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this is a damn good game, also I love how the water looks

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EAD on N64 era was AM2-tier.
In fact, not even AM2 could surpass Waverace in terms of water racing games.

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also, happiest announcer ever

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Totally agree, one of my favorite N64 titles. Always loved the feeling of the jet skis, there's a weight and friction on the waves that just feels right. And of course the happy 90s music, varied courses, etc. The practice park with the dolphin was maximum comfy too, spent many hours working on tricks there.

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it is a really good game. something about it is timeless. this and pilotwings are games id love to play on original hardware

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Both Wave Race games are pretty good and still hold up today.
This is water in videogames done right.

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hydro thunder on dreamcast was superior desu

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The water was legit what sold me on an N64 back then.

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>Both Wave Race
So, the original GB game and the N64 sequel? Because de GC western-developed game is pretty mediocre and something about it does not feel 'right'.

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Yeah, Wave Race Blue Storm was a disappointment.

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It holds up really well.
>rented game as a kid
>someone renamed the characters to names like Sugartits and Assboy
>laugh about it all weekend while playing the game
>go to school on Monday
>tell my friend about it
>turns out his older brother was responsible for renaming everyone
>laugh about it more
Good times. I miss those guys.

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Great video on this:


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If it just had maybe 3 more tracks it would have been the goat all time racer for me

But there's what? 6 tracks? 7? Far too short.

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>not retro
>"old good, new bad"

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>that arcade-jetski-racing-cabinet-thing with the jetski-controller
many a coins have been spent

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N64 game logos look so freakin good brehs

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Not them, but yeah sadly Blue Storm wasn't as good. I don't remember it being bad, but yeah the developers were a different team, Blue Storm was no longer an EAD game, and it shows.

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Blue Storm was made by NST, aka devs of Ridge Racer 64

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Ironically it still had worse water despite the next-gen hardware

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I don't know what it is about WR64 but it's so fucking comfy.
Blue Storm didn't make it for me. And you're right, not even arcade water racing games felt as good as Wave Race. They just nailed the water physics. It wasn't just about graphics.

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