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how do i stop experiencing eye fatigue/headaches from playing on a CRT?

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Illuminate your environment properly.

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Make sure it's not you.
My eyes used to burn all of the time and I thought it was strain from looking at screens all day. But my bedroom was just too fucking bright at night. I put up some curtains and my eyes feel amazing.

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have you tried not being a bitch?

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This happens to me sometimes. I just switch to my lcd.

>inb4 input lag
90% of the time thats just a meme.

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use a pair of these glasses to cancel out the scanlines bro

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if it's a monitor, make sure you've set the correct refresh rate (85Hz or higher is comfortable)
if it's a TV, then take breaks more frequently maybe

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Wear this

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The muscles that adjust the focus of your eye lenses are the same as any other muscle in your body, they will get sore if the are being tensed constantly, which is what is happening when you are staring at a screen (any type) for hours on end. To relax your eye-focusing muscles, take a break every 30-60 minutes and spend a minute or two focusing on the horizon, preferably while facing away from the sun.

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Sounds like a bigger problem. Go get your eyes tested, you probably need glasses or a better ones if you have some already.

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Are you playing/watching 480i content? Sit further back from the TV.

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Not OP but I have better than average vision and crts always looked terrible and felt like a strain to watch. I always hated them.

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Zoomers, stop being so weak.

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When I was a kid I could sit the whole day on front of a TV and have no problems, now I get horrible migraines. I switched to emulating PC CRTs at 120Hz and that stopped it.

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Some people are just sensitive. I know someone who can tell what frequency a CRT is operating at just by the sound of the whine.

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He's gonna lose that to age soon.
But weirdly enough, the hum of CRT's are even more fucking annoying for me now as an adult, I don't think I even noticed them as a kid

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I always thought everyone was able to hear the whine from CRTs.

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sit as close as possible to the screen

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Kids and teenagers are able to hear higher pitched noises much better than adults. Some shopping places put some noise machines to ward off loiterers.

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