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So, ah, I was dragged along to a retro arcade bar the other night that opened 6 months, /vr/

>independent business
in the CBD area
>live in a city of 3000,000 people
>50ish machines
>domestic and international tap beers were reasonable price
>mostly 90's arcade machines like mortal kombat 3, point blanc, time crisis, etc
>15 or so pinball machines, some old school like terminator, g'n'r, etc but also avengers and game of thrones pinball licensed pinball machines
>5 crt 60 inch televisions playing playing mario cart 64
>quite a lot of people there; including 18/19 year old dudes and cuties
>bar staff are all (and some hot) heavily black haired; tattooed and pierced chicks

I've read a accounts of these types of establishments cropping up in America and the UK in the last 5 years.

I guess my question is how long will this establishment last before people lose interest and the bar has to close from lack of profit? :(

Only because it always seems to happen.

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*300,000 people

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I live in a city of 2.5M people, we've had a few of these come and go. You're right that retro games alone aren't enough to make a profitable business. The key will be if the owner also makes the business popular for other related events. The one which worked here also has good food, board games, trivia, and has managed to become the regular meet-up place for several groups and clubs, all of which guarantee a steady income stream. Diversity and promotion are the key to success.

However, in a city a tenth the size, I don't know if it's viable at all. Good luck to them. Go regularly if you like the place and encourage all your friends to do the same.

inb4 4chan has no irl friends

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>diversity is key to success

yea sure thing rabbi, I'm sure the 13% doing the 48% of X will be great for biz

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haha epic, i too ruined my life and poisoned my brain by spending my formative years in this shithole!

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The Four Quarters bars in London are good and they've been able to expand and make a profit. One is in a very sketchy area so rent was cheap and the other is in an up and coming hipster area so does well from that crowd.
The other secret is the choice of games, they've rightfully gone mostly for multiplayer games as that's what casuals want. They made a big thing about getting a New Zealand Story cab in, and I literally never saw anyone play it over months of it being there. People want light gun games, fighters and stuff like the crappy Konami beat em ups (Simpsons, Turtles). They keep a few machines for more patrician choices but wiselely cater for coin feeding shitters primarily.

There was also another corporate bar in the centre of town in an expensive hipster area but despite having a fantastic atmosphere it quickly went under as it was full of identical shitty multigames and very expensive craft beer.

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>bar staff are all (and some hot) heavily black haired; tattooed and pierced chicks

A clear warning sign to stay far away

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Well to my knowledge, the best retro arcade bar in the UK is in Bury which is a town of less than 100,000 people (although the wider area has a pop. of 2 million) and it has been going for over 3 years.

It has a bunch of cabs you wouldn't find anywhere else like Truxton and Ikaruga and it operates on a free-to-play model after paying an entry fee. It's very much arcade 1st, bar 2nd.

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They won't last long if all they've got are the games. Arcades died over 20 years ago, they're not gonna come back purely on nostalgia.

Any place like this that lasts does so because its got something else going for it. They either double as a restaurant and bar, or they're right next to the movie theater and thus have a constant stream of people who need to kill half an hour.

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I'm guessing the owner has a type.

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More like there's a type into old video games. Go to any metal bar and you'll see the same.

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just on arcade alone will not work. need card games and manga/anime shit to sale also.

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still recall my local barcade had some fat dude in a sailor moon outfit sipping on his apple cider. Made me never want to return to another barcade, ever.

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You'll see gross fat people anywhere that serves food or drinks though.

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Now I know why GrubHub was invented.

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Is it the one in providence,Rhode Island?

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Arcadia National Bar in Portland, ME is good, but a little small. There is a bar called 1UP in Denver I would highly recommend everyone go to if you're ever there, it is by far the best implementation I've ever seen of this idea and I'd go constantly if I lived there.
I've been to other ones in Nashville and Boston Area that weren't worth mentioning. It does seem kind of like a fad though

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There's two in providence rhode Island not too far from Maine.
There's shelter arcade and free play arcade
Both retro arcades and bar

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My city has a couple of these. One is a bar that has consoles set up at booths, the other is a pinball and arcade bar that has live music every week. They've been very successful so far.

you have to be 18 years old to be here

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When did leftist cucks start thinking their kind is welcome here?

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there's one retro bar a town over from me and i'd say 70% of the money they make from machines is pinball

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...just imagining all that filth around my food is enough to kill any interest I'd have in eating there.

The food service is a difficult business to get into, one in which fail to generate profits in their first 5 years of operating; ever notice how fast those generic pizzerias change hands? Even if only a gimmick, sinking 10grand into purchasing a ton of old arcade machines that are going to raise your electrical bill and eat into your seating is a bad business move. A generic pizzeria only costs about 50K to startup, making it the cheapest was to get into the food business and yet they still struggle to stay open.

So yeah, a restaurant heavily relying on high maintenance machines caked in decades of filth is stupid idea that only a trust fund millennial could come up with.

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My family used to own a fairly successful barcade in Asheville NC. Upkeep on the machines there was a bitch. Sticky cocktails and vintage cabs do not mix.

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this is a page about old videogames - please stick to /pol/ or stormfront where you can nut to racism and "muh heritage" as much as you want to...

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>crt 60 inch

You would need a forklift truck to move one that big! I don't think they made them that big.

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there was a rather nice one here in southern Germany.

had real Japanese cabs, Japanese food and nice setups like a Darius Burst cab.
not enough clients made it close down like 6 months later though...

these things tend to work out in Japan atm.

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I'm aware that regular arcades are still prominent in japan but are barcades really a popular thing there?

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they were sprouting like mushrooms in the last couple of years.

and Japanese tend to be an outgoing society not spending much time with friends and colleagues at home.

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>So, ah,
Kill yourself.

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No, but it was common to find rear-projection TVs of that size in the 90s.

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Hopefully forever. I love the one that just opened up down the street for me. It also acts as a shop for games and movies, but has no bar. The next closest one is a bar but has no shop for movies or games.

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let me put it to you this way, i didn't get into videogames out of a love of people or faith in their ability to communicate anything of value to me. i play them to kill time in avoidance of crippling my remaining loved ones with the burden of my suicide. so why the fuck would i go to a bar when i have nothing in common even with other people who play videogames.

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Having a small retail section in your barcade actually sounds pretty smart. The nostalgic 30 and 40 somethings that a lot of barcades attract are also the type I see dropping some dosh on slightly-above-ebay priced Nintendo games. Especially if they've been drinking.

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>stupid idea that only a trust fund millennial could come up with.
you say this but there are plenty of guys who make shitloads of money working, for instance, a stint as a department of defense contractor in a warzone or on an offshore oil rig, they get done and have a shitload of cash so they want to start a business. they like vidya and pizza so they do that. and then you watch them lose money they literally could have died over. it's way funnier than the non-tragedy of a trust fun babby learning how to do mommy and daddy things the hard way.

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Anyone here ever been to Funspot in Laconia NH? Technically an arcade bar since they have a restaurant, but so much more than an arcade bar

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Fuck off retard

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Seething late 90's baby detected.

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Nah. But probably about the same.

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Fair enough, most of their houses are too small

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I dunno man, I feel like most people into retro gaming are gettin too old for bars like that, at least as far as going on a regular enough basis for the business to sustain itself. I really like the idea, and it's cool and all I guess the concept is its like slumber parties when you were a kid except now you can get drunk and possibly laid. But the more hardcore retro gamers are autists that don't like to go out (and have superior, customized home setups), or like I said, just getting older and have more responsibilities like family and shit.

On the other hand, seems great for the younger folk that are trying to get into retro games and is a good place to meet like-minded people, with maybe a few of the oldheads giving out pointers and just being general boomers.

tl;dr version - cool idea, and depending on the area/community its in, has potential to be fun and successful. But probably a way higher chance of going under in ~3 years

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I have two in my city, one is a mix of all sorts one is pinball only.

The pinball has bin there 2 years, the arcade at least 5 and even survived accusations of racism. Though in this town things are iffy about that.

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A barcade is cool, but a weedcade would be fan-fucking-tastic. 90% of stoners play videogames its a win win, but sadly its extremely rare to get a license(even in pot legal states) to sell and have customers smoke in the same establishment. It would be amazing, beer, weed and arcade cabinets. If you designed it right it would be extremely appealing. Weed store at the entrance, then smoking lounge to the side, while the main corridor leads to a bar with a stage for live music and a place to order food (anything from pizza and hotdogs to hipster bar food), followed by swinging double doors that lead to the arcade. Then have a seperate exit that leads to an outside lounge area with a coffe shop. Bam, perfect. Multi faceted arcade with numerous off shoots to appeal to many different types of people.

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Maybe a week. Maybe 40 years. Maybe go fuck yourself

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You’re talking about Arcade Club right? I haven’t been myself but they’re apparently planning to open a second site in Leeds which will be much closer to me. From all reports I’ve read the atmosphere is spot on.

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you're lucky it's a slow board or low quality posts like yours would be more likely to go unnoticed

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Who the fuck wants to go to an arcade where the air is thick with the smell of pothead losers. Keep your degenerate addiction to yourself.

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*pulls out dagger*
Guess if you want things done you gotta do it yourself...
*slices your stomach open*
*pulls out your intestines and chokes you to death with them*
*decapitates you for good measure because you're an annoying faggot who won't fuck off*
*throws your body in the sewer a fitting end to your shit life*

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