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What is her problem?

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Imagine the smell

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Are those tanlines around her crotch?

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These were officially released promotional pictures for the game.

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Not retro, gtfo. Real Lara has triangles

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I remember having a laugh at the time at these on uk resistance.

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What's the deal with phones?

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that's a giant belly button

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Simple advertising.
Aside acrobatics, Carroll was probably the worst "serious" Lara model in history. Especially considering she replaced Adebibe, who was entertaining as fuck during all the publicity stunts and fan meetings.

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Are you guys really that virgins?

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Jokes aside, I'm as confused as you are. I just hope OP was ironic

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>grey eyed Lara

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No pussy tan.

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This looks like the intro to a porno

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>not being a virgin
You're doing it wrong

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>What is her problem?
She's not pic related that's her problem

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I think you mean quads, sonyfag.

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Rhona Mitra best Lara

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>These were officially released promotional pictures for the game.

eh, probably not.

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>uk resistance
That was, by far, the best site that has ever existed

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WHAT? Human bodies have genitalia? Gross. Censor that shit right now.
I just want murder and death porn.

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I remember fapping endlessly when her Playboy came out. Her body's symmetry was so good, it was like a character creating tool masterpiece.

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That's a fucking oldie.

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Oh hey its that 30 second video I'd fap to while waiting on my other KaZaA downloads to finish. Think I might have to look those weird tits up for a nostalgia fap later.

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Was that the Russian one?

Probably got it on an old 8gb HDD somewhere. Wanktastic.

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>tfw she topped herself irl

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>That sloppy BJ video with them glasses looking up at him

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get on my level

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>sniff posting is still a thing
>something that was never funny is still a goddamn thing
What have you become, /vr/... Everyone i know goes away in the end

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Best Lara.

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High leg leotard swimsuit and shorts best outfit

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Oh man. I can't believe they got Angelina Jolie on a Movie Maker budget.

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oh god, I loved ukr so much

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You must be at least 18 to post here, m8.
And I just realised Underworld came out 10 years ago.

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She's still perfectly fuckable today. So are most 90's and early 00's brazilian Playboy models.

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unironically uma delicia

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>nostalgia fap
What is that? Crying from more than one place at the same moment or something?

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I keep trying to decipher what your post means but I have to settle on you just had a stroke

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fucking same, wish it was still going

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She's showing people her cooch, how is that a problem? What is YOUR problem, fuckface?

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Disgusting THOT

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is that a wart or a pimple to (our) left crotch area?

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>that arm and pit flab
Why are models always so skinnyfat and never actually fit, even when hired to portray an athletic and fit character?

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not seeing it m8. Models aren't known to be toned, just skinny enough to fit in ridic clothes... unless you count plus sized models but they aren't even human.

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>Hired actual acrobat do do the modeling for Underworld
>Lel, why she's not fit

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She might be cardiovascularly fit, but she has no tone in her muscle and it makes her look flabby. She needs to do some fucking lifts.

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Have you fucking seen any photos of her, you absolute mongoloid? Or are you just trying to pull pic related?

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Just look at this pic: >>5287478

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>Most toned of all Lara models
>not fit
And the fuck even "skinnyfat" is supposed to mean? Even heard about oxymorons?

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>he doesn't know what skinny-fat means
>he doesn't lift
Skinny-fat is a thing, and CM Punk for example is a good example, still recall HHH calling him a skinny fat ass on TV. Yes, I'm a wrestling fag.

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Like I've said, check other photos. It's like you never heard about camera angles and lighting.
But really, just riddle me this - when was the last time you were able to see your dick without using mirror?

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>I'm a wrestling fag
Just leave. Leave now

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b-b-but i'm a retro fag too desu.

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>when was the last time you were able to see your dick without using mirror?
Because anyone who criticizes someone's body online must be even fatter than you, right?

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Yeah, but you are a wrestling faggot. You don't deserve to be anywhere but the board where wrestling faggotry is the main theme. Assuming there even is such place.

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No, any retard jumping on fit and toned female body as "fat" and "not athletic" has to be either a faggot (do not confuse it with being homosexual, faggotry is unrelated) or obese robot. Or maybe a virgin that never saw any female naked sans own mom as a kid, but come on, this is /vr/, average poster is 30+ in non-holiday season

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>any retard jumping on fit and toned female body as "fat" and "not athletic"
I didn't call her fat, though, I said she's skinnyfat and lacks muscle tone. I also didn't call her not athletic, I only said that someone portraying an athletic and fit character should appear more fit (i.e., should have better tone) and griped that models are so frequently lacking in toned appearance. Apparently you just can't grasp the nuance that exists somewhere in between the statements "She is very fit and athletic" and "She is a dumpy fatass." Having a couple very specific criticisms/gripes about a woman's appearance is not the same as calling her a landwhale, so please stop shoving words in my mouth and trying so hard to strawman my actual posts.

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Finna seething

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As a follow-up to my last post (>>5289216), do you see how she has zero visible abs and her arms just look totally flat? This is what skinnyfat is. It's not the same as fat, it's when someone simply has no tone despite being thin or even otherwise fit.

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>her thumb pushing into her flab

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Anon, stop, it's embarrassing.

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So it was just a b8. I should have known better.

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You clearly have zero understanding of what I'm actually saying. There are men who lift weights who can be skinnyfat. I'm not saying she has no athletic ability and I never disputed that she's an acrobat and probably fit. But she's still fucking skinnyfat. It's a body type, not a fitness level.

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Is it a TR cosplay thread?

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>that hamstring definition

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>quoting shitty band lyrics
You are equally cancerous and just too stupid to realize it

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>Or maybe a virgin that never saw any female naked sans own mom as a kid, but come on, this is /vr/, average poster is 30+
Being 30+ is no excuse for not being a virgin

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Only if you are a literal basement-dweller. And it's not even about virgin bashing. It's simple reality - you are going to score somewhere in your 20s, unless you intentionally and deliberately avoid it and probably also live in some sparsely populated place or complete wilderness.

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Nice lipstick

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how does this make you feel /vr/?

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Wouldn't mind at all, if he wasn't sweat-strained in such weird way. But other than that strain, I'm more than cool with it.
If you want to trigger anyone with it, I suggest visiting /v/. Guaranteed 400+ replies

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Let me still give you a sliver of hope this is not a bait (but it almost certainly is):
Were you expecting a fucking body-builder? Have you ever in your life saw gymnastics? Because I have this weird feeling you are projecting some wrestling bullshit on body proportions, while never training yourself, having no clue about gymnasts and just shitposting, because you want to get a muscle girl out of it. For fucking Lara, out of all people.

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>you are going to score somewhere in your 20s, unless you intentionally and deliberately avoid it
What a myopic, self-centered, and unempathetic view of reality you have.

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Do you even understand the words you just used?
And sorry, but that's just what life is. It's actually hard to "accidently" get to your 30s and never had sex. You have to do that on purpose. But I guess you know that already, but blame whatever you blame for that situation, but not yourself

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He should have shorts that match Lara's, his make me think they didn't want to go all out on making it look like Lara

>> No.5289507

I don't think the intention was to look like Lara, but instead Lara-like. Does it make sense to you or I need to explain further?

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I get it, but the shorts still look stupid

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>Do you even understand the words you just used?
Myopic - short-sighted; often used to describe narrow-minded people
Self-centered - thinking only of oneself; disregarding others and/or their experiences as less important or less meaningful than yourself
Unempathetic - lacking empathy; a failure to comprehend the unique feelings and experiences of others, assuming your own experiences and feelings can map directly onto those of other people

>It's actually hard to "accidently" get to your 30s and never had sex. You have to do that on purpose. But I guess you know that already, but blame whatever you blame for that situation, but not yourself
I'm not a virgin myself, but I don't go around insisting that my life experience is the one true experience that all people must have or else they must actively be trying to defy it. Jesus, just listen to yourself. There are people who have lives different from your own.

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>I don't go around insisting that my life experience is the one true experience that all people must have or else they must actively be trying to defy it
Neither did I, so what are you even trying to imply?
It's just basic statistic and easily accountable data. I scored when I was 22. Which for my country is pretty early, as the national average is a bit over 25. And by the age of 30, depending on contry, from 85 to 98% of people in that age group already lost their virginity.
So what's myopic, self-centered and unempathetic in basic human behavior such as having sexual intercourse? Like I've said, it's not about virgin bashing, it's just numbers describing the average citizen. How's then the vast majority "self-centered"? It's the person who still kept their virginity over 30 that's an odd thing, not the other way around. And odd in the sense of statistical anomaly, not any other context you will try to put into it.

tl;dr get laid and stop glorifying sex or "one true love"; besides, nobody really cares

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hips don't lie

>> No.5289550

Saying that it's statistically unusual for someone not to get laid by their 20s is very different from saying, "you are going to score somewhere in your 20s, unless you intentionally and deliberately avoid it." That sentence reeks of "My life and my friends' lives were like this, so it's impossible for anything else to be the case." You're either backpedaling hard here or you generally need to be more careful with your words and tone, because you were coming off as a self-centered dickhead.

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What is it from?

>> No.5289582

So your reading comprehension is non-exsiting and instead read what's written, you read what you want to read? Fine, I guess. Just do us a favour and stop being insecure about your sexual life, whatever it is. For the third time, it's not virgin bashing. It's basic fucking statistics, which say that unless you are Japanese, you scored on average (as far as "first world" is concerned) somewhere in your early-to-mid 20s. Late teens-early 20s if we take this world-wide. So you going all "REEEEEEEEE" mode about pointing simple rarity of virginity past the age where average person has an offspring at the age of 3 is kind of weird.

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Statistic has nothing to do with reasons behind the numbers.

>> No.5289596

But you being a retard has a lot to do with you acting like one.
By the age of 30 you are by all accounts a mature person. Maybe not mentally (as your example clearly shows), but physically and socially - sure. Which means that one way or another, you ended up in a relationship by that time, as this is one of the most basic human drives, regardless of culture. And relationships sooner or later lead to sex, unless either of those two things are intentionally avoided. It's also perfectly normal and natural.
I find it quite funny how fucking defensive you are about the whole thing. Are you actually ashamed of your (quite probable) virginity or you are simply underage in the first place and thus don't want to be caught on page that's adults-only?

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I'm 35 and an aspy, never had a girlfriend, don't like relationships, ,my friends and family probably think i'm a closet gay but even i've gotten laid a few times over my lifetime. I may not desire companionship but I still have physical needs from time to time. Also I don't need it every few days like alot of people, just once a year is good enough. Anyway the point being like you said, you have to REALLY be trying to not get your dick in a wet hole at least once. Even if it is some 4/10 slag you met on tinder, you can find someone.

>> No.5289619

>you have to REALLY be trying to not get your dick in a wet hole at least once
It takes effort to engage with someone socially and/or sexually, and no effort to simply not. By definition, you must make an attempt to have sex. No stranger is just going to come up and ask to have sex with you, there has to be effort exerted on your part. As noted in your very own post:
>Even if it is some 4/10 slag you met on tinder, you can find someone.
>you can find someone
This is an activity, which requires you to take action. You must be looking for someone to find someone. You don't just trip and fall into a vagina while walking to school one day.

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Nine Inch Nails and they are NOT a shitty band

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> having little of something and decribing it as fat
I guess my wallet would be considered skinny fat.

Girl is hot, seek help.

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>belly button ring
not my laura croft

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>you are a literal basement-dweller. And it's not even about virgin bashing. It's simple reality - you are going to score somewhere in your 20s, unless you intentionally and deliberately avoid it
oh, anon...

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I didn't say she wasn't hot and I never described her as fat. You're one dense motherfucker.

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File: 148 KB, 768x768, uploads1520975000664-YIc0wFqfge8lSE9jJfj9tY2wC7om3Ut4uTc2qOb_Q34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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She is not skinny nor fat though. She is actually just a normal biological human who doesn't over eat or particularly exercise alot.

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winner, best looking one

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the true thicc raider

>> No.5289820

>She is not skinny nor fat though.
Correct, she is skinnyfat.
>doesn't over eat or particularly exercise alot.
Which is exactly what results in the physique known as being skinnyfat. It means you're not overweight, and you may even be fit or work out regularly, but you have no good muscle tone to speak of, which results in a certain soft or doughy look where muscles aren't defined.

Literally just do a google image search for "skinnyfat" so you can learn what the term means. She fits the fucking bill, and it doesn't make her ugly, unfit, non-athletic, or any other strawman word you want to project into my posts. It just makes her skinnyfat. It's a fact, that's her fucking body type.

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I'd raid her womb real good

>> No.5289838

Wasn't it a helicopter?

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They actually tried to put it on her. I guess it was "cool" back then.

>> No.5289940

When was that? Around part III or IV?
Anyway, the mark of the Thot

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That's her Nevada outfit from TR3.

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It really was the coolest thing around back in '98.

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Make Lara in /i/

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Jokes on you I'm gay

>> No.5290780

They were holding here like a six pack when they sprayed on that trump tan

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Its kinda weird seeing photos of models, or women in general that aren't airbrushed, shooped and/or filtered.

>> No.5291114

Use the pinch tool some more, Greguardo. No no, not like that. Thinner. Thinner. THINNER!

>> No.5291168

Vampire Lara, best Lara

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