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Did you use the Mind Shield exploit, /ck/?


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Hmm, did nobody play X-Com Apocalypse? I'd have thought some of the older guys around here would remember the infamous bugged Mind Shield exploit.

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It's on my to-play list. So I probably get to play it in 2028 or so lol.

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Same here. Gotta beat TFTD first.

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I tried TFTD and it was basically EU with turboautist difficulty and some retarded bugs.

Whereas Apocalypse is a very different thing altogether. Especially since it's the only X-COM (or XCOM, for that matter) game which implements real-time combat in an actually functional way.

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I've tried to play it a few times, I just don't have the will to learn the ins and outs of the game to actually start enjoying it though. All hell breaks loose and I'm still trying to figure out how to send guys out on a mission, and when I do, I wind up sending an empty vehicle.

Shame too, I really wanted to make an army of android peacekeepers.

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I wish OpenApoc was out already

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Are we eating the aliens now?

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i played the shit outta apocalypse back when it was new but i don't remember anything about a mind shield

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Doesn't this look appetizing to you?

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I like the interdimensional alien aesthetic in X-Com Apocalypse. What other games have a similar interdimensional weird enemy look?

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You need to click on a base containing soldiers and drag & drop the ones you want into the vehicle first. Also, you can click on their names to select them, and drag them as a single blob rather than picking each of them.
But yes, the fact that you couldn't assign your troops to vehicles from inside the base screen was one of the weirder design choices. Probably left over from when the game was more like Syndicate than classic X-COM; you can actually send your agents via people tubes to investigate, but they can't bring back anything. That option was probably enabled back when you were supposed to do spying missions against corporations, and using official vehicles would've raised alarm.

Androids have several advantages: some of the starting stats are considerably higher, and they're immune to mind control, but they cannot raise their stats via training, only by combat, and whatever stat gains they get compared (to squishies) are tiny. Also, they aren't immune to bleeding or brainsucking (the coding was never implemented).

Never had fried brainsucker?

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