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I have modded PAL Playstation, for some reason when I plugged it today I got composite, b&w picture from my RGB cable. My tv is fine. Also when I switch to another input on my tv for a split second there is right RGB picture, webm related. I will check the modchip, but could it be a problem with something else in console?

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Looks like a sync problem.

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>modded PAL Playstation
Oh, you mean PAL.
Yes, of course, there is a PAL. It's set up so that you need to input two different passwords in order to launch the device. Baker knows one, and I know one. Each of us needs to input our password or there can be no launch, but...
They found out my P A S S W O R D.

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>My tv is fine

You sure? It's either the cable or the SCART slot, assuming you're using that. RGB SCART cables also carry composite, and if by some reason it's not getting the RGB protocol due to a crucial pin (can't remember which now) it automatically falls back to composite.

If switching the output resumes the RGB signal with no physical components moving inside, then the TV is busted, as in there's something wrong with its internal circuitry. The only reason the problem would be on the console side has to do with the PS1 sending off-spec RGB, so good fucking luck finding a cause.

This is the first time it's doing this, right?

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Try another TV. If the problem persists it's the connector or the cables. If not, then it's the original TV.

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It looks like you are playing an ntsc copy on your pal setup.

Try playing a pal game.

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When I played a PAL game on my NTSC system, I had color, but the screen was cut off a bit, I guess because of the slightly different resolution. Like everyone else is probably saying, try different cables/tvs/games and you will 100% find the problem.

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My Sega MD is doing fine with RGB cable. It maybe my shitty cable but I opened it and all pins seems ok.
Mate, my console is modded I always played on it only NTSC games in full color on RGB cable but composite was obviously b&w.
There is slight shift and over-scan with RGB cable, but I played with it all the time and it was working.

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>"I have modded my system, but it doesn't work"
>doesn't post a pic of the modwork

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>My Sega MD is doing fine with RGB cable. It maybe my shitty cable but I opened it and all pins seems ok.

Check PIN 8 and 16, when you switched to analog channel 4 you could see that sync mess, but the deal is that while MD and SNES do display that garbled stuff when you're not strictly in composite/sync mode, PS1s are supposed to "force" their RGB feed onto most consumer TVs so that you don't even have control over it. Failure to do so implies there's something wrong with PIN 8 or 16, which regulate both aspect ratio and the composite/RGB switch.

I'm betting on PIN 8, since it is counter-productive to map that to any MD/SNES cable based on what I just told you, and that pin should like take control of the TV straight up on most sets.

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