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Why did the Playstation Classic bomb so hard?

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>Poor emulation
>Shitty game selection
>Shitty controller quality
>No dualshock

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It\s pretty alright if you mod it, but I suppose most people just buying it won't be thinking to hack it.

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1. didn't even know the thing existed, guess most people don't.
2. Why would I buy this thing when I can't even play my original discs on it? Pay Sony again for a game I already own?
3. People simply don't give a shit about retro games.

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>can't even play my original discs on it

Surely that's a lie

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shit hardware, nes mini can run games from different platform but ps classic struggles with ps games

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Nope, it doesn't have disc drive.

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I can buy a cheap PSP and emulate on the go

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You didn't actually think the NES Classic and SNES Classic were selling because of "nostalgia", did you?

5th gen consoles just suck. If Nintendo goes full retard and releases a N64 Classic it'll bomb, too.

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PS classic is an emulator.

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How can one person be wrong so many times in one post?

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>If Nintendo goes full retard and releases a N64 Classic it'll bomb, too.
I disagree only because there is the same reason to buy a N64 mini as an SNES mini.

>Ravenous Nintendrones
>Can play the same games on Wii or Wii U
>Nearly identical OEM controllers that will last until the end of the world
>Undeniable classic look
>Actual quality product that plays games well

It is normie food, but they ate it up. Anyone with a modded wii had no need for any part of it except possibly the controllers. The PSX mini got poor reviews, had shit games and the classic digital controller. If it had gotten better hardware reviews, it may have done better. Nintendo fans will buy recycled cardboard because it is officially licensed, and that is a good way to help understand it. A n64 mini will be an absolute top seller. Sony dropped the ball big time, and though it was a good idea, everything they did needed some improvements.
>Switch was the top selling game system of 2018
I don't believe it either, but I can't find anything disputing it. I am indifferent to the console wars even in 2019, but it seems that Nintendo is doing something right, no matter how dumb their shit seems. Someday when I get a HD tv, I may buy one just to mod it and play my games again without all the bullshit upscalers and converters.

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Are you stupid or something?
The NES and SNES classics at least had a bunch of great games on them, the PS classic had like five good ones and it leave a bunch of other games that made the PS the hit that it was to only included games like nobody gave a fuck about them back in the day.
I heard you can hack it but i don't know how the hacked games run, if the emulation of the hacked games are good i may get one just to fuck around.

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Don't forget they went with PAL format games for the American version, how do they fuck that up?

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That's easy to explain: since the PAL versions run at a lower framerate, it allows them to skimp on the emulation hardware. It's a shitty thing to do, but what do you expect from a shitty company like Sony?

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I'm interested in the controllers. Are they usb and can I buy them without the shitty emulator box?

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>I'm interested in the controllers.
>Are they usb

>can I buy them without the shitty emulator box?
Used on Ebay would be your best bet. However, you could get a controller adapter and use dual shock on your PC and it may be better overall. I have had pic related for years, and never had any trouble. I only played one game with it, but it was somewhat worth the price.

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Thanks, anon. I also have one of these usb multi-adapters, but since I never use the analog stick, I figured I might as well jam it in directly.

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>I figured I might as well jam it in directly.
I watched this video, and the things look like absolute junk from what I see

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He's not completely wrong, the 5th gen was to the 6th gen what the 3rd gen was to the 4th. Sure there's classics to be found but if your interest is in 3D games then most games except fighters from the 5th gen look, control, and at times play like absolute dog shit compared to the offerings in 6th. And before anyone goes "muh modern gaems" the current modern trends didn't start until mid 7th gen and picked up steam towards the end of it.

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It wasn't made of nintendium. Also for once Youtubers were mostly honest with their reviews.

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This just in: Millennials killing retro gaming. Full story at 9.

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The PSX doesn't attract the same rabid manchildren crowd that Nintendo products do.

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There was all ready assholes paying $200-$300 for mini Nintendo raspberry pi systems preloaded with games before the NES mini was released.
.as for the SNES mini it's a quality product with a quality game library.

Even the AVGN had to buy a SNES mini so he could play a legal downloaded copy of earthbound for a video review.

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apparently it's just retroarch running on a shitty android box, last I heard even Vita TV runs its PSX games better than the PS Mini Classic.

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>AVGN needed to buy an SNES Classic

Doesn't that guy have a Wii U? They put it out on virtual console there. Furthermore, given how people fucking send him carts, I don't get how he never got a copy of Earthbound flung his way. Finally, it's not like that's an expensive game in the grand scheme of things. All he has to do is buy it, play it, then autograph it and sell it to some fuckhead for 5x the buying price. Sounds like a copout excuse.

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>ninty's minis now (or soon) selling for $100+ due to being discontinued
>psxc basically have to be sold at cost (if even that)

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>N64 will bomb by Hiroshima standards
Nintendo doesn't have the licenses or the rights to any of the good games , the rest aren't worth it

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Maybe if you break off pieces of the disc of the part of the game you want to play?

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He wanted to play a legal copy.
Also a SNES earthbound cartridge is really expensive.


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It's didn't emulate games well and it didn't have tomb raider 1&2 and crash bandicoot

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SNES Earthbound isn't that pricey, a few hundred is not infeasible for a working adult to spend on a hobby, especially since for him it's basically a business expense.

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Great idea. Like Blacker Lotus from MTG.

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If Nintendo does a N64 classic (which they will), they will probably add a rom of Mother 64 in order to make profit.
And that's the only thing that matters.

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Anon the game was barely a demo when they showed it off. There's nothing there for them to give us

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The overall package sux dick
It could have like 15 eccentric games however if they were emulated properly and with an interface that isn't shareware it would have sold much better
This is like "let's finish the project before lunch" quality though

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Because despite what you’ been told, most people aren’t into sucking cock.

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I think most people still have their playstations
Also pirating is super easy

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Ok, but there are cheaper options for a legal copy now

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Because shit shit don't sell shit

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right, like the 10 dollar or whatever one on virtual console on wii u, which he probably already had. Buying a classic just for EB emulation didn't make any sense.

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Don't even try to make sense of e-celeb "logic".

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The hilarious thing is that a hacked Nintendo mini can run PS games better than a hacked PS mini

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>Nintendo doesn't have the licenses or the rights to any of the good games , the rest aren't worth it
They have 20ish games on the virtual console that would sell to normies and nintendrones quite easily. Out of the less than 400 game library, this is the cream of the crop of 1st party games.
Obviously for anyone who has been around and soft modded a system in the last 8+ years this is irrelevant, but hipsters love their shelf decorations. The same people that bought the SNES & NES classics would buy the N64 mini.

However, the appeal of adding roms to it would not be there as I would think it be next to impossible to do, similar to "injecting" roms just to get them to run on VC games. The best way to play N64 games has been and will continue to be on the N64 with a flash cart.


No thanks. Nothing compares to the analog controller. Every game runs with 100% accuracy and without any sort of unintended/missed glitches.

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Nah it will sell like hotcakes.
Because Nintendo classic games are their own breed.

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It's a shitty rehash and normies don't get it.

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Did anyone here seriously expect it to? Seriously wtf /vr/

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They probably put more money into marketing it than they did making it.

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Negative IQ

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>And before anyone goes "muh modern gaems" the current modern trends didn't start until mid 7th gen and picked up steam towards the end of it.

I don't get where that meme came from. 5th gen games aren't anything like modern ones, not in the distribution methods or the controls or the types of games or the general look and feel of them.

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I hate to tell you anon, but spit the hook out.

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Because it's cheaper to build one

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Still could have been at least a moderate success despite all this if the roster of games wasn't so shit.

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You have to be a retarded zoomer to unironically think that 6th generation was better than the 5th. The 5th gen always has and always will be the golden era of gaming. Nothing you revisionist zoomers will say can change that. Sorry kiddo.

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cause polygons look like shit

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Yeah fuck em. Metaballs are the future.

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>The 5th gen always has and always will be the golden era of gaming
It might have been on PCs anyway.

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I wasn't arguing against that, I was just saying there's no point in buying a EB cart when collectors* are artificially driving up the price through speculation.


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Absolutely rubbish lineup that even normies didn't give a shit about.

>> No.5332339

I wouldn't have minded getting it for the gimmick if not for total lack of analog sticks. Even tiny nubs like the N3DS would've worked but leave it to Sony to fuck up

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Fifth gen had a lot of charm and a great variety but it's pretty terrible when it comes to a lot of 2D action genres.

>> No.5332348

Can the N3DS SNES emulator play SA-1 games?

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>pc games are all visual novels
>3d console games played like ass
>every 2d game decided it needed to be prince of persia
5th gen sucked, buddy

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That picture is how socialism looked like, just with fish conserves instead of crappy consoles

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Fifth gen is the worst and was the easiest to improve upon, despite its many firsts.

>> No.5332530


With SNES9x, yes.

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Have you ever owned a Saturn?

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He didn't buy shit. Some fanboy of his probably donated it to him.

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>pc games are all visual novels
Total Annihilation and Civ2 say otherwise.

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how is Sony a shitty company? any company will make mistakes, so who cares. but other than this fuckup, what makes them a shitty company? their games are awesome, and their hardware is consistently top-notch

>> No.5332594

The fifth generation was a huge step down compared to what came before as far as console games went.
>pc games are all visual novels
Confirmed for never having played a PC game during the fifth generation.

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I wouldn't say Sony is a bad company but I also wouldn't say their hardware is top notch. Their best designed product ever is probably the Vita. The PSX was designed for the SNES originally and the final product features a lot of design limitations that just looks like an upgraded SNES (like slapping on a co-processor that just serves as a frame buffer). Later Kutaragi designs were over-engineered messes built purely for theoretical max processing power at an extreme expense to real-world performance. Then the PS4 basically just used home theatre PC parts cause Ken was gone.

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Sony has a long history of being shitty. The CD rootkit fiasco, the Lik-Sang incident, their anti-cross-platform networking stance, their recent draconian censorship policies, the list goes on and on.

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Yeah I own a Saturn and I love it but when it comes to 2D genres like pure platformers, action platformers, run 'n guns, and beat 'em ups it's severely lacking when compared to any major fourth gen system.

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Movie games tend to age poorly. When the 5th gen was actually happening the ps1 was far and away my favorite console. Nowadays I love coming back to the n64 and even the Saturn but aside from like mgs1 and the legacy of kain games I have zero desire to replay any ps1 exclusives

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The PS1, PS2 and PS3 were all extremely forward thinking designs and every time the design decisions were proven justified through superiority over their competitors and the eventual adaptation of all their technology and concepts in every successful piece of hardware way down the line.

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>Lik Sang

Holy shit I forgot about that site.

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is this the most wrong post of all time?
ps1: laser falls out of alignment with simple use
ps2: laser falls out of alignment with simple use
ps3: hdmi port breaks connection with mobo
every single one of them was a shoddy piece of trash that failed more often than its contemporaries, except the ps3 where they lucked out and faced the colossal failure of the 360

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Why do you think their waiting so long to put it out? Their finishing mother 64

>> No.5333093

>cartridges with compressed audio and no cutscenes were a feature!

Peak delusion. PSX had way better exclusives than N64, Sony just picked some duds.

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Cope harder you spic

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You're thinking of PS4, PS3 had its shit handed to it until they soft relaunched with the redesign in 2009.

>> No.5333802

more supported languages for more marketability and they thought most people were too retarded to notice

>> No.5333804

more like they're negotiating with MS the rights to getting Rare games on there, because otherwise the N64 library is pretty paltry.

Also, they have to figure out some way of recreating the finnicky fuck N64 sticks that won't blow dildos at playing N64, unlike most aftermarket solutions that have come out.

La fiesta te espera

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Nintendo's shit sells on nostalgia. Sony doesn't have any of that because up until the PS4 you could still play all the games on every iteration of their consoles. So they had no nostalgia factor, compiled with the reasons people have already listed in this thread is a recipe for non-interest

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>pay for something
>get something for free
which one do you think people went for?

>> No.5333830

Lackluster videogame library.
I would've bought one but

>> No.5333942

Well part of that also is that Sony never really developed the brand identity that Nintendo did. Nintendo picked that shit up from Disney back when they sold playing cards. The realization was that if you have a strong brand identity, with popular recognizable characters that are all strongly associated with your company, then people will gravitate to your characters, all of them, simply by merit of their shared owner. It works for Mickey and Bambi, and it works for Mario and Link. That's a big part of why Nintendo is so protective of their brand and of their characters, they realize that people put as much if not more stock in the characters and franchises than they do in the actual games themselves, and they feel that they have to maintain a strong and consistent quality to their representation.

Meanwhile, Sony basically has all hired guns. Their recognizable characters are for the most part tied up in other companies, and they've never played hardball with those characters being Sony exclusives. This is obvious when you look at something like Playstation All-Stars Battle. The game is missing very obvious fan favorites from playstation history, and yet it has blatant padding despite only having about 20 characters. Sony is the reliable workhorse for devs who want to stay afloat and stay independent, but if sony wasn't around, then it's not as if tons of iconic characters would suddenly be in limbo, they'd just bandwagon onto the next best offering. You can say what you want about Nintendo's handling of things, but they have done a good job at uniting their various series and characters into a strong brand image.

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I really hope some retarded would-be scalpers got burned by this piece of shit.

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>t-third p-party support is a weakness
>n-nintendo rehashing mediocre IPs for nostalgia ridden man children is 4D chess!


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I don't see the counter-argument of your post. I never said that Nintendo's policy here was always a good one. Nintendo's lack of third party past the Super Famicom is a weakness in their console's appeal, without a doubt, but that lack of third party support only proves to exemplify how strong their brand image really is, given that they've basically survived for 20 years now off of their own products alone. Put Sony in the same position (all first party, almost no third party) and they'd be much worse off than Nintendo.

I get that you wanted to turn this into some kind of consolewar shitpost, but you actually just backed up my point, so you really achieved the opposite of your goal. I hope that you practice more and apply yourself, and that your shitposting game improves with time. Until then please read the image posted.

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The PS1 classic's problem actually lies with the success of the PS1 itself. The PS1 had extremely varied games, which makes a compilation much harder to pull off. People who liked MGS won't necessarily like Crash Bandicoot, and so on. The N64 had a limited selection of games, but that would mean the N64 classic would have a much more consistent lineup of games. Notice how people keep talking about the same 10 games for the 64? That's because that's all it really had.

>> No.5334482

Not him but that's defo the reason. The PSC doesn't include the games that embodied the console, so why even make it.

>> No.5334975

Whoever payed full price for that thing should hang their head in shame.

>> No.5334984

Many of the NES/SNES games on offer are only available at inflated prices due to scarcity. The stark majority of PS1 games are still attainable at reasonable prices, aside from a few outliers like LSD Dream Emulator

>> No.5334994

I haven't tried any of the 3D Zelda games yet, I'll probably get N64 Classic just to play that

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>> No.5335021

A few hundred?
What do you counterfeit money or don't have a girlfriend?

A normal guy does not have a few hundred to spend on a old SNES cartridge.

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I'm sure some idiots who are new to scalping might have got burned, but if any scalpers with half a brain saw that this thing had zero hype, they wouldn't have tried it in the first place. During its release week, I did notice a few were showing up on kijiji, and people were asking anywhere between $200-$300 CAD. (retail was $130 cad plus tax). And by the friday of that week they were already being heavily discounted by the scalpers or they might have just returned them to stores anyway. Why scalp it for double the retail price if people aren't even willing to pay MSRP for it anyway?

>> No.5335564

Sony is used to having lots of shit eating consumers, so they assumed they were going to all buy their shitty selection of games.

>> No.5335668


>Celebration of PS1
>No Crash
>No Spyro

Are you fucking serious?

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>6th generation was better than the 5th

>> No.5335864

I was going to buy it, but then I found out that there were PAL games on it.

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>the PS classic had like five good ones

In other words, half or more of the entire library of PS1 games worth playing.

It's just a shitty console.

>> No.5335875

5th gen has some great arcade games and it was THE best era for PC gaming.

But consoles? GTFO of here. PS1, N64, Saturn were all mediocre. Even GBC was crap compared to the original GB. Best thing GBC had going for it was backwards compatibility.

>> No.5335887

The PS1 was the Wii of its time. No console has aged worse. 90% of the games are UNPLAYABLE.

>> No.5335892

>"muh nintendrones"


>> No.5335916

Actually if you break off the piece of plastic where the "fake" disc drive, there will be a hidden disc drive where you can play all of your original Sony System games.

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Switch: Top Seller 2018.

>> No.5335949

Right, but it's a minidisc drive, so you need to buy Sony mini-dv disks to burn your images to after you buy the sony playstation disk converter.

>> No.5335992

1) shitty game lineup
2) no analogue
3) they expected it to do as well as the nintendo emulator boxes, without keeping in mind that nintendo drones will devour that shit up and beg for more. This behavior doesn't carry over to other companies

>> No.5336048

Zoomers only care about 'muh fake 90s nostalgia' as long as they don't have to pay for it

>> No.5336098

Selling PAL crap to the US market? Fire that cheap half-assed marketing director NOW!!

>> No.5336130

You can chip it yourself

>> No.5336168

$150-200 is less than a day of work and about the same cost as going out with your girlfriend for a night. It's not that big of a deal

>> No.5336181

It can’t run the NTSC versions full speed. They picked the cheapest possible hardware for this thing. It doesn’t even run most of the games on there at full speed.

>> No.5336195

>Meanwhile, Sony basically has all hired guns. Their recognizable characters are for the most part tied up in other companies

Yeah, look at how the ps4s best seller of lady year was fucking Spiderman. Who is Sony going to get a game of next, Mr. Clean?

Unless you're Jeff Bezos no one makes over 200 dollars a day, unless you're talking about Eurab monopoly money.

>> No.5336354

Companies will sell you the cheapest piles of dog crap because they think Americans are so stupid that they'll buy up anything you chuck at them!!
Greedy ass businesses can go suck it!!

>> No.5336459

I heard people hacked the console and it could play non-pal versions just as well as the pal versions. Not only that, but the pal versions they did use didn't run as slow on an actual console, they didn't adjust the settings on the emulator properly. They were incompetent and didn't bother to play test the damn things.

>> No.5336541

I was shitting on nintendo dumbass

>> No.5336605

more like sucking nintendick you mindless shill

>> No.5338243


>> No.5338468

>Sony PlayStation outsells N64

20 years later.......
>Sony PlayStation mini can't outsell a SNES mini.

Face it. The mini unit flopped because of every issue you could imagine, including Nintendo making a superior competing product from a previous generation. A N64 mini would have outsold it also. It has nothing with being a Nintendrone or a Playstationary. Sony & M$'s best days are behind them.

>> No.5338549

>meh game selection
>noone wants to buy a emulator unless pure soi
>can buy a real ps1 for cheaper

>> No.5338551

Sony maybe, but MS? I'm not sure about that. The Xbox Live service on the Xbox One line has improved in recent years in certain areas.

>> No.5338659
File: 22 KB, 406x407, 0d21e23b-5de1-43a3-839f-693a9d0c1689-1020x612_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Unless you're Jeff Bezos no one makes over 200 dollars a day

>> No.5338675

>Unless you're Jeff Bezos no one makes over 200 dollars a day

>> No.5338676

I agree on three of those things, but for what it's worth, I think the controllers are pretty good.

>> No.5338683
File: 658 KB, 1234x1120, 1548969095318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Meanwhile, Nintendo's best days ended in 1995.

>> No.5338689

no games

dead on arrival

>> No.5338694

Maybe Sony’s but MS makes a vastly superior product with a lot more value than Sony and has for years. They had some missteps with the xbone but they quickly reacted and corrected those. At any rate yeah Nintendo just made a vastly superior product to the PS classic. Including Star fox 2 was incredible and they had a nice full lineup of games people actually wanted and don’t half bake their console like Sony did. When the N64 mini comes out it’s gonna sell like hot cakes and most likely be on the same hardware as the Snes and Nes mini.

>> No.5338710

I think they just needed some field testing with their predicted demographic. Everyone's complaint lies in the game selection being subpar, which is funny cause the ps1 has a massive library of amazing games, it definitely dwarfs n64 or I'd even argue SNES with just how many fantastic games they have in their library. Maybe they didnt think filling the library with the same genre was a good call (being jrpgs), but the ps1 is up there with the SNES with how many incredible RPGs it has. Even avoiding those theres just so many games to choose from they must've had one guy with shit taste to pick all the American batch, and they should have tested those games with more people before deciding that was the final batch and shipping it.

>> No.5338765

The controller is fine. Hardware wise there's not really anything wrong with it, but they did a piss poor, slapdash implementation of PCSX, and more importantly the game selection is absolute garbage. Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Oddworld, Rayman, Wild Arms, Super Puzzle Fighter 2, Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer 4 are the only games in the lineup that I would actually consider classics, so that means that you have 8 classic games and 13 pieces of shovelware. 20 games is already too skimpy, but when less than half of those are actually classics, you couldn't give the thing away, let alone charge $100 for it.

If they had included say, 30 or 40 games and none of it was shovelware, I'd say it would definitely be worth $100. I have almost 70 games on my hacked one and I am buying a bigger flash drive because I want room for even more. The Playstation has one of the best libraries of all time, and it is painfully obvious that the games that Sony chose were that neither they or their third party partners expected to make money off of (with a few exceptions).

I would say, now is the time to buy one if you want to use Bleemsync. No price would be low enough for such a pitiful game selection, but as a piece of hardware I definitely enjoy using mine for PS1 games, and with some help from the Retroarch version of PCSX almost all games run fine on it now, and look much better thanks to turning on integer scaling and disabling bilinear filtering. I am planning to mod mine to store the flash drive internelly eventually to give the appearance of a totally stock unit.

>> No.5338838
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>$ONYtard being blissfully ignorant of his go-to companie's long stand against console Cross-play, sueing of sellers of jailbroken PS4 systems and their censorship of quite a number of PS4 games for all regions since mid-late 2017 due to execs caving in to brainless SJW NPCs

>> No.5338883

Just buy a cheap repro from aliexpress and just say it’s real. That’s what I did with crusader of centy as it’s ridiculously expensive for a genesis game

>> No.5338884

I just snagged one for $52 plus $25 gift card and free shipping from BH Photo.

I wanted one for the controllers to use with mednafen, the console as a desk ornament is a neat bonus. So pretty much $25 for 2 PS1 controllers is pretty sweet. I really like using brand new 1st party controllers for the console i am emulating.

>> No.5338930

>nobody makes over 200$ a day
How are things in mainland China?

>> No.5338946

Woah hold on there. You are wrong automatically if you think Resident Evil isn't a classic. That game will always be a classic. One of the best of all time and I've played it numerous times. I think the biggest single issue is the poor emulation. The second huge issue is the lack of quantity. This could have been Sony's opportunity to seriously one up Nintendo and not only give people a good mini console but also one that blows out Nintendo as far as amount of games. In my opinion 50 would have been a perfect amount of games but yes I guess that isn't "realistic" according to this shitty industry.

You're still right about there being too many shovelware or forgettable games. I get that Intelligent Cube is supposedly a good underrated gem but these mini consoles should always be assuring the best selling and most iconic games get on first and foremost because the main selling point of them will always be nostalgia. Then you even have certain franchises getting represented but not the best one in a series like Twisted Metal, which should have been 2 included. Sony is just simply garbage at nostalgia stuff. They aren't Nintendo here. Even if they had the most honest of intentions (which they certainly did not) they would have fucked something up in some way due to them not really even having a real history as far as iconic great game exclusive franchises of the past. That is Nintendo's strength, not Sony.

Just would like to finish off that I really wish this thing was great because I seriously wanted one had it had a better selection of games and emulation.

>> No.5338987


>> No.5339038
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>it'll bomb

I know you don't believe that.

I would be the first fucking person to buy one, and I already have two original N64 consoles and all of the games (most all of the games.)

>> No.5339047
File: 80 KB, 468x471, 06453155885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My man..

Fuck yeah, this game right here and Virtua Cop.

>> No.5339096

Who gives a fuck about economics and sales you piece of shit. It's all about the games you giant faggot.

>> No.5339105

The console wasn't that good or groundbreaking as people remember, people liked it because it was very cheap and you could play pirated games. It wasn't about quality. Also add the fact that they choose such a shitty games list, bad emulation and there you have it....A commercial flop.

>> No.5339112

how can you enjoy playing your console knowing it underperformed its projected sales by 17%? Quarterly earnings is what I base my console choices on. Phfffwargh with exclusive games I say.

>> No.5339121

The console has very frequent dips with all of the games. There’s a lot wrong with the hardware anon. It’s a gigantic piece of shit

>> No.5339904

>The Xbox Live service
>MS makes a vastly superior product
Superior to what? Their best days are behind them. M$ and Sony are both selling nothing more than a closed source mini-gaming pc/tv box. How many "exclusive" titles on each system are worth thinking about? Is that really worth the price for a 30fps experience upscaled to your 4k tv? For the price of a Xbone/PS4 you could get a graphics card for your computer and everything is better. I haven't bought a game console for myself since an Xbox sometime in 2004, and sitting out and watching the development of the hardware AND the target audience is entertaining. I do own an wii incidentally, and there is less than a handful of games that are worth a fuck. Thank god for homebrew.

>Nintendo's best days ended in 1995.
>Top Selling System 2018

The "best days" of gaming ended in the mid-late 90s with some stragglers doing clean up through the mid 2000s. Nintendo at least does whatever they want, irrelevant of what the market says it wants. I think this is the hardest issue for brand-fans to grasp. Nintendo doesn't give a fuck. They make whatever they want to. PS4 & Xbox from my perspective seem like the same damn thing. Black tv boxes with the only major difference being the controller.

A N64 mini would outsell the PSX mini GUARANTEED, even if sony released something that was perfect. I am no "fanboy", and I think that the PlayStation was a better console in many ways. Sure the N64 was inventive and different, but the ps was marginally better. Sony could have fucked up worse on the mini system, but not much. It was close to greatness, but was just off in everything. All you can do now is hope that some 3rd party modder fixes it, but I doubt it.

>> No.5340272

Simply greentexting Xbox Live is not a is not a valid arguement. I'm thinking of getting either a 1TB Xbox One original Elite or a 1TB One S( the latter perhaps as part of a bundle) for the Christmas/Yule season to accompany my Launch model Switch. Yeah, the PS4 has good games in its own right along with an arguably better payment basis for PS4 and VIta Playstation Network, but the interface is still quite clunky in more than one area. Not only that, but on top of the PS1 Classic bombing, $ony has, since mid-late 2017, done unnecessary restructuring with their headquarters along with imposing a set of bullshit content censorship guidelines for PS4 games for all regions. They caved in to the idiot NPC dolts who make up most of mainstream vidya journalism these days.

>> No.5340304

You sound like the typical customer base alright.

Bet you wear nintendo jammies too.

>> No.5340362

To be fair most people would have been too retarded to notice, but they were also turned off by other things about it so the people who would notice were even more turned off than they were before. If the NES classic had used PAL roms for whatever reason, most people who are actually in their target audience wouldn't have known the difference.

>> No.5340387

>because otherwise the N64 library is pretty paltry.
They could do fine without the Rare games, but they'd have to go all in on the games, releasing stuff they've never put on the VC before.

Including just Banjo/Tooie/Perfect Dark would make people a LOT more accepting of it having an otherwise lackluster library.

>> No.5340389

>Simply greentexting Xbox Live is not a is not a valid arguement.
I may not have directly addressed the sentiments involving Xbox Live, but I did outline my reasoning for quoting it.

>For the price of a Xbone/PS4 you could get a graphics card for your computer and everything is better.

Everything including the internet. A PC is a superior machine in nearly every way from a hardware standpoint.

>> No.5340407
File: 179 KB, 375x375, 1548500014786.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They were lazy niggers who used a slightly tweaked fanmade emulator instead of making their own. It's widely known 3d console emulation is very shoddy outside of arguably the gamecube. The ps1/psx emulation has so many issues that could have easily been ironed out by the actual professional programmers who not only have access to every detail of the original design but were likely involved in either the development of it or at least developing games for it.

But no, Sony didn't want to bother and just wanted to cash in on the retards who buy emulation boxes, and it still blew up in their faces. Nintendo has been gouging their classic library for a decade now with virtual stores each console generation, but at least they put effort into their classic products. Do you think Nintendo is going to use project64 or mupen64 if they release that console as a classic?

>> No.5340412

Fact of the matter is Sony had an uphill battle and didn't leverage any of their strengths.

Wrong age group for max nostalgia and disposable income.
Late to market.
Can't play games off psn.
Poor game choices.
Weak first party line up.
Poor hardware.
Locked options manu.

Psclassic should have been psp guts in a new case with Bluetooth.

>> No.5340454

>Unless you're Jeff Bezos no one makes over 200 dollars a day, unless you're talking about Eurab monopoly money.
M8 I make $20 an hour working 10 hour days, and I'm pretty low on the totem pole at my job. And all I do is industrial painting, which is literally an entry level position. Most people don't make minimum wage.

>> No.5340471 [DELETED] 

>Do you think Nintendo is going to use project64 or mupen64 if they release that console as a classic?
Well that would be rather retarded as they already have their own N64 emulator that outperforms them ten times over. I remember commending Nintendo on how well their Gamecube/Wii N64 emulators performed (they used an emulator for the N64 zelda games on the gamecube, a single generation after the N64) and people tried to shit on me saying duhh that's because they were paid. Sure getting paid a bundle is great, but it doesn't alter the laws of temperature and physics.

>> No.5340476

>Do you think Nintendo is going to use project64 or mupen64 if they release that console as a classic?
Well that would be rather retarded as they already have their own N64 emulator that outperforms them ten times over. I remember commending Nintendo on how well their Gamecube/Wii N64 emulators performed (they used an emulator for the N64 zelda games on the gamecube, a single generation after the N64) and people tried to shit on me saying duhh that's because they were paid. Sure getting paid a bundle is great, but it doesn't alter the laws of temperature and physics. Now take a look at Sony's equivalent attempt, such a joke.

>> No.5340487

Wii and DS outsold everything Nintendo made that came before it.

>> No.5340493

The Gamecube's N64 emulator was notoriously shoddy for MM, though.

>> No.5340513

I'm glad Nintendo didn't go with that bullshit for the sake of retarded French people who can't be bothered to learn English

>> No.5340550

Anon said he played the whole game thru multiple times no problem

>> No.5340561

>Psclassic should have been psp guts in a new case with Bluetooth.
The PSPGo would have been a perfect place to start from also. They would really get the buyers if they would have included something Nintendo didn't have, which is standard definition outputs, but I know that is reaching.

I keep looking at getting a PSPGo to replace my PSX.

>> No.5340567
File: 75 KB, 475x475, bleem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shoulda used Bleem instead.

>> No.5340597

I think it comes down to game selection. When you load it up with games you actually want to play it's not so bad.

>> No.5340617

True for the earlier models of the PS1 and to a slightly lesser extent, the first couple of PS2 models.

>> No.5340630 [DELETED] 

it's jenk decades old ps1 emulator software you can grab offline with a limited catalogue

>> No.5340631 [DELETED] 

everyone still has a ps2 and their ps1 catalogue because they're the best two systems ever made

>> No.5340642

ps1 and ps2 is still highly collectable, no outrageous "rarity" prices for games.
ps2 are very durable and playable, controller scheme has basically remained unchanged.
why would this succeed is the question. I can only imagine a complete hipster collectorfag wanting this.

>> No.5340651

I just got a go with the dock for 100 $ off yahoo.

>> No.5340798

I forgot Resident Evil so that brings it up to 9. Even so, 9 classic games is not enough to justify buying a new device for. Nintendo gave people a bargain with their units because of all the great pre loaded games. Sony put in the bare minimum effort. There should not be any shoelace when the selection is that small, and I am not letting it go that they included Twisted Metal 1 instead of its superior sequel.

>> No.5340803

Not true. This is often by the fact that almost every game on the system runs five if you use the Retroarch PCSX core instead of Sony's. You can even emulate PSP games on it.

>> No.5340896

stop trying to convince me to buy this thing damn it

>> No.5341046

You don't have to, I just want to make sure you have the right information.

>> No.5341108

hey prick you just made me break my stupid fucking piece of shit, well I guess I don't care because the thing was a hunk of junk in the first place, but still, fuck you.

>> No.5341126

I wish you weren't rping.

>> No.5341153
File: 2.77 MB, 3814x2532, cropped snowshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just got a go with the dock for 100 $ off yahoo.
That's a pretty good price. Does the dock have options for s-video and/or HDMI? The PSPgo Is seriously a great piece of hardware.

>> No.5341345
File: 194 KB, 1600x990, Xbox-One-S.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another reason for me to go ahead and ditch $ONY, the others being their poor handling of the PS Vita and their recent stupid-ass content censorship standards that have been in place since mid-late 2017. Hopefully many more indies will come to either Ninty or Microsoft. Seriously thinking of getting either a 1TB Xbox One original or any version of the One S rather than a PS4.

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