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Is there a consensus on 8bitdo controllers, I'm thinking about picking up the genesis model.

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In terms of button feel I honestly couldn't tell the difference between them and the ones they're based on. The d-pad makes my dick hard, just don't forget to assign diagonals for it in your emulator.

The pro models are a bit iffy, but if you have gorilla hands like I do, they get pretty comfy.

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I have the original model NES and SNES ones. in terms of feel, they just feel right in your hands.

There is an issue with the d-pad contacts and unintentional diagonal presses but can easily be fixed with a small amount of tape on the board. Google 8bitdo dpad fix for more info

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Wasn't 8bitdo supposed to release these last year? What happened?

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I don't know about their recent stuff, but I bought a few controllers from them a couple of years ago and they were both garbage. One was a Bluetooth dogbone shamed Famicom controller and the other was a snespad. Felt cheap and the dpads were awful

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>don't forget to assign diagonals
Is it actually an 8 button d-pad?

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I've used both the 8Bitdo SN30 and one of the SNES Classic Edition controllers (w/ an adapter) and to my hands, the Classic reissue feels a bit better. But the 8Bitdo is still solid and doesn't feel that different from the real thing.

I bought the Classic controller on eBay for $20 from someone selling the whole console off piecemeal since you could never buying one without buying the whole fucking $80 meme machine. I'd highly recommend this if you don't mind getting an adapter and if the prices aren't stupid now.

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I'm a fan. I have a Super Famicom edition one and I've been very happy with it.

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Buy the hyperkin genesis

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Is there a good NES controller with USB?

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They’re really bad. They have poor latency compared to a PS4/xbone/steam controller and have issues with diagonal inputs and the buttons collapsing. The issues have persisted across multiple product lines and are unlikely to be fixed

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I got the sn30 pro game boy one. It's pretty good, I thought the thin shoulder buttons would be an issue but they actually work just fine. Don't get any input errors with the d-pad either even after wearing it in (although I did notice some fuckery going on with my zaxmel Bluetooth adapter dropping the controller a few times), guess they fixed the issue with the new models.
My only real problem was when I was using both sticks and the shoulder buttons at the same time, felt very awkward and I was constantly wrestling for grip. Made Ape Escape unsavory to play for long, which sucks because I chose the pro version for ps1 emulation. Still a great controller, just makes me realize how important the handles are on the ps1 controller.

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>handles and analog triggers
What the fuck is the point if it's literally just a ps4 controller

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He probably used the wrong mode, both xinput and directinput have d-pad correctly as hatswitch

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I want the Saturn version of that so damn badly. The 6 face buttons would be great for fightan.

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This is decent for $15, and it's what I use to play NES roms.

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SHIT TIER: Dualshock 3 Controller

*fixed your pretentious list

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I got mine for £5 (N30Pro) with an free amazon voucher and it was definitely worth that. But the sticker on the front gets scratched very easily.

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>Wii U Pro not in God Tier
>any PS controller above shit tier
>Xbone not just Good Tier
>"Hori controllers" as a general category instead of specifying the best ones

Shit list m8

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This list was never good. It's clearly based off a combination of assumptions, favoritism and other shit. Also the SCPH-1080 should be in it's own category above everything else. It has the most versatile dpad ever.

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>rejoice that 8bitdo has finally made a 6 button controller
>Can finally have a modern 6 button controller
>no pro version
>shoulders are just mirrors of buttons 5 and 6
what the fuck were they thinking?
they probably delayed it so they could focus on their new NES online specific controllers

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>N30 Pro/N30 Pro 2
best dpad, but inferior to the SN30 Pro in all other ways
>SN30 Pro
their best model all around, if you don't roll your thumb across the dpad it works perfectly fine
>wireless usb adapter
solid product, no lag, good if you don't want to buy one of their controllers
why would you ever buy this
no idea

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The DS3 should not be that high on the list, as its D-pad and triggers are bad.

Also the Hori pad needs an update, the new models are a masterpiece.

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I'm sorry, my friend, but the Wii U pro has no heft and its right-stick-over-face-buttons orientation is unnatural.

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>>Is there a good NES controller with USB?
>Posts recommended controller list with a straightforward answer right there in God Tier

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>Wii U pro has no heft
I think that's a plus. I don't like controllers that are too heavy. With its battery and rumble motors it's just heavy enough for me.

>its right-stick-over-face-buttons orientation is unnatural.
That's what I thought until I started using it. Something about how the controller is laid out actually makes it very comfortable to switch between the face buttons and the right stick. Using d-pad and face buttons is just a matter of shifting your hands down slightly and your thumbs will rest in a very natural position across them.

I use my Wii U Pro on my PC for tons of games. It's my primary controller and one of the best I own.

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My nigga. The Wii U Pro controller used for SNES games is peak comfy. Your hand just molds to the shape of the controller, fingers on shoulder buttons and all.
If it had a gyroscope it'd be perfect. Alas, my Steam Controller is my main PC controller.

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>If it had a gyroscope it'd be perfect.
Not including gyro in the Wii U Pro was the biggest blunder of Nintendo's history.

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They've been delayed until this spring.

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I'd consider buying a Genesis one if they'd add analog sticks to it (like the Retro-Bit ones) and make it all black.

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the logitech controller is amazing, take this fucking shit list back to reddlt

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And no wired support, even if you plug it in via USB it sends inputs over bluetooth.

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There is no NES controller there you liar

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This list is maximal autism. I have that exact same Logitech controller in the pic, and playing through Dark Souls 3 and a lot of the original Phantasy Star series was a pleasure. Retrolink was acceptable for NES emu too. And for

>Why so much love for first-party controllers
Major console manufacturers do not have controller design budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and probably not even in the hundreds of millions of yen.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day on /vr/.

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I use the Logitech F310 and it has not failed me in years. Your list is shit.

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Read the caption for the SNES controller in God Tier, dude.

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I can't speak for their new Sega stuff, but the SNES pads are lawsuit-worthy clones. They're nearly exact clones, and used to be even more similar before this year's redesign. They have the exact same dimensions as the original, so they feel very familiar. They're so similar that you can swap the buttons with OEM parts if you want. You can also get kits to convert your original controllers to wireless controllers if you'd like.
The plastic is heavy, very textured, and feels nice. They feel much more like a premium product than most clone controllers. They also have nice clicky buttons, although they still use rubber domes like the originals.
They used to have some lag issues, but that's been fixed in recent firmware updates. They have less lag than Nintendo's own Pro Controller.
The only downside is that they have a slightly less precise d-pad than the original. They're still very good (miles better than the Switch Pro Controller or 360) but you can get unexpected diagonals if you apply a lot of pressure and rock the d-pad around while holding a specific direction. Unfortunately a lot of controllers, retro and modern, have this issue. There's a way to fix it using some tape on the PCB, but if you don't rock the d-pad from the edges, you'll never have issues.
They're fantastic wireless controllers. Probably the best retro clone controllers out there. It's a shame they don't make them for more systems.

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The consensus is that Buffalos are better than 8bitdo snes controllers.

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You might want to wait for Retro-bit to release their official Sega-licensed Bluetooth controllers (also coming out for Saturn and DC). The 8bitdo Genesis controllers won't be Bluetooth. I recommend the 8bitdo SNES controllers and fight stick though.

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This list looks outdated. I'm pretty sure the DS4 is natively supported by Windows as a D-Input device at least, and Steam recognizes it and can remap its input just like it can with a Steam controller.

I believe Steam also recognizes the Switch Pro controller, but I haven't personally tested it. I would imagine it'd be in god tier.

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Those aren't wireless. They also don't feel as nice.
I haven't used one in a while so I'm not sure if the d-pad is better.

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>that hideous new SN30pro look

I gotta stock up on the old model before they run out

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The consensus around here is that they are because they aren't wireless which introduces too much latency, and while the plastic isn't as weighty the controls are less clicky and easier to use.

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Third party garbage.

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I too like using 20+ year old controllers.

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Agreed. Nicer than the NTSC Super Nintendo controller, of course, but nowhere near as nice as the original SFC controller.

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I actually had to disable diagonals in SNES emulator because it was impossible to wall jump effectively in Super Metroid because it is nearly impossible to just press left and right without accidentally hitting them.

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the sticks leave a lot to be desired, and the triggers kinda suck, but I do agree that it doesn't deserve that much hate. It's a cheap ass controller that works pretty decently.
If they made better sticks and made a set with 4 digital shoulder buttons, it'd be a really good controller.

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It's actually more natural than the common right stick on bottom layout, especially for old 2D games. Having the buttons and d pad parallel instead of having your thumbs in different positions feels a lot better. The d pad on the wii u pro is pretty decent too.

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They don't work on ePSXe for some reason.

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your issue is using epsxe in the first place

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I only play two PS1 games so I don't feel like setting up Mednafen or Retroarch. Also their UI feels too bulky.

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I just don't understand why they went and started changing the designs. Now I feel pressured to go and buy the more authentic looking ones before they skyrocket up to obscene prices on eBay. Because that's what happens in the retro market, even with third party stuff.

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>>shoulders are just mirrors of buttons 5 and 6
Saved me a purchase if true.

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>Is there a consensus on 8bitdo controllers
That their d-pads are garbage and you shouldn't bother.

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It's probably cheaper or has a better battery life. I take offense at the symmetrical sticks, though, that was always a stupid idea.

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