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does anybody have a chart of essential /vr/ games?

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would you mind posting it?

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nice one, faggot

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Thank you.

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Second this. Would be nice to have a list that touches on all genres and systems.

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There really couldn't be one. Games are too personal and your tastes will dictate what's essential far more than anything. I love many, many old games, but then as now many of my favorites don't line up with what's popular. I get why Mario is popular, but all platformers bore me to tears.

I suggest figuring out what genres appeal to you and then look for older games in that vein.

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then we should make one ourselves
it would also be nice to have a chart with a few games for every genre, maybe with some some more obscure games added in

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Post the list

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Ya all lists are subjective. I think the better option is to list "all" the games of a particular genre per system.

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After following this board quite sometime, I feel like these are essential /vr/-core games.
>Baldurs Gate
>Final Fantasy VI/VII
>Sonic the Hedgehog
>Spyro the Dragon
>Crash Bandicoot
>Shining Force
>Ghost in the Shell
>Megaman 2/3
>Megaman X/X4
>Metal Gear Solid
>Super Mario World/64/RPG
>Dark Forces
>Earthworm Jim
>Toe Jam and Earl
>Zombies Ate My Neighbors
These are the games I’ve seen discussed almost daily. Download a ROM pack and playthrough each game in alphabetical order or just look up the most popular games for each console along with “hidden gems”

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Pac Man, Robotron, Galaga, Xevious, Gradius, Ghosts N Goblins, Hishou Zame, Final Fight, Cabal, Commando, Rolling Thunder, Contra, Shinobi, Batsugun, Battle Garegga, RayForce, Street Fighter 2, OutRun 2, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Sunset Riders, Metal Slug and Donpachi are good starting points. Always go for arcade versions, except for rare exceptions such as Contra and Super C where NES ports were better. Avoid the trap of sticking to console shit only, the games were mostly butchered ports or poor man's imitations of the stuff going on in the arcades at the time. Consoles just get more attention due to various factors like nostalgia, availability, presence in pop culture and more.

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Also they have better platformers and JRPGs, the best two genres.

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Arcades had the better JRPG's, just less of them

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Literally name five.

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Tower of Druaga
D&D Tower of Doom
D&D Shadow of Mystara
King of Dragons
Knights of Valour
Oriental Legend
Legend of Valkyrie
Magic Sword

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pc retro

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That’s a good list. But I feel like there are a lot of missing MSX and PCEngine titles.

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if anyone has of different systems please post

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wtf this game looks sick

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These are unironically my favorite arcade games.

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TMNT 2 and 3, Super Spike V'ball, Fire Emblem, Dragon Warrior 3 and 4, Bucky O'Hare, Shin Megami Tensei, Panic Restaurant, and Wall Street Kid are missing.

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thanks guys, this is exactly what i wanted

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Protip, Google "Vs Recommended Games"

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