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So I've been tring to remember the name of this game for a while, google isn't giving me shit so I reckon it'd be a good time to start a thread like this, so we can help each other remember those games that spring into our minds once in a while but we can't for the love of God remember their titles.
The game I'm trying to remember is from the NES, it's a platformer more akin to Lode Runner than Mario, in that you don't just go straight to the right. To beat the levels you have to run around the stage collecting chicks (as in baby chicken), I don't remember anything besides this.
Pic unrelated.

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Collecting chicks reminds me of Flicky, but it doesn't appear to have been released on the NES, so that can't be it. Oh well

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No, you're right, I mixed up the consoles, it's totally Flicky. Thanks anon!

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