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What's the most beautiful /vr/ 3D? What's the ugliest?

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ridge racer 4 and final fantasy IX pushed the PS1 to their limits iirc

evo space adventures was atrocious

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Say whatever you want, but that's more unique textures for similar objects than modern games have.

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Best: Ocarina of Time, Banjo Kazooie
Worst: FFVII

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You’re delusional

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Yes, but that's beside the point.

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a lot of the early 3d accelerated fps don't hold up as well as the raycasted fps, the textures get really blurry while in doom it doesn't look that blocky

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quake is a shit game that becomes brilliant when you speedrun

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Tekken 3
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask

Tekken 1
Driver 1

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The most beautiful for me is Ecco Defender of the Future. It was the first 3D console game that to me had graphics that I thought held up well to what could be achieved with 2D.

The ugliest is harder because there's so much ugly to choose from. Dragon Quest VII stands out in my memory as being particularly awful though.

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Always liked the way Outcast looked.

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Care to explain. Never played Quake as a kid but have considered trying it lately.

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N64: OoT (I was trying to think of one that hadn't been listed yet, but this really is it)
PSX: Chrono Cross
PC: Unreal Tournament

N64: Superman 64
PSX: Bubsy 3D

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>no Shenmue mentions

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Ignore what he said, it's garbage. Quake is a great game but doesn't have any particular speedrunning qualities. The reason it's been speedrun a lot is based on Quake's popularity.

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How about Bomberman 64 for beautiful?

Ugly? I'll go with Vortex on the SNES.

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Naw he was right, you have no idea what you're talking about.

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Shenmue was neat but not very beautiful for a Dreamcast game.

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I always loved Tobal style.

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Driver 1 can be plain but is far from being ugly though, I can think in shit like Andretti Racing or Peak Performance being way worse than it

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best: gl_nearest_mipmap_linear
worst: n64

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>implying modern games don't just recycle the same texture over and over which is quite clear when you actually look at the environments.
No u.

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>No mention of Mega Man Legends
Probably one of the best looking low-poly games

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Most beautiful: Superman 64
Most ugliest: Ocarina of time

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Finally a person of good taste

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Lol I don't think you even know what modern games look like. Can you show even one example where two games from different companies share the same texture assets?

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Best: Windows 98 SE
Worst: split between 32X and most Atari Jaguar games.

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>two games from different companies share the same texture assets
No you dickhead, that's not what I meant at all. That wouldn't even be possible because that's straight up copyright infringement.

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>That wouldn't even be possible
Hundreds of asset flips say otherwise.

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It has it's moments, especially the last disk of 2.

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This and JGR are the most visually pleasing retro 3D games for me.

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I really liked the unique look of the software renderer.

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Then what the fuck did you mean?

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Block is beautiful

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Spawn was beautiful.

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That they recycle the same textures in a game which looks fucking stupid when you see that the pattern of the walls keep repeating, for example.

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Ooohhh. Well that's just constraints of processing power and budget for the game. It's to be expected, but I think it was much worse in 5th and 6th gen than it is now.

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>Look at these screenshots
>'boy this looks like toriyamas work'
>it actually is

i was legitimately surprised

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Virtua fighter 3
Scud race
Daytona 2
SoulCalibur DC

Radiant silvergun

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Hey, I wonder: PS1 can easily handle transparency, while the Saturn VERY often ends up making some type of mesh transparency in one way or another. But what about the N64?

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And for that matter, what about the 3DO?

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grim fandango.
not the most appealing game visually, but the art style ties in perfectly with low-poly 3d models.

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Best: Ecco: Defender of the Future (DC)
Worst: 2Xtreme (PSX)

>pic fucking related, but it was even worse in motion
Embarrassment of a 3D game, worse than mode-7 graphics with twitchy, jerky sprites. It gave me a headache even back when it was “modern”

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Why Lucasarts, why did you stop making graphic adventure games after this one?

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No, I just have good taste and can tell the difference between colorful detailed early 3d from textureless polygons.

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I'm pretty much of a Nintendrone, but FFVII looks fantastic come on. Pretty much on par with OoT.

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>textureless polygons

Ironically, both OoT and Banjo make heavy use of textureless polygons, because the N64 had as much texture ram as it had games.

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>Ridge Racer 4
This. Game is fucking beautiful

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Is this a dig at the n64 or what?

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That looks like SHIT.

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Quake 1 has aged well by merit of being aesthetically almost totally unique. There really is no FPS that looks quite like it.

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World Driver Championship

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It wasn't finally released as a "retro" game (though it still worked at 240p) but I would say this;


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only during battles which are snoozefests

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ugliest is pic related

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Prerendered scenarios look great too.

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Doom is not raycasted btw

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So do films, both recorded beforehand.

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I think Ocarina of Time is the best looking 3D game of the 90s, thanks to its lighting and art style. Obviously not as technically advanced as most late 90s PC stuff, but when has that mattered? The cutscenes also have really good cinematography, for lack of a better term.

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The character animation are garbage, but everything else is extremely good for an early Dreamcast release.

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>Ironically, both OoT and Banjo make heavy use of textureless polygons
I don’t know why people keep saying this when there’s heavier use o untextured polygons on PS1. Hell, Spyro and Tobal are the kings of untextured polys, though for different reasons. Not saying that’s a bad thing though. It’s a legit technique

>the N64 had as much texture ram as it had games
N64 texture cache 4 KB
PS1 texture cache 2 KB

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>SoulCalibur DC
Yep, still holds up.

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N64>PS1=Saturn>3DO>ECS Amigas>Acorn Archimedes>>Jaguar>>OCS Amigas=Atari ST>>>>32X

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I wonder how well the N64 handles transparency in 3D games? Is it as good as the Playstation, similar to the Saturn, or better than the Saturn but less ample than the PS1?

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It does proper transparencies, it just does transparencies very dirty because of how the system looks with all the filtering. Looks fine, especially combined with frequent fog.

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Transparency is ALWAYS a fillrate killer and if you stack multiple transparent polys, the N64 begins to struggle.

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based slumpposter

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Banjo-Kazooie is up there. Same with DK64, honestly. I always liked how Kirby 64 looked, too. Resident Evil, as well. Silent Hill to an extent.

To this day, I can't get over how ugly FFVII is and how people can defend it's visuals. It's garbage in almost every respect. Also, Ocarina of Time graphics aren't all they're cracked up to be either. Not ugly, though. Netter than FFVII in any case

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I've always been impressed by Vagrant Story. With none of the cutscenes or environments prerendered you get some fine looking stuff.


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>I wonder how well the N64 handles transparency in 3D games? Is it as good as the Playstation
N64 supports alpha blending while the Playstation doesn't. This means that on the N64 each texel / pixel can have a different % of opacity while on Playstation the opacity level has to be uniform across the entire polygon. This enables the N64 to have more realistic looking transparencies than Playstation. A common problem with transparencies on Playstation is that the uniform blending gives transparent polygons a jello / jelly effect.

The N64 does have one disadvanage here though. The Playstation supports additive blending which is fantastic for explosions and fire effects (pixels get 'added' up to extreme white which looks great for fire). N64 technically supports it as well but it's a half-baked implementation without RGB value clamping, so you can actually corrupt the framebuffer by using it incorrectly. Hence additive blending was rarely used on N64 but quite common on Playstation.

>it just does transparencies very dirty because of how the system looks with all the filtering
No that's wrong. If transparencies look dirty, that's just because the resolution of the texture is low, not because of filtering. To be fair though, putting an alpha channel into textures does consume up memory space so it does mean in certain situations the texture resolution has to be lower.

>Transparency is ALWAYS a fillrate killer and if you stack multiple transparent polys, the N64 begins to struggle.
Yeah this is correct, transparency is the enemy of fill rate. Though at least on N64 you can more or less accurately stack lots of transparencies together because it supports destination alpha. Something like that won't look very realistic on Playstation.

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Freescape titles are among the most primitive 3D you are going to see given that it's among the first 3D game engines used in consumer titles. As primitive as they are I think they exude charm and offer a stark, lonely atmosphere that fits perfectly in all 6 games to use the engine.

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Is that ray-traced Wolf 3d or true 3d?

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shenmue had the best interiors. still more detail than most modern games

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It's true 3D friend.


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>Most beautiful game
>Most complex game
>Best videogame
>Most hardcore game
>Best plot
>Most influential

This level of delusion. You come here just to talk about zelda, right?

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lmfao. No.

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>more detail than most modern games
You need to expand your gaming beyond minecraft and gacha.

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I was going to say Ecco, too. Beautiful game and it still holds up today but could really use a second analog stick for spacial awareness.

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Best: Gran Turismo 1 and 2
Worst: WrestleMania 2000

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Front mission 2 is one of the best looking psx games I think

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Best: Quake
Worst: Tekken

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He has a point in that there are magnitudes more games being made these days. Many of which are small projects or have limited graphics for other reasons. So it is possible those interiors are more detailed than most or at least many modern games. Modern games trying for realism like that blow it out of the water though.

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Too bad ridge racer fucking sucked and basically had no physics to speak of. Overrated as hell.

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You've seen nothing then

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bruh... you are just... dumb.

Not everyone loved DK64, but it has some of the most beautiful visuals.

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They're fun as fuck though. R4 in particular.

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>all this hating on Tekken
I mean Kuma looks ridiculous but the rest isn't that bad

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fuck off simfag

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Well fucking post something.

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Oh god how does the arcade version look worse than the port

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>the rest isn't that bad
Oh, it does.

I mean, this piece of crap was released after Virtua Fighter 2. It's atrocious even for 1994.

They look almost exactly the same. Some characters had a costume change in the port (Law, Ganryu), as some textures are in a lower resolution on Playstation.

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Tekken 1 had no art direction at all. Just ugly textures rendered from ugly high poly 3D models slapped on bad low poly 3D models.

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double "how time has passed" effect for me, graphic fidelity and life itself have quite changed
Which game is it? I remember getting Formula One 97 on the Playstation solely to see how well they had recreated Monaco (live close by)

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Cry more fgt ;^)

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nights into dreams

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>I mean, this piece of crap was released after Virtua Fighter 2. It's atrocious even for 1994.
I think this is quite interesting, Tekken 1 is such a cheap and nasty looking game, yet Tekken 2 had huge amounts of thought and effort put its aesthetics. Is there any interviews or information anywhere on the development process of it?

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>N64 zeldas
pick one.
There are select few N64 games that aren't ugly, and those are Megaman Legends and DrSlump, courtesy of heavy anime stylization.

I think I'd go with >>5338317
Outcast not only looks good, but it's also very well visually designed. Only other game on par with it in terms of design is Unreal.
Other than that - Ecco on Dreamcast.

For all the details Shenmue put out, it looks fucking ugly - as all 3D games that ried to do realism at that time, aside from racing games (since machines offer a lot more leeway in the design than people and locations)

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spyro the dragon

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Too bad the pop-in is bloody terrible and no way to remove it even on emulator

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> Is there any interviews or information anywhere on the development process of it?
Well, there's some renders

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>it doesn't count because I say so!!!!

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Is this the most hideous 3D model ever made?

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Not him but To be fair, OP's post clearly means teal time 3d games not pre-rendered graphics.

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That's beautiful.

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The topology is even better.

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File: 780 KB, 1920x2160, tekken 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Soul: Virtua Fighter 1 and 2
Soulless: Tekken 1 and 2

>> No.5347121

Sales: Tekken
Salesless: VF

>> No.5347240

Virtua Fighter 1 and 2 sold better than Tekken 1 & 2.

>> No.5347253

quake unironically still looks good running at 1080p, mip maps off, texture filtering nearest neighbor and render interpolation off

>> No.5347842

Goddamnit I need to finish playing that.

>> No.5349221

Yet Ocarina has some of the worst pre-rendered backgrounds ever and FFVII has the best ones.

>> No.5349301

The thread is about real time graphics not pre renders

>> No.5349320

OoT is still pretty ugly, especially considering it's a 1998 game.

>> No.5349381

Yeah, they had many great games before this then fell flat on their face (budget issues after the prequels maybe?)

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File: 2.63 MB, 640x360, oot-2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

looks pretty good to me

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>that dated lighting
>scene so dark most of the time you can't see shit
>weird mix of textured polygons and vertex coloring
>all that blurriness thanks to bilinear filtering over low and inconsistent texture resolution
Yeah, looks great.

>> No.5349567

It has better cinematic-style real time 3D rendering than pretty much everything released that year, perhaps only with the tiniest exceptions.

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File: 2.91 MB, 314x240, pdzfinale.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hard to make out anything in that one. also nice letter boxing and pillar boxing.

>> No.5349575

Ohh I agree 100%. I thought it was even ugly when it was new, though to be fair I thought that of most real time 3D games back then.

>> No.5349576

Sure, the rendering is impressive for the time, but the question is does it look good? Baked lighting like in Quake or basically no lighting like in Dr. Slump or Megaman Legends just has aged much more gracefully like the realtime lighting in OoT and looks beautiful even today.
The point of the texture resolution still stands separately from that. Having a consistent texture resolution will be far more visually pleasing than having it be all over the place and higher texture resolution is of course generally better, especially with filtering. Quake is once again a good example for this.

>> No.5349589

>Baked lighting like in Quake or basically no lighting like in Dr. Slump or Megaman Legends just has aged much more gracefully like the realtime lighting in OoT
Wait so those games don't have dynamic lighting and OoT does .. but OoT's lighting is "dated"?

>The point of the texture resolution still stands separately from that. Having a consistent texture resolution will be far more visually
wtf? OoT doesn't always have good texturing but it's not a problem with the Ganon fight. There's barely any of the blurry magnification that you get when you combine texture filtering with a low resolution texture.

The blurriest texture in that whole video is the ground, and only when it's been viewed at a steep angle. That's problem caused by a lack of anisotropic filtering and no PC card available in 1998 supported even support that feature at playable speeds.

>> No.5349623

>but OoT's lighting is "dated"?
Yeah, remember that I'm only arguing aesthetics here. Dynamic lighting from the late 90s looks like shit nowadays. Static lighting or games devoid of any lighting can still look good. Perhaps dated is the wrong word for this, I dunno.

>There's barely any of the blurry magnification that you get when you combine texture filtering with a low resolution texture
Are you serious? The "sharpest" textures in that video seem to be ganons face and necklace and even those are blurry as shit.

>> No.5349630

>The "sharpest" textures in that video seem to be ganons face and necklace and even those are blurry as shit
As I said, there's none of that blurry maginification in the video except for the ground (which is due to no anistropy as I mentioned). All you are really bitching about is that the textures aren't higher-res.

>> No.5349637

>All you are really bitching about is that the textures aren't higher-res
A perfectly reasonable complaint.

>> No.5349652

In this instance it's fine for the era and the resolution its running at.

>> No.5349768

>the shadows were polygons
Mind fucking blown

>> No.5349795

nothing out of the ordinary t b h

>> No.5349798

What the fuck did you think they were? Lol

>> No.5349810

It looks worse than Silent Hill.

>> No.5349813

Best: Shenmue II
Worst: Virtua Fighter

>> No.5349816

Now I see why people were so uptite about not letting more modern games in /vr/. It makes for boring threads. When I think of beautiful 3D fro /vr/ I think of games like this: https://youtu.be/l7CPSU69DAI

>> No.5349845

they did Escape From Monkey Island after GF

>> No.5349849

Shenmue is amazingly beautiful, still can't believe such a level of detail was achieved, though I think it'd be a bit unfair to compare it to the 5th gen games being mentioned here.

>> No.5349851

We got to install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries
We got to move these refrigerators
We got to move these color TVs

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I'm going to get shit for this but Harry Potter had some nice scenarios, even though the faces were all goofy as fuck.

>> No.5349870

Never noticed it.

>> No.5349929

Basically works in a similar was as Saturn but without the mesh transparency bug, by warping 2d textures.
N64 has a real 3D gpu from sgi with loads of effect support, not really comparable to any other console before it. It's problem is that it's stuck in an under-powered system with not enough ram and bus width.

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File: 7 KB, 640x400, frontier elite2 .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5349948

If only the N64DD wasn't delayed so much, and used either actual non-proprietary Zip Disks or VCDs instead.

>> No.5349980

>that vertex distortion
It's like I'm tripping hard.

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>most beautiful
lots of late 90s and early 2000s PC, Dreamcast and arcade games, things like Dead or Alive 2, Outcast, Le Mans and Soul Calibur still look appealing.

>What's the ugliest?
early 5th gen stuff, especially the ones with lots of dark gray or dark brown textures with nearest neighbor interpolation and bad draw distance on PS1 / Saturn or the smeared visuals of many N64 games.

>PSX: Bubsy 3D
it's a terrible game, but it doesn't look that bad for a 1997 PS1 game imo, the cartoon artstyle and textureless scenery are easier on the eyes than more complex stuff released around the same time. It's surprisingly highres too.

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Flat shaded polygons such as Model 1 is a very pleasing aesthetic that has aged like wine

>> No.5350314

Vagrant story is the grayest, blandest, most lifeless looking big name game of that era. People still saying it looks great really is an amazing achievement of late 90s marketing.

>> No.5350524

Is this the consolefag only thread? Best looking retro games are Unreal and Quake 3.

>> No.5350547

holy FUCK

>> No.5351875

Old 3d games look horrible

>> No.5351882

>wine left open in a hot car

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Early pre-rendered 3D Saturn games are the ugliest of all-time. Thinking of games like Torico and D. This shit is legit terrifying.

>> No.5351914

Still better than 32X and most 3d Jaguar games.

>> No.5351959

D is an old Dos or maybe windows game. It was ported to the Saturn.

>> No.5351979

Wasn't it FMV anyway?

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Give it some time, it grows on you.

>> No.5352490

Almost anything on N64

>> No.5352505

You've seen nothing, pleb fag

>> No.5352651

>PS1tard convieniently ignoring wobbly graphics on many of his fav console's 3d games, particularly Early on.

>> No.5353078

Like, for example? They were only visible on old emulators in high resolution mode.
Besides, it's easier to deal with few artifacts that with overall shallow design.

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Everquest is a mixed bag, but it has some great looking zones.