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Why is n64 so aesthetic?

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Something something simplicity is the highest form of elegance something something limitations breed creativity

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Something something never good something Vaseline on screen something something zoomer something

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Low poly assets that work well with a cartoonish style. Although those models look too complex for the 64. Also fuck people defending the 64's texture filtering, it fucking looks like shit especially if you use an lcd tv.

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>if you use an HD display, SD games look like shit
No shit.

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That literally does not look like N64

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Cut the frame rate too and put some pointless AA all over it and you nailed it

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Its not

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The way the glasses one speaks annoys me greatly. He reminds me of people in school who didn't really get how to talk with an indoor voice.

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the 2d interface should be 240p, like the rest of the game

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Does the guy on the bottom left have downs syndrome?

Reminds me of the guy from The Ringer who's CD you picked up you scratched it in broad daylight

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As if anyone needs any more proof why the N64 is the worst.

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It's the only sensible thing she's ever said, even if she's still wrong.

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Early 3D models are relatively unique to a short window of time and are associated with the late 20th century rapid development of consumer technology and optimism about the future. They can have a very uncanny valley feel to them, they're more suggestive of real objects than the 2D sprites found on earlier systems, but they leave much more to the imagination as compared to more realistic 3D models. Also the N64 was known for very colorful and cartoony environments which pushes the surrealism of the aesthetic even further, compared to the PS1's iconic games like MGS which tried to be more realistic.

The intro to this song perfectly captures the aesthetic of the N64, or at least one aspect of it... a dreamlike childhood world with a slight sinister element lurking in the background.


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PS1 aesthetics >>>> N64
N64 is riddled with filtershit, fog, and garbage audio quality
N64 has some fucking god-tier reflective stuff though

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pretty sure both of them are on the fucking spectrum. why else would the obsess over such retarded stuff like they do?

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I know exactly what you mean. Their videos are informative and they're really nice and friendly in person but god, Try's voice. Fuck.

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Wrongo buddo :)

240p looks quite beautiful on a 4k display, and 240p is "SD." 480p also looks quite brilliant and gorgeous, unlike your face :)

It's N64 that looks like pure garbage because of it's texture filtering.

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Cute post. Loving the reddit spacing and the smilies.

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PS1 has incorrect perspective and worst of all, warping textures.
5th gen was a mistake but at least N64 can do perspective right.

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She should drop out of politics and just be a twitch streamer, she'd get more success and popularity.

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It looks like a DS game, not N64

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>pretty sure both of them are on the fucking spectrum.
They are the metric true /vr/ autists judge themselves by. I don't think I would call that ambitious in the least. It takes a special kind of person to look up to these buffoons.

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>Comic sans

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Both N64 and PS1 had their own charme. At least those consoles had unique graphic styles unlike all the trash that came afterwards.

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Literally who?

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I'm around her age and it is really odd and kinda sad she's doing this. There's a time and a place for fun and video games, but keep that stuff in your personal life congresswoman.

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There is no way in hell the N64 could have models with that many polygons.

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Is that so? I don't see them that complicated.

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its gorgeous

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They are making tons of money by telling people about stuff most /vr/ regulars pretend to understand or know. I can't really care about them, except the handful of times they have lied or when they get shit wrong.

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Check how round they are.

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Unique styles stuck around until even the 360/ps3. Even those two architectures had some minor but noticeable differences. There was a very particular way each system handled internal > external scaling. As well as how they created shading and post effects. Not as easy to catch in multiplats, but very easy to tell when comparing a game like Halo to Killzone or Alan Wake to Uncharted. It went beyond art direction, and played into the consoles capabilities.

Even more obvious with ps2, cube and xbox. Any exclusive game of course used the raw power the GC had over ps2, even more so for xbox over the others. There wasn't any consoles games outside of xbox at the time with real hardware based transform. ps2 has a layer over it that makes it softer, Dreamcast had dithering but kept pixels crisp, cube used built in aliasing along with xbox but xbox also used basic internal scaling. If you know what to look for it is obvious. Of course more obvious on ps1 to 64, since ps1 sucks at mapping and locating polys while 64 has a VI buffer.

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Conkers or JFG had similarly close poly counts to that image. The difference is the only thing that splatoon 64 is rendering is a few models, where as an actual game needs to do more.

The fake part is how clear the text is, really.

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the people that make "demakes" aren't interested in adhering to the technical limitations of the consoles, they just want to make something that reminds people of the intended console.

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I'm just curious, when have they lied?

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