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The PS1 was and still is the peak of 3D gaming

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I saw it as the next step in 2D gaming desu. 3D games didn't really become good until 7th gen

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Make that 6th gen

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All I played during 6th gen was Melee and NIS RPGs

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You don't really need anything better than PS1

>muh shaders

>muh jaggies

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Snes was the peak of 2D gaming, PS1 of 3D

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>Snes was the peak of 2D gaming

All that slowdown, though... Clearly the Neo-Geo was the peak of 2D.

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The NES was overall better than the SNES.

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How? Most of the games didn't even fucking support analog controls.

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The Playstation can do much better 2d graphics than the SNES or Genesis, sure, but 5th gen platformer design was just dreadful. Not really any beat em ups, either. Not many games making use of those graphics besides fighting games and shooters.

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In terms of content, yes. I can't dispute that. There are more games on it that I like than on the PS3 and Ps4 combined.

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u can tell who didint have a 64 growing up just by reading this thread

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not even close, didnt even have an analog

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6th gen despite having some great games remains one of the weakest of all, retro and modern. Specifically because the systems tried to push 3d when they weren't powerful enough yet.

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The extra computing involved is just too much for babbies first 3d console.

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64 has about 5 good games. Kys

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False. See:
And heres a no JRPGs version. Still missing shit too.

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All those games, and I still prefer the experiences I had with the handful of good N64 games. I'm not going to argue that the PS1 did not have the superior library, but if you didn't care for fighting games, rhythm games, or RPGs, the Nintendo 64 was a better console. I have no qualms in saying that, if you preferred platformers, the Nintendo 64, especially with it's immensely better movement control, even if there were few platformers compared to the PS1, was the better console.

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>50 garbage turn-based JRPGs

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>5th gen babbies
You're almost as bad as 6th gen kiddies.
Go console war on /v/

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>Contra: Legacy of War

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Turn-based games are comfy. Lets you relax and do things as quickly or slowly as the mood strikes you. Often there's a tactical element, resource management considerations. Action games are fun, but sometimes you just want an experience like Front Mission. Production value tends to be higher for these types of games as well.

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Spic Senator Cortez and Skiddie Luke Smith, leave this thread

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>Lets you relax and do things as quickly or slowly as the mood strikes you.
I grew very tired of these games because very little of the game requires your focus. There are so many segments where it's press x to win, or a different combination that can be done in your sleep.
This isn't an inherent objection to the game, as chess is turn-based, and, outside of the opening, every second has an opportunity for focus, calculation, prediction. etc. Closest that exists to this is speed running JRPGs, which requires far too much memorization and repetition.

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>let's you do things as quickly
Really doesn't unless you're emulating with fast forward.

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>Really doesn't unless you're emulating with fast forward.
I tried to do this once with something like Final Fantasy IX. One problem is that the controls really don't work for speeds I might want, which is a problem that video games have over books, even movies, where you struggle with the controls if you make the games play at too fast a rate.
There's also a problem that random battles become fun at no speed, and it's still a lot of just pressing x to win, and then there are parts of battles that require little focus, and then ones that require lot, meaning if you want to be challenged, you have to be constantly changing the playback speed to suit how fast the game need to go.
This actually describes well how I watch all videos, (whether it's movies, YouTube, Netflix), but again, having to wrestle with the controls at those speeds is one thing, and emulation isn't as convenient, so what little I've tried of it gives me the impression it's not worth it.

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I can't comprehend the sheer size of the PS1 library. After completing my Saturn collection I started with PS1 imports. I already bought 200 Japanese PS1 games from ebay and I can't stop...I want them all now!

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That's fine. The problem comes when you stop and realize most of it is unplayable trash.

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>Could barely handle 3D without a bunch of glitches and artifacts
>Peak of 3D gaming

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That's an odd way to spell Nintendo 64.

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That is a true fact.

Super Mario Bros. 1-3
Castlevania 1-3
Mega Man 1 and 2
the list goes on

U.N. Squadron
Super Ghouls n' Ghosts
and not many more

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Legend of the Mystical Ninja on SNES was better than the Famicom Goemon games.
Not to mention the other 3 Goemon games Super Famicom got in Japan.

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Nice try, nintoddler

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I accept that, but Mystical Ninja Starring Goeman on the N64 stomps on them all.

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Not saying he's not a nintoddler, but you're not any better, being a sony cockroach.
>5th gen kids

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>Peak 3d
>Can't even 3d properly
Aaahahahaha! No.

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Ok, PainHaitian.

^See how stupid that looks?

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1998 was the beginning of the end of gaming.
if you have nostalgia for 5th gen games you have to go back.

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Sadly most people here are 5th gen kids.
Especially sonydrones.

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>A sony cockroach

Well thats new-ish, but im not a console war kinda guy. I just notice how nintoddlers are worse than sonic fags these days. It wasnt always like this, but times change and nintendrones are the cancer thats killing /vr/.

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>Well thats new-ish
Sony fanboys have been called cockroaches for decades in Japan.

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seriously if you think that 1998 was a good year for gaming and late 90's games were better than early 90's games leave the board.

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You guys need to come with something original. You keep stealing from other shit like nintendrones. Try something like slownies, gaystation, sonyas, sony niggers, blacks, sonyitis, ponys, etc.. just try to be more original, but youll never come up with something as good as nintoddlers.

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Thats better

Ok, thats fine.

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PS1 only did JRPGs really well, and that's debatable when they're compared to those of the SNES.

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There are good fighting games and shmups on PSX.

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imagine thinking that the ps1, n64 and the saturn games were good and pc games like half life, system shock 2, thief, unreal and deus ex were better than doom, ultima underworld, system shock 1.

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>good fighting games
I should say, JRPGs were the only genre for which the argument could be made they did it best.

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Oh, well that's absolutely true. I consider the PSX a good companion piece. It'll never compare to the NES, Genesis or SNES, but it has good games worth playing.

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It's ironic because some of the much lauded saturn shmups like sokyugurentai, darius gaiden, thunder force 4 are on playstation.

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There's also exclusives like R-Type Delta, Einhander and Zanac Neo

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Or action games, or Megaman, or castlevania, or.... Anything besides fucking mario and Zelda.

Banjo is trash BTW.

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Look right below it you fucking retard.

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The N64 only has Mario Zelda and banjo. The rest of the library is trash.

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>taking console war lingo seriously
I mean, it's all stuff made up by literal 12 year olds that weren't even alive back in /vr/ times. It doesn't matter.

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I was comparing it to all other platforms, as OP did.

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Saturn is a joke.
PS1 has tekken 3, soul blade, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, rival schools, street fighter alpha 3, bloody roar 2, Ehrgeiz, and others.

It also has Wipeout, Crash racing, gran turismo, firebug, and Rollcage.

Also crash is the only challenging 3D platformer of the generation, enjoy your autistic collectathons.

Oh and then there's the fact that the storm has less Megaman games and an inferior port of symphony of the night. Lol kys

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> or Megaman, or castlevania
Neither of those interested me. I'm not sure about action games, and really don't know what sort of games I would have liked at the time. This is a somewhat speculative, as I don't really care for games on the PS1 or N64 today.

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Why /vr/ hates late 90's gaming so much?

>> No.5322621

Refer to >>5322505

Because the average /vr/ user is that old, apparently.

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Fucking Sony fanboy
VF2>any Tekken
Jojo on ps1, like all capcom fighters on ps1, is cut down, play the DC port.
Alpha 3 has an arcade perfect port on Saturn you dolt.
>Challenging 3D plataformer
Crash is a corridor platformer and the only challenge is to endure the cringy poochie the dog protagonist.
Fucking sonyshits always hyping square turds

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N64 is Where its at

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Been thinking of dyeing my SCPH-1001 blue. Stupid idea?

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On consoles maybe, if you don't care for shooters, nintendo franchises or arcade ports.

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is that the black one? if so, yea lol (stupid idea)

>> No.5324364

no, SCPH-1001 is the gray launch PS1 in NA

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>peak of 3D

Are you high on acid?

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No. PC with 3D accelerated video card was already better at the time.

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>PC with 3D accelerated video card was already better at the time.
There were no decent 3D accelerators in 1994/1995 you fucking zoomer-brain.

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Playstation didn't blow up until they cut the price in 96. SNES and Genesis were still going strong until then.

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>Being this wrong.

>> No.5325546

>being a loser who bought consoles at launch
I bet you really enjoyed Toshinden and Ridge Racer 1.

>> No.5325547

>zoomer trying to LARP as having been alive and conscious back then
Enjoy your 2 or 3 good games in 1995, anon.
1996 is when 5th gen finally took off.

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32-Bit 3D was fucking ugly. Even back in the day it was. There was nothing pretty about the warped, grainy textures, the Polygon pop up's, -in's and seams, or the blocky character models. You do not win wars by playing fair and brainwashed kids become confused adults eventually.

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>Genesis was doing strong in 96.

>> No.5325616

>Still played 6 pak at my friend's house all the time in '00 or so
Felt good nigga

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>I grew very tired of these games because very little of the game requires your focus.

Get a job and you won't desire this garbage. Turn based games are the only tolerable games.

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Fucking go back >>>/v/
Those games where enough to give PS a huge lead you fucking retards, but hey the console was selling because of the name alone right? and no body gave a shit about the MegaDrive in 95 after all the new consoles where announced.
Nice implications, retard.
Fuck you all, i am mad now.

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Yeah, if you didn't care for fighting games, shmups, rpgs, driving games, horror, strategy games, puzzle games, rhythm games, beat em ups or anything 2D, then the N64 was definitely the best!

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It got Ultimate MK3, which PS1 didn't.
>Those games where enough to give PS a huge lead you fucking retards
People were still reluctant to new systems by electronic companies after Panasonic's 3DO and Phillips' cd-i.
If you think people stopped playing 4th gen systems suddenly in 1995 to play fucking Tekken and Ridge Racer (oh and let's not forget other amazing PS1 early titles, like The Horde! lol), you're flat out wrong.
A lot of people were also still catching up with the huge SNES and Genesis libraries. Remember in late 94 we got DKC and Sonic 3&Knuckles. Those 2 titles alone were more important than whatever shit PS1 had at launch.

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>driving games
Anon, I know you are a master memer from /v/ who barely were alive during actual 5th gen days and you get all your opinions from youtubers. But the N64 is known for having a lot of racing games.

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The 3D in those games lookes bad then and looks worse now. Every 3ad entry would have been better to put off for a generation. Nothing 3D there can hold a candle to 2D.

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Maybe, but then I might think games were too much of a time sink, which is what I would consider turn-based games to be. I understand the desire of some people who want to relax when they play games and do something repetitive and leisurely, but then you aren't really asking something from games more than what "casuals" want.

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Fuck off, retard, people where buying PS just to play Toushinden and where in the fuck i say that people dropped the SNES? people dropped the MegaDrive.
>People were still reluctant to new systems by electronic companies after Panasonic's 3DO and Phillips' cd-i.
BS, both those companies weren't nearly as hot as Sony in the early 90s, now days Sony is utter crap but back in the day they where the best when it came to electronics, and people loved their shit.

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>peak of 3D gaming
The Dreamcast pissed on this thing. Be gone.

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I still can't belive ppl think that a catridge on n64 runs better graphics than a cd on a ps1, can someone explain???

>> No.5327814

Storage of format has jack shit to do with actual mathematical calculations on the CPU of the system.
Most of the space on CD-ROM games were usually for audio and FMVs if they had any.

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needs threads of fate

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segafags are so amusing

I bet you think the saturn is good too

dead fucking company dead fucking IPs, eat it

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as in I want a physical copy

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For the record, PS2 is the peak of 3d gaming, but not retro.

>> No.5327979

worst 6th gen hardware-wise
even Dreamcast looks better

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>dead fucking company
I didn't mention the Saturn and even a console that's dead pisses on you, cunt.

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That piece of shit could barely handle 3D games, everything was full of horseshit, pre-rendered backgrounds, tiny 2D assets and other assorted diarrhea. That entire generation was a disgrace to video games as a whole.
Jesus FUCK.

>> No.5328392

Haha no. Dreamcast was definitely the weakest 6th gen console hardware wise. The only real problem with the PS2 vs the Dreamcast is that the PS2 has small VRAM and a lack of hardware texture compression which makes things hard to fit in. Literally in every other way the PS2 is better.

-PS2 has WAY higher T&L performance.
-PS2's alpha blending performance is so much faster than Dreamcast that the latter may as well be a last-gen console in comparison.
-PS2's texture blending / pixel blending stuff is also a lot faster.

A lot of the so-called advantages that the Dreamcast has aren't really a thing. Sure the Dreamcast supports anti-aliasing (supersampling) but it's basically useless in practice because it's so slow. Also the Dreamcast has proper mipmapping while the PS2 doesn't (which is why PS2 games have those shimmering distant textures). BUT the Dreamcast's trilinear filtering performance is poor (requires 2 cycles like N64 and the DC doesn't have many more cycles to spare) so you usually get these ugly mipmap lines in Dreamcast games (see Sonic Adventure).

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Agreed anon, it's the best console ever made.

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Are there any freeloaders for PS1/2 that’ll let me play other region games on my ps2? I’m too brainlet for modding my console

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Pls respond I wanna play RE2 at 60hz damn it

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those years weren't the peak of 3D gaming either.

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I guess CPS2/3 don't exist... Unless we're talking console only.

>> No.5329917

Aren't modchipped PS2s cheap on ebay?

>> No.5329925

>It got Ultimate MK3, which PS1 didn't.
And then MK Trilogy came along, which was pretty much UMK3 plus (not the arcade hack that's currently being made).

>> No.5330006

>I guess CPS2/3 don't exist... Unless we're talking console only.

The Neo-Geo is also arcade hardware too, and it is not that far off from CPS2 in terms of specs. But, I was mostly talking about home consoles. But sure when you add arcade boards to the equation, it does change the dynamics of the argument.

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It's top 5 but way too many games that should have been good ended up bad because they tried to be 3D which the console just wasn't suited for.

The SNES will always be the peak.

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Actually that's pretty much when 3D games became shit

>> No.5331079

Zoom Zoom

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>3D gaming

a fuckload of games on it couldn't even correctly display a full-fledged 3D environment. it wasn't that far ahead at that time.

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