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Have you ever beaten Lost Levels?

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Yeah when I was 12.

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Yes as an adult and it was extremely hard. You have to devote yourself to the game to beat it. It's like being married. No wait!

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Has anyone beaten SPECIAL Super Mario Bros?

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Super Mario Bros. Special, nope.

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That clearly says Super Special Mario Bros.

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Surely it says Super SPECIAL Mario Bros.

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If we read video game title screens like books, then yes. Unless it was in Hebrew then it'd be Bros. Mario Special Super, I think.

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And in Japanese it would be Special Bros Super Mario.

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No, it says SUPER Special MARIO BROS.

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Only in All-Stars with the 128 lives exploit. Have yet to truly sit down and do it NES legit.

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Wow, Carmack really was a game-changer.

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That looks like awful shit.

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Super Mario System

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Yes, on All Stars. Couldn't as a kid though.
The last couple castles with these dick-placed hammer bros are really something.

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Yeah, when I was.

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>PC Master Race

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no. too hard and samey (at least as a kid, i'd have more fun now). smb2 was a goodcall on nintenndo's part

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that music sounds high

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I beat the SMB Deluxe and the All-Stars version. I don't think the Deluxe version has wind though

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>Deluxe version
You deserve a medal for beating Lost Levels with all that screen crunch... Jesus.

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I did it, though I would barely call it worth congratulating over. They gimped a lot of the stages just to make them playable on the GBC, and the five bonus worlds aren't even playable.

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That game was fucking easy just use metal blade faggot

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the game saves after every level which makes it very well balanced and fun

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Lies. I beat the Wii VC version and only because of its native save state.

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All Stars version

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Oh, then I take that back in that case. That's a good cartridge and I'm not sure why it's not more beloved.

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is that doki doki?

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No that's the other SMB2. The one with mauser. Remember Mauser? Nintendo sure doesn't.

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Super Mario Special Bros.

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Bad physics and questionable art redesigns

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I've beaten the NES hack based on it. Very fun.

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By the time I had beaten it enough to get to Worlds A-D, I was basically speed running it. I’ve lost that muscle memory by now though.

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Super Mario series works better if you consider Yoshi's Island the last game and 64 as a reboot. Has escalation of events followed by an original story which ties everything together. 64 to Galaxy has a similar arc if made its own.

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Did you go through World 9 as well?

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No, I couldn't beat 9 without dying the one time I got there. Maybe I'll fire it up and try it again sometime soon.

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Mario works best if you leave any and all story out of it. Just like Zelda.
I'm really sick of games being required to have a story.

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Stuck on 3-4 still trying tho

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>Remember Mauser?
No, but I do remember Mouser.

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No they were lost. We'll never see them.

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I made it to 8-4 on deluxe, fuck that wind

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Having a reason to do the thing usually reveal new ideas for mechanics

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All-Star version.
My buddy and I would trade off every level and death.
Every death we would take a shot of whiskey.

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What wind? SMBDX removed it and shortened the jumps to make up for the removal.

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All-Stars Version as a kid. Felt like a big achievement, hardest game I had completed at the time.

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>only go back to the beginning of the world instead of the beginning of the game on game over
why is this considered harder than the original again?

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I kinda recall beating it with Luigi in the Hamburger version.

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You could do the same in the original, though it took a code.

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I just looked it up and tried this. How did I never know that this existed?

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If you didn't get it from a friend in the late '80s, when would you ever hear about it?

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It's in the manual, actually.

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>reading the manual

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I suppose various strategy guides.

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