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How come this isn't more popular? I feel like there are only a handful of people playing this.

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are you kidding?
lots of my friends think that diablo series is the best rpg ever made

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That's obviously Diablo 2.

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>Thats Path of Diablo actually.

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Lurk moar

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>2000 + 19
>blizzard still hasnt added a patch for communal/enlarged stashes

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Plenty of people play this still. There's the online community, which is pretty damn big for a game that is now nearly nineteen years old, and there are a lot of single-player communities and people playing on private servers. There's also a rather sizable speedrunning community.

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>You must fill your entire fucking inventory with space occupying stat charms to have top end damage and can't pick more than one or two things up
What the fuck were they thinking?

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I played for the first time ever just this year. It was on my list for 15 years. Happened to find D2 and LoD at a flea market and got them both for $2. Coincided nicely with my crt retro gaming. I loved it, top tier atmosphere.

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working on kind of a tough build but something tells me this will probably help

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Anyone else play Path of Diablo? I'm considering installing it again. Have not played other versions of D2LOD so far.

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This, drove me fucking nuts but I couldn't bring myself to drop any of the damn charms

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im just waiting til the ladder reset in mid jan, trying out path of exile rn its pretty good

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Oh didn't know about the reset, I guess i'll wait a bit too. Path of Exile wont run as well as i'd like it on my thinkpad sadly.

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hot diggety

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It will reset again? Didn't it just reset on December 7th?

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there was a reddit post or something about 19th January

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You guys are talking about two different things. The December reset refers to the official servers; PoD resets in January.

This is an odd build indeed. I think this is some kind of MA sin? Are you wearing snowclash? If so, why? Indeed, I have many questions about your build.

Obedience is nice though. Good base damage for a fal, and a good choice if you don't need insight. Sorry about your crappy roll.

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It really is a bad feature, game design wise. When you really think about it, its like on the same level as a shitty mod.

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Nah, it forces you to treat inventory space like a stat. It's not my favorite feature, but I think it's fine.

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It's called a tradeoff. And you don't have to minmax your character to enjoy the game.
Removal of tradeoffs is part of the reason why Diablo 3 is so boring.

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Trying out a Concentrate sword/shield invincible barb build on PoD

I'm shit at D2, just a casualstar. Tips?

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This is a thing you can do, and you really will be basically invincible, but unless you already have a good weapon (ie you're twinking) your damage is going to be very low. This is fine for normal, but the game gets exhausting in nightmare.

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i did this for a while but it got super tedious until i switched to berzerk, i'd probably recommend that instead, otherwise, you'll be totally fucked against physical immunes

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Diablo isn't popular? Where do you live/which video game forums do you usually go on?

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If by DIABLO you mean Diablo 1, you'd right. However, the franchise as a whole or more specifically Diablo 2 in you pic is extremely popular. What are you on about?

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Act 3 was never fun for me. Big ol' slog. Better with mods but still, I don't like that place.

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It's all about builds. Look shit up and be the best or try stuff out and be the worst.

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they need to fix the mouse pointer reset when you open panels

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Anyone know any good lvl up guides? There's one online but I think it's for version 1.10 and I'm on 1.13d.

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Thanks for the advice

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Is LoD worth it if only for the MedianXL/PoD support? Vanilla D2 is alternating degrees of fun and infuriating.
Also any good big quality of life mods that don't require LoD?

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There's no difference at all between 1.1x versions.
>1-14 trist runs
>15-20 tomb runs
>20-24 cow runs (otherwise more tomb runs or just questing)
>24-25 ancients
>25-40 baalruns
>40-60 baalruns
>60-80 baalruns
this assumes someone is taxi rushing you
otherwise just substitute downtime with questing and whatever

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That's why I was asking because I'm doing SP and I notice I can level up faster in NM than normal Baal runs

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how do I play this on modern pc with nocd/source port?

beezlebub changes too much shit

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Someone recreated the Diablo 1 source code since debugging tools were inside the japanese release of D1 on PS1. Nobody has done anything with it as of yet.

Beezlebub is the only decent alternative, it changes a lot but also adds stuff that was cut before release as well which I appreciate.

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Assassin and Druid are also really fun. PoD is great.

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Just watch speedruns i guess?
Its basically a mechanic question, since EXP penality vs EXP is a big issue.

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is anyone planning anything with it at least?

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The guys behind the reverse engineering are already carrying an upgrade and cross platform projects. Gonna take time tho.


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cool, gonna keep an eye on that

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cuz everyone just uses PlugY anyway

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looking for this also, for Singleplayer. Been following this chart mostly https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Guide:Diablo_2_Level_Up_Guide_v1.10
but wondering if there's anything better.

>just leech off a party killing shit for you bro :^)
literally every other online/youtube guide says this shit too.

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I have a 72 Hammerdin and Meteorb Sorc. I feel like if anything touches me on either character I die instantly in Hell. I have Resistances near-max and I'm just trying to find good socket armors to put Smoke and Treachery rune words in.
What other armor should I be working on to not die all the time? Guides aren't much help because they all assume that you're willing to spend a few weeks doing 1000 Meph runs every day or that you can just buy shit off Battle.net or the diablo 2 trade forum thingo.

Been farming NM Andy/Meph/Diablo/Baal on the sorc with 250% MF and doing Hell Mausoleum/Countess farm with my Hammerdin but I cant give him much MF without him just insta-dying to archers.

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Is there a way to Up an item that already has a runeword in it? or no.

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>just leech off a party killing shit for you bro :^)
>literally every other online/youtube guide says this shit too.
If you get into start-of-ladder levelling party then they will generally follow the same guideline with just a few caveats:
>have to get to Cain first somehow
>Cows are not available obviously, so you stay in Tombs or just keep questing past level 20
>no one to kill ancients but if you have a balanced party then you can probably speedrun everything at that point
>baalruns are always the best for XP
Those are simply the best levelling zones, and that's what Anon asked for. If I'm questing through the game, then I'm not going to stick around in one place much either if it isn't profitable.
Like, in Single Player Normal, if you have any decent build, you can probably /p8 through those areas for massive XP gains by yourself. Or just keep playing the game, quest, and do content.

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Do you have max block, and, in case of Pally, are invested into your Holy Shield? On Sorc it might not be such a big deal.
If your resistances are close to maxed out I'm not sure if Treachery is going to be of much help, since its' entire point is a Fade proc.
Otherwise against archer packs I'd recommend you to try and cast spells into the edge of the screen, turn off your Run button as it cuts your defense horribly while running, and bait the archers into following you behind corners while unleashing fiery death ("pre-firing" so to speak) beforehand. Use Vigor to outmaneuver enemy packs, too, you presumably have it pumped up.
Do you have a mercenary? Focus on getting him decent equipment first, Smoke or Stone armor would go a long way towards him not dying (and thus being a good blocker) and an Obedience or Insight thresher will make him a decent damage dealer no matter what, runes are farmable at this point from Countess.

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act 3 is a plebfilter

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I'm waiting on the new Median XL version coming out next week. Those engine and QoL changes are spicy

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Thanks dude.
Main thing my sorc needs is the conviction aura but been having no luck on the runes yet.
I gave my Merc an eth bugged rune word armor and a tals mask and the difference is night and day. He went from dying from being looked at to taking on groups of mobs

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oh ya sigma is finally coming out i'd be cool if we could finally start a /vr/ clan on MXL

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Any good guides on how to get Diablo 1 running on Windows7? Graphics is really glitchy every time I try

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Creating a .bat file to kill explorer.exe (and then start it up again when you quit the game), worked for me when I played it on Windows 7.
EZ-PZ, you can even make a shortcut to the .bat file on your desktop, and then name it Diablo and give it the proper icon.

Some people also have success with the various compatibility settings, I didn't, but this worked.

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Thanks, gonna try that

>> No.5284190

Thanks anon, this is some fascinating shit. I've always wondered how they coded the dungeon generation.

>> No.5284201

>new Median XL version coming out next week

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Huh, cool! Maybe we'll get ourselves a "Chocolate Doom" style sourceport.
All original behavior, but modern PC compatibility.

I love Belzebub a lot, but it isn't the original, and the original needs to be preserved and played on its own merits.

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Did it work?
This method could work with a lot of old games displaying the same problem.

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Dude this game was fucking flooded when it came out...it's 2019 now so yea it definitely doesn't have nearly as big a player base as it did 18 years ago...

>> No.5285621

Yes, it works. I play the original Diablo a lot and that's how I get it to start.

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This. Also, I feel like there are more players prefering playing off-line.

>> No.5286336

Play The Hell.

>> No.5286379

Nox is better

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No, you can only upgrade rares and uniques.

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Yes, killing explorer.exe works but there's an easier and less painful method I've found:


You can download this, it's a ZIP file with just one file, ddraw.dll. You drop the file in Diablo 1 and then it works normally. It starts windowed but you can just alt+enter and it goes into fullscreen and now the graphics work perfectly.

Going to play through it on my old PC with a 4:3 monitor for full nostalgia experience.

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Yes, killing explorer.exe works but there's an easier and less painful method I've found:


You can download this, it's a ZIP file with just one file, ddraw.dll. You drop the file into Diablo 1 folder and then it works normally without the need to kill explorer. It starts windowed but you can just alt+enter and it goes into fullscreen and now the graphics work perfectly.

Going to play through it on my old PC with a 4:3 monitor for full nostalgia experience.

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>"Belzebub changes too much shit"
>recommends The Hell

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2/10 made me reply
it's so unpopular that a poor announcement of a mobile game entry tanked the company's stock lol

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This. Ever since experiencing PlugY I can't go back.
Not that I ever played Diablo 2 online anyway. Most people I know never played it online either because they pirated it, internet didn't exist or was too slow back in the day or because of hackers/dupers.
I've played LAN a few times with friends using Hamachi or another VPN. Ended up stopping cuz "That guy" in our friends group for some reason hated the idea of farming bosses with MF gear. As far as he was concerned, you're only allowed to kill each boss once, any more was "cheating" according to him.
Also had another guy who would just hang back and spend all his time picking up items/gold instead of helping us kill mobs.
So I just play singleplayer now.

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You need another ring.

>> No.5288097

i laughed

fuck that ring it drops every game twice

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I made an incredibly budget hammerdin with double spirit and lore and shit
Any other fun budget builds that actually work in hell? Aside from necro which is the obvious choice

>> No.5288289

>Any other fun budget builds that actually work in hell?
Here's my usual recommendation list, one per every class:
If the regular Lightning Fury Java a k a The Legendary Cracked Javelin Fighter doesn't suit you then try the FA/LF hybrid where you get to use both the bow and the javelin. Two elements, lots of weapon switching, fun, untwinkable.
Two-handed Berserker barbarian. Level as Double Swing->Frenzy until like level 30-40, then respec. You're still supremely tanky even with 0 Defense due to maxing out Howl and possibly a few hard points in War Cry. You also hit single-target like a truck. Get a Bonesnap and snap some bones. Any Cruel weapon will work great here, too.
Kicker with Death Sentry support to get some AoE. Gamble for Greaves until you make it.
Pick any two elements and mix and match. Firewall is surprisingly effective even if gimmicky and hard to use, CL is a solid companion to the Frozen Orb, and there's a lot of room to experiment.
Holy Shock Zealot a k a Tesladin. Crushes Nightmare with any weapon, in Hell you can easily support this build with affordable RWs (your ultimate goal if nothing better drops is probably a Crescent Moon RW in a Phase Blade base).
Regular Windy Druid works very well. If you find a Ribcracker, consider a Fury Werewolf.
As you noted, obvious choice. Rule of thumb for Necro is that pretty much anything works if you support it with Corpse Explosion because ultimately every Necro build is about generating the CE chain reaction.

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I've had it drop fucking 10 or 20 times so far.
Been playing every night since a month ago and the only non-rare ring I have is a single Manald heal, every other fucking time it's this fucking cunt

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>mobile game entry tanked the company's stock
They deserve worse.

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Having a weakest link in a party is expected, the least they can do in addition to picking up gold is to throw up auras, warcries, curses, whatever.

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>how come this isn’t more popular?
It’s boring as shit

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The lv70-somethin Sorc from earlier in the thread here.
Today finally got my first piece of Tal Rasha's and first piece of Immortal King's.

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Gratz buddy. What piece did you get?

I've started a HC untwinked skelemancer a few days ago and just hit 73. Dropped fucking tals weapon not too long ago. Haven't found a single necro set/unique but then again I haven't really started farming much. Will probably farm nightmare meph til I get into the 80s or drop a few decent items, then move into Hell difficulty.

Really wanna get my HP up a bit, as the 800 I have now scares me a little whenever I come across a pack of fanat/cold archers.

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Tal Rasha's belt and the IK Helmet.
pic related. I feel ya bud

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I play these games a lot. For the last year or so I've been slowly building up a hardcore SP untwinked javazon (pic related).

You might already know this, but I'm going to repeat it anyway for those that don't.

Bone Armor is a great skill on hardcore. It doesn't block everything, but it blocks the main non-elemental threats and plays an especially important role for untwinked characters who don't have access to DR% and are therefore the most susceptible to being killed by things that deal physical damage.

The peculiar thing about Bone Armor is that its synergies provide an integer benefit (as opposed to percentage-based) and the benefit is larger than what you get for directly investing in the skill. What this means is that you can put points into bone prison and end up with a decent bone prison AND a better bone armor than you could get from investing in the skill itself. Bone prison is rather useful for the aforementioned cold archers with fana/might. It's also a synergy for bone spear, which can come in handy when you're trying to make minions.

On that note, I wouldn't run meph with a summoner, especially if you're playing on SP. Necromancers are horribly inefficient at killing act bosses. However, they're pretty good at a lot of the level 85 areas because they don't need to worry about immunes. Just get some decent resists and run the pit. If you're concerned about archers, get max block.

>> No.5294014

Yeah I do know about bone armor, been using it since like level 30....and yeah you are right in that summoners suck against act bosses, but I just lost a level 89 pally and am too afraid to go into hell just yet, to get to the 85 areas.

>> No.5294028

Summoners are SUPER safe. As long as you have positive resists you should be able to get to the pit easily. You could even just beeline to the outer cloister waypoint.

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iunno how you guys manage to play HC when pic related literally runs across the screen faster than you can see and one-shots you

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Exactly how I lost my pally. Was skipping through the meph dungeon to farm him and accidentally clicked on one with zeal and 5 of them appeared next to me. Fun times.

At least it wasn't the fucking "poison" vipers in nihlathaks murder hole this time....

>> No.5294068

Pretty sure the D2.net HC death board was over 50% summoners the entire time.

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>fanat archer pack appears immediately

>> No.5294183

They're always recommended to newbies as the best starter HC character, so I think the issue here is the sheer volume of HC Necros commandeered by newbies

>> No.5294186

> rpg
> diablo

It's an action game

>> No.5294189

It's an arpg, brainlets

>> No.5294205

Where's the role playing.

>> No.5294210

In the character building, of course.

>> No.5294409

Once you know how dolls work it's fairly easy to avoid being killed by them.

First of all, if you kill them in one hit the explosion does no damage. Second, because they're so fast they're easy to kite - have your merc kill them. If you're on a floor with dolls and you don't have to kill them (aka you're not doing baal), you should hold down alt while moving to avoid accidentally targeting them. It's also just generally a good idea on hardcore to not have a ranged attack on your left click so as to avoid accidentally triggering death explosions. If for some reason you absolutely must kill them, you should make sure that you are stationary and not running when the death explosion occurs so that you have the best chance to block/avoid the attack. However, you should basically never stand in range of the death explosion because the damage is highly variable, especially if you have no DR.

The tomb viper glitch doesn't engage if you stand still in the poison cloud.

>> No.5294418

You can kill shit and take its stuff when you're playing as an Amazon or you can kill shit and take its stuff when playing as a Necromancer.

>> No.5294424

There's little reason to play it when Path of Exile exists.

>> No.5294482

The way that font displays the number 5 always threw me.

I was also always confused if the DPS displayed at the top of the weapon description included all the stat bonuses listed below it but usually just assumed that it did.

>> No.5294502



>> No.5294649

More like Ligma

>> No.5294832

The damage number at the top includes all unconditional physical damage mods (i.e. it includes +% enhanced damage but does not include +% enhanced damage towards demons). That means it notably does not include boosts to elemental damage or indirect damage bonuses from stat boosts. It also does not take your character into account at all, except for the purposes of boosts tied to character level.

>> No.5294839

Cool, thanks. I'm pretty pleb at these games.

>> No.5295524

more like SMEGMA

>> No.5295538

>"action rpg"
>action is spamming click
>rpg is kill everything
game is overrated trash, the only thing it has going for it is sound design

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>> No.5297323

But the shout is also physical damage.
What you want in this highly unlikely scenario is a weapon with multi-elemental damage, like a Lawbringer or Baranar's Star.

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>> No.5299459

tp pls

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Can I even play this on windows 10? Also 1.13 or 1.14?

>> No.5300954

Yes. Depends if you want to use plugy or not.

>> No.5301074

I literally just learned what plugy was a couple of hours ago, but not really interested. I haven't play Diablo II in over 10 years so not sure what to do now that I want to play it again, I even lost my original disc box so I'm trying to figure out things right now so I can play it again. I'm surprised that almost 20 years later and the game is still XP exclusive.

>> No.5301078

>the game is still XP exclusive.
runs fine on 7/10 etc. I'd just buy it and the expac from the blizzard store, quite cheap and doesn't require you to fuck around with the settings for half an hour to get it to work.

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File: 90 KB, 500x492, Let's see who anon really is.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5301157

i don't think the roll would matter there because the obedience in that pic is not eth

>> No.5301717

just pirate it like everyone else has, online play is overrated.
the game runs on any operating system fine, my dude.
The PlugY shared stash is nice, plus little things like access to Ubers, Diablo clone and Ladder-only runewords that are normally battle.net only.
Also check out D2SE, useful launcher that lets you open any version of the game you want on the fly.

>> No.5301868

I find having CTA helps soooo much. do LK on your Meterob sorc on p7 until you can make a CTA.

>> No.5302481

So while I'm not interested in the online game, I do want to multiplayer for multiple reasons, I can still do that with the pirate game right?

>> No.5302554

Playing over LAN or with others over hamachi or whatever? Yeah you can do that.

>> No.5302589

I think I already figure out everything I need to know to start playing again, just 1 last question, if by any mistake I end up getting banned from Battlenet, that won't affect any of my Single Player experience right? I don't really want to bother with plugy but I do might want to use a mod I found to be able to use Ladder-only runewords.

>> No.5302590

I have a save in Diablo but haven't played for couple of months. Belzebup mod is the best thing since sliced bread. 60 fps and shit.

>> No.5302593

Use Belzebup mod. Works without any fucking issue. It adds some stuff but it's cool and not bloated.

>> No.5302603

Yeah you'll always have singleplayer.

>> No.5302604

got a link?

>> No.5302606

use plugy. its literally just bigger stash and ladder only runewords.

>> No.5302610

Isn't that D1? We're talking about 2.

>> No.5302643

Thanks bro, I'm ready to go now.
Bro, I'm already throwing smoke from my head for the main stuff, I tried to check this plugy thing but I just don't get it, create new folders, move shit to specific folders, configure a bunch of shit, have 3 different games to make it work, the Hero Editor not working at all, plus like you said, it only benefit would be the infinite stash and is not worth it, maybe in the future but right now I just want the original experience like when I was 12 plus the new stuff that appeared since the 1.10 version.

>> No.5302737

What are you on? It would be worth it even if it only added infinite stash.
Not only that, there's the shared stash, unlimited re-speccing, expanded multi-page character stat screen, item levels displayed, the already mentioned enabling of ladder-only runewords and events, etc. That's such a big collection of quality-of-life tweaks that you won't want to settle for the original experience once you've played it with plugy.
Go back to read the instructions and follow them. It's not really that complicated to install.

>> No.5303164

Some people can't get 1.13 to run. If you're not one of those people, use 1.13. It allows you to use a lot of mods that don't work on 1.14. It also works more smoothly with the glide wrapper, which is the best way to play Diablo 2 fullscreen.

>> No.5304114

>We're talking about 2.
This thread is obviously Diablo 1, as D2 is NOT RETRO.

>> No.5304270


>> No.5304276

Anyone looking forward to Median Xl tomorrow?
Already have my build planned out, going to go Electrofield Sentry Assassin.

>> No.5305124

>hurrr buy the game i hate piracy
fucking puritans i swear

>> No.5305931

yes its pretty impressive whats been added/done lotta funky new items

thinking ill run a pouncezon or meleesorc

>> No.5305958

Will this mess with plugy?
Can I still play standard diablo 2 if I wish without having to uninstall a bunch of shit?
Do I have to be on the most recent Diablo 2 patch?
Thanks to anybody who bothers to spoonfeed me.

>> No.5305959

was gonna give it a go, yeah. Few hours from now I think.

Nothing planned at the mo, but will probably end up going with skelemancer or bowazon as I usually do in D2.

>> No.5306185

Says the person posting in the wrong thread.

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