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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtX8VVeArA8 [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JPUXZ8w6m8 [Embed]

A couple of cliff notes

>This has been in development for over a year for the 30th anniversary of Final Fight: the father of 16-bit arcade gaming re-written from scratch in C++ for the PC.
>10 player simultaneous play
>Supports any aspect ratio monitor (4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 21:9, 32:9, and even 1:1 is supported) and any refresh rate
>Supports mono through 7.1 sound setups
>Select from 4 different soundtracks: Arcade, X68000 FM, General MIDI, and Sega CD
>Runs at the original arcade's native resolution and refresh rate on CRT TVs and arcade monitors if you have the setup for it
>Casual and score attack endless mode stages that only end when you die featuring cameos from all your favorite Capcom Play System characters
>Multiple endings
>All arcade sprite and alignment issues have been corrected and adjusted
>Backgrounds overhauled to have up to dozens of layers of parallax

Download link


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>"final fight sux" - NeoFAG.com

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MUGEN-tier shit. I'll pass.

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I like it.

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Maybe it has been a long time since I played Final Fight, but this game looks really slow and floaty.

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I cannot get the damn thing to work.
First it was giving me an issue of it not finding Xaudio2_8.dll and when I fixed that by copying it from the internet to the System32 folder it's giving me this other issue now(pic related)

God I hate PC Gaming. Why won't you just work?

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You're an idiot. The dude who worked on this has taken down a lot of his videos(probably made them unlisted) but he autistically recreated the game and fixed all of the sprite problems and even went crazy adding in a lot more layers of parallex scrolling and shit like that.

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Arcade games are for losers.

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is this the "streets of rage remake" of final fight?

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Pretty much yes, except even more autistic.

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Winners don't take drugs!

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yeah i don't understand the download link
im out

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> Select from 4 different soundtracks: Arcade, X68000 FM, General MIDI, and Sega CD

No SNES soundtrack???

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only giga-chads frequent the arcades

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Click on the latest photo album. That's the game.

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Tried a bunch of stuff to make it work. Running a system file check now.
Hopefully it works after it's done. If not I give up.

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It didn't find anything wrong with my PC...welp...I'll look forward to the next beta because I can't get this running on my PC.

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Try this, reboot, and I'd be surprised if it didn't work then.


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I did install one of the redistributables(the x64 2017 one) but it wouldn't work.
Hope this works. If this doesn't work I give up.

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It still won't work.
Installed all of them and when I open the exe files again it says "XAudio2_8.dll" missing
If I copy this http://www.dll-found.com/download/x/XAudio2_8.dll to system32 it eliminates that problem but then I get this error again >>5294868

So in a nutshell it didn't work.
I'm not sure what else to do. If it's working for anyone here please do tell me.

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And by the way, yes I did restart my computer after installing them. It didn't work.

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Looks super boring desu

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Absolutely superb work.

Now do SF2

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OP here, I'm not the one responsible for this.
The one responsible is the developer of Big Blue Frontend AKA this guy

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Odd that carpet-bombing with the visual C++ redistros didn't solve it. Works for most games.


On the downloads page are very specific redistributables, one of which is said to be for "audio", and that's what Xaudio handles. I'd install that one and try running again. If still nothing, install the .NET and the other ones, then reboot (again). If those don't make it work the dev needs to fix his shit.


That is, if running this is even worth all that heh, I can't find where to download the stupid game, only some frontend. Must need a rom. Not sure if I care enough desu.

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>I can't find where to download the stupid game, only some frontend.

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>Odd that carpet-bombing with the visual C++ redistros didn't solve it. Works for most games.
Well this is a beta. I think the W10 probably works fine but the W7 version is having some problems.

You can see some other people having problems with it on the comment section here

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Seeing nothing about Final Fight Remake, or even Final Fight. That link you provided has a download for photos (why) and latest redistributable. The Downloads section in left sidebar only provides a big blue frontend download in several flavors and umpteen redistributables.

Nowhere near as retarded as this site is making me feel for not finding the damn game download. The layout is apparently cryptic and baffling. Hotlink it ffs lol.

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>I can't find where to download the stupid game
Click on "Latest Photo Album"

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Top kek, dude it's just a joke filename(since he released the demo yesterday which was National Pharmacist Day). The game is in that zip file.

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I hope you work for Capcom

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OK yeah, clicked through just now. Fuck this gay Earth, why the obfusca......oh....maybe trying to keep from getting a C&D.

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I doubt it has anything to do with C&D seeing since he posted threads on Neofag and Hardforum and all.

Anyway, from what I know so far, if you're a windows 8 or windows 10 user then you should not have a problem running it.
If you're a windows 7 user try replacing the FinalFightWin7 exe with this one https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GhQY8ebUd8oFGJ0MKOzbd1IMEaVDs0U4/view though it's not guaranteed to work

Also he did a video on if you're having problems with running it on surround sound since Windows has this power saving quirk where it automatically switches your receiver from Surround to Stereo randomly to conserve power https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5uvLxzpZ98

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That fixed exe cleared up the nonsense Xaudio error I was getting prior. Working now on Win7, thank you.

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Of all the games that don't need a remake at all.

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Man if you were around to see all of those videos(now unlisted) he posted in his channel of him addressing the stuff he fixed your mind would be blown.
Final Fight had so much jank in it it's insane.

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Yeah having played for a while this is definitively a cut above your typical whored-out Mugen game. The surround sound (on 5.1 here) and redone music is pretty much above reproach, great even. The character select allows one to select any character from the game as playable, which doesn't do alot for me, but is cool nonetheless for those that care. The player's health is always a matter of 1-hit-2-hit-dead, so it's worse than the arcade and you die constantly (inb4 git gud, yeah yeah!). The ability to juggle any enemy forever with any character seems excessive, but it has been a minute since I played the original so I'm not sure if it's even an issue. All in all it is damn interesting, and the updated sound makes it worthy enough to investigate further for me (I really like the sounds here and not-Q-sound surround...have only played the arcade mode with default sounds).

I couldn't get into options with 360 controller, I might have forgotten a button to try though. Pretty cool and a hell of an effort at any rate!

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Ive been following the guy since his early days,he did ton of work.
Anyone that is fan of the game should check it out for sure.
For me it never held a special place and i probably wont play it.
I would like to see him or someone else take a fresh look on other /vr/ titles.

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All I can say is THANK GAWD it ain't another openbor project...

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Did he take down the download link on his site? I'm not seeing it.

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The SNES soundtrack sounds utterly terrible.

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I'm a bit puzzled about the mugen comments here. Does it support making beat em ups? I thought it was a fighting game engine only. I haven't used it in over 15 years so I don't know if they added something.

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No, but openbor is basically mugen for belt scrollers if you want to go down that rabbit hole

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The similarity is basically many choices of fighter and that's about it. My phrasing could have been better.

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Click on "Latest Photo Album"
Also if you're a Win7 user use this https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GhQY8ebUd8oFGJ0MKOzbd1IMEaVDs0U4/view to replace the FinalFightWin7 exe

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clearly a nut job but the good kind

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why the fuck did he add in juggling and a stupidly over powered character? it's just another faggot missing the entire point and removing all the actual skill and challenge in favor of "content".

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How can you not love this bass guitar sample?


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I love it, coding a remake like that without relying on OpenBor is very impressive.
I do have some points in hopes that the creator lurks here.

1. The SF Alpha shadow juggling or whatever its called.. doesn't work for Final Fight.
2. I hope you add online play, would be great to play this with friends as all 3 original characters.
3. Perhaps give users the choice between the original 3 character select and everybody? (Start Game/Start Game+)
4. Maybe an option where gameplay is closer to final fight and less where people get launched all over the place? (or an option to enable/disable this kinda gameplay)

Well done, very impressive!

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It's a nice start, hopefully it plays more accurately in the future.

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You can play as any character from Final Fight in the remake you dumbass. And the difficulty is made harder to accommodate the juggling.

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I was hoping it would be like SoR Remake and combine all the FF games and characters into one, but this just looks like a simple redo of FF1. I'll pass.

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If you saw all of his videos he did(that he now unlisted) you'd be amazed.
He did like a 20 minute video just nitpicking the grammar on the original version, it was insane.

If you want to be really entertained watch this.
Linus really pissed him off with his arcade set-up video.

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>this just looks like a simple redo of FF1
But this is even more autistic since it lets you play as every character in Final Fight including the final villain himself.

Hardly a simple redo actually. He did far more for this then the dudes who made SoRemake ever did. He went through the trouble of cleaning and fixing every sprite, fixing inconsistencies and adding a lot of parallax layers. Not to mention adding 10 player support, support for any refresh rate and for many aspect ratios, extra modes and shit.
Scripted sequences where they take control away from the player were all eliminated in favor of the players themselves triggering everything(like for example when you go to the elevator you have to hop in the elevator itself instead of the game automatically taking control away from the player and transitioning to the next phase)
Even the gameplay is changed a bit to allow you to endlessly juggle enemies in the air.

Plus, Final Fight is an arcade game so mixing it with the SNES sequels would prove far more difficult compared to SoR.

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Nah, still not impressed. I'll stick to SoRR.

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Seems like an unlikable autist.

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Why delete the videos OP? I'm so confused

I like what I've played btw

>> No.5300038

See >>5295205
I'm not the dude.
Maybe he saw this thread and deleted them, I dunno.

Nah he's cool. It's refreshing to see somebody that passionate about his hobby + Linus deserved that smackdown if only because of how full of himself he is and his stupid clickbait titles.

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Anyone think Max looks like Dave Batista here?

>> No.5300150

And yet it doesn't play like Final Fight at all.


>> No.5300158

>Even the gameplay is changed a bit to allow you to endlessly juggle enemies in the air.
yes completely ruining the fucking game, it's clearly made by someone with no fucking idea about actually playing the original

>> No.5300163

thanks now i cant unsee it

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You're a fucking faggot.

>> No.5300548

You're too stupid and lazy to create anything similar, so instead you whine that your superiors won't do as you like

>> No.5301475


So just because he (or is it you) made something, it should automatically be praised? Ok, people appreciate the effort. What he did probably took a lot of work, but it's not immune to criticism, especially when it plays nothing like the original game, which would be the point of something like this in the first place. This is not the reaction he was expecting and after so much work, it probably hurts. Still, with a few minor adjustments, the game can still be salvaged and made into something great.

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what? why would i create anything like this when i actually play all of capcom bmups a shit ton still? why the fuck would i take a game and prove i have no idea about what made it so good by adding plebian dumb shit like fucking juggling into it destroying the actual game? the sprite/hitbox realigns etc are nice but the rest is just a fucking idiot ruining a game because he has no fucking idea at all about actual play.

Just look at that rolento play? it's completely fucking pointless and bereft of any skill.

You're too stupid and lazy to learn how to actually fucking play, i bet you haven't even 1cced the original let alone no missed on hardest, i have.

>> No.5301743

You could make it however you wanted if you actually knew how, or were even capable of learning, but that would require delaying gratification and doing without your daily dopamine hit, so instead you whine like the entitled brat you are

>> No.5301772

why would i when the original is great? if i had a vision to improve it i would but i don't, you thought you did and were wrong missing the mark and making a steamy pile of shit.

I was capable of learning how to no miss nearly all of capcoms bmups on hardest and gaining an understanding of the game design and systems implemented something you desperately NEED to stop you being so fucking retarded with this monstrosity.

Let me guess you saw that retarded sor4 trailer with the beach ball fat guy and thought HURRR I'LL ADD THAT TO MY GAME!, fucking stupid.

>> No.5301891

Imagine if he had kept it simple and just stuck to having 3 players + online + widescreen.
But noooo.. had to go and make it retarded with SF juggling and changed scenes.

>> No.5303578

more chars and paths etc is great along the new chars are balanced but the juggling and overpowered rolento to the point where you need no skill at all to play is just so so stupid. he has a good base though so hopefully he gets wise and tweaks it some more removing the dafty stuff.

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This is the TempleOS of remakes.

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