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as a kid, I definitely missed the boat on RPGs since all I really had were star ocean 2 and FF7, since I was pretty much blessed with the gold standard of horror games with RE1-3, both dino crises, and silent hill

so I've been on a bit of a JRPG craze for the last few years and I'm just wondering, what are some good older JRPGs? I'm not exactly the biggest fan of turn-based combat because star ocean 2 spoiled me pretty hard with good combat, though

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>implies turn-based combat isn't good

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I mean, in most cases it really isn't
FFT and koudelka were good examples of turn-based combat, most games are fucking boring with it though

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Different anon, but pretty much all non-turn bases combat systems are even fucking worse, turning entire game into button mashing in retro era.

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alright, then what are the better turn-based combat games? my experience with turn-based games has soured me on the system since a lot of them were really generic and dull

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There aren't any, really
Besides, it depends if you are looking for purely combat experience or other stuff also going around. I would unironically suggest playing AoW1, despite it being a 4X game, for the superior turn-combat, RPG-like experience, as units have skills and levels.

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No, wait, I've got something:
Jagged Alliance 1 & 2. It's the closest thing out there to be good turn-based combat and RPG in the same time. Not exactly the first thing that clicks in your mind when someone says "RPG", but still. As far as pure combat experience goes, best thing around that's also retro.

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I've actually been meaning to play JA since it looked so much like xcom, and ufo defense was fucking fun

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Tales of Phantasia, if you haven't. If you like Star Ocean's gameplay you'll probably like that. Play the PSX version with the english patch.

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If you like combat like FFT, check out Vandal Hearts. For something like Star Ocean try Tales of Destiny 2. (AKA Tales of Eternia)

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Came here to post this. I don't like most of the Tales games, but I loved Phantasia and Destiny and recommend them very highly.

I hated Eternia personally, but I know it has fan so worth checking out if you liked the first two.

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I strongly recommend playing it. Here, enjoy:
All mods, along with descriptions and installations. Some of them are pure flavour, some help the game to run properly, but they are sorted and labelled. Word of advice - DO NOT play the 1.13 "patch", unless you are 200% sure what you are doing and tweaking in options. Otherwise the game will be super unfun experience that requires to be JA turboautist to even touch it.
For first run, you can play it easily vanilla and/or just patch it up with improved AI mod. After that, anythning goes, but again, be vary of the 1.13 "patch".

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They're all terrible and the more you play the worse the whole genre seems. Get out while you can still tolerate these games.

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He didn't ask about shmucks though

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Desperate. Your turn.

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muh boogeyman

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sensitive shmucksfags

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You're derailing a JRPG thread with this nonsense you dumbass

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I'm the guy who started this short exchange I guess. I don't know what schmuck means, I admit all RPGs aren't bad, I'm sorry.

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Rena a cute

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What are some of the best SNES era JRPGs

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Shining Force II

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>well it's in english anyway so fuck it
what little I played of star ocean 1 was actually pretty fun
wild that it not only had voice acted cutscenes but they were in english

also I can't see the character art for SO2 the same way knowing that the artist also did a few SO2 doujins

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That was the artist for the Star Ocean GBC game

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My first suggestion is to get used to turn based combat. As for games - out of all the big ones that are commonly considered classics, these are the ones i've played that i can recommend:
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 6
Golden Sun
Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar: The Silver Star
Mother 3
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Paper Mario
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Phantasy Star IV
Popful Mail
Radiant Historia
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
Skies of Arcadia
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
The World Ends with You
Valkyrie Profile

Have fun anon there's a lot of good stuff out there especially on the fifth and sixth generation consoles.

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nah, minato koio did the art for star ocean 2

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Which version of Star Ocean 2 should I play?

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I recommended Eternia over Destiny because I feel the combat is a bit tighter. I liked pulling combos off in it more over Destiny. Destiny has far better story, characters and presentation though. Swordians are badass

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The original in all it's janky glory

Embrace the jank anonkun


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personally, I'd say the original
but I really do love the PSP port and all the voiced dialogue is nice, but the portraits are pretty lame and, at times, kinda lazily flipped

but the voice acting is pretty decent, but nowhere near as fun as the original's PEAR INTO PEACHES

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>Final Fantasy IV>IX
>Chrono Trigger
>Chrono Cross
>Super Mario RPG
>Romancing Saga 2
>Saga Frontier
>Breath of Fire IV
>Suikoden II
>Dragon Quest (Warrior) VII
I thought I was the one who shilled Radiant Historia here. It's 90s jrpg as fuck though.

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I hate how they made Rena look like a little girl

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to be fair, she was 17 in the original game
that's basically 10 in japan

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Thanks for the input, I was kinda leaning towards the original since I like the art style a lot more but I didn't know if the improvements from the PSP version made it worth it to play that instead (or if they were even really improvements)

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17 is an old hag in Japan.

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the PSP version adds an entirely new character, changes portraits, changes the moving 3D models for items into pretty lame portraits, and I think it even removed a skill in the skill upgrade menu but I don't think it did much in the OG game anyway
it also adds new private actions

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Would you say all that stuff makes it worth it over the original even with the general aesthetic downgrade?

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welch is honestly a pretty good fighter but it really depends on whether or not you'd like the style of humor she brings
personally I'd recommend playing both but the PS1 version first but that's just me

if you want to see if welch is enough to try the PSP version, I'd look up some private actions with her to see if you like them because that's pretty much all she adds

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I like turn based because it slows down and dissects the fight instead of being a clusterfuck of button mashing. I get it's not for everyone though.

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nothing is worth the inferior sound quality on psp

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That's such a warm picture of Rena. I really like it. Star Ocean 2 is in my top 5 RPGs of all time.

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The only good thing is the new private actions and animated cutscenes

A lot of people feel it broke the flow of combat because melee fighters can only do 3 hit combos now (I think)

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it certainly made combat a bit easier, that's for sure

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Play Tactics Ogre. On PS1 or SNES.
skip PSP, for the love of God. It's not even the same game.

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>Star Ocean 2

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Turn based is fine

This, there are very few exceptions of games doing it right without turn based, although Star Ocean does a great job, but it's few and far between.

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Star Ocean 1 is interesting, has a lot of strange content, and you can kind of see the seeds being planted for ideas that would get better fleshed out and be better executed in Star Ocean 2. I think the execution of SO1 is severely lacking, especially all the tedious backtracking with no warp points, no vehicles, the game has you walking from one end of the world to the other and back again over and over again to advance the story. Funny enough Star Ocean 3 went back to this awful strategy, although there are warp points toward the end of the game. Also moving your characters around on the battle scenes is really poorly implemented. The secrets are kind of a jumbled mess, but not in a good way like SO2 where there's so much wacky shit going on you're bound to still discover hundreds of things while getting locked out of others, in this game it seems like there's only one or two major secrets and you can get locked out very easily, though I don't remember specifics.

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Can't you get locked out of the computer terminal that tells you the true history of Nede and the Ten Wise Men in SO2? I've never actually unlocked it myself.

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in the sekrit lab? or in that one port where you go to the tower from?
I honestly don't really remember spending much time in either

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