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Why do people keep shitting on consoles like the PS1 but only keep praising consoles like the SNES?

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Because the SNES was a way better console, even if it is a bit overrated.

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The SNES is the culmination of 2D gaming both in design and graphics that had been maturing for a number of years.

The PlayStation on the other hand represented many companies first forrays into 3D gaming where many fell flat. On top of that it was a system based around making 3D games but wasn't powerful enough to do them justice.

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Because Nintendo good, Sony bad.
In the grand scheme of things it's probably the most important game console with the NES.

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It was the first succesful one of its kind
but compared to the pinnacle of 2D gaming it was a shitshow

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Because /vr/ hates late 90's gaming for some reason.

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soul soulless unironically.

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To me, SNES and PS1 are two of a kind: they both have colorful 2D platformers, highly-praised cinematic JRPGs and good racing games. They're the first consoles I experienced 2D fighters on. They have good Megaman and Castlevania games. They're both incredible consoles that fall right behind NES and Genesis on my favorites list.

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i love both

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If /vr/ can't handle 5th gen shit already, I dunno how will they keep up with 6th gen shitposting

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PSX came from an era where the SNES market split.

A good chunk of SNES developers went to Sony because they were easier to develop for, so your preference in the 5th era was based on which genres and developers you liked and which side they were better represented on. The SNES is generally loved by both of these groups because that represented an era when all those developers and genres were united on one console.

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Even when the 9th generation starts, to me it'd still seem weird to call the 6th generation systems retro.

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Nintendo fans are butthurt because with the Playstation Sony kicked Nintendo from the throne

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I think it sorta makes sense to call them 'retro'. They were designed for analog televisions primarily and online features weren't really a large part of the consoles (yes, I know they all had online functionality, but it's not like nowadays where pretty much any multiplayer game is exclusively online).

Did they though? I'd say basically everything but the Wii U has been equal in terms of quality to Sony's lineup. The only thing really worth going back to say, a PS3 for example is probably something like Demon's Souls. PS4 has a ton of good exclusives, but it's also had a couple more years over the Switch.

I think it's largely a case of the SNES essentially being the perfection of 2D gaming, mechanically and visually. By this point you had about 20 years of building onto that foundation. 3D gaming was still pretty early in development, and as a result a lot of stuff that isn't cartoony has aged poorly visually, and usually it doesn't control that well either, with the lack of analog controls for most early titles in the PSX lineup.

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The Game Cube was the worst console of the sixth generation.

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>A good chunk of SNES developers went to Sony because they were easier to develop for, so your preference in the 5th era was based on which genres and developers you liked
The PlayStation (Psx) was in many ways a spiritual successor to the SNES. Many of the great games were continued, and upgraded but did not make the full scale leap to total 3d.

There is no "incorrect" answer to which is better in the console wars when it comes to N64 Vs PSX, but I sure as fuck am glad for things like FFVII, FF Tactics, SoTN etc. On the other hand the N64 broke down and moved into 3d like it was no body's business, sometimes to their benefit, but most of what happened was less than stellar. However, when Nintendo got it right, they did it right on a level that is still used as a measuring stick against todays games.

>Nintendo fans are butthurt
Sony fans are butthurt because both the Wii & The Switch are top sellers. Xbox fans don't care. They love having Microsoft dicks in their mouth. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat was the ONLY good game on that system. However, I missed out almost all of the 6th generation. I don't think I know enough to judge EVEN on this circle jerk of a Sudanese basket weaving photo board. Wii games are total garbage, and somehow it was a top selling system. Sony and M$ totally fucked that one up.

>They were designed for analog televisions primarily
They are all nearing 20 years old at this point. Try-hards can call that "not retro" but when you are replacing capacitors and failing cd drives, it gets hard to convince people that they aren't retro.

>The Game Cube was the worst console of the sixth generation.
I don't even know any more. I missed out on lots that happened from the mid 90s-. I still bought the systems during the 5th gen, and totally skipped everything else. Nintendo has a way of doing whatever the fuck they want, and sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. It usually does however.

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PS1 is a great console. However, it's 3D titles have not aged well.

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This is accurate

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>SNES essentially being the perfection of 2D gaming

Not even close.

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This is inaccurate.

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Aged perfectly well

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Nah, youre just a over opinionated regurgitation machine. Ps1 games are fine and very playable. The graphics are perfectly fine, they did what they could with what they had and its not bad at all. You really are missing out on a huge portion of stellar games by being so short sighted.

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Jog on noob.

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You can't call someone out on parroting others, while then parroting that the disgusting janky fake 3d that ps1 had is acceptable. Get over it. The games looked horrible and in most cases that makes a decent game worse.

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>SNES essentially being the perfection of 2D gaming

Delusional and oblivious /vr/, lol. The SNES has so many issues with 2D graphics. Wouldn't even know where to start. SNES is an 8BIT machine with a slug of a 16bit cpu.

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Its poor mans sega saturn

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Early 3D consoles were rough, dude. 5th consoles have aged BADLY.

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Speaking of PS1, can anyone identify this PS1 game?

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PSX games did not look like that, lol. What's this some fucking emulator with AA?

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Modern PSX emulators can increase the internal resolution, remove texture distortion and other stuff, and add AA, yes.

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because nintendo nostalgia > your nostalgia even if SNES shit is largely unplayable today

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That's Colin McRae Rally 2.0 but it's the PC version which is superior to the ps1 port. Though PS1 port has pretty advanced physics that are probably unmatched as far as the racing genre goes on the system.

But yeah CMR2 is the shit.

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I wish modern emulators would filter textures like the ps2 did for ps1 games. When I last tried texture filtering in epsxe for something like Tomb Raider, it ended up giving the textured surface a sort of jpg compression block look.

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