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Gimme suggestions of good and not extremely expensive games for Sega Saturn.

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Why don't you have a modchip or pseudo saturn?

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I do , but I like buying some official copies.

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this is an underrated light gun game, and the japanese version called "henry explorers" goes for pretty cheap

Virtua fighter 1 &2, and Dead or Alive are also worth having and cheap

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No such thing as good and cheap when it comes to Saturn. All the good stuff will destroy your wallet.

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Super Robot Wars F and F Final

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Alien Trilogy?
Its not Saturn exclusive though. But its a solid enough fps.

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Buy a saturn mod chip or pseudo saturn for 60 or less. Every game you want then

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>good games
>Sega Saturn
Should we tell him, bros?

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Go away

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>Go away

The fun thing about this is that now that we had Hideki Sato interviews translated, we know that he was just doing what Sega wanted him to do. They lost $100 on every Saturn sold, and they couldn't bring over third party games because those compete against first party titles and make things worse for Sega themselves.

Releasing more games made them lose money, releasing more consoles made them lose money. Bernie bringing over only a handful of titles was a solid strategy, because it maximizes the amount of games sold while hardware production can be quietly halted (they almost completely stopped overseas unit production after the 1996 xmas season - the time when they gave 3 games away with the Saturn, making them lose EVEN MORE money with every unit sold).

In retrospect, Bernie was right. Sega was in a shit pit and he tried to make the most out of it while prepping up the Dreamcast launch. He went out and told devs to stop making Saturn games and do Dreamcast instead, and made the unit sell for $200 instead of $250 at launch.

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Die Hard Arcade

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Just play Nintendo shit. All the sega shit not named genesis is just washed up forgotten trite with jacked up novelty prices merely because its just that: a novelty

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People who buy them deserve to be robbed when the modchip is literally 1 wire.

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Fugg yes. Then get a Zwei Iso.

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sega has some good games. only problem is that all of their games play like arcade games. you know, games youd go to an arcade for and get excited there. games that have an edge in gameplay, like sor2 or rots. when im home i dont mind playing something more relaxing like dkc or loz64, maybe ff.
the only sega game ive ever found that has that similar feeling is maybe bonanza bros. even games like flicky and that shoot em up where youre in a bug suit are demanding.

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Yes what a strategic genius he was, telling everybody the Saturn was dead in May 1997, a year before it was actually dead. He was Don Mattrick levels of incompetant.