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Best retro controllers out there right now?

I'm mainly playing SNES titles right now, but I'm open to stuff for Megadrive, N64, and NES as well.

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If n64 you need a stick, the ibuffalo BSGP1601BK is okay if you want a 1 controller for the bunch. If You're willing to skip n64 the 8bitdo is coming out with a nice looking one that'll cover 6-button genesis without requiring you to map some to shoulder buttons.

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>it's an N64 console
Yes, of course it is

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What about SNES?

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What's wrong with her ear?

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the fuck is wrong with her ear?

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It's a fuck doll

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That's a doll. An elf doll I guess.
The WiiU pro controllers make for pretty sweet multipurpose emulation pads. God-tier d-pad on that thing. Work as well as a 360 pad for modern vidya too. Only negative are the digital triggers but that's not going to matter much for the consoles you listed.

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Were the obviously plastic/silicon hands not a give away?

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The ones I mentioned have shoulder buttons too, meaning SNES is covered

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sorry i didn't look really closely at whatever visible pieces of bare skin i could find like you did pedo

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Not that anon, but clearly you were examining elf flesh.

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>taking in so much radiation from your CRT that your ears turn pointed

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Imo the best solution (though not the cheapest or most convenient one) is to buy one of those recent lagless mass console adaptors and just use all of the native controllers. Anything else feels like a compromise

The hardest one is N64 because fuck finding a decent condition one isn't easy. There's really nice metal analog sticks mods but the sticks themselves are more expensive than a console + controller + some games. It's ridiculous

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That's kinda sad actually.q

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What model?

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I was trying to see how she was holding the controller you pleb.

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I really like the 8bitdo SNES controller, is the version without the added sticks any good?

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Hey, you shouldn't speak about girls this way.

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Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber is so great.

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>automated battles
It's shit. The presentation and music is nice though.

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>automated battles
>automatically means the game is bad
I don't get this reasoning, why is that people issue with the game? Did no one play March of The Black Queen? It was the same way.

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It's one of the best games of 5th gen period.

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keyboard master race reporting in

fuck controllers, they're for babbies

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t. kid whose first experience with retro games was in emulators

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Because it's simply boring and at that point I can't help but compare the Ogre Battle games to RTS titles that also have automated battles but have depth in the strategic department that Ogre Battle doesn't.

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I don't really find any less boring that some JRPG that makes you sift through menus for any random encounter. I guess you're free to think it's boring, I don't, sure the battles could be a little faster but I'm rather fond of Ogre Battle's unit management.

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started gaming with a commodore 64 in the mid '80s, keep projecting though :-)

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>why is that people issue with the game?
Because the other aspects of the game such as the unit management and movement lack depth, which leaves the game feeling lacking. I don't have a problem with automated battles in and of themselves, but the game needs some other level of engagement that makes me still feel just as involved.

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You phrased that much better than I did, thank you.

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t. LARPing kid whose first experience with video games was a web flash game

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You can target anyone you want with the auto-AI options, you're just stupid.

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haha! keep going lad, this is funny

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Not much else to add, you stepped into retro waters thinking your emulation shenanigan way of thinking would be accepted, but it's not
>b-but commodore 64
Obviously a kid would mention the most entry level computer every e-celeb talks about.

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So going back on track, is the 8bitdo any good?

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I feel like the game, along with a chock full of other older games had a lot of exploitable mechanics like training and stuff. But I wouldn't really say the game really lacks depth, there's a whole lot you have to consider about the entire management of your army. All of your units have tons of classes they can become, you also to have to manage their alignment and unlike a lot of other jrpgs you actually make choices that matter. I guess when you boil the game just down to the combat maybe it isn't very complex and could use a formula change (which is great because the Ogre Battle Saga experimented with Luct) but it's still an overall cool experience. I still hold by this game not being "shit". It was pretty different for its time too.

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that's some nice fanfic you got going there, too bad it's WRONG

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I'm really sorry for derailing the thread with Ogre Battle discussion, I also apologize on behalf of these buffoons arguing about the commodore 64 or whatever, I heard 8bitdo is actually very high quality, it's exactly purely retro though. I've heard of people getting defective controllers, but the actual product is very well put together.

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You realize you can use PS/2 and USB controllers with emulators... right? Your "anyone that prefers keyboard = emukid" argument makes no sense.

Also, some consoles even offered keyboards as peripherals, as pic related shows. I owned one with a mouse back in the day to play Q3A and Typing of the Dead.

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t. kid who wants to justify his keyboard-infested emulation experience

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That isn't OB64 though.

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A saturn pad + USB adapter.

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>elf flesh

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Instagram Filter

Nintendo manlet boy detected.

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>muh console/company wars
Silly emulatorpleb.

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Desu, I'm like switzerland when it comes to console wars, I welcome all consoles and troll where it's easy.

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Robot Fuck dolls will be the perfect gf of the future. You might need to help them play the game but soon robot AI will take over. Just imagine they will never give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

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>draping fabric over ventilation holes
shiggity diggity biggity boop

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>Makes not to self to take pics of his fuck doll in poses like this.

Wonder if I can fool others like this.

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>SNES: OEM SNES controller
>Megadrive: OEM Megadrive controller
>N64: OEM N64 controller
>NES: OEM NES controller
Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

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I keep seeing 8bitdo and buffalo coming up, but what about Retroflag? Is their SNES controller worth it?

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>lagless mass console adaptors
Which ones?

A PS3 controller to anything retro would be perfect.

Since it would be compatible with everything thanks to it pressure sensitive buttons.

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For N64 Kitsch-bent is not producing sticks anymore, but there's a guy that developed a brass gear, you can use that. You can print a stick in his store too. It's about 30 dollars. The brass gears wont deteriorate, but you can't use steel stick with it or else it will.

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It's really good, very similar build quality to the originals.

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PS3 controller is cheaply made garbage

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What's the best adapter for my SNES controller?

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Why doesn't Hori just slap a couple analog sticks on the bottom of the Fighting Commander and make a million dollars?

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Is the ear fuckable or something?

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Because Hori isn't one clueless kid?

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The only two consoles that would benefit are the Saturn and N64, two consoles that can only be experienced in the flesh—their emulation scenes have a long way to go.

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>The only two consoles that would benefit are the Saturn and N64

>PSX doesn't exist somehow
>Having a controller that can be used for later gens is bad

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Whiteknight faggot

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How many face buttons did the PSX have, anon?

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The PSX has three face buttons, however there are another six under the flap at the bottom. The PSX controller has the same number as a standard PS2 controller. It's /vr/ legal predecessor had many types of controllers with varying numbers of buttons

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As someone obsessed with convenience, I use 8-bitdo bluetooth controllers for NES and SNES so I don't have to fuck with cords.

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>The PSX has three face buttons

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I mostly just use customized arcade sticks with adapters.

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Under the flap?

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I think he took the question literally and is talking about the console itself, rather than the controller.

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There are three buttons on the face of a PSX. Google a picture and look for yourself.

At the bottom of the face of the PSX is a flap that opens up to provide access to the memory card slots and other connectors as well as six more buttons. Google a picture or RTFM.

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I'm not sure if you think you're being funny or if you're actually retarded.

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That'd make you retarded, champ

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ayy lmao

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Takes you quite a while to realize that other anon is talking about the PSX (that PS2-DVR-thing), not the original Playstation.

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What the fuck is that?

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Not that guy, but I don’t believe you either

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I've bought a knock-off SNES controller, and i'm liking it quite a lot. buttons work as intended (i'm mainly playing SNES and some indie bullshit too).

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>has a long way to go

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Why would anyone go through all that trouble, just to use the worst controller known to mankind?

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It's a joke that would agree with you retard

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stop this shit meme.

The only thing bad about N64 design is its appearance and the stick that breaks easily.

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Oh god is that the 4.99 controller on eBay?
I got two of those, they work okay but the d-pad feels like your pressing against a rubber ball. The cables are a lot thinner but other than that it works great as a backup controller (I have two original controllers so I have two cheap controllers for Bomberman and Secret of Mana) or one to bring to a sleepover/friend's house.

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Also, forgot to mention the PS3 controller despite feeling good is not very durable. Might have a hard time finding one that's in good shape.

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If you're on a budget, the 360 controller is a great option. You can pretty easily find 4 of them for like $35-$40. Pretty good considering most of these other options will run you that much just for ONE controller.

The negative is that the d-pad truly is unusable, they take batteries, and having to buy Xbox's wireless 360 dongle for them.

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don't forget the xbox elite controller. Maybe the best controller I've ever felt

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It's really really expensive though, but yeah it's good and it actually has a much better d-pad.

If you fucking hate messing around with drivers it's also a dream, if that maters to you. I fell for the "Wii U Pro" and PS3 controller memes years ago, and every time setting them up was a fucking headache.

I pretty much only use Xbox One controllers and classic SNES style pads now, depending on what games I'm playing. They just work, no nonsense, don't even have to set up controls in Retroarch.

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>soon an elite will cost more than the xbone itself

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Here's a controller I recently got, it's really nice that everything is automatically configured for my computer even for weird stuff like the windows port of Sonic 3D Blast.

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