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>plays dick Tracy
>notices no continues after death
Why are there NO CONTINUES!?

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Because people don't get a do-over after death anon

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haha lmao XD i watched an avgn video time to make a thread on /vr/ zoom zoom!

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Why don't you keep your e-celeb shit back at /v/ where it belongs? Talk about games, it's not that fucking hard.

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don't make me kick your ass

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t. dick tracy developer

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The objectively better version
>straight forward
>no cryptic bullshit
>challenging but not unfair
>tommy gun massacre

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He was talking about a game, you're the one starting a problem.

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that's a nasty chinese repro

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thanks anon

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Dick Tracy is the perfect example of how a lot of old games could be fixed with some small changes.

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The angry video game nerd episode with nathan Barnett trying out sega peripherals for Christmas is the funniest thing I've seen

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i disagree but respect your opinion

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Have you seen it?


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Oh, it's that freak from the dancing vids

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I have seen it, it was "meh" after several minutes into it but i'm glad you got enjoyment and a laugh.

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Why don't you go die fag?

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That episode is kino anon, I agree and glad you also enjoyed it.
One of the best lines is "Turning off Sonic? Christmas offense".

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Actually, no. He was talking about someone else talking about a game, which is not the same as talking about a game. That's like if I would say I've got a million dollars because I'm talking about someone else telling his life as a millionaire.

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This is another reason why Dick Tracey is worth like $1 even though it's a relatively uncommon game.

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Stop by /x/, apparently everyone on that board is a psychic, vampire, time traveling, immortal, alien love potion.

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speaking of Nathan, what the fuck is he doing with his channel? I haven't really watched them but they seem like he actually went full /x/.
I hope next year's xmas it's the nerd with Mac AND Keith.

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