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>Be Nintendo
>Have Miyamoto birth Super Mario on NES
>Everyone loves it, people begging for more
>Create harder levels as the successor in Japan
>Sequel to Super Mario Bros believed to be too hard for dumb Americans
>Reskin Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic to Mario because money
>Surprised the game actually sells well
>Re-release Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic as Super Mario Bros. 2 to the Japanese
>Add "USA" to the end because why not?

How the fuck does any of this make sense?

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americans are pretty dumb lets be honest

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It made perfect sense even as you explained it. Are you having an episode, son?

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Did it even sell well in Japan?
>I know, i could google this but fuck it.
Are there any other cases of this happening?
Were Americans that dumb as >>5289149

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>Sequel to Super Mario Bros believed to be too hard for dumb Americans
>this meme again

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This game is better than Super Mario Bros. 2 JP so we lucked out

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The Devs themselves said Mario USA was the Mario 2 they wanted to make in the first place. 2JP is just some filler they cranked quickly because a SOME sort of sequel was demanded in short order.

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I agree, loved the fuck out fo this game outside of nostalgia.

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They are the exact same game except USA has b button dash.

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And this is a response to how the Devs feel about it how?

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They had to call the game something, so why not call it something reflecting what it actually was?

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Super Mario Bros 2 Super Sized 'Murica Edition

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It always surprises me how bold the colors are on these Japanese Famicom covers. Can you imagine a Mario game today having a hot pink border?

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Yea I agree. I do wish we had gotten an official NES Lost Levels cart in 1994 when they released the top loader though.

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Most Mario games from the Wii to 3DS came in actually red cases rather than white ones. That stands out.

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still can't believe how they released that 25th anniversary of SMB on Wii. Fuck Nintendo.

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The Japanese can be weird that way. They saw the video game RPG genre and brought it over but ended up making the games far simpler and easier to appeal to local gamers.

But then they got it in their head that their games must be too hardcore so they make an insultingly easy one and just for them.

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>Can you imagine a Mario game today having a hot pink border?
seems fitting

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>Have Miyamoto birth Super Mario on NES

Stopped reading here. Mario was birthed in the arcades.

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Popeye actually birthed Mario

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Lighten up, anon. Nintendo's target audience is ultimately 9 year olds. It was a viable means for a new generation of gamers to experience SMB.

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I would counter this but sad to say you're right.

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Yep, Mario 2 USA has soul.

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Which also came out on the arcades too once Nintendo got the rights to it.

Thanks for proving my point.

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I agree, Japanese SMB2 is more like an expansion pack than a brand new game.

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Doki Doki Panic existed because TV Tokyo had a promotional campaign going and they contracted Nintendo to make a tie-in game, so they took a failed prototype and made a full game out of it.

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The best part of the whole story is not them reskinning the graphics but copy/pastaing recreating the original art with mario characters, it's bizarre how it all just worked together.

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It actually happened anon. How new are you?

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>The Devs themselves said Mario USA was the Mario 2 they wanted to make in the first place.

[citation needed]

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That's what happens when you make a lawyer into your lead game tester.

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It is a good thing for the Mario enemy ecology. Bo-Bombs and Pokeys are key Mario enemies later on and Shy Guys are fucking adorable even if they mostly appear in spinoffs.

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I don't see why people call it a bad game, much less a bad Mario game. Plus if it wasn't for this we wouldn't have a lot of other Mario staples like Peach floating, shy guys, etc.

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Plus its in keeping with the second installment of NES games being a lot different from the first

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Mario 2 is still my favorite Mario game I dont care what anyone says. Mario 2 makes my heart go doki doki from nostalgia. What a lovely dream.

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Popeye was mpreg?

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Yep, Brutus did it.

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Should I play the NES version or the Super Mario All-Stars re-release ?

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Wait, I thought this was am internet meme? I thought smb 2 was ACTUALLY a failed Mario game, then became Doki Doki panic, and then was reskinned back to Mario for the US?

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Do you want to just dick around for a bit or commit and finish the game? All-Stars if you want to go all the way because of the save system, NES if you don't really care and just want to play for a bit.

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this, mazes, unavoidable hits, and invisible blocks aint fun

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Yeah I forget that was a thing in the 80's, even arcade games usually had game mechanic shifts when the sequels rolled out. Kinda weird how that fad died real fast, to the point that nowadays people want everything to be the same.

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They have lots of low volume stuff such as the fm towns marty.

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>Kinda weird how that fad died real fast, to the point that nowadays people want everything to be the same.

I think it's more that companies value consistency and low risk over innovation.

One indie game out of thousands turns out to be good, popular and money making. Big game companies can't take that risk.

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He's clearly talking about SMB1, not the character itself.

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>too hard for burgers
how the fuck do you explain the modifications to Ninja Gaiden 1 & 3, and Castlevania 3 then? I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with the difficulty.

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They were right for the audiences of the NES and SNES though. It's a bit of a simplification to make it all about what they thought about Americans, it was specifically the kinds of Americans who had their consoles, who for the most part weren't meganerds.

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To prevent cheapskate gamers from beating the game on a rental.

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Game rental was never a thing in Japan, but pretty big in US and parts of Europe.

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The Japanese one is like a crappy Mario maker level

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difficulty was not the major factor, since nintendo had no issues releasing hard games

it was actually because it was a sequel that was almost identical to the original in terms of graphics, music, and core gameplay
the new, difficult, levels were the only major difference

it was at this time that nintendo was trying not to make mission pack sequels, because they were still aware of how same-y games caused the gaming crash of 83
doki doki panic was made by miyamoto, and jad koji kondo doing music, and played in a very mario-like manner and so was a shoe in for "game that is good without copying the original"

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Graphics and music in all stars are shit compared to original. Play original.

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Um how about the literal Mario assets present in Doki Doki Panic (starman, pow block, koopa shell)

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This should be a no brainer, all-stars was a disgrace.

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SMB1 in Japan had so many variations half of which remained JP only
>All Night Nippon

Nintendo of America did contests with Vs. SMB, and they had that golden cartridge thing. Not releasing 2 as a secret alternate editon of 1 was such a missed opportunity considering how much milking potential the title had.

Nintendo of Europe did just that but with the wrong game, Mario Bros ("Kaette Kita Mario Bros" > "Mario Bros. (Classic Series)")

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