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Hey, I didn't know whether to put this in /v/ or /vr/, but I really want to play this game for the feels. My grandmother gave my family her old computer about 10 years ago and this one was already downloaded on it.

I don't know the name, and probably wouldn't recognize it if I heard it. It was for either Mac or PC, and it was a robot shooter. It was set on a planet similar looking to Mars, and it took for-fucking-ever to get anywhere. It was either 1st or close behind 3rd person.

The only other identifiable trait is the song that plays over and over while playing, and all I could decipher as a kid was "-technology, taking control of me."

Sorry I don't have more info, and some of the things I said may be slightly different, but I would love to play it again.

Pic semi-related, this is more or less how the robots looked.

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Are you talking about Mechwarrior 2?

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Yes! Either that or 3, I had no idea I was playing DOS games at that age. Thanks Anon

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I want a proper new singleplayer MW game. ;_;

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Your wish is my command, anon. BUT, there is a catch: It won't release until September.


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>enjoyed the premise and the trailer
>looked at the spergy commends, immediately lost all enthusiasm, appetite and sex drive

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Don't let an autistic fanbase spoil your mechwarrior dreams, anon.

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>preorder bonus is MWO shit

it's gonna be bad by virtue of PGI shit

>tfw no new Earthsiege series
at least I still have starsiege and it's rad soundtrack to comfort me

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