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What's the canon ending in Girlfriend of Steel?
Also Eva game general.

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That game isn't canon.

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I mean, within its own game, which ending is the canon one?
Also, it could be canon, there's nothing on it that contradicts the actual canon.

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the canon ending is where you post this thread on >>>/jp/ or >>>/a/

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Everyone dies turned into fanta.

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Jet Alone takes Asuka as his bride.

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I want to lick Asskar's armpits.

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Anyone else played ANGELS?

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bruh she's like 14 :/

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Or just on /vr/, since this was released on retro consoles and windows 95. I played it for the first time in 1999.
that's EoE, on GoS the ending happens before Touji loses his leg. Also Kojima ripped off this game for the plot on Peace Walker.

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I remember playing it a little. Also screensavers and sitting desktop dolls.

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>>>/jp/ is for discussion of visual novels, so please go there instead, and thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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Her show came out like 25 years ago

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So was I when the show aired.

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What's even the point of this game? How does it relate to the anime?

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Back when I first played GoS, I didn't even knew the term "visual novel".
Either way, it's fine here on /vr/. Think of it this way: At least this isn't a console war thread, or emulation vs real hardware.

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>What's even the point of this game?
It was released in 1997, it was a weird time for Evangelion, because the show had finished airing in 1996, but The End of Evangelion didn't exist yet.
I believe Girlfriend of Steel was released around the same time of Death and Rebirth. People were nuts for anything Evangelion-related. It was also the first big-scale Eva game developed in-house by Gainax themselves.
Also to introduce a new waifu, Mana, who was actually pretty popular with the fandom back in the day.
>How does it relate to the anime?
It fits in the "action arc" of the series (after Asuka arrives, but before Touji becomes a pilot).
It starts as a lighthearted romantic comedy but ends up in betrayal and ambiguous feels.

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Was really wondering if it was worth my time. I'm not crazy obsessed about Eva but I'm just wondering how much side stuff is actually good. I like Eva but a lot of dumbshit gets attached to it's name (and imo that includes the Rebuild movies)
I'm not really into romantic comedies or VNs that much but if it's cool I'll look into it.

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Girlfriend of Steel is actually cool because it feels like an extra episode, or an OVA, with little bits of interactive parts.
All the art in the game was done by actual TV series staff, so all the locations and characters look on point, plus all the original voice actors are on it as well.
Maybe it's nostalgia on my part, but I think this game is worth experiencing if you like the original Eva.
If anything, if deels like a more fleshed out "Jet Alone" episode, you'll see why if you play it.
Evangelion 64 has amazing 3D models and animations, crazy that it's still possibly the best Evangelion game.

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I never could beat the lilith level.

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The spear of longinus level where Eva 00 takes the spear from Lilith is actually one of the hardest missions in the game, mainly due to how hard it is to aim and adjust the X and Y axis, especially if you're emulating.

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I'm in general kinda just bad at the game.

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Your mom's a cannon

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>thinks the lilith level is hard
wait till you meet maris

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what version of this game should i play?

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if there is no sequel, then the concept of canon ending for a one-off game is meaningless. pick one that floats your boat

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She’d be like 17 since the original show took place in 2015

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Thought GoS took place in that weird small bit where it was showing Shinji the different worlds he can make and one being just your typical high school anime.

I just wonder if you can date Kaworu

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The PC Windows version is fan translated.
There is a GoS2, but that one is more of a "what if" scenario where Shinji can choose to date Rei, Asuka or Kaworu

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GoS1 follows the events of the anime, since there's Evas and all (the alternate world on ep 26 shows a normal world without Nerv or Evas).
But you might be interested in GoS2 as I mentioned above. The thing with GoS2 is that the quality of the overall presentation isn't as good as GoS1, in terms of art direction, etc.

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Doing a quick look seem I was thinking of Girlfriend of Steel 2 which does take place in that alternate world.

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Mana best girl.

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It doesn't matter, everyone dies anyways

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Eva might be my all time favorite show and I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the whole thing, but this is kinda how I feel as well. Don’t care about waifufaggotry or a lot of superfluous material.

This thread has convinced me to give GoS a shot at least.

I tried 64 a year back or so but had no idea what I was doing. I still have no idea how that game is supposed to work. Looked up a guide and it seemed like every level had almost random inputs for different actions. Any advice if I try to give it another try?

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>Eva might be my all time favorite show and I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen the whole thing, but this is kinda how I feel as well. Don’t care about waifufaggotry or a lot of superfluous material.
Honestly, something I can't stand about Eva fans is how sanctimonious some can be. Who gives a shit if Gainax made some mahjong game where you play against Asuka, Rei & Noriko, it's not like it will ruin the show. Who gives a shit if people fap to Rei? Who gives a shit about Rebuild being Rebuild, Anno didn't kill your family.
I'm actually glad the side-material is inconsequential, I prefer this to the Japanese boner for multimeda franchises where you have to watch the TV show, two movies, read 5 manga, and play all the games in release order to understand everything.

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preach, brother
>I tried 64 a year back or so but had no idea what I was doing. I still have no idea how that game is supposed to work. Looked up a guide and it seemed like every level had almost random inputs for different actions. Any advice if I try to give it another try?
Each level has its own gimmick, but the main combat missions, like the first one, have a sort of set mechanic to it, which is similar to the Ultraman game for SNES. That is, you have to build up a power meter by beating the enemy in order to finally unleash a powerful, finishing move. In Eva 64's case, first you need to break through the angel's AT Field, which is done through button mash (it needs a specific timing, alternating between B and one of the C buttons I think) it's not mindless mashing though). Once you break the AT Field, you can start attacking the angel, the more synch ratio you raise, the more consecutive hits you can do to them. Keep hitting them until you can launch them off with a kick. Once the angel is far, you can start running with the Eva, and at a specific time (there's a visual cue) you can input a command (like up with the stick and B or A) and perform a special attack. Do this a couple times to kill the angel.
There's many different special attacks you can perform/unlock, but it depends on how high your synch ratio is.

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Based Gainax.

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why are the background pictures different? OP has the sephirothic tree and the other pic has Samael.

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Kirishima Mana aka the Girlfriend of Steel

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Dude I have zero problems with any of that stuff, I just said I don't care about it. I originally thought it was a dating sim, finding out it's not made be curious. That's all.

It wasn't meant as some sort of insult to those things. I agree it's better they're inconsequential optional material that don't impact the original story.

Interesting, sounds weird and complicated.

Lower right gives me Nadia vibes for some reason.

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There a download for this anywhere? Found the patch but can't find a copy to apply the patch to.

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*berserks your way*

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>dat manual

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>it's not in red
chance missed for another red cross book

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I asked in one of the last Eva threads, but does anyone have the strip mahjong game?

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Agreed, but sadly non-cannon. Mana is best girl. When I get back to Japan, I will try to find the PS2 version for the additional scenes and ending.

There are two. The original R15 one, and the later R18 version. I cannot tell the difference between the two in terms of rating, as they have the same stripping images. I prefer the original one for its better story and involvement with other Gainax universes.

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You have it? Can you upload? I can only find a dead torrent online.

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>lowercase v vs uppercase V

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yeah, not sure what's up with that.
The Nerv logo is all in uppercase.
There's some of the prototype logos that have a bigger V though.

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this is actually pretty based

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Glad to see you're still around picbro.
Hopefully you will rip and upload those Collector's Discs sometime. The internet needs them.

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My monitor died, and I've been saving up to repair it, thus no access to my computer. I've been phone posting and I don't have a CD-ROM to phone adapter.

You mean NERV.

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No hurry, but it'd be really nice to have these ripped.
Come to think of it, the Evangelion fandom is big, but a lot of older stuff is hard to find, you'd think everything Eva-related would already be online, but no. Back in the day some fansites actually had some desktop theme ripped from some of those CD-ROMs available for download. Nowadays people don't even know about GoS.
Also, what's that Nerv CD?

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