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/vr/ approved PS1 games?
Hidden/Personal Gems also accepted.

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Did somebody say hidden germs?

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PS1 has a lot of games, but the few that N64 has are better. It's quality vs. quantity. You won't find OoT or SM64 on the PS1, just knockoffs.

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Was wondering when "this guy" would show up.

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2nd post always right on time

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Alundra, Xenogear, Star Ocean 2, Wild Arms 1 & 2, Suikoden 1 & 2, Parasite Eve, maybe Parasite Eve 2, FFVII/IX, Breath of Fire IV, Dragon Quest VII, Grandia, Legend of Mana, Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen...

Honestly, I just play JRPGs on the PS1.

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You guys are all fucking wrong. 5th gen is far and away the worst generation for taking sides or attempting to say there are loads of good games.

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Earlier generations are borderline unplayable due to boredom, as the gameplay mechanics are so simplistic and graphics so basic.

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>years of real life spent grinding through menus

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Come back when you've played these.

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>Breath of Fire III
>Vanguard Bandits
>Vagrant's Story

Step it up, fag.

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World's Scariest Police Chases is rad if you want Driver with guns.
Fighting Force 2 was ripped in the reviews but is actually a very rad third person action game with a unique atmosphere.
Bond games are enjoyable.
If you want horror try Countdown Vampires, prerendered backgrounds and all.
Vampire Hunter D is proto-DMC.
Nuclear Dawn for a tank controlled MGS
NBA on NBC for a very fun multiplayer basketball game that plays 2v2 and has crazy jumps and powerups
Toca 1/2 for simcade stuff of the time
Sled Storm for snowmobile racing with nice level design that has shortcuts like old NFS games and trick system
Scooby Doo is a knockoff crash game that is not too bad to waste an hour or two onto.

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Ace Combat 3, even the nerfed English-language version without the story

Also Star Ixiom

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There is a translation patch for the japanese AC3

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Jet Rider/Jet Moto (depending on your region).

Fun as fuck except for the snow levels, with that fucking god-tier track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf3QGeMv_AY (ignore the title, it's from both Jet Rider 1 and Twisted Metal 2)

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Alien Trilogy
Ape Escape
Brave Fencer Musashi
Bugs Bunny Time Busters
Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3
Crash Team Racing
Dino Crisis 1/2
Disney's Hercules
Duke Nukem Time to Kill
Future Cop LAPD
R-Type Delta
Legacy of Kain Blood Omen
Mega Man 8
Mega Man X4/X5/X6
Spider-Man 1/2
Spyro 1/2/3
Star Wars Jedi Power Battles

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No matter what don't play Blood Omen on ps1, play it on PC instead. The loading times are unbearable.

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You can't get it anywhere, emulation is your best bet.

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Literally third result on google you imbecile

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Umihara Kawase Shun is the best and I guess /vr/ approved though seems most fans on here left.

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R-Type Delta
Zanac X Zanac
Bushido Blade
Castlevania Chronicles
Strider 2

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Fear Effect 1 and 2

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N64 had only about 20 good games. And if you're not into childish platformers it's like 10.

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>I prefer true games of skill to impress the ladies
>Wait till everyone sees my high scores, then they'll finally respect me

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If you like Lightgun games:

Time Crisis: Project Titan
Elemental Gearbolt
Ghoul Panic
Rescue Shot

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thank you

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patrician taste.

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Critical Depth was a favorite of mine.

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I love the N64 and can't even name 20 good games.

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Thanks for all the games, anons.
Got a lot on my list for future play now.

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Just played this for the first time tonight and holy shit it's secretly the first character action game

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1 Mario 64
2 Paper Mario
3 Kart
4 Party 2
5 Ocarina
6 Majora
7 Smash
8 F-Zero
9 Kirby
10 Banjo
11 Conker
12 Perfect Dark
13 Blast Corps
14 Diddy Kong Racing
15 Doom
16 Mischief Makers
17 Ogre Battle
18 Sin & Punishment
19 Custom Robo
20 Custom Robo V2

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It's your basic puzzle game but it has the sort of presentation that manages to put you in a relaxed state while you're puzzle-solving and I'm a sucker for any game with a level editor

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True, but the ones that it does have are actually fun. Like I said, there's nothing close to OoT on PS1. But if you prefer quantity (a bunch of shitty PC ports) over quality, by all means go for PS1.

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The game has bad controls.
Star Wars Jedi Power Battles is bad and I would recommend Alien Resurrection over Alien Trilogy

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It's only retro if the graphics give me zero fucking clue what I am looking at.

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I'd say Alien Trilogy isn't that bad, but man is it hard.
Haven't played Alien Resurrection yet. Why do you think it is better than Trilogy ?

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Alien Trilogy is a shitty doom clone with 2d sprites. Alien Resurrection is a revolutionary 3d shooter utilizing the analog sticks

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Alien Trilogy: A good Doom clone
Alien Resurrection: Notable only for its control scheme.
I know what I'd take.

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>getting upset that people would like to share games that a lot of people may be unaware of

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I would love to meet a cuck aspie like you in person. To list off a few random games and have you scramble pretending you played them or knew of them.

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>he likes doom clones

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>"hidden" gem thread
>the same exact shit listed in every other gem thread

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>17 games in and he has to start listing japanese games
Also all those games besides zelda and mario 64 are just alright to good. You could make a list of about 200 alright to good ps1 games

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>name x good games
>these x games are good
>nuh uh. QED
So it goes. Guess it's my fault for replying to a post like that.

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Scooby Doo Cyber Chase? I revently beat that one. Only really had trouble on the third level.
The PS1 is garbage for 3D platformers

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>Garbage for 3d platformers

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Really fun if you're a fan of mecha anime.

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Thank me later

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Sadly this is true. N64 wasn't that good.

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5th gen in general wasn't that good.

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Honestly, I've always thought that all PS1/N64/Saturn 3d platformers were shitty as fuck. SM64 included.

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Incredible Crisis

I had a hard time with this game as a kid, my family still remembers it for the elevator and ferris wheel segments. Really unique game.

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>armored core
>dukes of hazard

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that looks fun
>Alien Resurrection
that doesn't look so bad either.

personally i think jackie chan stuntmaster is /vr/ approved. I played it for the first time recently and had a pretty good time, it's a good mix between crash bandicoot and a beat em all

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Wild 9 used to spook me out. I think it's a gem

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Nice hidden gems list, Anon! I never knew these existed.

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>Thread for /vr/ approved games
>Hidden gems was a side-note
>Calls the obvious list of approved games hidden gems

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Medievil was pretty goddamn sweet, played it so much I wore out the disc, years later downloaded it onto my ps3 no regrets

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Rising Zan the Samurai Gunman

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Mort the Chicken

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