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What jrpgs were the most personally impactful for you?

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Let's be honest legend of dragoon isn't really that good.

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I'm really glad that caption at the bottom is there to repeat the text at the top of the image, otherwise I might not have been able to understand.

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true, neither is FFIX though

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Brand Name vs. Great Value

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Final Fantasy VI and Tactics. Still my two favorites. I don't play JRPGs much anymore but those had a big impact on me growing up

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But it isn't that bad, either.

But it isn't that bad, either.

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Painfully average is the entire 5th generation. I have a bunch of games I like and can still play from that lot, but they are plagued with issues that were fixed or not present in other generations.

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I loved LoD as a kid, tried to replay it a couple of years ago and holy christ it was bad. And I still replay ff9 and find it very comfy even with all it's issues. As for the impact, I think it was ff8, breath of fire 3 (it was my first jrpg and first ps game my parents bought) and vanguard bandits. They were not the best for sure but they still have sentimental value to me. And after a couple of years we got PC and since then I think that western rpgs were much better.

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ff9 is still playable. dragoon is only playable to people who enjoy shitty games.

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Thief, system shock 2 and deus ex> 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation games

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Chrono Cross was better than both of these games.

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LoD looked like it had high production values til you read the goofy sounding script

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Legend of Dragoon is shit, IX is isn't that bad it's true but it's very very average, that guy was right to say "painfully average"

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>trash, garbage and dreck > better than anything

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what, you don't like machine translation?

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sorry if you dont have high iq to enjoy those games 4th gen babby.

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Late 90's games were bad.
What did /vr/ mean by this?

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More like jarpigs of any era are bad.

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Chrono Cross
Suikoden 2

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Chrono Cross and Skies of Arcadia because they're pretty much the only two I liked enough to see to the end.

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Mario Party 3

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Which would be fine if it didn't have an annoying cult constantly screaming that it's a hidden gem everyone missed out on.

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Yes it is.

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I mean 9 is still the best yet most overlooked of the PS1 trilogy.

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Best among the worst. Still the worst.

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That doesn't make sense.

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The least shit among the bottom of the barrel is still shit.

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Talking about Dragoon not FF9.

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IX is in no way overlooked in any capacity.

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>9 is the best
It sucks more dick than your mom

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It might have a point if LoD wasn't pretty much the same price. But even then, it was a middling game at it's best. Worth playing if you love the genre, but a waste of time otherwise.

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Final Fantasy IX is €30
Legend of Dragoon is €200
>Great Value

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Panzer Dragoon Saga

I liked the tongue in cheek critique of Buddhism and environmentalism as well as the flaws of humanity. It was quite somber.

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That's clearly the US versions, where LoD is common and cheap.

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The fuck you on about? There's constantly slapfights between 7 and 8's fans while 9 isn't even in the pictures.

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I think if you play Final Fantasy games you can skip large chunks.

Ideally you would play
And maybe

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Ideally you would play none (unless you're really into pretty bois and grindy repetitive gameplay)

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It can't be best of the worst and also the worst, dope.

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Brand Great Vs. Name Value

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>Skipping 3, 5, and 9
You almost had me, but then
>recommending 13

You uncovered your own ruse. Pretty good, yet ultimately obvious bait.

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It can be the best at being terrible which makes it the best among the worst.

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For retro the two that really effected me are Earthbound and Breath of Fire IV. Earthbound's writing was unlike anything I had seen and it had just the right emotional pull. Breath of Fire IV has a fun (if easy) combat system and a world I genuinely found interesting with party members and characters I found to be deeper then usual.

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I agree with BoFIV being truly top notch. Great story that leads to one of the few really emotional moments there is in a jrpg.

Phantasy Star IV is also way up there for me.

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>most personally impactful

Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger and Lunar Silver Star

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Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars

The style and music is just so great. Lots of secrets and easter eggs. Playing Mario growing up and then a game comes out that's almost more mature in a way. Bowser is kicked out by a greater evil and joins forces to take out this greater evil.

It really felt like Mario the movie or something playing that game, definitely my most played through rpg but it's probably cause it's kind of easy.

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I never actually played XIII. I admit defeat.

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Lots of people thought 9 is the best it's just that 8 has become the cool kid as of late.

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Legend of Dragoon = bad story, good gameplay
FF9 = good story, bad gameplay

I'd say they complement each other quite well, one succeeds where the other fails.

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8 always had fans, it's just that people got tired of shitting on it because of Spoony's review.

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FFIX. It was one of the first jrpgs I got into and everything about it just felt fantastic and immersive. I've played other FF titles but nothing gives me the feel of IX.

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>You need a high IQ to truly appreciate eyeball-view mousy-wigglers, now take your nasty "skill" games and leave me with my a-b-c-d clicky walkies

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>Not retro
It's not my favorite game ever (that's Final Fantasy 6), but Mother 3 is still leaps and bounds better than any other fucking JRPG. Mother 1 was about as good as a NES RPG not named Lagrange Point was gonna get and Earthbound was really enjoyable, but this's games blatant critiques of imperialism and capitalism are still the best in the genre while still feeling like it belongs in the same series and having humor that doesn't fall flat on its face.

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>grindy repetitive gameplay
Sounds like a shmup.
>Oh boy, gotta reload that savestate so I can get the hidden mcguffin treasure to reach the true ending!

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>I don't play JRPGs much anymore but those had a big impact on me growing up

let me guess you turned out a weak, skinnyfat, dork cunt with no drive nor discipline who dwells endlessly in safe space nostalgia attaching consumerism to your identity?

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If he had played arcade games he would be all that plus a sex offender.

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13 is garbage

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Hello /v/

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but why is the legend of dragoon so comfy?

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>PSX muh value
Saga Frontier, Suikoden 2 and Star Ocean 2.

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when times were hard, FF5 was there for me.

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FF VIII is the best though. Not to say the others are bad at all but if we are to elect the best then VIII.

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Who hurt you?

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but worth playing. The music was great
I should finish it someday

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Knights of Xentar
It introduced me to Japanese cartoon porn.

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Both Suikoden I and II were so impactful for me when I was younger. Got hooked from start to finish. The whole grounded war/politics aspect was so fun for me.

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this masterpiece right here

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>First Monster launches a succesful marketing campaign that gets people reposting Monster energy everywhere

>Then Hershey's tries or has started to try with random shit that they think people will just "repost" for the lulz

>Now Wal-Mart is trying to start "Great Value" threads

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I think I saw you at wal-mart

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Suikoden II was the first "mature" game I ever played. I had no idea games could be so complex and tell those kinds of stories. Blew my 8-year-old mind.

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Legend of Mana

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seething 4th gen nigger

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your games didnt take skill btw low iq faggot

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quake 3 >any 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen game

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I really liked Secrets of Mana. Was one of the best games I've ever played. Fuck the haters

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LoD, only because it was literally my first jrpg

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FFVIII and Ocarina of Time

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LoD's inputs to do any real damage gets old real fast though.

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Ff 2, ff3, and earthbound. Probably ff2 overall though even though 3 id the better game and one of the best rpgs of all time. Im using the USA snes names in case an autistic ham planet wants to waste our time and correct.

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The fact you can only have a single one equipped and they are all just "it does damage" really dampens how good they could be
Magic being items(when you have that tiny as fuck inventory) or only available in dragoon form is also super annoying
IIRC theres an item that doubles backpack space that was only put in for JP

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From what I understand, FFV is basically no one's favorite except mine, and it only holds that title for me because it was the first I ever owned myself and actually sunk a decent amount of time into aside from maybe MMBN6F. Come to think of it, most of my early experience with jap roleplay was acquired over a single summer of hiding under my sheets at night with my SP's volume on the lowest setting and the screen dimmed so my parents wouldn't catch me playing nintennies all night.

damn op youve brought me some fond memories from the depths of time, thanks

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Magic Shiny Bag only allows you to play the mini game, it doesn't increase backpack size.

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You. I like you.

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Jesus chrst, that webm.

Also what does the game have to do with The Water Margin?

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108 stars of destiny and general overthrow of a corrupt government is all.

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Truth brother

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Final Fantasy Legend III, probably. I think it was technically my first Final Fantasy, secretly my first SaGa, and simply one of the first RPGs I ever played. Being able to change your party into monsters and robots, the plot involving time-travel and different dimensions, an actual blend of sci-fi and fantasy aesthetics rather than one overpowering the other, and being able to pilot what essentially was a stealth bomber blew my mind as a kid.

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Ain't that ironic that's part of Chinese literature when the country has a long history of shitty totalitarian corrupt governments and the population never did anything to revert that

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I've been saying this for years. Unironically cannibalize each other before they do anything that upsets the status quo. There's a reason Buddhism took off in most Asian countries. "Sit down, shut up, don't think about anything. This life probably doesn't matter anyway."

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Wild Arms

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For me Breath of Fire two and Lunar really were seminal to me...

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oh no, are you the guy that used to post ff8 threads per week.

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thats actually fucked up that corporations have found their way here. nothing is sacred here.

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If you're a pleb, maybe.

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Not an argument, seething weebofag.

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FFV's job system is so good. Simple yet clever. A party with very subpar job assignments and you may be screwed up in the long term due to the lack of useful combat options.

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Most impactful to me is Chrono Trigger because it's the only jrpg I have actually played all the way through

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Final Fantasy II, back when it first came out in the U.S.. I was 11 so that shit blew my mind, especially the plot twist about Golbez near the end. That game has always been near and dear to my heart, even though I now know just how cliched and shallow the plot is.

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Brand name vs. great value

Brand name vs. great value

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H-he's just sleeping, right?
Fuck me and my habit to open spoiler images

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Ah, I loved FF5's job system and FF2's leveling idea. I wish there was a game or hack that implemented both.

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wew laddy

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>Suikoden II Is Fucking Metal_8.webm
Based and redpilled.

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I know this is slightly after /vr/, but does this board like Dragon Quarter?

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Idk if these are old enough to be considered retro, but seeing as the GBA is basically a portable SNES they definitely feel that way.

FFTA and Fire Emblem 7, both incredible games with amazing worlds I couldnt get enough of and fantastic characters that got challenged in ways I hadn't seen before as a 9/10 year old.

Marche had to fight his want to be liked by his friends with the knowledge that he must wake them from this wonderful childlike dream they are wanting to stay in to escape the real world, and Eliwood was a young leader trying his best to protect those he loves even after he fails at just that over and over (his dad and ninian) throughout thebstory.

Incredible stories that stuck with me, played them each a half a dozen times, and the strategy was so well developed it was a perfect stepping stone from jrpgs of my childhood to rts of my teens.

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>IX is the best
Big "no" on that one

If by "overlooked" you mean constantly mentioned as the "truly best" FF game every time the internet wants to shit on VII, then, yes, it's "overlooked"

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lmao the edgyness. Fuck i just can't get into rpg's. They are so long and boring that remind me of reading shitty novels for school.

>> No.5330563

They are not for the low IQ

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>GBA is basically a portable SNES
Nope. Mods ban that.

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Cant tell if sarcasm, but if serious I'd be curious as to why. GBA came out at the tail end of n64 life cycle, but these games came out late in the GBA life when the gamecube came out. Gbc is talked about a lot on /vr/ so I'm curious if the GBA doesnt make it why not? Just the games themselves came out too late, or are you triggered I compared GBA to SNES, even when half the best GBA games are SNES ports.

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Both incredible games, neither jrpgs.

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VIII is shit.

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