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Any good podcasts /vr/ can recommend?

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Insert Credit. It's on archive.org. It's not specifically a retro games podcast, it's a video games podcast, new and old. (but they do a lot of retro discussion and even had dedicated megadrive and SNES episodes).
It has a good format with set topics they discuss for a set amount of time then they move on. Often the topics are very similar to OP threads on image boards - "who would win in a fight?", "what is the x of video games" etc
2 of the members can be a little bit social justicey from time to time but overall it's a good show.

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Watch out For Fireballs

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>talking with Joe that he couldn't have more than one console at the time in the 90's because he used to spend all his job money with his "many" girlfriends.
Where were you when you discover that Dave was actually a chad?

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They're both dorks, just one is more autistic than the other.

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There is a Game Sack podcast?

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dave had to settle on marrying a gook, that's as beta as you can get if you're a white dude desu

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Spics and niggers are a billion times worse.

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Oh yes, a woman who cooks, cleans, and actually acts feminine. The horror.

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These guys are super annoying mega autists. I can't listen to them for more than an minute. I also bet they fuck each other.

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and creates more /r/hapa/s

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Dave is already mixed-race, so his kids would be just like any other American 56%'er

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For /vr/ stuff Retro Game Squad.

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Cum Town

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what is he mixed of

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anon that is a chinese cartoon you're taking about

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hell yeah bitch ehehehehehehehe

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>a woman with the body of a thirteen year old boy who will settle for literally anyone isn't for weak betas
peak /pol/ delusion as usual

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>advocating race mixing
Delusion, indeed.

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>board full of self-hating spics
advocating race mixing is literally all they do. their tears about the mongrel hoards coming to rape muh pure aryan toddlers is all projection. plus, they're all weebs so of course there's some yellow fever tossed in there

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Sounds like you spend a lot of time there.

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I recommended Insert Credit above, i'll also recommend Cane and Rinse. Each episode is dedicated to a specific game and they really do their research and delve into the history and importance of each title.
They're nice guys but all they discuss is the beat by beat story parts of games. You can just read wikipedia for that. They have no insights or knowlege about development or even video game mechanics.

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If I ever lose my hair I'm killing myself.

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Not pic related I suppose.

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>They have no insights or knowlege about development or even video game mechanics.

They have plenty of insight onto why something in a game works or if it doesn't. That's a lot more valuable then things I read up on a wikipedia article like specific development information. Ultimately the OP didn't specify what they wanted out of a retro game podcast.

Cane and Rinse is pretty good so I'll vouch for that one too.

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You're thinking of Joe and he didn't marry Jen. He mentioned them breaking up.

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le low t. connoisseur of s 0 y

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such an original take

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Are you one of them?

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SJW faggots.

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Is Dave actually, legitimately mentally disabled? Whenever you hear him read out his reviews it sounds like a literal 6 year old wrote it.

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deleted for that? salty mods, kek.

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This is what happens when you lose your hair. You start to become less human.

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Sidescrollers was good. Craig, Chad, and I think Ben from Screwattack used to do it before they got absorbed into Rooster Teeth and only put out Death Battle and watchmojo-tier vids.

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Joe has more hair than Dave and he sounds (and looks) even more retarded.

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>what the FUCK did you just say about the see-gah megadrive you flaming drongo?

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i'm getting sick of people who "love castlevania" not knowing how the sub weapon multipliers work or how to get them. just how much castlevania could you have played to not know the basics. Also, dave sounds like a 5th grader giving a presentation when he talks about games.

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Joe is the typical covert narcissist. Often it looks like he keeps the balding dude on the right, hostage.

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Sega Saturn Shiro Podcast.

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Reminder that Joe was whiteknighting Erin from Erin Plays until she started dating Mike Matei, then joe unfollowed her, lmao.

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Anything that doesn't have Jeremy Parish.

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Pixelated Audio
Retro Game Audio

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>woman with the body of a thirteen year old boy
Get a load of this faggot

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fuck man, thats just horrible all around. you got a retard white knight a "girl gamer" for beta bucks, then miney crafta the narcissist. im laughing and cringing all a the same time.

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>this is real

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The real question is how low your standards must be to date Mike Matei.

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She just couldn't date James because he's taken, plus James doesn't even use the internet outside of some research when he does some video.
Basically she's just using Mike for promotion of her own channel.

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Yeah like when he did the Power Rangers episode and stuff.
Otherwise he doesn't care about the internet. He's completely oblivious to social media.
In a way, he's too pure.

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>2 of the members can be a little bit social justicey from time to time but overall it's a good show.
I've been a member/lurker on that site since it launched (Brandon used to frequent other sites I posted at).

I had to unfollow Brandon and Frank years ago. They're insufferable now.

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This stealth e-celeb thread not being nuked shows how hypocritical the mods are.

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Insert Credit was an important website for me since it's one of the first in english I read regularly (with UK Resistance). The same day, you could read news about an interactice fiction contest, a new Japane arcade machine, or a bara eroge review, and there was also a good message board. Too bad about Tim Rogers, massive fraud and well-known laughingstock to any real Japanese gaming fan.

If you find Brandon and Frank insufferable now, I don't know how you'd react to your average Select Button thread. Those people went completely nuts.

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Namedropping some channels since it's pretty much a stealth e-celeb thread

My Life in Gaming
Game Sack
Generation 16 (Still takes forever to make episodes even when he retired his old format)
Jeremy Parish
Gaming Historian
Retropolis Zone (Hasn't put up a new vid in 5 months tho)
Geek Critique (Would like him a lot more if he didn't keep his vids delayed behind his goddamned Paytreon for several months)
Gaming Historian
Classic Gaming Quarterly (specifically his console launch vids)
Retro Pals (Mostly his PlayStation Year One series and maybe the occasional Twitch stream)
Swan Song (Chronological retrospective for the WonderSwan except unlike Parish, RP and Doctor Sparkle, he actually knows Japanese)
SNES Drunk
Stop Skeletons from Fighting (Formerly HVGN)
Mega Drive Profile (Hasn't posted a new vid in over a year)
Wrestling With Gaming

On a personal note, I really wish there were more console retrospectives but with folks who can actually read moon. There are only so many translation patches and fans willing to bail them out, they should consider learning the language or just stick to the North American libraries. I don't know how PlayStation Year One or Game Boy World will be expected to continue unless they change their format to focus exclusively on U.S. releases beyond the launch period.

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Why do people hate Mike?

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Pat’s podcast of course

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Pixelated audio is great.

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Honestly the only decent one

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Let it go, Pat. Your channel is finished.

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>Ian endorsing any hygiene product

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yes it's a sponsor you got em

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Fuck yourself, shill

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I sincerely hope you aren't this pathetic irl

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Go away, Ian.

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I used to listen to them, don't know if they've gotten worse on their ill informed 'hot takes' or what but every time they discuss something I have some deeper than average knowledge in I can't help but go "...W-what?" over how off the mark they were.

I can't remember specific examples, it's been years since I dropped in but I think like third time something like this happened I'm like "Nah," and haven't looked back.

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i used to really like them but jesus christ is Pat unbearable now. he just sounds like he's talking out of his ass most of the time or gets worked up over literally nothing. and any time he brings up his relationship he sounds like a massive cuck

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Epic E-celeb thread my fellow redditer!

I too like not playing games and just listening to people talk about them.

Please, fill the board full of e-celeb threads and other epic things!

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>pat the nes cunt
>metal jesus sucks cock
>game play with my sack
>my life in framemeister's asshole


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mister eh brian singer. he fuck my aaasss.

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4chan has always been nothing but shit, why does it matter if we flood it with more shit

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>I can't believe that old games are getting more expensive over the years, they used to be really cheap but now they're not!!! can you believe that people with money are willing to pay for doki doki picnic for €999? this is preposterous!!! and there's also sleazeballs that are hogging up items and spiking up prices in an unregulated open market, I can't believe this, surely no other market is like this!! when will gamers finally rise up?
This type of rant will never not be funny

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>being this bitter

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Retronauts is cool

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>I had to unfollow Brandon and Frank
Hehe, You knew exactly who i was talking about
>UK Resistance
>Insert Credit
>Both dead now
Yeah makes me sad, i used to read those 2 and insomnia.ac nearly every day.

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I listened to the Katamari Damacy episode and I had to stop when they started saying how bad it was that if you failed the goal in a level that you had to start over.
Their accents were already annoying but that pushed it over the edge.

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well hes good at getting hot milfs

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Can a Jannie explain why "e-celeb" thread moderation is all over the place? This is literally the same shit.

Give us back our containment threads already.

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Serious question. What honestly makes these guys so special/hated?

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Ian is a hipster douchebag.

Pat is just annoying. Also, buy his CERTAIN NES GUIDE BOOK!

Listened to their episode on piracy. Got through most of it without my eyes rolling out of my head. Towards the end, they state they're not encouraging anyone to pirate new releases and to support developers when possible. However, Fuck Tim Allen because he's a horrible person because I disagree with his politics. Way to fart in the room, Parish.


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"Cringy" performance in front of the camera, as in trying too hard to be funny but only falling in awkward territory. Can't separate work and political/social opinions. Come over as unprofessional blowhards.
I don't know if I should hate or pity them.

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sounds like you let politics get in the way a bit too often.

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I don't give a shit about what Parish thinks about Tim Allen. I'm more concerned about his shit taste and lacks of knowledge about anything not made on a Nintendo console.

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Sounds like you need to deepthroat these guys some more, I still can your your pathetic whining.

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drunken gamers radio archive is pretty entertaining. cca 2012 they shifted away from video games as their primary focus


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>support developers when possible
well if its retro shit then that won't be possible lol.

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if you speak French, Gaijin Dash is great. It's not focused entirely on /vr/ (it's about japanese games in general).
Also the hosts aren't random neckbeards, but have been part of the industry for more than 20 years so they are in touch with several devs and have a lot of fun anecdotes

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are they sjw?

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What about /vr/ youtube channels?
The only good one I know is SNESdrunk.

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Honestly this. It was a very good podcasts before but they do zero preparation now for any topic, so it's Ian ranting about Luna clients while Pat pulls random info straight from google. Only for fans now.

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That is the most meaningless and subjective label you can possibly give and is 100% not helpful.

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literally something a hipster would say

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