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Post beautiful games

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Legend of mana.

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Fuck man, are you me? I came here to post this.
I guess I'll post Breath of Fire 4 as my back up.

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Fuck what people think about this game.

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ITT cheap style over substance.

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ITT Great style and substance.

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This is exactly what I mean by style over substance. This game actually plays like ass but because it has gay anime elf in it you think it's good, I'd rather play Renegade than this garbage.

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You could've picked a better game to express your hatred for elves over; Legend of Mana is actually good. Probably the best Mana game. It's no Diablo but what is?

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>Legend of Mana is actually good
Acquire some taste and then go fuck yourself.

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It's an open-world RPG beatemup with a whimsical fantasy setting. It has talking teapots. It is you who has bad taste.

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It's a jarpig with braindead AI, seriously I've never seen more apathetic enemy AI in a game before.

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Your terrible bias aside, the game can be difficult when set to hard mode. There's also a romhacks that removes hitstun from enemies if you want a challenge. The point of the game isn't the challenge though, it's to transport you into a magical world to explore your way. It's an experience. You wouldn't understand

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No it's not, all that the Forbidden Tome does is crank up the enemy health and stats to level 99. They are still just as apathetic as before except now they're damage sponges that one-shot you

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https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2085/Here you go. Now you can be challenged while you play a relaxing game. (???)

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Saga Frontier (2)
had some really neat watercolor graphics.

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Here, now you can be challenged while you play a game that's meant to be a relaxing experience.

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I've tried that before and it's still trash
> The player moves slower.

> Enemies and companions move substantially faster than before
Meanwhile the enemies ARE


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Look, you're just never going to understand and that's okay. I forgive you.

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Something they continued doing. Origins and Legends look fantastic.

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This isn't really "beautiful" but I really love Parasite Eve's cluttered police station. There's something about the aesthetic that makes it feel really cool.

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And I hope you die.

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those CRT monitors are beautiful

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What is it about CRT monitors that make them so majestic?

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And those two actually have levels that weren't designed by chimps.

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Likewise! I feel the same about FF7 - the amount of love & effort put into designing shops that sell things you don't need, that you'll only visit for half a minute tops. I'm replaying it now, really just for that.

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Any list of old school games that have cozy little environments like this? I would sometime just let the game run just to sit around in these little areas.

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Return to Krondor is comfy as fuck.

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As opposed to...?

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Yes, FF7's backdrops are just incredible with all that minutiae and care put into them. I love them.

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This right here. Love the SF2 OST too

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Is this Ikaruga?

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yes, lvl 4

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This section you posted in world 2 is the best area to test if your setup has lag. It's very easy to tell in this spot. On a no lag setup, you can touch the wood (hehehehe) before pushing the button to jump and it doesn't feel rushed. With bad lag you have to jump before you even land on the wood.

Pic unrelated to lag test area but I like it.

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Most games with pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D characters. Silver is one thing that comes to my mind.

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