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Astrologers Proclaim Month of the Dumb Desert Town
Oh well whatever at least Resistance was nerfed doubled.
>Previous Thread >>5256864
HoMM3 pastebin: https://pastebin.com/6G9B1cMA

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Right when I was going to ask if I should make a new thread

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wasn't there another thread already?

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Nope, the previous one hit bump limit and was page 9 when this started

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Which one is the better choice if I want to waste my money (actual price notwithstanding, since I'd only buy either during a -75% sale): Heroes VI or VII? Does VI still require that idiotic online thing to unlock special items?

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>grail structure is a torn flag on a stick
The absolute state of Stronghold.

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>stupid expensive
>aesthetically fugly
Am I missing out neglecting this faction?

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I think they're a lot of fun to play, precisely because they're so hard to get off the ground.

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>Heroes VI or VII?
Heroes VI was at least trying to do something new with its Dynasty and Reputation systems so it's worth checking out at least. Limbic's attempt to take the best parts of all previous games and merge it into VII failed, giving us a game without any identity of its own. Still, you should watch a few episodes of Let's Plays to get an impression of how the games look and feel like before making your choice.

Also, for those people interested in my maps, I just wanted to share this pic because I was really pleased with how the waterfall turned out!

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I think they're worse than inferno on poor in terms of resources maps.

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Correct, you can't really do much unless you can afford nagas by at least week 2. Overall really bad Heroes as well, but I still enjoy playing them.

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very good blend of the dragon dwelling + mountains + reef

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There is literally no reason to spend money on those abominations, not even guilty pleasure.

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You forgot another one
>Heroes are universally shit
>Most units are expensive and crap

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Ï don't know about that, I think Tower overall has one of the better armies. The cost and the shitty heroes are the problem.

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The problem with their units is universally low HP. And serious Speed issues.

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The reason Inferno is always shat on and Tower isn't is because the typical HoMM3 player takes 4 months to finish an M map and Titans and Solmyr are da bomb, but Devils have weak stats and are smelly and why would you care about non-retal on a superfast unit.

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lmao true Tbh

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Solmyr rushes great, Neela grows amazingly

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Not true by the way.

t. tower player

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It is
t. person who's smarter than you

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Here's how it works, you either pick Solmyr, in the hopes of getting a chance at a harder stack than you would otherwise be able to clear with chain lightning, or if you are playing on any template other than Jebus or on 200% you take Aine so that you can actually get anywhere within the first month. Then after doing this, you pray to god that your opponents didn't pick all of the decent barbarians and that there is one in your tavern.

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Solmyr is a great hero on maps that allow for quick skirmishes between players on week 1, because casters in general rock in these situations and even more so does CL. Gremlin rush with Solmyr is very formidable. Tower is solid in FFA MP, but in a 1v1 with a formidable buildup phase they struggle.

Also if you're playing without rules you can always pick Cyra.

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The waterfall looks splendid, but I'm not so sold on the dragon cliffs. They blend in well; the problem is the hard edge on the right. I know that's how the artist made it, but it looks like "canvas ran out"

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Neela could be amazing if not the fact she's Alchemist meaning you are almost guaranteed to get Learning, but forget about Water or Fire Magic. And on top of that her starting skill is already the fucking Scholar. Then comes the fact how stat grow for Alchemists.
At least Tazar and Mephala are good hero classes with good growth and skills to pick.

Solmyr is such a meme I don't even feel the need to explain why it's a fucking joke of a hero.
Cyra is the only good hero Tower has to offer and you didn't even bothered to mention her.

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Cyra is banned, that's why.

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Not always. But it tells you something about a faction where the only good hero of it (she's nothing special, really, it's the day 1 Diplomacy that leverages her to good) is usually disabled.

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Diplo is disabled with HW rules, of course you can play without them but its not common. But yes I agree, I play tower and basically you just take Solmyr or Aine then hope to get a good barbarian in tavern.

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>Solmyr is such a meme I don't even feel the need to explain why it's a fucking joke of a hero.
Tyranuxus (highly rated ladder player) endorses Solmyr as a starter hero choice on Jebus with the caveat that you always want to tavern-dive for something better than a Tower native hero.

Aside from the speculation that, presumedly, absolutely nobody endorses picking Tower at all.

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Exactly what has been said ITT for the last three hours other than by clueless fags that have presumably never played multi. Solmyr is an ok starting pick because you could potentially use your one cast of chain lightning to win a fight you otherwise couldn't.

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is this loss

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It's that time again spoiler]to play HoMM6![/spoiler]

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It's that time again to play HoMM6!
Heh didn't mess up this time.

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HoMM2's vampires are the coolest vampires in HoMM.

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>fucking meme joke of a hero
>actually he's probably one of the best starter choices for a town that suffers from real dearth of starting heroes
>le missing the point gif with no more arguments
Posting this reaction image for the 7th time when you get told (seriously, you're making a habit out of this) doesn't mean you haven't been wrong these 7 times.
Alternately, articulate yourself in a manner where people won't "miss your point" every single time you say something misleading.

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>/vr/ is just one person
The point was already stated by >>5290231. And I'm not him nor the >>5290513 anon.
How about this: Solmyr is a meme hero, because first of all, he's Tower hero, second he has Sorcery as starting skill (and extremely high chance to end up with crapload of shit-tier skills, like Intelligence, Scholar or Eagle Eye), he's a Wizard (already covered) and literally the only "good" thing about him is a Chain Lighting from the start in his spellbook. A spell that outright demands from you to either run with underpowered army (so there are enough enemy stacks) OR sacrifice your own units each and every time you use it.
And on top of that, Solmyr is often simply banned from the game, precisely due to his meme status.

tl;dr get fucked

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And to bash on entire Wizard class some more:
You are more likely to get Estates and Ballistics than you can get Earth, Fire or Water magic. Wizard my ass. And you can get easier First Aid than you can get Air Magic. Your biggest gains are in Knowledge for the crucial first 10 levels, along with your town giving +1 Knowledge to that. Because who needs spells that deal damage or army that has any combat value, right?
That's how bad Wizards are.

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Solymyr will chain lightning your arse

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Yes, literally all of those are well known problems with Tower.
>either run with underpowered army
The point is that you can take on - or soften - large blocker armies, and the fact that you're best off doing this with a small army (it's not unheard of for Tower to do some light creeping with just the week 2 Castle+Naga or Citadel+Naga growth, for example) means that you can chain and expand much more efficiently - that's like saying Luna's Firewall is terrible because it encourages you to creep with just a handful of Pixies.
Solmyr is also much stronger when you have steady access to wells nearby.

We all fucking know why Tower heroes are terrible and why Solmyr is not main hero material, literally every post here on the subject confirms these are problems and that he's merely advocated as a seeker of early game advantage (especially the example highlighted here >>5290250 )

>And on top of that, Solmyr is often simply banned from the game, precisely due to his meme status.
Maybe if you're playing with bads.

And yes, it's been the third thread where someone is posting the same fucking "woooosh" reaction images and acts like "unhf durr you just don't get it" when called out on retardation. Now it is evident that you can't read because none of the posters you were responding to required a litany of Wizard-bashing. Nobody here advocated main hero Solmyr. Nobody here said Solmyr is amazing or that he redeems Tower's flaws. He's merely been called an "okay starting pick" in a town where people were so desperate for a decent starter that at some point I saw people trying to utilize fucking Torosar. But Torosar isn't Gurnisson or even Arlach, he's a shitty Alchemist.

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looks great

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what tier is mercedes limousine

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I recognize this song from Heroes of Might and Magic IV, it's one of the overworld themes.
How on earth did it end up in an anime? I can't find anything on google about it.

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I think it's some kind of old musical theme or something like that, you can hear that in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5CihrMnZXI and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL6jvf9WccM
Speaking of this, I hope someone knows what the origin of this is, since it's kinda hard to search considering there's no actual lyrics.

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Let's say I'm playing Castle or Tower, and have to grab a main from the tavern. How would you rank the classes, disregarding specializations?
Are BM's and Rangers even worth considering if they're not Tazar/Kyrre/Mephala?

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Barbarian > Overlord > Ranger > Beastmaster (unless Tazar)

And no to the second part of your question. Unless they have some kind of skill that would be ok for a scout or defensive hero.

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Actually, even playing a knight would be better than playing a BM/ranger unless you get one of the ones you mentioned.

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What's with the Attack Skill/Offense meme anyway? Why do you people shill for barbarians so hard?
How is losing 30 wolf riders every time you fight some fast moving creeps better than... well, not losing them thanks to Defense?

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I wonder who is behind this post.

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A plenty of homm4 music was made by using samples from old celtic melodies and similar stuff.
The famous sea theme, for example, can be heard in few different games.

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Knights are fairly mid-tier considering even Castle generally wants a non-native hero, but Tower ideally wants to play Orrin.
Also, with HotA, Captains are not a bad choice.
>Attack Skill/Offense meme
It's strong at all points of the game and helps you creep [nuking creeps down before they can hit you].

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If you play as Castle, then Barbarian>Overlord>Ranger>BM
If you play as Tower, then Barbarian=Ranger (guaranteed archery with 3 shooters? yes please!)>Overlord>BM
Rangers usefulness depends entirely on your gameplay style. I don't mind Luck nor Resistance at all and consider them valid skills, so it works for me. BMs that aren't Tazar are extremely mixed bag due to heroes themselves.

>30% increase of damage
It's one of the best all-around skills that works with any faction and any hero. Next thing you will ask why people consider Logistics to be the most important skill to have. Surely it's just 30% more movement points, who needs that, right?

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Sorry, should be Castle, then Barbarian>Overlord=Ranger>BM

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What about battle mages, is Gundula really much worse than Crag?

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Why aren't you using native heroes for Castle? Knights aren't that bad. Sorsha is probably THE most undervalued hero in the entire game, we are talking . Orrin makes your shooters deal absurd damage. Rest of them is still pretty good.

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Not really. The funny part is how Crag regularly is banned, but Gundula isn't, while packing the exact same punch and having super-Slow

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Were you guys autistic enough to read all those text walls?

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It was well-written.
Reading bunch of those short lines in JRPGs is actual autism.

>> No.5294220

>Single page of text
>Autistic enough to read
... is it already daytime in States?

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>I will keep reposting this reverse meme until you like it

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Could someone redraw it the other way around? You know, to reflect reality

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>Could someone redraw it the other way around? You know, to reflect reality

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is this a good idea?

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*South of the Border starts playing*

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in 2012, before I ever came here, I got back into homm3 and was working on making a custom map, but my hard drive died and I lost it

It had 4 towns of every faction in their home terrain, but 1 of each was isolated from the others (so each terrain exists twice; once large, once small)
each (large) terrain had access to water that touched every other terrain, albeit not equally (water was mostly on the left half of map)
each faction's main necessary resource (for lvl 7's typically) was not present in their own terrain
each town started with nothing but a town hall (and all of them start out grey with weak defenders), and while there were plenty of monster dwellings, they were all guarded (by their own monsters)
all mines were "abandoned" and guarded, usually twice I think (once outside, once inside), but the resource type was hand-placed
you start with one random might hero and one random magic hero, each of your faction type
there were roads of each type in each terrain, but only to and from certain things and not many of them (I think typically the roads didn't lead out of the terrain, and may only have connected faction towns with each other, but I don't remember for sure)
there were border gates at each entrance to another terrain, each guarded by neutral (I think) monster types that were tough enough (or so I intended) that you'd need to be built up a bit to get past; I'm talking the border gatehouse things, not simply monster stacks
I did my best to balance the misc structures around the map so that nobody had a particular advantage

I like early game play, so I wanted the player to be weak for a long time, even though its an XL map

Aside from diplomacy, how might such a map be fucked? I know the actual layout and details matter and you can't see them, but still. I've never played competitively or had an interest in that; I just wanted a good enjoyable map that had everything without being gimmicky.

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>People bought HD version

imagine this cuckoldry

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>that shitty front

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Hey, my wife's son loves HoMM3 HD, bucko!

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>town hall
I meant village hall, but even that's not right
they had taverns; you had to buy the village hall

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>HoMM3: Cheap Plastic Edition

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>in 2012, before I ever came here, I got back into homm3 and was working on making a custom map, but my hard drive died and I lost it
That's a bummer, I would've liked to see what you could do with it, considering how you envisioned it to be. Funnily enough, I'm in the process of making concept maps for each faction that could be joined at one point into one single gigantic map. The goal of that map would be digging out the Grail and building it in the middle of the map in a Conflux city. The thing is that each faction would be protected from being destroyed by Border Guards (for quite some time, at least), so everybody would get a chance to win even if they're not the strongest player out there. Likewise, you'd have a bunch of Obelisks scattered around the map, with the final eight being located right in the territory of each respective faction. This, coupled with the lack of mobility (eg. Teleport, Town Portal, Fly, Dimension Door) and spying (View Air, View Earth) spells, the fixed number of heroes, size of the map and number of neutral cities would mean that no single player can control the entirety of the map.
>Aside from diplomacy, how might such a map be fucked?
Mobility spells would play a huge role in deciding who would win, so removing all of them would be a good start to balance the factions. Banning OP heroes would be another good step, but this would impact some factions more than the other ones.
>I've never played competitively or had an interest in that; I just wanted a good enjoyable map that had everything without being gimmicky
Me too!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll see if I can position the Dragon Cliffs a bit better so it doesn't look like it's sticking out from the ground.

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>3D assets
>Turned into 2D pictures
>With half-assed photoshop blurring
Ubisoft, why are you so Ubisoft... Remember how literally a decade ago they were the only "good guy" big publisher out there?

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The more troops you kill when you slap them the less that can slap you back.

>> No.5294752

>well, not losing them thanks to Defense?
lmaoing at this retard. The defense lets you lose 25 wolf riders instead.

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Current Settlers re-release is great. I'm so fucking surprised I'm still expecting some fuckery to come.

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>Can be stoned by Medusas and Basilisks

Explain this retardness

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an oversight or a quirk due to how the internal logic handles these status effects.

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I'm doing a solo Sorc run on MM7 and i wonder, which items of the Dragon in Emerals Island i should be looking for ? the fire magic crown looks okay, but i don't know if i will make use of it at this point, Old Nick looked hella nice but i cant use it.

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Less min-maxxed, but BM is probably the best magic hero class since it has both the highest attack skill growth and GUARANTEED logistics.

>> No.5295110

SSSC is arguably the best dark side team there is. It will have a pretty weak early game, but poison spray, sparks, and bows will still carry you. It isn't bad light but you will rely on sparks/poison spray all game long.

Seven League Boots, a good bow, and some +hp items. Your main problem is you have no hp and can't tank anything but have to run into melee if you want to use the main damage dealing spells. You should keep an eye out for of medusa and of freedom items to avoid annoying instawipes, but scrolls of protection from magic will do the same thing.

>> No.5295123

It also works on golems. And elementals.

>> No.5295351

Can't find these damn boots and its hours that i've been reloading, may that Dragon just doesn't drop them ?

>> No.5295412

Yes it drops. Getting a single specific artifact can take forever. When I run knight I savescum for Yoruba and it can be just as bad. If you manage to find a carnage bow you can stop anytime as that will carry you through the first half of the game by itself. Ulysses is nice as well but not nearly as good.

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Gundy, unlike Crag, may get offered Water Magic. This is either a boon [Water Magic means you aren't screwed against certain debuffs that Mass Cure / Mass Dispel can defend against; it's also very, very good on grand single-player maps where you're expecting some really long battles to happen] or a problem [Water Magic is among the less preferred magic schools in MP].

Aside from that, Gundula has a more balanced stat spread, ergo not nuking as much as a Crag. This might be more of an issue than you'd think mostly because Stronghold has powerful, but fragile powerstacks and every little bit of ATK might count for a lot, especially in the early-game.

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Solo run? What class?

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why did they put the whiniest possible cunt voice to that cute elf?

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you can change it

>> No.5296990

TIL: Magical Plains turns Dragon Flies' Weakness into a mass spell. Their dispel is unaffected.
Makes me wonder if it also affects other similar things like Dread Knight's Curse.

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Choose me or suffer

>> No.5297459

According to wiki - Yes.

>> No.5297925

>playing as girl


>> No.5298293

So there's a lot of good Russian artists. Is there some sort of large fanart repository?

>> No.5299759

Can you into cyrillic?

>> No.5299769

Greetings and salutations!

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As someone who's only really played Heroes 3, how is the lore of the series? Is it interesting and worth checking out the other games in itself? I get the idea of it being sci-fi, the Kreegans being ayy lmaos and all that, what games are relevant canon-wise? I heard they do a soft-reboot in the rpg side after the third or fourth one, and again after the 8th before Ubisoft bought them.

Basically does the rest of the series have a big and dedicated lore that's worth checking out on its own, and what games are relevant to Heroes 3's lore?

>> No.5301305

Read the story in the MM2 manual. If it grabs you then read MM3's manual and then start there. If you don't mind spoilers just lookup the MM3 ending as it explains a ton of the overall settings which are expanded on in the starship logs in MM5.

Generations are indicated in the pastebin, but yes after 5 they moved to Enroth with 6-8 being on different continents. 6 has loose tie-ins with HoMM2, 7 has some tie-ins with HoMM3 taking place on Antagarich, and Cove was based off parts of MM8. 9 is in the HoMM4 world and it's shit, ignore it.

>> No.5301320

I guess if you are into that kind of stuff. From reading mission texts and so on it's quite goofy and silly stuff.

>> No.5301323

For the games after MM5, at minimum watch the opening to MM6. "They" refers to the Kreegan (devils).

There are some letters in the manual that talk about Roland's adventures and then a 6th letter that you receive when you start the game that explains how he got captured. 7 takes place with a lot of the same zones as HoMM3 although Krewlod is notably missing and Bracada is a desert rather than a snowy region. The lore itself isn't very good compared to the first batch of games, but the games themselves are still quite good.

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> Is it interesting and worth checking out the other games in itself?

MM6 but
it's very weird and specific
playing this game is like doing a video game archeology
I love this game but it's tedious to play

>> No.5301669

>>Someone thought that this is his hair
>Geez people are retarded
Don't be a meanie!

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