downside of causing some serious weirdness with the skybox
It's because they didn't intend for you to see a "top" of the sky (it's not technically a skybox). If you google it you can find actual skyboxes that will look proper in the Polymer and Polymost renderers.

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Last post in the doom general was 10 mins ago, the thread's fine.
I find polymost messes up the lighting a bit in some areas, not sure if there's just a setting I need to change to make it look like the other renderers. Put together a quick comparison to show what I mean.

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it's more thematically diverse than the others. it has humourous over-the-top segments as well as moody and/or spooky segments. as opposed to the the moody and lonely feel that remains constant all throughout blood.

the atmosphere, first and foremost. the weapon design is also great. you can really feel the power behind the shotgun and the dynamite.

at least it's marginally better than RR, I guess

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Doom General's at bump limit anyway. But yeah a lot of threads stopped bumping for some reason. Some of them STILL won't bump like the Unreal General Thread.

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I thought it was a conspiracy by the mods to contain the BUILD posting on a single thread; i'm glad it wasn't the case. Discussions like these on the DOOM threads aren't good anyway, it feels like you get ignored, especially if you're posting specific questions/topics or just talk about less known BUILD games in general... If you post a one-liner by Duke it's fine with them though; not shitting upon their threads btw, they're great too, i just feel like it's the right thing to do to divide the two things because most of the times both of the threads will go over bump limit before dying anyway.

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Could you always jump in the original Duke Nukem? I think you could

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polymer or classic because polymost does this >>5348680

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Yes you could always jump

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I'm replaying Episode 2 of Duke right now on "Come Get Some", and I do appreciate it more this time, it helps a lot being accustomed to the enemies. I do wonder what they were thinking with these fuckers though, and specifically their placement in some of the LL levels, it is utterly bizarre and just not fun. Plain dickish, and they fucking dodge your rocket launcher shots too, so you have to just sink in a ton of ammo on them.

Shit tier enemy, no fun at all. Put to absolute shit use in this episode in particular.

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It ain't a build engine game if it doesn't have that one fucking enemy

Speaking of, does Ion Maiden have "That one fucking enemy" yet?

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>That one fucking enemy

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Not him, but Classic and Polymer implemented TROR, Polymost didn't.

Then again, Polymost is the recommended choice for performance since it was already optimized by Silverman himself and hasn't been fiddle since I think.

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Guys, what is the best blood version? I only have the classic one with 4 episodes

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Would you have liked this guy?

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one unit whole blood
pirate it or wait until nightdive releases their port

>> No.5349124

what about the plasma pack edition

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those flying enemies that shit rockets at you are annoying, mainly because they're too quiet. the skull amazon drones which I don't ever think even hit me once make loads of noise, but the actually dangerous enemy is nearly silent.

>> No.5349136


new AA release soon, with a reduxed DC campaign (and maybe something else)

not too fond of the trailer, but hell if I could do better

>> No.5349138

They should swap sounds for the next update.

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One unit whole comes with the plasma pak. Get that and then BloodGDX

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Is Blood by far the hardest retro FPS? It's so unfair compared to Doom.

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I never figured out how to get rid of the little hand enemies when they start choking you out.

>> No.5349204

Mash the use key.

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There are plenty of obscure, broken, poorly programmed games around that are very frustrating. But if you mean only the "good" FPS, then Blood isn't even the hardest Build game. Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, Witchaven, Tekwar, WW2 and NAM are all much harder.
The last one is especially painful, they made the Vietnam war experience a little too much authentic, meaning that you have to delve into large and confusing jungles, it's so dark you can't see much, there's mines and instant death traps everywhere, every tree and log just has to have a Vietcong waiting to ambush you, and they can kill you with a single burst, and they just keep spawning. That's not to mention the tight and confusing tunnels you have to navigate sometimes, and artillery barrages and airstrikes that come out of nowhere and will kill you if a bomb even scratches you. Play this and come tell me again how Blood is "hard".

>> No.5349218 [DELETED] 

So Blood is an obscure and broken game compared to Doom? Gotchu senpai.

>> No.5349230

shadow warrior is pretty easy

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Am I the only one who thinks High Times is the third best level in episode 5? True, some of the art doesn't blend well with the old art, but boy, that map has a real character and portrayed Amsterdam and it's tropes very cleverly. Blum understood the goal of this mapset better than Levelord, who just made random city maps and filled them with unnecessary detail.

>> No.5349238

Harder than Blood

>> No.5349263

I'm not even gonna mention how the extra episodes from twin dragon and wanton destruction you can swim on ammo even on the hardest difficulty. Not hard at all.

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I think Prima Arena is third best, despite all its flaws and its confusion. The uncut version makes it a bit better but the layout is still fucked because water entrances and exits are not at the correct height.

Still, its unlinearility, classic oriented texturing, classic lighting/shading on the lower floor, the quasi total absence of usermap syndrome, and above all the fact it actually tries to have a 3D layout makes it a real stand out.

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Why do people always say this? Blood isn't that hard, at least on Lightly Broiled (haven't played E6 or Death Wish yet, starting them tonight). Quit playing Blood like it's Doom

>> No.5349297

Try a newer version.

>> No.5349305

I thought it's a meh quality level at best.

>> No.5349310

Blood is like playing Doom 2 with 90% of the enemies being chaingunners put in bullshit positions (e.g. on a ledge behind you).

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I get that but that's why you throw dynamite, pop around corners to shoot flares, etc. You're going t take some damage, sure, but it isn't as brutally difficult as everyone says it is (and I fucking suck at video games)

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on extra crispy the amount of monsters is annoying

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The psx games were good but story-wise they should be considered spinoff games imo.

Duke, SW and IM all have a dystopic cyberpunky future feel. I think of those three as happening in the same period but in different places, while the duke games that came before 3D happening a little bit earlier. But one shouldn't take build engine game's lore too seriously, the Duke developers stopped caring about the lore of their game very early in the development process.

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> hollywood holocaust
did the devs know something we don't?

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>Duke, SW and IM all have a dystopic cyberpunky future feel

Duke had that early in development, then it was scrapped for a more Escape from New York feel nearing release. IM is basically LameDuke done right.

>> No.5349370

Duke 3D not only depicts a future of human decadence where sex have become the main source of entertainment, but also a future where a powerful alien race is destroying earth, killing all men and using women as sex slaves and our only hero is a macho sex addict. It still sounds pretty dystopic to me.

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Is it true that Death Row and Red Lights District got their bgm's mismatched, and that nobody cared to fix that after so many years and re-releases, or am I just fucking crazy?

>> No.5349436

You're probably thinking DOOM 1, where originally E1M2 had E1M3's music, while E1M3 had a DOOM 2 track. In Duke3D, all that it takes to change a level's BGM is literally edit USER.CON with notepad and assign different midi files to each level.

>> No.5349474

some anon pondered it but I don't see 3DR leaving a mistake like that in. I imagine what happened was Lee made the tracks with names, then George or whoever listened to them and felt streets suited Death Row better than dethtoll did; also dethtoll is passive enough not to distract from the bar music whereas streets would of clashed wth it a bit more.

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>streets.mid = RED LIGHT DISTRICT (MEAN STREETS in 0.99)
>dethtoll.mid = DEATH ROW

Never noticed this, fuck I'm retarded.

>> No.5349492

Bloodbath announcer is so fucking good!

>> No.5349541

Can you play world tour with eduke or are you stuck with gearbox's source port?

>> No.5349559

It's sub-optimal, but you can.

>> No.5349585

yes but the new enemy and new weapon don't work.

>> No.5349590
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>no Incinerator

>> No.5349653

That's an old Gamma issue with Polymost. It should not happen in newer versions.

>> No.5349658

They keep you on your toes and I think every FPS needs a kamikaze/suicide enemy, but how they are used throughout the maps is crucial.

>> No.5349665

It's not unfair, it just forces its rules on you which are different to the ones in Doom. If you play along nicely and exploit a few things then it's a smooth ride. For example, the player movement-to-monster movement ratio in Blood is phenomenal, even bigger than Doom's. Ducking and jumping actually does something against hitscanners. Your enemies are overpowered but so are your own weapons. Jumping on and over enemies when it gets crowded opens of a route of escape, even when cornered.

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This shit again.
Lets pretend we find a way to replace hitscan operations with real missiles, via a sourceport hack or something. You are not going to dodge that either.

The "problem" in Blood is the reduced reaction time of enemies on higher skills(like Doom, they have a reactiontime timer that counts down when the enemy goes from idle to active state, only then can enemies attack), not the way how weapon hits are calculated.

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The only "problem" is that people are idiots who think the definition of "hitscan" is the way Chaingunner in Doom 2 or Battlelords in Duke3D work. As in, undodgeable 100% accuracy, with no way to stun the enemies either.

Meanwhile, you can dodge Picgop and Lizards Enforcers shots in Duke3D, and you can stunlock all kinds of Cultists in Blood; but, these people can't figure that out, because they're either too stupid or bad at games to learn each individual game set of rules or to even understand that different games have different rules.

So in reality, Doom babies who are mad at "Blood's hitscan", are in fact mad at how shitty and limited hitscan is in Doom.

They just don't know it.

>> No.5349742

You're right but it's worth noting that Cultists have a ridiculously high reaction speed compared to commandos/pigs/enforcers.

>> No.5349757

>Damn, I'm lookin' good
>Woah! Oh, just me

>> No.5349761

>and you can stunlock all kinds of Cultists in Blood
You can only stunlock one Cultist at a time on any of the higher difficulties, provided you use direct damage weapon. Any cultist you stop scratching for half a second, immediately gets his bearings again and starts acting.
Course you can use a weapon that, well, more or less "poisons" targets, dishing damage even while you are not hitting it. Meaning all the weapons that lit enemies on fire, as well as tesla with its after-shot stun (I don't know whether it's actual stun, or just a fancy effect though). All those weapons are projectile-based though.

>> No.5349767

>You can only stunlock one Cultist at a time

What is positioning yourself so that this is not a problem?
And in case that fails, the tommygun alt fire stun locks all cultists pretty much in your entire field of view

>> No.5349779

And how many bullets are you going to need to down with tommygun's alt fire an entire given group of cultists at a medium distance?

>> No.5349791

Who's talking about gunning down an entire group here with the alt fire? I'm talking about avoiding dmg here, even against a big group of cultists; you use the alt fire once or twice and meanwhile, you re-position yourself accordingly, either by taking cover or lining up cultists so that you do no take dmg to finish them of afterwards.

I don't know why I even need to explain this, how do you guys even play, just running around in cricle while using the shotgun primary from mid-longe range?
Try and picture how you'd look if you did this irl, because you look just as retarded doing that in Blood.

>> No.5349809

Even on EC cultists have a recovery time after being hit. If they are at medium you can spray them with the Tommy gun alt fire to initiate their recovery sequence which will give you enough time to swap to the napalm launcher or Tesla cannon. That's assuming you're playing aggressively. you can always just prefire in short bursts to bait them to your location, then hit them with dynamite.

>> No.5349817

Just wait for them to spot you than go behind a door and quickly close it. If yu don't hear any explosion, go near the door without opening and pray he's still there. If all goes well (and it should), you just saved some ammo and destroyed the majority of those fuckers without even wasting health
This nigger is bugged, there's no other explanation. Their hitboxes and range of attack are slightly screwed, sometimes they won't die when they should and sometimes they will give you damage when they shouldn't. I was just playing Fresh Meat earlier, wtf was the author thinking, putting several rats on the first level when you only have the pitchfork and the flaregun. You could use the very little dynamites you have at that point but i'm not the type who uses something like that for only two rats at a time. Fuck rats and fuck French people, jesus christ

>> No.5349821

>wait until nightdive releases their port
Why though, BGDX is perfectly fine if not even better than something that isn't even out yet

>> No.5349829

>if not even better than something that isn't even out yet
That's a bit presumptuous of you.

>> No.5349848

Blood remake but the only console platform it will be on is the Xbox One.

>> No.5349868

Nah, it's only logic. I don't think it will have all the commodities, customization and options BGDX has to offer, at least not all of it. Also, the latter is even based on the original source code from the alpha version and the author knows what he's doing... NBlood is a fair contender too, being based on EDuke32. It's just that they could screw it up in more than one way and we already have something near perfection on our hands, i don't see why i should buy it once again only for Steam achievements and Steam cards at this point.

>> No.5349883

Not that guy but no it's not "presumptuous", it's fact. Kaiser's "port" is NOT going to be gameplay accurate, he has admitted that gameplay behaviours are going to be estimated empirically, and it's basically a glorified BloodCM. GDX however IS gameplay accurate and can play demos recorded on Blood 1.21 without desync. Don't take my word for it, load up DOSBox Blood, record a demo, and replay it on GDX to see for yourself. In the meantime you can see the videos below.

^Extensive AI/gameplay fuckery demo test.
^Direct demo playing comparison.
^Whole game recorded in demos in Blood, then replayed on GDX.

Kaiser's port will never be able to do the above, not anywhere near so.

>b-but m-muh aesthetic
If you're picking visual accuracy of a couple of slightly different colours here and there over gameplay accuracy in an action game I don't know what to tell you. Oh wait I do, you're a faggot. Also GDX apparently will be getting a 100% accurate software render, which will have the original sector lighting effects which you probably won't see in Kaiser's abomination, so there will be your atmosphere argument down the drain. People that shit on GDX on this board really don't know what the fuck they're talking about. Either that or they're that faggot Hendricks' retarded duke4 buttboys.

>> No.5349889

>Also, the latter is even based on the original source code from the alpha version
Well M210 said that GDX was actually based primarily off of Blood retail 1.0; the leaked alpha code was used to help with disassembly. At this point however the gameplay is pretty much exactly 1.21. There's even a "vanilla mode" that brings all the original glitches of the game back should you want them. I think this might include the difficulty changing glitch.

>> No.5349891

Will BloodEX even be able to play custom shit like Death Wish?

>> No.5349896

>>b-but m-muh aesthetic

bloodEX screenshots look wrong too. there is no visibility reduction based on the distance and the beast on the hud looks so bad it's not even funny

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File: 2.87 MB, 640x480, 1467890589886.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You can only stunlock one Cultist at a time on any of the higher difficulties
Webm is on Well Done. This same thing could be done on EC, they'd just take more bullets to die.

>Course you can use a weapon that, well, more or less "poisons" targets, dishing damage even while you are not hitting it.
Or you could blow them up with napalm launcher immediately, or go out of view and use your dynamite (three different types), or use fast movement and prevent them from shooting you if you have room while blasting at them yourself with your tommy stunning them further, or use crouch dodging while you're blasting at them, or or or...

>> No.5349953


Also fun fact: the tommygun alt fire deals more dmg per bullet than the primary fire; so the 'ammo waste' argument doesn't really stand either, accuarcy is worse yes but it makes up for it more than you think. There is a reason tommygun alt up close is the fastest way to get rid of Ghosts

kinda like how the shotgun altfire deals more dmg than 2x primary shots; it looks like the difference is even bigger than in the case of Doom2's shotguns

>> No.5349960

See, Doomlets? This is how you keep the upper hand in Blood.

>> No.5349983

Man, Blood really has a bad rep from some people, huh? I played through it for the first time this last month and I had no issues big issues with the hitscan enemies.
In fact, the opposite, I had a ton of fun with the game, it is so much fun to play, the combat is amazing.
The enemy placement is dickish though, that is something that could have improved, but still you're supposed to use the dynamite and ducking helps a lot.

I don't know, I love it. I think Blood has the most satisfying combat of all the big retro fps games.

>> No.5350042

Witchaven is not hard at all. The hardest part is finding your way out of the mazes. And I would not consider Redneck Rampage harder than Blood either. Now Shadow Warrior, perhaps. Lots of crazy enemies that can fuck your shit up quickly.

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>> No.5350068

The idea of a flamethrower for Duke is great but the implementation is so fucking bad. The sprite is just a lazy recolor and the visual effect on enemies is lazy too (they just palette swap to red). And it stunlocks and kills most enemies in one or two hits. It should've been more like Blood's flaregun, where it does damage but doesn't stunlock them, so you still have to avoid them while they're on fire.

>> No.5350095

I think Bobby Prince wanted to make his own "Stalker" with Streets, originally for E1L2. A catchy, upbeat, but futuristic tune. Death Toll was like a tune which was made in 2 hours for some sound testing. The worst tune in the game.

Why did they swap them? Because Red Light District had its own music in the bar, and Streets.mid would have collided with it, just like the jukebox tune collided with the level music in the House of Horrors level in IM.

Streets is a great fit for Death Row however. Its upbeat, catchy nature always pump up and encourage the player to never give up, and he can reach the exit by finding the level out.

Imagine Death Toll music with Death Row. I guess many players would have turned the game off.

>> No.5350109

Talking about episode 1, it's strange how linear it is. Episode 5 got a lot of flak for being more linear than the other episodes, and modern gameplay style was forced in those levels.

However it was episode 1, which probably created that modern, linear style back in 1996. Hollywood Holocaust is geniously unlinear and it's a great map for multiplayer, but Red Light District, Death Row, Toxic Dump and The Abyss are like Half Life 2 maps really. Just one linear path, and you can never really look back.

The rest of the game (until episode 5) is very unlinear though, instead of the adventurous single player style, most levels were designed for multiplayer, and they were well interconnected. The only exceptions were Lunar Reactor, Dark Side (partly) and Critical Mass.

>> No.5350126

Based poster, thanks for these useful infos

>> No.5350139

The only two enemies in RR which present any difficulties whatsoever are both of the aliens. All the others are perfectly safe to deal with ONCE YOU LEARN TO USE THE STARTING PISTOL AND THE NON-CROSSBOW-ED DYNAMITE (to get enemies in water from the ground).

>> No.5350145

Shadow Warrior is easy if you always run except while platforming, and if you FIRE WITHOUT CORRECTING YOUR AIM. The point is simply hitting the enemy before it hits you, it's not that hard.

>> No.5350168

Fun fact: on EC, you need 60-70 bullets total to tommygun-altfire a single ghost. Good luck always having those at any forkstart ever. Another fun fact: you need 5 shotgun altfires to gown a ghost on EC, meaning 10 shells. Another fun fact: Forgotten Catacombs don't even GIVE you the 30 or 40 shells required to down the 3 or 4 ghosts at the beginning of the level, then they unleash two more at the same place you cross over and over again. And you only find tommygun "canonically" in the middle of the level, provided you don't savescum it from one of the cultists. Frankly, when I recently played that level, I just left those ghosts be, and exited the level without killing a single one.

'xcuse me for ranting and all that.

>> No.5350185

Not quite. On EC a cultist demands two flares, not one.
Second this webm takes place entirely in corridors, even if disguised. I don't know Blood AI's policy on firing where another AI is on the line of fire (there were several instances in webm where AI didn't fire in that situation, while not being stunlocked and facing your way, I don't know whether that was your luck with enemies taking their sweet time (which they often don't) or that Blood's AI tries not to engage in friendly fire).

>> No.5350197

Asking the Ion Maiden devs here:

Why there is no proper auto-aim in the game? If I'm a keyboard player (and it's supported), I don't want to hack with my mouse to find those vertical buttons slightly lower than my crosshair, or having problems hitting the enemies a few stairs above.

Proper autoaim optionally for the final release please!

>> No.5350237
File: 90 KB, 640x480, aiming.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know what you mean, I was able to shoot this guy up the stairs here without moving the mouse

>> No.5350250

As someone that hasn't bought Ion Maiden (I will when it comes out officially) can somebody here post some high res photos from the game?

>> No.5350260

>On EC a cultist demands two flares, not one.
Alt flare was used genius. Are you literally too slow to even see the explosion?
>even if disguised.
Are you that one dipshit that sperged out over those Quake webms? You sound like him. How can anything be "disguised" in that webm when everything is there to see in plain sight? You said you can only stun one cultist at a time and that's clearly bullshit. That's all that webm is showing, but yeah go ahead and delude yourself into thinking whatever you want.

>> No.5350264

>your pic
>Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
>OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 / Windows 10 recommended
>Processor: Any 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU / Intel Core i5, AMD FX or equivalent recommended
>Memory: 1024 MB RAM / 2048 MB RAM recommended
>Graphics: 512 MB video memory. Intel integrated graphics supported. / 1024 MB or more dedicated video memory. NVIDIA or AMD preferred.
>Storage: 100 MB available space

What, in the name of fuck, is Hendricks even DOING with that Build engine?

>> No.5350281

Of course that VRAM means dick if you're playing with software mode, which exacts a heavy toll on CPU in return. As for general memory requirements, I don't think the heavy amounts of entities could ever bump it that much, so it must just be optimization leeway.

>> No.5350294

They don't have animations for being stunlocked despite the fact they are being stunlocked. Cultists also have delayed reaction time after they take any damage at all (even on ec). The lack of animations makes it confusing as to what is happening.

>> No.5350696

From what I gather, by taking any damage, they temporarily lose the ability to shoot, while retaining the ability to walk? If so, that's pretty inconsistent, but, okay, whatever, nice to know.
>I think this might include the difficulty changing glitch.
It doesn't, at least, in 0.798

>> No.5350731


Technically it's the EDuke32 engine.

>>Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


>> No.5350734

I'm running the game on a potato and I've noticed a huge increase in performance since the last update (the one that added Heskel's House of Horrors).

>> No.5350749

Supposedly, there was an Ion Maiden developer on the last thread who said they didn't mind much about 32-bit because Steam's statistics stated the possessors were a very minor percentage. Personally, i don't think it's a good excuse. This game is on Build engine, goddamn. It's addressed especially to veterans and retro aficionados, people that probably don't even have a fancy machine to begin with. That's not my case but anyway, i understand people getting upset about it.

>> No.5350758
File: 321 KB, 626x620, 1452295044488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fun fact: EC was balanced for coop gameplay and is not meant for single player.

>> No.5350773
File: 505 KB, 1920x1080, It's time to split.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5350792


>> No.5350794
File: 666 KB, 1920x1080, maiden 2019-02-05 18-58-51-00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Headshots feel great.

>> No.5350851
File: 558 KB, 1920x1080, shotgun spread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5350864
File: 503 KB, 1920x1080, maiden 2019-02-05 19-38-21-95.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5350893
File: 490 KB, 1920x1080, maiden 2019-02-05 19-33-30-70.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanted to make a webm of the GL's bouncing sound.


>> No.5351034
File: 57 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_2019-02-06-10-28-39-923_com.discord_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not the main reason.

>> No.5351038
File: 39 KB, 1080x538, Screenshot_2019-02-06-10-28-10-271_com.discord_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5351059

Witchaven in unfair shit. Enemies deal damage at the very first frame of their attack animation, so there's absolutely no way to avoid it. You on the other hand deal damage almost a second after attack animation starts.

>> No.5351103
File: 789 KB, 922x1098, bytch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>try to play Duke Hard community mapset
>start new game
>"beat it on come get some to unlock more content"
>ok weird but whatever
>play 1st map
>kill all the enemies but can't finish it because there's some sort of switch puzzle I can't figure out
>decide to just move on to the next map, since pistol start is enforced anyways
>select "user maps" from menu
>"The user maps menu is not unlocked yet"
How fucking insulting and absurd. Locking the player out from playing the maps in the order they choose, because the order is just SO important it couldn't be violated. It's a collection of user maps, not an actual game, players should be able to do whatever the fuck they want. Honestly what the fuck is wrong with the Duke Nukem mapping community. Most modern maps are overdetailed shit with annoying mandatory secrets and forced damage anyways.

Yes I mad. Blow it up my ass.

>> No.5351107

you know he's not the main coder right? why does one autist here keep singling him out?

>> No.5351115

I don't know why they did that either and I made a map for the thing.

>> No.5351134
File: 138 KB, 1360x768, scr-e2m2[faitd.ini]-0005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5351142

console -> changelevel 1 x
(where x is 1 to 17)

>> No.5351182 [DELETED] 

brainlet here, installed bloodgdx (unzipped on blood folder) and also that jre file required. i open dosbox and notice no difference

>> No.5351212

Why do you open dosbox? Run bloodgdx.jar

>> No.5351264

So you got stuck on a 4 switch puzzle, which is super common in Duke, when the answer was given to you?

No surprise you get mad easy.

>> No.5351268

why is Lara a mulatto now?

I know why, just pointing out it doesn't look very good

>> No.5351273

First off, switch puzzles should never have been a thing in Duke. Just retarded and not fun. Second, I was unable to press the buttons. I just reloaded my save and found that apparently you have to SHOOT the buttons. Truly fantastic design, much better than just a regular switch that you can press. But I'm sure you'll have apologetics for that as well.

>> No.5351280

Not that anon, but in that particular puzzle on that particular level, there is a gimmick connected to it. The author wanted to show you something, and that's why the puzzle is set up the way it is. You have probably missed or misinterpreted a crucial clue. The gimmick itself is, well, it's a nice touch. I don't remember what exactly that clue was though, but it might pay off taking another careful look at the stuff in the immediate vicinity of the puzzle. Not at the puzzle itself, rather at what's near to it.

>> No.5351281

fuck off it literally tells you the code. and you really didn't think to shoot a switch in a duke3d map? Sorry a mapper didn't cater some one completely inept such as yourself.

>> No.5351286


>> No.5351287

>First off, switch puzzles should never have been a thing in Duke. Just retarded and not fun

If you have an ounce of logic, you try every combinaison in a linear order and you'll get the answer in a second. If you do not have an ounce of logic, that is why the answer is given to you in the map all you have to do is press use on the keyboard to print the code and go check the printer

It's true that the buttons should have been shootable, in fact they could have been. It's an engine glitch that prevents the player from using anything that's behind a sector tagged as anything, including small doomdoors.
However instead of a sector tag, a ceiling Z SE could have been used, leading to the same visual effect, but without that said glitch since it uses no sector tag. However, not everyone knows, or knew, about that trick.

However shooting buttons is another common Duke trope. You literally can't beat the original game without shooting switches, in several instances too. For instance in Babe Land, the first set of 2x2 switches, you can't use the top switches for no apparent reason to the player either, and then you need to shoot the targets a bit later on in the map too.
That is however not an excuse - because in the original game you can't shoot a switch in what appears to the player to be a glitch, it doesn't mean user maps should do the same.
However it still means that you should know about having to shoot switches under some circumstances. Usermaps are often based on the principal that players have played the original game.

>> No.5351291

just duck nigga lmao

>> No.5351308

What's the point of having a secret map and a level order randomizer if you can just select whatever from the start?
Either way, cheats and console commands do exist.

>> No.5351317

I kinda wonder, who though button puzzles that can only be bruteforced and thought is a good thing to put in any kind of game?

>> No.5351329

you can't hide shit from people man, at best it keeps the rookies out and in that anon's instance meant he couldn't proceed any further. If there was a story I'd understand but there wasn't to Dukehard so I didn't get why stuff was locked away.

The randomiser at least I can understand, that was a very cool idea.

>> No.5351330

Maybe they were proper puzzles first, but then everybody discovered that it was always much quicker to bruteforce them, instead of looking for whatever hints, so they rather ended up being sort of a postmodern-ish joke? Just a thought, I am sure someone somewhere had Actual Proper Reasons to include those un-puzzles - or so he thought.

>> No.5351351

Crybabby get off /vr/ now, you annoying as fuck

>> No.5351361
File: 288 KB, 1600x900, duke0001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have the vacation.grp file, but it doesn't run right with Eduke32.
Any way to fix this?

>> No.5351369

Try dragging vacation.grp into eduke instead

>> No.5351376
File: 371 KB, 1600x900, duke0002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No difference.
Also, loading up the first map of addon also shows it as broken.

>> No.5351381

you need to extract the CON files from the grp

>> No.5351384

You also need the CON files.

>> No.5351395

Pirate the megaton edition I suppose, that's what I used.
I know the expansions worked by dragging the grp file onto eduke, it seemed to find all the other files in the expansion folder automatically, it loads up like a regular episode with the correct music and all

>> No.5351409

But why complain about having the map selection menu locked behind completion of the game, when it's a bonus? It's litteraly the ONLY mod/episode I can think of with a map selection screen, excluding stuff like AMC TC where it's part of the story and even then you unlock new levels as you complete them.

In any other mode you need to use cheats/console commands to skip levels, so complaining about it here when, in reality, it does more than the others, is plain stupid.

>> No.5351416

I find it odd that Eduke does no load those auromatically.
Anyways, I extracted the cons to a dedicated folder "caribbean" and it more or less works now.

I currently run this with the following commands:
EDuke32.exe -vacation.grp -h duke3d_3.def -game_dir caribbean -d DEMO1.DMO
"-h duke3d_3.def" is for compatibility with the vacation widescreen sprites: http://hendricks266.duke4.net/stuff/widescreen_weapons.zip
"-d DEMO1.DMO" does not work, and I just get booted to E4L1

>> No.5351418

There's a DAT file in there I believe, uncompress it with anything and you can find the maps inside. Now fucking shut up with muh overdetailed shit and mandatory secrets.

>> No.5351424

it can't load them automatically because CON files can be named anything and can contain anything, there's no way for the program to detect what is a mod's main con file unless it happens to be GAME.CON as well

>> No.5351427

not really complaining about it my man, just talking about it. I understand some authors might be more protective of their work and the way its played than others (I mean I fucking hate seeing people play my maps with the awful HRP but what ya gonna do)

>> No.5351468

if you don't know about shooting switches, how did you even get past e1l4 Toxic Dump?

>> No.5351548

I see, but still is wierd that Eduke lists all addon grp's, but does not run them correctly when you select them.

>> No.5351859

Man, I wish Caribbean had Enforcers.

>> No.5351926

thanks for these. looks great, the only thing I'm not totally sold is the design of the shotgun, I don't love it.

>> No.5351939

It sounds and feels great, if that's any consolation. Personally I think it looks cool too.

>> No.5352018

With different sound, yes.

>> No.5352070

The sound it makes is actually stock snake "noises", and they originally belonged to that enemy. The fact it sounds like high-pitched exhausts from the drone's propulsion system is purely coincidental.

>> No.5352089
File: 25 KB, 708x534, your favorites.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5352096

The sentry is nowhere as painful as a rat when you only have a pitchfork though. You can either shotgun those sentry fuckers or better else, make them explode through a closed door. Really not a problem compared to those slightly bugged niggers.

>> No.5352108

On the flip side, sentry drones are far more common than rats.

>> No.5352116

needs the coolies and those gorillas from shadow warrior

>> No.5352121

Rippers are a top tier enemy though.

>> No.5352128

That's true, maybe it's my fault for playing usermaps excruciatingly full of rats.

>> No.5352129

Sentry Drones are just common only in Incubator and Warp Factor.

>> No.5352130
File: 318 KB, 731x600, Ripper & Tear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But Rippers are great.

>> No.5352135

And the mosquitos and dogs from Redneck Rampage

>> No.5352137
File: 24 KB, 400x344, Hortnetfinal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aren't you forgetting someone?

>> No.5352148

yeah I like em, I find their roar when you shoot them annoying as fuck though, that might just be me
shit I forgot about them

>> No.5352156
File: 2.93 MB, 477x355, tumblr_p0s3btWvEr1r7sijxo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I find their roar when you shoot them annoying as fuck though
It makes me feel nostalgic.

>> No.5352163

Wasps are the number 1 entities in the world I hate/scared of, this game didn't help either at getting used to them.

>> No.5352304

Can someone tell me about the RR expansions? Are they worth it? All I remember from RR was a car junkyard and a chicken factory.

>> No.5352313


There is only one expansion.
There is also a sequel.

>> No.5352461

Create a shortcut to EDuke32 with the parameters -gVACATION.grp -xVGAME.con

>> No.5352518

i thought the sequel was also an expansion

>> No.5352642

level design
the grenade launcher, the best weapon for blowing up entire rooms (and yourself)

>> No.5352753

If Shadow Warrior and Blood got ported to the PS1, N64, Saturn, and Dreamcast, which version for the respective 2 games would you see yourselves playing the most?

>> No.5352765

is there just one guy on here who's obsessed with the idea of hypothetical ports? stop bugging us about doom on the amiga or blood on the saturn or whatever

>> No.5352768

Probably the one with a good controller. Framerate and arguable music aside, Duke3D for the PS1 was a marvel to behold. How many other games give you a dithering filter by slightly blurring framebuffers? Except for N64 which does that on its own. Scratch that, how many let you fucking quicksave?

>> No.5352772

N64 is the only half-decent traditional controller for first person shooters, so that I guess.

>> No.5352775

>stop talking about games
I think /v/ is more you speed.

>> No.5352957


>> No.5353558

I hope Ion Maiden has some dank pop culture references.

>> No.5353578

is it worth making an OP for these threads like the Doom thread? I thought about it but the build threads just seem to revolve around the base games and their expacs rather than custom content or newer mods.

any thoughts/opinions?

>> No.5353614

I hope there won't be any internet pop-culture references

>> No.5353630

As long as it's not shitty dead memes

>> No.5353662

There are already loss, doge and a lot of quotes from breaking bad. So it's exactly this, shitty dead memes.

>> No.5353670

wow, so exactly like duke nukem

>> No.5353682

And why should it be exactly like Duke Nukem? If you want Duke Nukem, you can play Duke Nukem.

Also it's not like referencing OJ Simpsons, twice, is relevant today or was even relevant outside of the US at the time; or like referecing the simpsons, beavis & butthead, or mistaking a candy bar for a piece of crap was any more refined

>> No.5353691


>> No.5353694

contemporary pop culture, especially movie/tv one is much more long-lived than memes of internet culture.
Classic movies being rewatched is normal
referencing a classic movie invokes nostalgia

But memes are different thing - they live when they are shared, and die when they aren't, trying to use a dead meme is less invoking nostalgia and more desecrating a corpse in public - unpleasant for any onlooker.

>> No.5353759
File: 1.38 MB, 928x2184, buildcorpses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>desecrating a corpse in public - unpleasant for any onlooker.


>> No.5353763

Trust me, it does not look pleasant in real life.
Not unless you are sick psychopath.

>> No.5354164

Games are not real life.

>> No.5354387

Of course
But the "desecrating a corpse in public" was in reference to the analogy in >>5353694 post

>> No.5354438

it's just friendly banter.

>> No.5354448

But Lara and Scrappy aren't dead.

>> No.5354501
File: 106 KB, 234x153, Hsefra Lara_Croft Lo_Wang Shadow_Warrior Tomb_Raider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wombs will be raided

>> No.5354541
File: 10 KB, 350x240, pig cop misinterpretation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your misinterpretations.

>> No.5354556
File: 28 KB, 636x671, 1545933620111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you blind?

>> No.5354562

Yes, it's one of Doom's best features IMO, and it's a shame it wasn't imitated more, because it's SO FUN!
I think it's one of the few things which would (arguably) improve the Build games.

>> No.5354569

ahahaha I've never seen that before, holy shit. I always saw it the proper way. took me a while to see what you meant. your version looks like he'd be a bad guy in one of those old disney cartoons, like duck tales or in a loony toons cartoons or something. that's brilliant and cannot unsee now, fuck.

>> No.5354573

>Duke Nukem shot and chainsawed
>DoomGuy impaled with his lower half gone
>Duke Nukem beaten up and hung upside down above a pool of lava
>Luke Skywalker brutally tortured to death with top half impaled.
>Killer from the Shining fatally wounded via a melee weapon in a snowy area
>Indiana Jones impaled from the side
>Lara Croft impaled and chained
>Han Solo in a Stormtrooper suit hanging upside down shot multiple times with his right arm sliced off and his left hand cut off

>> No.5354574

What the fuck was with that anyway? My precious Build and SimCity threads got killed prematurely, I'm still upset.

>> No.5354583

It's fairly hard, but it's probably not the hardest.

>> No.5354591


>> No.5354598

People like you is why I'm making a Super Chaingunner.

>> No.5354606

Can I just mention that Stalker is one of the best Level 1 themes ever made?

>> No.5354613


At least I know I'm not alone.

>> No.5354619
File: 106 KB, 723x609, pigshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're not alone

>> No.5354626

I can see how you would if that was the only sprite you saw.
But come on, you see the piggy do a 180 when he dies, you see his alive sprite with no white hair.
Are you only seeing dead piggys in your game?

>> No.5354676

Blood has monster infighting. Not sure if that's in SW or Duke.

>> No.5354702

thats serious sam you dingus

>> No.5354710
File: 40 KB, 551x411, 1536363888581.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I CANNOT fucking wait for the full version of Ion Maiden. I literally can't stop replaying the shit that we were given so far.

In fact I'm so bored I may even download Shadow Warrior 2 even though it has nothing to do with the classic and is infinitely inferior. Already played the shit out of Douk and the rest.

>> No.5354712

Monster infighting is dumb, imo.

>> No.5354759

You're dumb.

>> No.5354886

No, you are. :(
Srsly tho, infighting just feels like another way to cheese the game for me.

>> No.5354930

I kind of wanna buy Ion Maiden just to play what there is, but I'm holding off because I want the full experience when it releases instead.

>> No.5354937

it's a lot harder to make the monsters fight in Blood than in Doom since there aren't a bunch of slow-flying projectiles everywhere

>> No.5354946
File: 15 KB, 237x300, 350286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Luke Skywalker brutally tortured to death with top half impaled."

That's a Snake Plissken ya dingus

>> No.5355049
File: 270 KB, 407x287, ticket.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I buy a ticket? Not paying just doesn't feel right.

>> No.5355058
File: 90 KB, 413x549, ap,550x550,12x16,1,transparent,t[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if only duke was there

>> No.5355065

But he only pays for hookers!

>> No.5355067

Would the skeleton show some hot titties? Nah, just kidding, Blood is no girls allowed.

>> No.5355070
File: 36 KB, 640x400, blood_12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's some girls.

>> No.5355079

Do you guys play build engine games with free-aim mouse controls or do you just use buttons for vertical look? I played Dark Forces with my side mouse buttons for looking up and down and it was a pain in the ass.

>> No.5355082

Q/E for look down/up.

>> No.5355092

Also, A/D for strafes, W/S for jump/crouch, numpad for forward/backward and turns. Running on left shift, fire on left alt, altfire in Blood on numpad 0.

>> No.5355105

damn that actually sounds comfy, maybe I'll have to get a separate numpad since I have a dumb keylet tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

>> No.5355124

Freelook, because it's the best way to play.

>> No.5355139

but muh traditionalism and originally intended controls

>> No.5355172

I don't know about Duke, but Blood allowed vertical mouselook from the beginning.

>> No.5355175

every build game did. just toggle it on with 'u' by default. the build mouse kinda sucks in y-axis, especially with the diagonals, but it's alright because there's auto aim anyway.

>> No.5355181

you need to go to setup.exe. you can customise the controls literally any way you want.

>> No.5355183

And there's the program bmouse, that improves vertical mouselook. IIRC the problem is Build games use different sensitivities for the X & Y axes.

>> No.5355202

I never understood whether it was supposed to be the skeleton or the mime saying this

>> No.5355249


it was to be supposed like some guy hidden in a spooky sculpture saying that i guess?

>> No.5355275

I don't see it

>> No.5355284

This is the level of autism I'm expecting and appreciate while on /vr/

>> No.5355487
File: 231 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5355492

I liked the anime/hentai styled Lara Croft from the shareware version. Way more hot and fits with the rest of the girls
She's Laura Cruz

>> No.5355505
File: 11 KB, 320x240, Dynamite_Duke_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a kid I always thought that Dynamite Duke was related to Duke Nukem

>> No.5355508

How keep people seeing this stuff

>> No.5355634

OR you could just use BloodGDX without wasting your time with fucking dosbox.

>> No.5355710

or you could suck my cock and realize i was discussing historical facts regarding the engine
also some people use laptops and cant use hardware-accelerated ports like GDX, so bmouse is still useful for them

>> No.5355743

There is a peculiarity to it though. At least, in eduke32 and Crispy Doom. Fast turns (with shift pressed down) work only with numlock indicator turned off.

>> No.5355836

>MRCK's Anorak City
>YET ANOTHER yellow keycard required

>> No.5355839

fixed for that sweet Redneck Rampage reference.

>> No.5355857

Done. Fucking FINALLY.

>> No.5355870

On a sidenote, I came up with pretty much perfect way to describe the essence of MRCK's standalone maps (excluding the early ones, which are combat-centric).

contemporary urban HeXen 1

>> No.5355893

Fucking this.

>> No.5355894

>More than 3 keys and bullshit switches for dragging the map
Typical usermade hackjob

>> No.5355905

Nah, bullshit switches is his thing.

>> No.5355907

Maybe even more like
>is his Thing.

Although the fuckery here extends far beyond the mere switches.

>> No.5356076

I use GDX, I was just explaining to him that the actual original wasn't keyboard only and could have modern FPS controls right off the bat.

>> No.5356081

>also some people use laptops and cant use hardware-accelerated ports like GDX
really? I have alright hardware (not amazing), I didn't know GDX was that intensive seeing as I get thousands of frames. I thought it was more CPU intensive. Have you actually tried using it? GDX runs great but dosbox blood is awful for me.

>> No.5356082

these are really fucking funny

>> No.5356085

His real eyes are like teeth stained with Blood, his real nose is still his nose but it's upside down, his real mouth is now where his sunken eye sockets are and they're blackened in a way that Sonic's weird connected eye whites would be blackened.

It's like one of those face pictures that if you turn upside down you see a different face.

>> No.5356206

I see Shadow Warrior now has a source release that isn't incomplete. Wonder if it'll encourage somebody to make a good source port that isn’t broken in some way.

>> No.5356214

Shut up faggot, just use BGDX and quit being a bitch.
Fair enough, although iirc if you press 'U' you only have vertical axis

>> No.5356369

>if you press 'U' you only have vertical axis
no thats not true. pressing U will turn on mouse look and disable the default mouse movement in the Y axis. your x axis remains the same. it will be like this webm >>5349949. you can do further customisation of these things in setup.exe.

>> No.5356659

I would be very happy if it did get that. Redux is such a shitshow.

>> No.5356770

What he's probably trying to parrot is that it doesn't update both axis at the same time, meaning lots of zigzagging around (though you tend not to notice when sensitivity is high)

>> No.5356845

that Disperser has 3 shell types.
one is frag

>> No.5356848

if you crouch it makes the rats super easy to pitchfork

>> No.5356880


You stay crouched, and use the pitchfork; and when the rat is close enough to be likely to hit you, do small circle strafing; this will ensure that you keep hit the rat with the pitchfork, while the rat can't hit you.

can't believe people have trouble with those honestly

>> No.5356950

>Fighting more than 1 machine gun cultist underwater

It's literally not possible to die in 10 seconds. Fuck this game.

>> No.5356973

But i do crouch, anon. Perhaps it's just a matter of timing... I can't even train that much because that was an isolated situation where i only had the pitchfork. Normally i just use the Tommy gun, the Shotgun or even the Dynamite if there are a lot of them.

>> No.5356974

get below them, easier to hit them

use stunning weapons: voodoo doll is best, then tommygun,shotgun. Napalm launcher is also awesome.

try to throw dynimate from overwater... and above all always try to kill them before they go underwater

>> No.5356982

That's really one of the worst scenarios you can get yourself into... I think you should've used the Tesla Cannon :) just joking, when myself had those kind of situations i've always used proximity and/or remote dynamites
>using voodoo dolls for cultists

>> No.5356987

tesla cannon works underwater.

>using voodoo dolls for cultists

because it's like a full stunlock sniper rifle with which you barely need to aim. There is no better solution for cultist underwater, or for cultist at long range, than the voodoo doll

>> No.5357013

>tesla cannon works underwater.
Fuck, i would've sworn that gave you damage... I must've remembered it wrong. Regarding the Voodoo Doll thing,touché. That's probably the best way now that you put it that way.

>> No.5357046

probably thinking of how quake's lightning gun instagibs you when used underwater

>> No.5357427

>more then 1 cultist underwater
Voodoo doll is worthless for multi cultist combos

>> No.5357798
File: 88 KB, 900x600, e1l1_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What sort of stuff do you expect to see fixed?

>> No.5357845

>Alien Remains

>> No.5357851

I thought it was fun.

>> No.5357865

I got caught on the water area with the drowned boat twice, because entering it didn't count as secret and because it gave you a shitload of night vision googles and snorkels, looking for a crack underwater that could lead me to a non-existent keycard. First time I dropped the level here, second time (now) I resorted to a written walkthrough. Turns out, I have missed, no, forgotten about a certain generic passage in a completely different part of the level. While that water area existed solely for supplies you didn't even need, and for a secret I wouldn't even think being a secret without a corresponding text prompt telling me about that being the case.

>> No.5357980

To the jumping around webm-anon, who shills for Blood like there is no tomorrow.

Did you play any of the Marathon games - and, if yes, which part(s), on which difficulty, and did you like what you played?

>> No.5358047

You're worthless.

You too

>> No.5358051

Nice to know something I didn't even ask you about.

>> No.5358054

>haven't ever

>> No.5358080
File: 2.98 MB, 640x480, blood 1997.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you mean me who posts this .webm sometimes, no, I haven't played Marathon.
I'm not really interested in trying it, because from what I've seen, the visual style is REALLY aesthetically boring, with really bland environments, worst is the high res textures, which really clashes with the simplistic level geometry, making it look oddly unreal and unpleasant. I don't think I could get immersed in a game like that.

>> No.5358083

Was playing a TC and accidentally loaded a regular Duke map and was surprised that all the weapons and enemies of the TC work in the regular maps. You're probably all like "duh" but I'm new to this. That's pretty cool to me.

So you can just replace weapons and enemies entirely with a simple edit of a con file?

>> No.5358191

Yes, the loaded CONs affect things globally

>> No.5358213
File: 53 KB, 405x720, neck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>historical facts
dude lmao who the fuck cares

>> No.5358229

>worst is the high res textures, which really clashes with the simplistic level geometry
The high res textures are a fan made add-on. So don't use them.

>> No.5358253

Ah. I literally only ever see screenshots of those in use posted, so I assumed that's how the game looked.
In retrospect, that would be kind of odd when you consider the age of the game.

>> No.5358264

Yeah, for some fucking stupid retarded nigger reason they're built into the source port and turned on by default. It's like GZDoom's blurry filters.
It's fucking stupid and it pisses me off. I don't know what people have against pixels.

>> No.5358376

>Redux is such a shitshow.
Others aren't any better either.

>> No.5358774

whoever made these webms got me to play Blood for the first time. I loved the game have played it a shitton since then.

>> No.5359051
File: 2.94 MB, 640x360, Bblood.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're talking about the ancient webms that look like the one posted here >>5358080 (I'm not that poster), those webms are my OC. I've seen them get reposted a lot from other anons (which is cool), it's rarely me that's actually posting them. To answer your question I've never played Marathon.


>> No.5359067
File: 2.92 MB, 640x360, tommy akimbo.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5359083

Not him, but Redux has fucking awful performance issues for me. In general it just has a very jittery feel and the mouse has really gross variable input lag. All I want is for this shit to be fixed. If you have any suggestions to make Redux run/feel better I'm all ears. And no I don't have v-sync on.

>> No.5359140

>what he's probably trying to parrot
Faggot, i play this game when you were inside your dad's balls. I know what i'm talking about. Perhaps i just fucked up the sentence because i'm not a native speaker, but that's not a good reason to start and spit reddit words.

>> No.5359197
File: 52 KB, 880x962, blood chair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is hands down the best voxel model in the classic build games.

the first time I played blood, long before I knew even the word "voxel", this chair is what really made me think about the build engine graphics and how they were different from their contemporaries.

>> No.5359397

Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Powerslave, Redneck Rampage, and Blood confirmed to be more 3D than Wolf 3D, DOOM 1, DOOM 2, as well as Heretic and Hexen, but less than Quake and System Shock.

>> No.5359412

Glad to finally have this confirmed in 2019

>> No.5359431

That sequence is an excellent reward after fighting 3 fucking boss spiders. Akimbo plus tommy gun alt-fire is just so fucking good.

>> No.5359513

Not that anon, but, well, I'll just run my mouth a bit, sorry.

Back when I initially played Blood continuously, 6 years ago, I didn't like that game all that much, I still don't, but Ganglion Depths was the level that impressed me the most by far (then Siege, then Monster Bait or whatever that Dam level was called).

Terry Hamel is currently, like, my #1 "target" in terms of how much his levels interest me. Well, he and Theresa Chasar, who, I suspect, closely participated alongside Willits on his Quake levels.

It came as a surprise to me, after reading some historical notes on Blood wiki, that it appears, that he was not the main author on the Siege, and that Craig Hubbard was not merely the polish-er on that level, but actually started it based on his own idea. So that leaves only three levels for which Terry, highly likely, judging also from my impressions from 6 years ago, was the primary author: The Great Temple (E1M6), Monster Bait (E3M6) and The Ganglion Depths (E4M6). There are three more, Hallowed Grounds (E1M5), Siege (E3M2) and Breeding Grounds (E4M2). But Hallowed Grounds is one of the few vanilla levels that have Nick Newhard's credit to them. Nick was basically the primary creator for Blood, and judging from Plasma Pak, he has a very recognizably mapping style of his own. So I imagine he would by far have the upper hand on that particular level, and I am quite unsure over to what extent Hamel's influence could be discerned from it, if at all. Siege, as I've already mentioned, seems to be primarily Hubbard's and, again, I am unsure as to whether it would even be possibly to locate any concrete bits, that likely originated from Hamel, there. And Breeding Grounds just seems to me to be made by a committee.

>> No.5359526

Again, this is going purely from my impressions from 6 years ago, not even forkstart-based, and from the two official lists of credits (one from the wiki, one from the manual). Actually seeing things through in regards to what is what on those maps would require actual effort, time and dedication I have not yet found in myself to spare on this whole issue.

I'll also need to take a look at that Meltdown "game" of sorts
prior to doing anything of aforementioned, which would involve setting up fucking DOSbox once again, which is naturally not something I am looking forward to in any imaginable capacity. Not that I cannot into DOSbox, more like I am absolutely sick and tired of it after years of using it, to the point of not touching it with a 10-foot pole unless I absolutely HAVE to.

Anyway, ranting mode off.

>> No.5359539

I am about a second away from buying Ion Maiden, despite the fact that I fucking hate Early Access.

Should I pull the trigger just to get a taste of it today or try and hold off until it is released for real?

>> No.5359556

Well, let's see. The initial 3-level release didn't have altfires, the recent, not even a month ago, update with one more level introduced altfires. Now, I don't know about you, but I personally think that introducing altfires is a pretty big deal in regards to the combat and overall gameplay of the game. Meaning, it is likely still very much in development in regards to its core gameplay and not at all feature-locked. Make of that what you will.

>> No.5359575
File: 17 KB, 474x81, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well it is done

>> No.5359648

hendricks pls

>> No.5359670

Is Ion Maiden more like Duke 3D, Blood, or Powerslave? And how is it /vr/ if it was never released on the Dreamcast, Saturn, PS1, or any other capable retro console nor pre-2000 home computer?

>> No.5359681

I personally would describe it as Eradicator in more or less realistic - and quite detailed - decorations (Eradicator's levels were much more on the Doom-like abstract side). Of Build games, I guess, Duke would be the closest - but still quite far.

>> No.5359694

Never played Powerslave but IM feels like a healthy blend of Duke, Blood, and SW.

>> No.5359705

Well that first level of Ion Maiden was pretty great. 20 fucking secrets too, I think I found 4. They are really doing some incredible shit with this engine. Really liked the music too.

>> No.5359723

Powerslave is like exact opposite of Ion Maiden to an extent. It takes a very noticeably weak set of mechanics (obviously unfinished engine) and tries to build a vast, expansive, adventurous single-player campaign, with charming and comfy aesthetics to boot, around it, to sidestep an issue of the core mechanics sucking, as much as possible. To put it shortly, it tries to set you on a captivating journey, purely through its level design and aesthetics, while having mediocre at best combat with all the bosses being the genuine lowest points of the game, janky af animations, mana system that in conjunction with checkpoint system occasionally gets you into "dead man walking" scenarios, shitty framerate, strafing that was obviously hacked into the game at the last possible moment, etc. It even succeeds, for the most part. Although stuff like that spider queen bossfight is still, like, what the fuck were they even thinking.

>> No.5359731

Also, I strongly suspect that the checkpoint system is the way it is (including "lol you are fucked because no mana") in that game, because they genuinely weren't able to get proper saveload working.

>> No.5359742

And please do note, that all that having been said, some of the levels are genuinely completely and utterly mind-blowing both for their time, and in the context of other Build games.

>> No.5359818

Although I am quite unsure as to why they couldn't just save a snapshot of whatever the game occupied in the system memory, on the HDD, and to use that as a save of sorts (basically to patch in a "save state" function, which, from what I understand, could be done from a wrapper, without delving in the actual engine code).

>> No.5359842

I highly doubt that's the reason. Even fucking Witchaven had standard quickloading/saving, and the coders of that game were complete retards.

>> No.5359928

Powerslave is a doomvania, like Hexen.

>> No.5360008

Thank you and fuck you too.

>> No.5360052
File: 584 KB, 490x284, reflux.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just play original if I'm gonna play since swtrek isn't broken and the lighting effects aren't crushed. The new source won't help with those problems or your perf issues, so still curious what sort of issues exist that the new source might be able to address. I'm assuming you've turned off all sources of mouse acceleration and smoothing including in your OS to confirm which one is causing your problems.

>> No.5360085

You do have a point. Those "lol, no mana left for a second try" episodes are still weird though.

>> No.5360092

>The new source won't help with those problems or your perf issues, so still curious what sort of issues exist that the new source might be able to address.
The original post was less about that and more about hoping a better port would arise in general.

>> No.5360094

I didnt know witchaven devs browsed /vr/

>> No.5360104
File: 12 KB, 300x168, thatsabigleep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If there's not some fundamental flaw in the original source dump that the new source dump can help resolve, I don't see why the new release would motivate anyone to do anything if they haven't been motivated to fix or redo what's already out there.

>> No.5360113

Don't disagree there. Can't blame them for being hopeful though, SW could do with more attention.

>> No.5360290

VoidSW (port by EDuke32 guys) is in the works, WangGDX is planned, so there are going to be better ports in the year or two.

>> No.5360327
File: 19 KB, 343x235, hope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fine, I'll keep a secret area set aside for a little hope.

>> No.5360352

Why do Shadow Warrior and ROTT get reboots, but Blood is left out in the cold? Even Duke got DNF, sort of.

>> No.5360363

Atari owns the license, they're trying to gouge the hell out of anyone who asks. Devolver Digital claimed they would have to sell 5x the amount the Shadow Warrior reboot sold in order to make a profit with the price Atari gave.

>> No.5360507


I hate Atari so much I can barely contain it

>> No.5360543

>weak set of mechanics (obviously unfinished engine)

how Build functions can be summarized like this: there is the 'engine' side, everything done by Silverman, and the 'game side', everything done by each game's devs.
Build is made in such a way that devs didn't need to access the 'engine' side to make their game, and in fact, they couldn't (the exception being Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior which had hired Silverman at the time).

All the effects like doors, moving sectors, etc are not done on the engine side but by each devs to suit their needs. There is obviously a back end on the engine side that allows them to make these effects, but I'm honestly not sure there has been much difference about that between Tekwar/PS/WH and the later games.

>strafing that was obviously hacked into the game at the last possible moment, etc.

No, that however is on the engine side. Tekwar, which just like Powerslave was built around the time of the 'v6' map version, has the exact same strafing issues, as well as pretty much every other limitations and issues that both games had: resolution limited to 640*400, mouse input glitch, untextured automap, etc
and since devs had no access to the engine side of things, no sourcecode to that side, they couldn't do anything about it.

No. If you can save in Tekwar there is no reason Powerslave couldn't. In fact, I'm sure saving was the default behaviour and they had to hack in their checkpoint system somehow.
Most likely they thought a checkpoint/lives system would fit their game best, maybe they got inspired by Dark Forces, it's hard to say when the mechanic was implemented into the game.


that doesn't even mean anything for several reasons, and anyway you're thinking about the console version which is a different game, not the Build version people are talking about here

>> No.5360551


are you talking about the system that lets you use inventory items ?
I thought the only time you were likely to run out and potentially get stuck was when you have to go through the lava maze in lev4: El Subua, and that's only if you're really bad at mazes and forget to check your automap because the place has plenty of mana refill, hp refill, invicibility, and the place even gives you a full map. Everything else in the game you should be able to go through even if you can't use items

>> No.5360558

I don't have my hopes up but if that's you Rafael, I'd love to hear about your time with Xatrix

>> No.5360675

Ahh, GT Interactive is still fucking over the franchise even after their death.

>> No.5360676
File: 308 KB, 324x324, 123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sören, you are no supposed to play violent, non-state approved games. Videogame licence please.

>> No.5360741


>> No.5360816


>> No.5360889

I don't know what I've fucked up, but I can no longer save in eduke32 also it won't save screenshots I've taken.

I've tried reinstalling everything but the issue persists.

>> No.5360892

fixed it by running the game as admin.

>> No.5360982
File: 82 KB, 800x640, 641be6c488b72e227fed9febabc4cd73f961ebe6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5361494

I'm playing Death Wish for the first time and am really impressed. Are there other fan made expansions for Blood, Duke, or Shadow Warrior that approach this quality?

>> No.5361543

there are some smaller ones that are good but nothing on the scale of DW. many other large expansions are made by multiple people and the levels end up being hit and miss

>> No.5361564

Exactly as he said >>5361543
It's a completely different beast because Bloatoid worked on it for something like what, 9 years? He's a BUILD veteran and not only that, he perfectly nailed not just the technical aspects but even the style of Blood, so he delivered plenty of things and details that really, it wouldn't surprise me if one day someone from former Monolith declares that Death Wish is now canon.

>> No.5361713

Bloody Pulp Fiction and French Meat are good

>> No.5361754

They're good but nowhere near the level of DW.

>> No.5361903

everything up to DW 1.3 took him ~2 years. 1.4 was the 2017 update that added 2 secret levels. 1.5 from a few months ago added 3 deathmatch levels and a bunch of co op content

>> No.5361905

Actually it's in developing since 2011, so it's more like 8 years. The thing did however become what it is today in mere two years or something.

>> No.5361954

Been waiting a long time for that.

>> No.5362276

I wonder if it's better to have the polished Death Wish level set of the current v1.5 or if instead of making refinements and coop stuff we got v1.3 quality but an extra episode's worth of levels

>> No.5362297

I don't care about the multiplayer, so I'd shoot for an extra episode, not that the time or creative labour involved in the two are really comparable. I just got to "The Abyss", and the level design has remained such an impressively high quality. I also really appreciate that the tomes allow for some of the secrets to be more accessible without detracting from their challenge.

>> No.5362369

i think another full episode would take more time than some of the other changes. 1.4 did add 2 more secret levels tho

>> No.5362729

>dick kickem
>better humor

>> No.5362750


>> No.5362849
File: 107 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Post your misinterpretations.

>> No.5362867
File: 2.92 MB, 320x240, xoverlap.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's a duke map I made when I was 14 (according to the file timestamp).
it's a deathmatch map that is made entirely of overlapping sectors. It looks small-ish but all sectors combined are quite spacious. I remember being rather proud of it at the time.

>> No.5362882

Did you get it to run without incident in DM? I'm only asking because one time I made a 12-story "skyscraper" type thing (it wasn't non-euclidean but they were all rooms over rooms) and it crashed pretty bad any time there was a particle effect happening.

>> No.5362912

I don't recall it ever crashing, but I think explosion damage did sometimes propagate to other sectors in the same physical space.

>> No.5362973
File: 456 KB, 2560x1440, 20190211113155_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just wondering if I have this right. Is "Crisis in Columbia" basically the equivalent of an "Episode"? I figure it must be, it's pretty lengthy and spans multiple levels and ends in a boss battle.

Will every one of these "Zones" be one large continuous level like this one was?

>> No.5362989

fucking sick anon, also good taste in texturing/design

hope you release it one day, or at least post a webm of it running in dos

>> No.5362991


>> No.5363057

IIRC it'll have 7 zones in total when done and CiC counts as a whole zone. the house map isn't a zone, just a singular level.

>> No.5363060

DNF2013 for Duke is a lot shorter but really high quality

also AMC TC is huge but I'm making it so take that recommendation with a grain of salt (ep3 is being beta tested right now for anybody who cares)

Death Wish is a masterpiece and a really really tough act to follow. it was very humbling to play it and see just how well bloatoid used vanilla resources (it's also proof that Blood does have the best base gameplay out of the big build 3)

>> No.5363102

CiC and HHoH are very, very short compared to the episodes that the full game is going to have, I think.

>> No.5363119
File: 731 KB, 2560x1440, 20190211113301_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not sure how I feel about the bowling bombs yet, maybe I just suck at using them, but I find them pretty inconsistent. They're supposed to home, right? Feels like half the time they go right by them instead of blowing them up.

Nowhere near as reliable as the tnt in Blood, better than the pipebomb in Duke though, but still I feel weird about them.

>> No.5363125

bombs don't home in until the throw bar starts to sparkle

>> No.5363180

you have to charge them a couple of seconds for them to home in

I like the alt fire more myself, the explosion is bigger and it just feels good

>> No.5363185

ooooh, okay.

>> No.5363321
File: 2.95 MB, 640x360, dos.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got it running in dos. mouse doesn't work for some reason though. and my camera is a 30fps potato

>> No.5363330

also idk where to upload maps so here's a base64 encoded 7zip: https://pastebin.com/Ydc0v0mW

save to a text file then decode with:
cat xoverlap.txt | base64 -d > xoverlap.7z

file timestamp is yesterday since I edited it slightly (removed my name)

>> No.5363347

That's the Battlelord head. It's even an ingame texture.

>> No.5363350

I know what it is, I'm talking about the red door and the slope below it

the lowres and the fact that the place has nothing to do with where you do fight the Battlelord in game didn't help

>> No.5363421

vill ion maiden put more use to voxels in the final game?

>> No.5363435

Depends on what you mean. Weapons/ammo pickups and some interactive shit will have voxels.

>> No.5363441
File: 99 KB, 320x400, d7fd1c00fb2100bfcc3f2f3ac3c13c4876fe7568.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5363445

are these not all in the game yet? because that switch one is not in the game for me, it's just a flat texture.

>> No.5363449

actually none of these are in my game

>> No.5363454

nah they're not in yet, they will be in the final version

>> No.5363597

Washington Wasteland and Heskel's House of Horrors are some Grade A tier levels. Been replaying them, this game is looking very promising.

>> No.5363618

based as fuck, although I believe your gamma setting was a tad too high, thank you anon

>> No.5363662

not him but I love 1.3D, I often replay the 3 first EPs that way just because slimers are actually a threat as you can't use the kick against them

>> No.5364630

After replaying first Trackside Tragedy (Plug'n'Pray, map 2), then Duke Royale (Plug'n'Pray, map 4), I now suspect, that Trackside Tragedy was conceived and essentially sketched out after (possibly, immediately after) Duke Royale.

>> No.5364667

Map 15 has a secret with lava running course in the arena with the spider boss, that you can't complete without item usage. I don't know where it ultimately leads, I didn't have any mana after fighting the spider, I wasn't feeling like replaying this level after fighting the spider, and I tried to complete that course once by simply jumping through it, which ended up with me dying, after which I just picked up one last extra life the spider arena still had, and exited the level.

Labyrinth in level4 gets you enough mana for two tries only. If you discover the labyrinth map, it automatically means that you die on that try, since the exit is in the completely different direction you now don't have time to get to, moreover, you need time to process the map's contents in the first place. Which would be fine and dandy (1st try you stumble on the map, 2nd try you employ the map to get to the actual exit) was it not for the fact that you can only stumble upon said map by pure luck. If you don't discover the map on the first try (you don't luck out) and you don't discover the exit on that first try (you don't luck out) and die during the course, then on your second try you HAVE to luck out with discovering the exit (discovering the map isn't good enough anymore), otherwise it's back to the very beginning of the level.

I kind of suspect level4 and level15 were designed by the same asshole, but I don't have anything to back that up with.

Also, I didn't play much of level16 (I just gave it a short spin after level15, having been worn out by the latter, then exited the game, then my external HDD, which had the game and the saves, became inoperable) but the initial bits showed a LOT of "dead man walking" potential.

>> No.5364758

Why isn't this thread bumping anymore?

>> No.5364821

It isn't? What the fuck? That happened to the last thread too, what's fucking going on here.

>> No.5365128

Apparently Hiromoot is so fed up with the N word that he's acting up his revenge in the form of a one-week bumping limit.

>> No.5365143

that fucker, ILL SAY IT, IM GOING TO SAY THE N-WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.5365162

That doesn't make sense. No other board seems to have this issue. There are threads over a YEAR old on some of the slower boards that still bump.

>> No.5365179

Does that make this a conspiracy then? I take it the /vr/ mods don’t want a build thread

>> No.5365207

That clearly isn't what's happening though.

>> No.5365230 [DELETED] 
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god damn Doomlet janny autosaging the thread. Buildbros rise the frick up

>> No.5365295 [DELETED] 

I don't see why we can't have our own BUILD thread. I really don't like the Doom general and try to avoid it like herpes. Every single time I make the mistake of clicking on it all I see is absolute retard opinion from a bunch of idiots that can't play FPS to save their dicks. Like just plain wrong "opinion" on literally everything, constant parroted memethink and complete lack of original thought (and when the thought is original it's retarded), as well a sea of unending reddit circle jerk apparently for playing a video game that everybody played. Definitely the worst place on /vr/.

>> No.5365316

It's more than just this thread. There are several that won't bump anymore. This happened like a week ago, and then suddenly started happening yesterday again. I don't think it happened to ANY threads in between those dates.

>> No.5365318

We can have a Build Thread. Just start a new one after this archives. In the meanwhile let's try to get an official statement from hiro or the mods about why this is happening. I'd suggest /qa/, but they never fucking respond over there and the board is basically just /trash/ without the furverts at this point.

>> No.5365319

Hasn't been my experience.

>> No.5365368
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>> No.5365373
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Even comfier.

>> No.5365384

Actually, guys, I was wondering, any chance for >>5365373 to be an OP pic for the next thread?

>> No.5365453

in lev4 you're given the equivalent of 4-5 full mana bars in the level before the maze; there is also a lot of HP refills and invicibility items. You also only need to heal once, one heart which costs half a bar, to go through the maze

in lev16 you're given more than enough as well

Yes it's possible to get stuck but you'd have to really suck, turn in round forever; and if that happens you start the level over and learn from your mistakes, and in both levels these scenarios are near the start of the map

Everything else is secret places and even for those you're always given stuff to go through them

at the end of lev15 you can go through the entire secret place without any item, using 3/4th of a life bar

>> No.5365465

>in lev4 you're given the equivalent of 4-5 full mana bars in the level before the maze
There is a point of no return shortly before the maze.

>> No.5365469

Hearts and invincibilities suck off the same mana bar, which is the main issue with that particular lava maze scenario.
>and in both levels these scenarios are near the start of the map
>at the end of lev15 you can go through the entire secret place without any item, using 3/4th of a life bar
I had full life bar, I was hopping, while running, along that pathway on that lava like crazy, and I died. I don't remember smashing into walls while doing that, and I definitely didn't have enough fucks to give after that and the spider battle, to try it once again without even having a clue as to what I could've possibly done better this time around. So I exited, thus earning myself a proper save.
>Yes it's possible to get stuck but you'd have to really suck
Is it possible to left-hand the entire lev4 lava maze off an invincibility with a single mana bar?

>> No.5365472

Meaning that in level 4 the aforementioned lava maze is in the second half of the level at the very least, from what I remember off of it.

>> No.5365479

>Is it possible to left-hand the entire lev4 lava maze off an invincibility with a single mana bar?
Also, an even better question: is it possible to left-hand to either the exit OR the full map off a single mana bar?
Also, from what I remember, there were enemies in the damn thing as well.

>> No.5365493

>In fact, I'm sure saving was the default behaviour and they had to hack in their checkpoint system somehow.
There is nothing to hack: you are simply teleported back to the checkpoint, given a full health bar and subtracted of one life. Nothing else on the level changes.

>> No.5365501
File: 56 KB, 640x400, ex_640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There is a point of no return shortly before the maze.

Which is why you're given an invicibility item and enough mana to use it before the maze; and it's not even a ponr, there is a secret elevator that takes you back up

>Also, an even better question: is it possible to left-hand to either the exit OR the full map off a single mana bar?

you can get the two in a single invicibility time, and if you fail you're given more mana and power ups inside the maze; and if that is not enough, that is where you get to refill your mana with the amount I mentionned earlier

also the enemies are just 2 and outside of the maze, they don't aim at you unless you get close to the window, on a ledge where you can fight them off without getting hurt

>> No.5365507

>Which is why you're given an invicibility item and enough mana to use it before the maze
Yes. And you can barely scrape by for a single refill, if you fail.
>and it's not even a ponr, there is a secret elevator that takes you back up
Oh, I see, mandatory secrets. Quite Romero-ish, uh-huh.
>you can get the two in a single invicibility time
If you know where they are. What if you are always touching the left wall instead? Or the right one, if you like that better? Because, you know, that's how I tend to complete unknown samey-looking mazes with clashing colors everywhere.

>> No.5365510

>There is nothing to hack: you are simply teleported back to the checkpoint, given a full health bar and subtracted of one life.

Oh yeah my bad, that's very simple indeed, not like checkpoints, lives and autosaves weren't part of original build engine behaviour, I had forgotten you don't even need to add autosaving between levels, to tie those autosaving to save slots, to add a map during level transition which loading a save brings you back to at the correct spot
very simple and nothing to hack, not like anything save related was handled by the Build side of things, side which most devs didn't have the source of

>> No.5365513

I should've also mentioned the amount of high-risk first-person platforming over lava, possibly also with some shit trying to shoot you down, on that level. Someone surely considered oneself quite a hot shit, designing this.

>> No.5365517

Checkpoint system in particular doesn't INVOLVE anything, whatsoever, save-related. It's a simple teleportation with a change in the amount of resources you possess. NOTHING. IS. SAVED. THERE. What you are doing is simply changing the subject.

>> No.5365525

>Oh, I see, mandatory secrets. Quite Romero-ish, uh-huh.

it's not mandatory because you're given enough mana, heart, scarab and blood bowls without needing to backtrack

honestly you're making a fool of yourself, there is a simple 15secs maze, the devs add plenty of failsafes; I could take a screenshot and draw a map point at everything the game does to ensure one doesn't get stuck, but it's no use because all I see is that you failed a simple task, got mad that you had to restart from the previous checkpoint or possibily the map over, and instead of trying to use personal skills such as logic and memory, you're being dishonest and blame the game, so you're not going to change your mind. You need to stop playing retro games, it's because of people like you modern games are linear corridors with press X to win features

no, it's you who fail to grasp that it's all related, in order for the lives and checkpoint system to make sense, you need to take out manual saving and loading, add autosaves, and tie that to a save slot

>> No.5365531

>it's not mandatory because you're given enough mana
For a single refill.
Irrelevant since tied to mana, which is the main thing in deficit there. Besides, I had plenty of heart of my own, not the point.
Irrelevant to the issue of mana deficit. Besides, I had plenty of my own. You still have only two tries before needing to invoke that "secret elevator".
>but it's no use because all I see is that you failed a simple task
If it was a simple task, there wouldn't be a map there in the first place.
>or possibily the map over
With all. Of its. Fucking. Platforming.
>You need to stop playing retro games, it's because of people like you modern games are linear corridors with press X to win features
Oh yeah, surely what I had to do instead of my bitching above, is to suck off Every Single Retro-Related level-designer. Because there were surely no morons there, those holy people simply could do no wrong in their lives. Amen.
>you need to take out manual saving and loading
Simply not ever invoking them within the game fully suffices.
>add autosaves, and tie that to a save slot
Literally has nothing whatsoever to do with the in-level checkpoints. Which are teleporters. Dude, you would have a much better time spinning the teleporter angle. Surely some hackwork had to be done on that front as well.

>> No.5365556


>Design Team
>Brian McNeely, Dominick Meissner, Ezra Dreisbach, Paul Knutzen, Paul Lange, Mark Coates, Jason Wiggin

>Stage Design
>Brian McNeely, Dominick Meissner, Paul Knutzen

I wonder which of those two lists refers to the actual mappers.

>> No.5365573

You know what. Assuming, the actual mappers were the 3, not the 7, I just might replay the game from the beginning, with backing up my save after each completed level for subsequent easy access if need be. I didn't want to touch it, along with DOSBoX, until some kind of source port appeared, but what the hell. AT LEAST one of those three, I HOPE, mappers, was good. Really genuinely good. Not that shithead that designed level4. Some other guy. But still, come to think of it, by an large, it will probably be worth my time.

>> No.5365616

you can backtrack to previous levels once you've beaten them on the stage select screen

you can also use the dehacker to edit save files and start at any level with any weapon and item, or use cheats and command lines

>> No.5365641
File: 112 KB, 800x600, CAPT0002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess by design team they meant the sprite, texture, and interface artists. And stage designers well the actual mappers.

>> No.5365704

That is a fucking sick sprite

>> No.5365710

you could also look at the in game credits you know.... sometimes mobygames gives odd titles. Knutzen was level lead.

>> No.5365753

Nah, my way, I'll ascertain I won't have excessive resources or extra weapons at the start of each individual level even when replaying them - and I also won't have to worry about screwing up my save somehow.

There is a distinct category for visuals though:
>Art Team
>Brian McNeely, Troy Jacobson, John Van Deusen, Kevin Chung, Paul Knutzen, Richard Nichols, Eric Klokstad, William Vallieres, Joe Kresoja, Jason Wiggin

I guess.

>> No.5365875

Ion Maiden desperately needs a better SMG for proper crowd control, something that is good against the little robot spiders and such. The clip in the current one is just too small for any of that.

>> No.5366015
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NBlood released


R.E. port of Blood built with EDuke32

>> No.5366143



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