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You're that ninja

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you're that hind-d

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You're that guy from an overrated game that aged badly...

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Obssesed thiefnigger

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Lolno, that game sucks.
Difference is, Thief is a subpar game, while MGS is a subpar at best film.

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Back to /v/.

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You're that idiot who thinks games change over time

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seriously, what's up with thieffags, they have their own thread to dicksuck each other, yet they keep making mgs hate threads.

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you're that pants-wetter

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>anyone that doesn't suck kojima's cock must be a thief fanboy

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He's not wrong generally the people who made those threads are thiefags or scfags.

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Finished spamming your shitty threads?

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And zoomers

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And people with taste, who aren't into the meme-tier stealth genre.

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