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Behold, the greatest console of all time.

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It's not even the best version of that console

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Enjoy your jail bars.

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Even if you strip it of its 3rd party support its library is still strong
sasuga, Nintendo

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Easily Nintendo's best first-party games ever.

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Yeah it's totally the best console ever, Nintendo never recovered and neither did its competition. Also, thanks to Nintendo we can still play video games to this very day and play actual video games instead of cinematic non-games and have so much innovation that we never aske-, I'm sorry I mean, we never expected. It's not like there have been dozens of other consoles since then that have libraries that are just as vast if not vaster (even when I limit myself to pre 2000 ones) and are a lot less annoying to play through. No, Nintendo knew how to make challenging games and it's only become easier and too casual for real gamers. No no no, you're not a poser or a hipster when you say you like the NES specifically, it can only mean you've played it since the 80s and appreciate how truly revolutionary it was.

So, is that enough circlejerking for you guys or would you like some more sarcasm?

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You're fucking gay dude

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Go be a snarky faggot somewhere else

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Hating Nintendo is a mental illness. I don't mean the actual hating of it, but by the fact that anyone who does is physically incapable of shutting up about it.

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Like that scene in American Pyscho when he's talking about huey lewis and the news.

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Apple 2 was the greatest console

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The NES aged like shit.
If you want good 2D games, go for the SNES and Sega Megadrive / Genesis.

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>The NES aged like shit.
Except that it didn't? It's literally one of the oldest consoles that's still worth playing to this day.

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Yes goyim, Nintendo allows no dissent amongst the population. Comply now or be publicly pilloried by a hundred sweaty manchildren for eternity.

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SMB 1-3 > SMW 1 & 2
Megaman > Megaman X
Contra and Super C > Contra 3 and Hard Corps
Castlevania 1 and 3 > Castlevania 4 and Bloodlines
That's just the main titles. There's a fucking ton of incredible 2D games on NES that obliterate everything 4th gen. How exactly is 4th gen better again?

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It has the best FF and DQ, so yes.

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It also has really fun versions of Wizardry, Ultima and Might and Magic!

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unironically agree. anyone who doesnt agree is a pleb.

Also the Master system is the most underrated console of all time

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I’d disagree

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I think this is better

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Spot the fuck on.

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It has way too much garbage-tier shovelware to be the best.
It's in the top ten, at most.

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I don't see an N64

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Well, at least you didn't post the vastly inferior SNES.

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Most of the Famicom's reputation rests entirely on Nintendo, Konami, and Capcom. Without those three, its reputation diminishes quite a bit.

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Saving this one

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That’s not the SNES or PS2.

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Absolutely based. The only negative replies this is going to get are from zoomers and soibois that fit the bill.

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You're right, because the NES is better.

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>without Nintendo, Nintendo's console isn't as good

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Sunsoft, Irem, Technos Japan, Hudson Soft, Taito, Tecmo, Jaleco, Data East, Square, Enix, Rare...

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It's not even better than the Master System, it was just lucky that all the good devs went for it instead of Sega.

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Agreed, but other contenders for the shortlist are the original Game Boy, the PS1 and maybe the Atari 2600. It was not the consoles fault that retarded publishers crashed an oversaturated market.

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most overrated*

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You mean all the good devs were forced to go for it

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No one here was old enough to grow up with a NES. You're just a bunch of onions hipsters.

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>implying there aren't 35-40 year old posters here
>implying I'm not one of them

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>real gamers
You're a real faggot

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Hell I was born in 1987 and all I had was the NES until I got a little older. Many of my friends were the same way. I got my SNES for Christmas in 1994 and it certainly felt like I grew up with the NES. It was still officially supported with new games until 1994 and I remember renting Mega Man 6 and Wario's Woods when hey were new.

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>first legit vidya was Batman on NES

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I'm 29 years old and have a brother 7 years older than me. My parents weren't rich so they always waited until consoles were at their end of life on discounts to buy them. My first games were Super Mario Bros, Tetris, and Duck Hunt. We didn't get an SNES until like 1994, so it was all-NES all the time until then, and we even still played NES sometimes after we got the SNES. Shut your dick hole, zoomer.

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I'm from a eastern european shithole and grew up with famiclones.

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t. zoomers

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When all I knew was the PSX and the N64, I made a friend in the neighbourhood I moved to (this was in 1998) who had a NES. I have fond memories of Saturday mornings spent watching Pokémon and then heading to his place to play Ninja Turtles II in two-player mode.

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Grow a spine.

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I didn't say the NES was shit.
I just said it wasn't the best.
Don't fucking "zoomer" ME, cocksucker.
You'll cowards don't even play SNES.

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>You'll cowards don't even play SNES.
That's because the Genesis was the better console anyway.

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Pretty much. I still play North vs South

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zoomer detected

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North and South never gets enough love.

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That's what happens when you stop using CRTs bro.

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Imagine being this ignorant.

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Name a console that wasn't loaded down with largely shovelware titles.

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fragile bigot detected

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stay mad kiddo

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TurboGraphx 16. Kinda unfair as we only got a fraction of it's PC Engine library. Same deal with Sega Saturn.

However, the Dreamcast rocks a great library with very little filler and nonsense.

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Splitting a system's library based on region seems pointless, but you'd be right about the TurboGrafx is you did, though I'd argue it would only hurt the Saturn's case considering how many of it's titles were stuck in Japan. Dreamcast had more than it's fair share of lazy ports, poorly made licensed trash, and mediocre sports games that I'd count as shovelware. I'll never understand the "Dreamcast had no bad games" meme that people like babbage's Gramps likes to push.

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That's not a Sega CD.

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NES > Genesis > SNES

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Imagine being a kid owning this beast back in 1993.
That kid was me.
It was the only game I ever got for it.
Love Sonic CD but I hate seeing people shitting on its level design. They just don't enjoy tansaku-based skill-based gameplay.

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Agreed completely.

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Plebeians, please.

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I thought Night Trap was the shit back then

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You can't play Comix Zone on that, though. jokes aside, NES was objectively a fine system with plenty of good games, the problem is that there was way too much movie licensed shit dumped by debatable software houses, perhaps only 1% of which redeems itself by being actually good. Some other games were shit too but beneath all this manure there was plenty of outstanding titles

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Enjoy your missing sound channels.

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My nigga.

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The Japanese library had a lot more shit than the US one did.

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What would a Seinfeld vidya game be like?

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But that's isn't the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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>you are le zoomer because you don't like le epic overpriced japanese hardware with shit games

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Amazing wojaks, my young friend.

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I always judge platforms by the number of good games they have rather than the percentage of games that were good. I think today the NES/Famicom has over 200 games that I could comfortably recommend as being worth playing.

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Same one you replied to; you're right (that is if you used the word "shit" only to loosely describe the amount of games and not in the derogatory sense of the term). Lately i'm looking into it and it's way more stocked than i thought it would be, with games that are actually solid and fully playable, with still some exceptions but way less than the US comparison.

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Who here loopy.

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Forgot the picture, i liked this Famicom game even more than Rockman/Megaman himself, although it's not exactly fair to compare them because they're both very solid titles in their own way

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Probably a lot like all the threads we have about Seinfeld video games. Lurk moar

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>Lockout chip

>Defective loading mechanism

>No FDS support

>No mic

>No support for expansion audio

Get a famicom if you insist on going the hardware route and not emulating.

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When will the OG Xbox be retro?

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I personally consider it retro. 18 years is long enough!

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