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What! WHAT! WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Linkle Liver Story has received a translation!


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best Engrish title ever

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I love how this board always has to have at least 2 threads for the exact same topic active

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Is it supposed to be Wrinkle River Story? Never heard of it...

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It's the sequel to Crusader of Centy. It's one of those Zelda inspired games that are better than literally every Zelda game.

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Community Pom and Brave Prove are more interesting JP only action RPGs.

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check the board first before making a thread

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implying you didn't use google translate to write this

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Google translate doesn't work for Japanese, you utter tard.


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>Google translate doesn't work for Japanese, you utter tard.

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Wait, is it really connected to Crusader of Centy, or is it just because it's the same developer?

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You certainly showed me...

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Real reflections and distortion! This game is awesome.

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We already have a thread, idjit.
>Is it supposed to be Wrinkle River Story?
>It's the sequel to Crusader of Centy.
No it's not.
>Wait, is it really connected to Crusader of Centy,

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それは正しい, ビッチニガー ( ^∇^)

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Good, because I played Soleil a long time ago and did not care for it but I want to play this and I don't want to have to get through a boring game with a male protagonist just to get to this glorious catgirl game.

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Heh heh heh heh heh.

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you forgot to delete that post, moron.

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Do you live here, loser? Go respond to the other one, then. Dance, puppet, dance.

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Could a kind anon post a link to the iso, please? All I seem to find is a iso with 3 bin, so the game crashes after the menu.

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Have you tried Romhustler? That's always been my go-to site for old games. I miss when they had a picture of Zelda and Link instead of the little devil, though.

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They only seem to have [U] Saturn iso.

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The golden age of retro translations

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This one is someone else but I'm noticing most of them are because of some guy named "TheMajinZenki." He is working fucking hard.

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Brave Prove when?

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When you get off your worthless ass and do it?

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Damn, Gideon, chill out. Why don't you go finish Ladystalker instead of wasting time on /vr/?

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ライゾンネイ ニュラザステイ
ディスミサイドン ギャロ ギャロ

ワスティレイミュン ミナケイジュン
トジュラナハベテ ゼリル ビティンヌ WOW

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I got tied of waiting for that and just played through it. It's no great shakes desu.

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Can't say I've ever heard that idiom before, but after verifying the definition is what I assumed from context, I have to say I'm not very surprised by that assessment.

Still, if I knew Gideon was going to leave the game in limbo for literally a fucking decade, I'd rather he had never announced the project at all. The game being mediocre is no excuse to treat it like this.

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gid is special like that

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Can't wait for the sequel, Linkle Pancreas Story.

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you get a star for that

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There was a minor character in a certain manga with water powers, and everyone thought his name was River, because that would have made sense. Then the official spelling is revealed by some databook and it's Liver. I don't know what they were thinking. And don't give me that "Japanese people don't know the difference between R and L!" shit. They're not retarded like you. They can actually take some time to research and figure out what they want to use. So they went with Liver DESPITE that.

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Over and over in perpetuity.

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Doesn't that mean someone who lives?

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Well that name would be highly ironic because he gets killed pretty fast.

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So, I played a few hours of this. It's a mixed bag. I love some of the movement options, and everything animates really well, but it's got this weapon system that is kind of interesting, but makes the early weapons feel completely awful to use.

Essentially you "grow" weapons by finding seeds, and then taking them to a garden to upgrade using an in game currency that drops off enemies.

The first dungeon was really bad too, it was really confined and the enemies were bland hitsponges, and the boss mechanics were weak.

If you want a really pretty sprite anime game I'd actually say just play Magical knight rayearth, another game that isn't perfect but has a lot more going for it than this.

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>Magical knight rayearth

But you know many faggots will whine about WD and their fun translations.

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>Essentially you "grow" weapons by finding seeds, and then taking them to a garden to upgrade using an in game currency that drops off enemies.
This sounds exactly like the system from one of the Mana games, or is it my imagination?

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>Magical knight rayearth
Another game that needs a real translation.

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Why, what happened with its translation?

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See >>5278216 some people are ultra butthurt because people dared to add fun and jokes to shitty animu games.

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I will always imagine that the hero is my liver, though.

At least it can regenerate.

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I first made a first weapon which was terrible for the rock boss. If you bumped in to him it pushed you out of range to punch him.

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Well, it is certainly valid to criticize a localization for filling the script with internet memes, as NISA is wont to do. But I don't know what WD games are like.

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Anyone completed it yet? I'm after the factory, jumped in a crate to get to some island , how much is there left?

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Sabet odem.

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Please, somebody has to stop the hacker called Ghostbumpfaggot.

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Self-loathing weeabo alert!

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That'll be another yikes.

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Ooh, I love abs.

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/jp/ tryhards are killing this board

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>create thread
>nobody cares
>OCD kicks in
>bump your own worthless dead thread
>don't have the balls to let the post stay
>delete all your bump-posts
You may not like it, but this is what peak ghostbumpfaggotry looks like.

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Can you speak in anything besides memes?

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I could, but you'd just delete your reply.

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I can't deny that.

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is this better than alundra

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Holy shit, cool as fuck Anon.

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It really is.

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You forgot to delete your posting, ghostbumpfaggot

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The guy's accusing random undeleted posts of being "ghostbumps" despite that going against the very concept of ghostbumps. Talk about jumping at shadows. Eventually you just start seeing everyone as an enemy. Can't be healthy.

I think it's safe to say this is some serious autism and nobody on /vr/ likes him or thinks he's doing the board a service. Reply if you agree.

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Can you rephrase this in proper English?

Repeatly bumping dead threads, with a "Hm"/"Yikes."/"Hrm."-post that is deleted a minute later, is the very definition of ghostbumping.

See the pic for his latest masterpiece, ghostbumping a thread from being archived almost 23 hours after the last reply.

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That's cool retard but it doesn't excuse you from attacking >>5288710 for no reason.

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what a coincidence, dead-thread-bumping replies posted in your current ghostbumping-threads at about the same time, just like your pro-ghostbumpfaggot-posting, plus another ghostbump.
really activates the almonds.

at least thanks to your bump I can correct the first crossthread-quote from >>5288971 :

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So you're freaking out about some boogeyman. I see.

Do you not have a life? It seems you're here to sperg out about some ghostbumper at all times of the day.

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Stop entertaining the ghostbumper.

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I think he's actually going around bumping threads himself so he can accuse them of being ghostbumped. That would explain why he always complains about a ghostbumper within minutes. Just seems like he's trying to ruin the board.

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That would make a disturbing amount of sense.

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I agree. Something strange is going on.

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I like this game.

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I agree with your like.

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I like your agreement.

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I love your like.

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>>It's the sequel to Crusader of Centy.
>No it's not.
>>Wait, is it really connected to Crusader of Centy,

Yeah, the game wasn't a sequel because Atlus probably owned the rights to Crusader of Centy and Linkle Liver was published by Sega. But the game does have similarities to Crusader.

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My name is Vladimir Tepes.

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Hi, Vlad.

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Sometimes you want to play it safe.

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But sometimes you want to live life on the edge, huh?

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Remove kebab, Vlad.

Remove them all.

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Let it die you stupid fucking faggot.

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Whoa, why did you bump the thread all of a sudden? Calm down.

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I didn't, it was the ghostbumping shithead that did.


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Reminds me of this:

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Getting a little lonely in here.

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>Magical knight rayearth

I bought the game a couple of months ago and never got around to play it. Sell me the game.

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You bought it, the selling part has already been done.

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I bought the game for 15€, hope it's worth it.

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I hope so too.

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So fucking random.

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This guy has been nonstop posting translations for months. You newfag jew dipshit, its not random at all. Get the fuck outa here! Go back to your safespace retard era. Translation threads are always up on /vr/, if its a general or a thread like this. Jesus cocksucking christ, learn how to lurk if you only have retarded ass shit to say.

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Youre just a shit troll whos too new and needs to fuck off back to retard era. You dont even have a response, just a shit meme made by a retard.

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Taking out the trash.

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Get some taste, dude.

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Holy crap.

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Wasn't this game's name an awful case of engrish, and it wasn meant to be "Rinkle River"? I've seen it called like that in some places.

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Nobody knows what the fuck is up with the title as nothing in the game itself actually uses that name.

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Bum bum bum. Ba bum bum, bum badabadba badabada.

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I finally played this and it left me a terrible sensation, mostly because of the gameplay and that slow-ass spear slash.

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Is it really worse than Secret of Mana?

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idk why but that reminded me of the jewish lady from south park

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Yeah, huh.

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I don't know what that is.

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It's probably something like "Bum bum bum. Ba bum bum, bum badabadba badabada."

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I hope so, anyway.

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>SS: Added "Linkle Liver Story" to the internal database of games to use the data cache read bypass kludge with, to fix a crash/hang when going to the world map.

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anti-emulation shills btfo once again

>> No.5335359 [DELETED] 

What does that mean, exactly?

>> No.5335767

that the hack is shit.

>> No.5335774

Looks like the emulator has had a game-specific hack added to a file that allows it to bypass an imperfection in the rom/hack, and to play smoothly.

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Ha, memes.

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Bleh, hemes.

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Is that right?

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Are the any other saturn arpg/jrpgs that have been translated that are worth playing?

>> No.5340992 [DELETED] 

Burning Rangers

>> No.5340998

Dark Savior
Shining Wisdom
Legend of Oasis

>> No.5341020

I read dark savior isn't compatible with pseudo saturn. Do you know if that's true?

>> No.5342207 [DELETED] 

I don't even know what that is.

>> No.5342938

What even is that?

>> No.5343824

Inquiring minds would like to know.

>> No.5344274

I'd really like to know.

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