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Holy motherFUCK! Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S has been translated!


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>But you didn't do anything

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So it's a Sailor Moon colored game of Elevator Action?

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>doesn't use dub names

Into the trash it goes.

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Makoto best girl

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Nice kiwi bird in the logo

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>Watching the dub of Sailor Moon

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>Didn't I?

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>watching sailor moon at all
It's formulaic mahoushoujshit for 10 year old girls.

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And most retro games were made for 10 year old boys.

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>Wanting dub names

Literally no excuse for this retardation, it's even been re-dubbed with the right names a couple times since.

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Why do you make threads like a 9 year old has just discovered swear words?
KYS. Go watch your shitty dubs if that's what you want.

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>Why do you make threads like a 9 year old has just discovered swear words?

Not him but it's just baity enough to actually get replies on 4cheddit.

At least it's news and not another straight bait tread for rpg/shmup.

Considering how small the GG library is, I welcome any translations. Now if I could ever be arsed with mcwill modding my gg I could actually stand to play it with my aging eyes.

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I remember getting a translated rom of Another Story when that came out and being very confused.

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I'm not even getting into the gay crap, there is no reason to watch Sailor Moon outside of nostalgia, it follows an extremely repetitive formula, villain of the day is manipulating kids into being evil, sailor scouts beat the villain in a single blow, everything goes back to normal rinse and repeat. At least Precure has elaborate fights that don't end in one shot.

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people don't watch sailor moon for the story (in that case, read the manga since it's more serious and has less filler/monster of the week plot), they watch it because the characters are extremely likeable and charming and their interactions are fun to watch.

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>still watching weebshit while being twice the age of the main characters

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>still playing in ancient garbage while being trice the age of its target audience

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This is the same guy that translated that random-ass GG JRPG "Moldorian" a while back, I think he must really like Game Gear.

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>still less embarrassing than watching pedo garbage

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>still less embarrassing and life ruining than watching pedo garbage

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Keep telling yourself that.

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Also because of the stylish direction from Ikuhara. You never get tired of seeing these transformation scenes. Also dat OST.
Also Sailor Moon was the first time I fell in love with a 2D character (all of them), second time being Rei Ayanami.
By the way, the japanese seiyuu for Usagi is Misato from Evangelion.
I believe the Shinji VA also does one of the sailor senshi, Jupiter, I think.

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I hope they make anime illegal.

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Cope harder.

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Imagine being such a fucking weirdo you think it's normal to ooze upon little girls while being old enough to be their father. Please don't have kids.

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Your hopes don't really matter.

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Soon. Little pedo faggot. Soon.

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LMAO indisputable evidence. Weebs pedophiles BTFO

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You are a sad, strange little man and you have my pity. Farewell.

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It's not healthy to find characters of that age attractive. Grow up.

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Eh, I haven't rewatched the full Sailor Moon series since I was a pre-teen, but honestly, the girls were all older than me back then. I was Chibi Usa's age when I first watched the series, and Hotaru's age when I watched Stars.
I recently watched the Sailor Moon R movie and while the plot was very gay (understandable coming from Ikuhara), the art direction and all was pretty cool. I still like the stylistic choices for this series, and the characters are all likeable, except for Chibi Usa.

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i never said they were attractive.
I said they're cute.

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>except for Chibi Usa.
Mostly because of her grating voice, American boglinos can't understand cuteness.

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Nah, I think it's because she's designed to be annoying, like a little sister that's constantly calling for attention.
Her evil adult self from S or SuperS was pretty hot, though.

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Maybe he thinks people watching cat videos on youtube want to fuck little animals.

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Wouldn't put it past him, considering how neurotypical he is and how much he's projecting.

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Thank you.

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And Excel!

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Hey cool, I watch the guy that translated this on youtube. I might give this a shot even though I've never seen a ton of Sailor Moon.

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>check out his channel
>find out that someone besides me actually played Rockin' Pretty

Seems like a cool dude.

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Excel can spank me.

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She seems to have long enough hair, why would she not tie her hair like Sailor Moon instead of using... whatever that stuff is? Noodles?

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>You never get tired of seeing these transformation scenes.
Maybe you didn't, but I did.
Sailor Moon was crap.
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne was the TRUTH.

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>Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

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>(In McBain voice) Dat's de joke.

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I'm glad everyone is having fun, but I won't be downloading because romhacking is immoral and illegal.

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A magical shoujo worth a shit unlike Sailor Shit you toonamikiddie.

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LMAO, get the fuck outta here anglocuck.
I had watched anime way before you anglos got Toonami on your TV.

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Jeanne was never dubbed into english ameritard. That's why you don't know it.

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I'm not from an english country.
Anyway, I don't remember ever seeing that anywhere.
>first aired in 1998
Oh, I can see why. Who the fuck was still watching magical girls in 1998.
You sound like a retarded zoomer who got into anime way too late. Probably in the 2000s lmao.

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>Who the fuck was still watching magical girls in 1998.
What is Cardcaptor Sakura? Ojomajo Doremi? Fancy Lala?
Jeanne anime was 1999 btw and the manga was 1998.

All of the best Magical Girl shows came out in the late 90s/early 2000s.
Sailor Shit is the most entry level pleb garbage there is and hasn't aged well, the girls regularly got outshined by Tuxedo Mask too.

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Imagine being this wrong.
Talk about entry level pleb shit.
Magical girl peaked with Minky Momo anyway.

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Saying Sakura is entry level is like saying Chrono Trigger is entry level. They're both the best in their categories, so while they may be entry level they are patrician too.

Nobody cares about that 80s shit and before unless it's some Go Nagai shit like Cutie Honey.

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>nobody cares about Minky Momo
k, but even less people care about Kamikaze whatever Jeanne.

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That's completely untrue though.
Arina Tanemura is a fairly popular mangaka while Minky whatever is a forgotten anime series that only hipsters know.

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>watching children's cartoons at age 35
>watching children's cartoons FOR GIRLS at any age

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>Frogposting at any age

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I'm thinking of giving sailor moon another watch, I haven't seen it since the 90s, does it still hold up? Should I watch the dub?

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I cringe so hard at old animefags.Eat shit and kill yourselves.

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Go for it, it's aged much better than Crystal even though Crystal came out just a few years ago. I wouldn't recommend the dub unless you can't stand Usagi's Japanese voice, which is possible.

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Make sure you masturbate your anus with a kawaii black dildo. That's the full sailor moon watching experience.

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Mods, do something.

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ya seethin?

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Being bullied for watching homosexual cartoons is the complete 90s weeabo experience.

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the term weeabo wasn't around in the 90s we were called wapanese newfriend

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Whatever, homo pedophile.

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The newest dub is completely faithful to the Japanese original, so it's now just a matter of preference for English voices or not, sans censorship.

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>newest dub

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Watch the sub, don't skip a single episode. The filler is where it really shines, you go in for the cute girls in tiny skirts, but you keep going because you've fallen in love with all of the characters.

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It's interesting that Sailor Moon is one of the few shows where the filler is actually good, to the extent that when they made Crystal, a show that faithfully adapts the manga without filler, everyone hated it. Granted, the ugly new art style, bad CGI, lazy Toei animation, and replaced voice actors didn't exactly help matters. The only good thing about Crystal is Moon Pride. And you know why it's good? Because it's a throwback to the original theme song. (And also because Revo is a god, but that's neither here nor there.)

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>>nobody cares about Minky Momo
>Minky whatever is a forgotten anime series that only hipsters know.
Momo will live forever in our hearts. Show had a fucking Dr. Strangelove parody even:

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Minky Momo is so forgotten that for a moment I thought you were actually talking about Wonder Momo.

>> No.5320594

It was never shown in America, which makes it hard to forget something you've never seen. I think Europe might be different, as MM showed in France and shit, if I recall.

Japanese def remember it, as it's the original Studio Pierrot magical girl show, the template for a ton of others.

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Man you realize this is 4chan right? I go out of my way to watch anime that nobody has heard of or seen on TV as a kid. I've heard of Sugar Sugar Rune, which uses the 1965 France Gall song "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" as its opening theme.

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With all this talk about translations for crappy games and I am still waiting for a proper retranslation of the SNES tactics ogre nearly 10 years after.

>> No.5320606

The PSP version is perfect with a great translation, of course nobody has any interest in wasting their time on an inferior version.

>waah muh names!
Shut the fuck up.

>> No.5320607

Never too late to broaden your horizons then. The lack of a fansub for most of MM may be a problem for some, so I just watch 'em raw.

Admittedly, data on the show is scarce in English. The foremost scholar of sakuga, Ben Ettinger of Anipages fame, created probably the best Momo page which is this (archive): https://web.archive.org/web/20030210193940/http://tky.hut.fi/~otakut/anime/momo.html

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I don't mind the names, but I'm not crazy about the gameplay changes on the PSP. Moreover, I prefer the SNES graphics.

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Well I apologize for my aggressive response. 4chan has been making me cranky the last few days.

>> No.5320632

Wasn't it already translated by Aeon Genesis some time ago?

>> No.5320697

>Nobody cares about that 80s shit
Japan cares.
Classic mahou shoujo peaked with Creamy Mami in my opinion.

>> No.5320701

I somehow doubt you are Japanese.

>> No.5320726

Why would I be Japanese and how the fuck is it relevant?
There's nothing more irritating than shitposters like you who don't know shit about something yet keep posting for the sake of arguing.

>> No.5320731

Like what? You didn't say anything to back up your opinion, you just stated it like your word is law.

>> No.5320737 [DELETED] 

Imagine being a grown-ass man and having this much knowledge about mahou shoujo.

>> No.5320740

Thank you, apologies accepted. :)

Aeon Genesis merely hacked the SNES rom to fit latin fonts and copypasted the horrible PS1 translation on top. Hardly one of his best works. And it's such a shame, because I feel a better translation would make more people interested in hacking the SNES ROM.

>> No.5320747

>You didn't say anything to back up your opinion, you just stated it like your word is law.
Because it's not an opinion, it's a fact.
If you want to argue, buy a ticket for Japan, go to the next comiket, go to the mahou shoujo alleys, and ask to the fans yourself why they still like 40 years old anime.
Imagine posting this on 4chan.
Imagine going on a small blue board and being proud of being a moron, wasting everyone's time.
If you want casual opinions, you can go fuck off to reddit.

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SEETHING manchild

>> No.5320817

>You didn't say anything to back up your opinion
Neither did you. "I don't care = nobody does" isn't exactly a sound argument.
The fuck are you guys even arguing about? My girls cartoon > your girls cartoon? Seriously?

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>My girls cartoon > your girls cartoon
Can't we all just get along?

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The 3DO Sailor Moon game is actually pretty good once you get past the crazy 3d cgi intro.

>> No.5322182

The guy who keeps crying about anime has been banned probably three times in this thread alone and he just keeps coming back. Don't even bother dignifying his autism with a response, he knows he's not welcome here.

>> No.5322185

Yep, not as good as the SFC fighting games, but leagues better than the Playstation fiasco.

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I like watching Wes Anderson movies because they are basically magical girl anime. It's a shame Wes Anderson didn't come until after licensed video games stopped being a thing, there would certainly be tie-in video games.

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Can't we get all these pedophiles banned?

>> No.5324106

Here he comes again. He still hasn't learned his lesson.

>> No.5324110 [DELETED] 

Seething soiboi

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>Hurr durr repetitive formula
That shit's only repetitive because you're a binge watching millennial faggot who's so gay for MUH LORE that you can't appreciate a good solid weekly adventure series. Go jack of to some Steven Universe shit, faggot.

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Still going strong.

>> No.5325229

bit gay f a m

>> No.5325258

no, just no sowwie sweetie but SM is the best shoujo anime of all time as evidence by it's popularity and sales..it's the equivalent of DBZ but for girls.

>> No.5325265 [DELETED] 

So you admit you're almost 35 and you literally watch little girl's cartoons.

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Not him, but most people here watched SM when they were kids and are talking retro SM video games on the retro board. Chill a bit.
Also, Sailor Moon has more tokusatsu elements than you'd think, at least the TV series.

>> No.5325276

Don't bother responding to him, he's been banned over and over and he just keeps coming back.

>> No.5325282 [DELETED] 

Most people have moved the fuck on from watching barney the dinosaur.

>> No.5325283

>Sailor Moon never survived to see any attempts at decent 3D games
>We still live in a world without a Salor Moon Musou game
Life is pain. I hate-

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Somehow Bayonetta reminded me of Sailor Moon.
The original character designer has clear influences from stuff like Sailor Moon and Utena, I think.
Also when you use these yellow lollipops and Bayonetta gets her hair full blonde she looks like Sailor Venus.

>> No.5325287

Never say never. Fist of the North Star got a musou game long after it was relevant.

>> No.5325293 [DELETED] 

>make the exact same game with a different skin
Weeabos are consumerist hoes.

>> No.5325302 [DELETED] 

And you idiots ate that up

>> No.5325304

Too bad it sucks, I played it on Wii U and had to put it down after the first boss cause movement feels so bad. Hyrule Warriors has spoiled me.
I just want a 3D Sailor Moon game man. Musou would be a great fit cause there's a large character cast to pull from and they don't actually have to come up with anything unique as far as gameplay mechanics go, which I'm not really looking for in a Sailor Moon game anyway
God damn it Sailor Moon Crystal, you were supposed to give this franchise another chance at good vidya.

>> No.5325317

All of the little girl cartoon revivals turned fucking irrelevant
>sailor moon crystal 2014
>rozen maiden 2013
>card captor sakura 2018
Meanwhile Dragon Ball is still going strong with an animation budget of a straw and a broken rubber band

>> No.5325382

Rozen Maiden is quite literally a seinen, I have no fucking clue why you threw that one in.

>> No.5325408 [DELETED] 

Reminder that EOPs are subhuman.

>> No.5325409

You forgot She-Ra. No one talks about it, it was like "Oh yeah...that got remade".

>> No.5325410

Reminder that Doctor Morbis wants to conquer the world with his army of subhumans and only the Cheetahmen can stop him.

>> No.5325413

Are you a native English speaker? If yes, do your parents or siblings speak other languages? If no, do you consider them subhuman? Just asking.

>> No.5325417 [DELETED] 

I'm not.

>> No.5325420

Dragon Ball fucking sucks. Original series was okay, DBZ was roid raging retards posturing over a billion eps before anything happens. Shit's popular in shithole countries.


>> No.5325431

So why "EOPs" in particular then? Non-English speaking monolinguals are less "subhuman" to you? How so?

>> No.5325434 [DELETED] 

Because that's the traditionally used term. I didn't make it up, EOP, it's just what it is.

>> No.5325441

In other words, you're just a braindead shitposter who blindly uses terms he doesn't understand.

>> No.5325443

To my knowledge, EOP is a term used by people who consume Japanese media. Japanese people are mostly monolingual. If you consider monolingual English speakers subhuman, why are you consuming media made by Japanese, by your definitions equally subhuman?

>> No.5325448 [DELETED] 

You're overthinking it, EOPs.

Here the context is an English discussion about Japanese video games. The term EOP works in this context.

>> No.5325453

Thankfully good countries didn't get that abomination.
Cha-La Head-Cha-La my nig.

>> No.5325454

I'm a Russian with a very limited knowledge of English and spoken Japanese. jfyk

>> No.5325456 [DELETED] 

>and spoken Japanese

Being able to repeat few phrases from anime?

>> No.5325457

Just watching raws, nothing fancy.

>> No.5325465

Sounds pointless for retro games.

>> No.5325474

Only one hobby is allowed here?
I'm playing mostly western games anyway.

>> No.5325483

>I'm playing mostly western games anyway.

The shit?!

>> No.5325484

There is a ton of "retro" western video games, you know?

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Let me guess

>> No.5325505

Haven't played HoMM3 in a while actually.
Yes, it's mostly stuff like x-com, tbs, rpgs.

>> No.5325508


>> No.5325554

welp can't unseen

>> No.5325562

No, you didn't!

>> No.5325564

Can someone explain this image to me?

>> No.5325570

>Your girlfriend
>Your girlfriend after marriage

>> No.5325571

Well thanks but I'm going to need an explanation of what those things are in the context of the game as well.

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File: 17 KB, 109x133, FirstAidTentIII_image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Psychic elemental (6lvl unit of Conflux town)
>Magic elemental (upgrade of previous)
>first aid tent (war machine that heals creatures), photoshopped
Joke here is purely visual, not based on any particular game mechanics.

>> No.5325854

This. Girls usually prefer drama and characters to ebin fight scenes. Also most 90s kids shows were pretty formulaic but I love the shoujo art style of the era.

>> No.5326510

I was like you until I realized it's about the SOL/character interaction. Although I kinda wish they didn't have those tacked on fights and they replaced it with more SOL. The episodes that are actually dedicated to the plot/fights are very well-executed.
This, but it's not something you watch 10 episodes of in one day. Watch one or two episodes every couple of days and enjoy it.

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Dub has better music and is funnier you fucking retard.

>> No.5326939

>Dub has better music

>> No.5328110

Oh shit.

>> No.5329219 [DELETED] 

Holy fuck.

>> No.5329996 [DELETED] 


>> No.5330654 [DELETED] 


>> No.5332307 [DELETED] 


>> No.5332924

What the fuck is low-quality about Legos? They're some of the highest quality building blocks you can get. There's a reason why they've been around since the 1800s.

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Niggas be seriously arguing about the best way to watch Sailor Moon.

>> No.5333137

That's actually not what people are arguing about, the argument is over whether other shows are more "important" than Sailor Moon. Which is a laugh. Nothing is more important than Sailor Moon.

>> No.5333760
File: 78 KB, 640x480, (Hi10)_Sailor_Moon_S_-_101_(DVD_480p)_(SMC).mkv_snapshot_03.20_[2019.01.28_12.08.41].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people shitting on Sailor Moon

>> No.5334917

They are plebs.

>> No.5335157

This right here, DBZ and Sailor Moon were mega popular for boys and girls, add in Pokemon and you have the three most impactful anime of the 90's.

>> No.5335161

Hit the nail on the head, every magical girl show since owes everything to Sailor Moon, it wasn't the first, but it's the one that changed magical girls.

>> No.5335252
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And Naoko Takeuchi has good taste and married Yoshihiro Togashi who wrote not just one, but TWO of the greatest shonen manga of all time proving that greatness begets greatness.

>> No.5335263

Naw...u the pleb.

>> No.5335302

I guess you don't understand humor.

>> No.5335327

Sailor Moon is pretty much a one hit wonder for Takeuchi, but if you have a one hit wonder, it might as well be the greatest magical girl series of all time.

Hunter X Hunter: Never seen it.
YuYu Hakusho: FUCK YES

>> No.5335353

YYH is already amazing, but to put into context how great HxH is, think of something that manages to be twice as amazing as that.

If you choose to watch HxH instead of reading the manga, the 2011 adaptation is actually the superior choice, to be clear. The 1999 adaptation is turgid with filler (and not particularly good filler) whereas the 2011 adaptation is filler-free, aside from two unfortunate recap episodes very early on. Additionally 2011 adapts the fantastic Chimera Ant arc as well as the arc that follows it, and has a satisfying ending (despite the manga having continued on to this day, albeit very slowly).

I will warn you that the tone is misleadingly lighthearted at the start, but it sheds that very quickly, so even if you are not immediately drawn in I recommend giving it a chance, because what it gradually becomes is what makes it so memorable.

>> No.5335796 [DELETED] 


>> No.5336579

>I will warn you that the tone is misleadingly lighthearted at the start

I play Kirby games for a living, I'm used to this.

>> No.5336843

fucking quebecuck dabbing on the anglos because 80 percent of his country thinks his language is too gay to speak, go back to the island francois

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>not Saint Seiya

>> No.5337216

I said most impactful, if I said the best, I would have said stuff like Cowboy Bebop or Rurouni Kenshin.

>> No.5337220

people at the start of the thread were arguming about subbed vs dubbed for multiple posts over a girls anime

Oh no, where would we be without this noble genre.

>> No.5337228

Question, where does Sailor Moon stand in terms of popularity when it comes to superheroines? Like how iconic has she become since her debut?

>> No.5337238

>Oh no, where would we be without this noble genre.
Your sarcasm aside, magical girl actually is one of the top genres in anime, perhaps even fiction.

>> No.5337245

You joke, but it is one of the most well known genres in manga and anime.

>> No.5337262

She's essentially THE face of the Magical Girl genre.

>> No.5337267

Oh yeah no doubt, but I mean across all of fiction? Comics, games, movies, etc.

>> No.5337284

It's kind of a weird question. Since Marvel/DC everything is more well known and popular right now, but at the same time they lack any female heroines on par with SM that aren't memes (i.e. who cares about Wonder Woman besides the fact that she's 'iconic'). It's disappointing that it's 'revival' has basically been shitcanned.

>> No.5337313

That's kind of unavoidable since Marvel/DC are still going and the SM manga has been done for over twenty years, I've been curious who could be as well known as WW or SM.

>> No.5337347

>I've been curious who could be as well known as WW or SM.

It depends on if you consider Disney fairy tale characters like Elsa to be superheriones.

>> No.5337357

I don't consider the Disney princesses to be superheroines.

>> No.5337359

Crystal is actually confirmed to still be getting movies this year, which really speaks to Sailor Moon's popularity.

>> No.5337381

at the very least the 1st series got released on Bluray in japan.

>> No.5337383

I know, unfortunately it's Super S/Dream arc, which is my least favorite arc, so I'm really waiting for the Stars arc.

>> No.5337756 [DELETED] 

>Cowboy Beepboop
Go away Toonami pleb

>> No.5337793

>They're both the best in their categories
That's flat-out not true.

>> No.5337834
File: 212 KB, 714x1000, caballeros_sailor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he thinks Saint Seiya wasn't impactful
Are you a burger?

>> No.5337837

Damn I wish that was a real crossover.

>> No.5338465

What is it about magical girl stuff that turns its fans into insane standoffish assholes. Ive never met a single one who didnt have some sort of temperamental issue

>> No.5338481 [DELETED] 
File: 117 KB, 320x263, fingerless-gloves-fedora.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>heh, I only watch OBSCURE animoo


>le animoo was huge in my country i tell ya, you're just ignant!

Holy shit w*ebs are pathetic.

They get their social cues from prepuescent schoolgirls screeching at each other in highpitched voices because it's 'wacky'

>> No.5338521 [DELETED] 

>Fedora maymay
>labeling other people's views as "cringe" to feel superior
Nice strawman, fucktard! Not that anon, but what the fuck!? I understand your ire at those trying to be hipsters to the extreme, but this is just stupid as fuck!

>> No.5338532 [DELETED] 

It is cringe. You know why shit like Bebop and DBZ was on Toonami? Because they are the only types of anime with appeal for normal people. No one is superior for watching Japanese school girls scream at each other in shrill tones and fight the freak of the week. It's the very definition of cringe my man.

>> No.5338567 [DELETED] 
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>I decide what is cringe and what is not because I SAY SO! I AM GOD!
Enjoy your fall thanks to your hubris!

>> No.5338648 [DELETED] 

they get their social cues from screeching prepubescent japanese girls. sad, really.

>> No.5338751

Why is this fucking autist still reposting the same shit-stirring nonsense in the thread a week later and why do people keep responding to him? Take a fucking hint.

>> No.5339039

>no sailor mars

fucking faggots.

>> No.5339040

You mean the autismos crying about someone watching a children's cartoon a different way? Or worse yet crying about people watching a different class of children's cartoon?

Yeah, these incels need to take a hint.

>> No.5339074

Uh okay

>> No.5339820

You realize people could have posted a picture of her without mentioning her name and thus ctrl+f would be stupid, idiot.

>> No.5340096

He's probably responding to himself, it's the same autist that keeps bumping >>5269440 >>5304723 >>5214294
And it's really obvious.

>> No.5341004

Eh, I doubt it.

>> No.5342218

You're probably right.