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Wow, The Wand of Gamelon had some good music.


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Yes, both of these games have unironically good music, though very unfitting. Some of the painted backgrounds are good looking, too.

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I was listening to the Faces Of Evil soundtrack at work the other day (I work at a record store) and it sounded like the composer borrowed some riffs from Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and Siouxsie & The Banshees.

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Do they... have this soundtrack on record? That seems like a weird thing to just happen to be listening to.

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Agred, some rad tracks.

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Can we get more bad video games with good music?

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>The dream that time dreams
My ears are cumming

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Why do people think this game is bad? I thought it was awesome.

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They are plebs who cannot comprehend genius.

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I would pay actual money for high quality versions of the Zelda CD-i soundtracks that aren't constrained by the CD-i's limitations.

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Feels weird listening to something LotR related and not hearing Howard Shore's theme.

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Amiga's version of the same song:


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Street Gang on C64, Horrible game, but soundtrack was nice:


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Honestly most of this OST glimmers. This is just a sampling.

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Why is this game supposedly bad? This music makes me want to play it.

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I always like this:

Best version I can find. idk if Fifa 96 is considered a bad game though

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this version is somewhat better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsKEuOJ0p7c&feature=youtu.be&t=267

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>inb4 Tim Follins

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I'm actually more interested to know if Tim Follin ever composed for a single good game.

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Rock n' Roll Racing.

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Not sure if bad but here you go

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Somewhat related question: Why does Tim get literally all the attention even though his brother Geoff was just as prolific, and indeed co-composed with Tim for a couple dozen games?

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Because Geoff never took photos like this.

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Hell Yeah Plok

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This settles is. I'm gonna start a Tim vs Geoff thread sometime soon. I need to start my research.

It's not exactly bad, but it's not exactly great either. The controls can be inflexible which causes some artificial difficulty, especially near the end of the game. But there's still fun to be had, and as we've established the music is kickin',. so I rate the game as a slightly above average 6/10. So why is it considered bad? Because all games are seen as bad if they aren't 8/10 or better.

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The main criticism I hear of Chrono Cross is for its story so I think it's more one of those games that's subjectively viewed as bad. Some people especially don't like that it essentially renders everything that happened in Chrono Trigger worthless, which is a fair criticism considering I hated that in Star Wars.

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Ehhh sure.

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This is illegal, you know.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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Come back when you're a little, mmmmmmmm... richer!

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Got you senpai

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Horrible game
10/10 soundtrack
8/10 graphics
2 /10 game play

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Gee, it sure is boring around here.

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I don't get it either. I like Geoff's Wolverine soundtrack more than most of the things Tim ever did.

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Adamantium Rage is the real Wolverine soundtrack of champions.

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all that game needed was a grace period after getting hit and it would be remembered as a goddamn classic. But one stupid little oversight made it just another >LJN game.

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I asked a few Plok fans how they got into the game and every single one said the soundtrack. One of them was 15.

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Where exactly are you finding "Plok fans"?

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desu if I had owned a the game in 1993, the cutscenes would have blown my mind. An action adventure game where hand-animated cutscenes were integrated into the gameplay? Who else was doing that?


The two creators of Plok have a Discord. They're doing a puzzle game spinoff of Plok and use it to post progress.

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Since this is the music thread, does anyone know where does the music from this video at 9:30 comes from?

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That's music from Undertale. Not a joke.

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Thanks for confirming it. I figured it was from some Genesis/Saturn JRPG

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Understandable, Toby made a point of making the music sound pretty retro. I do recommend playing Undertale though, the entire soundtrack is fantastic. Also I'm kind of curious why someone from /vr/ is watching a video called "Funny Tik Tok Ironic Memes Compilation"

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That's pretty lit.

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the plot is fanfic tier. Radical Dreamers is way better.

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I've heard this statement but isn't it literally the same game in text form?

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I watched a Pewdiepie video and suddenly autoplay is filled with ironic tiktok stuff
And yeah, say what you will about Undertale, but Toby Fox can indeed make good music.

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It's not bad. It's just not Quintet.

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Post more music.

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Specifically the SNES port is bad, they made your attack range half as short and took out a bunch of content. The Sharp 68k original is much better

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Nah, its not on vinyl. We were just listening to it on YouTube in the store.

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The cut scenes arouse me.

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I like the guy who goes MMMMMMMM RICHER!

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I was watching James' videos on Action 52 and Cheetahmen earlier today, and I have to say, the Genesis version of Action 52 really does not even look that bad. Don't get me wrong, not amazing or anything, but I am genuinely surprised that after making the complete pile of garbage that was the NES version, they not only somehow made another one but actually improved upon it a little bit. I'd like to learn more about the history behind the development of the Genesis version.

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This is actually a good edutainment game, but it's edutainment nonetheless. Soundtrack is a bit like Ecco with comfy ocean tunes.


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Wow, that's good.

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More music?

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Damn, that's deep.

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My cakes will burn!

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Because there's no real debate as to whether it's better than Trigger or not, and it's an ugly early 3D game.

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Sonic Labyrinth might have some of the most charming tunes in the series

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I don't know if I'd necessarily call this a bad game, just one of the worst Sonic games ever made. I have no idea why they thought making it was a good idea. Just goes to show you that even in the old days Sega was making stupid decisions with Sonic.

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>early 3D game
>chrono cross

how zoomer are you? There were earlier 3d games before trigger's release

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Doesn't mean it wasn't early 3D. The entire PSX era is early 3D.

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No, that's somewhere in the middle if you are not just a 20yo zoomer fuckstick

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>the middles of 1994 and 2019 is 1999

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you 'tarded or somethin?

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Do you not know what early means?

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You're an absolute retard arguing semantics because you were wrong, got it.

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Undoubtedly true.

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Such a piece of shit game, but damn if that soundtrack doesn't kick ass.

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Micronet never understood how to make games. Luckily they recognized that themselves in 2000, kicked out their games division and focused on their other core segment, 3D graphics software.

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Disappointing to hear it sucks because that box art is fucking rad.

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Always was one of my favorite Zelda games.

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It baffles me how terrible these games were but how insanely fucking good the music was

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